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O as One piece

I don’t know who created this meme, but really it is one of the best way to show you what I meant! Luffy is like this unless he comes across something unjust that makes him mad and brings him to fight! I should learn from him!

Who’s been following this blog for a while knows already about this passion of mine.

Well, it’d be better call it obsession rather than passion, but I can’t really help.

Those of you who read already my previous posts would excuse me for my blabbering!

One Piece is a manga by the awesome and talented Eichiro Oda, who was only 19 when he had the idea of this stubborn child with a big dream!

Monkey D. Luffy wanted to become pirate king since he was only a child. He also ate by mistake the devil fruit that turned him into a rubber boy.

The plot isn’t one of the most complicated, in fact I think that I wouldn’t have felt hooked at all if it weren’t for the extraordinary way of telling the story, the characters so unique and queer and the attention to the details.

I believe that Oda sensei shows us how even the smallest ideas could be turned into a fantastic adventure.

I read somewhere that if you like a writer than you should emulate him or her.

First, I’d like to say that, although Oda is a mangaka I consider him one of the best writers as the way he tells stories is amazing.

Second, in Rainbow D. Fran’s WIP there are a few tributes to him and his work, from the name of my character to the structure of the story. My WIP as well has an overall story and many adventures that bring details and characters into the main plot.

Characters, this is another fantastic element in One Piece. Each and every character, whether main or not, is cured in his or her smallest detail. Some of them recur, others are just one episode presence, and some seems just cameos but then have important roles much later.

Although almost impossible to pick a favourite (you love each one for a different reason!),my preference swings always in between Luffy and Zoro (who wants to become the best swordsman in the world. Every main character has a dream and I think this is important for the reader to empathize with them) because they are real. They have many flaws, from being very naïve to have no sense of orientations at all. But inside them the core is full of loyalty, friendship and pursuing dreams. Luffy is a pirate but hates injustices and this makes him charming.

Ok I’ll drop it here because otherwise I’ll speak for ages. But, please, have a look at it! It’s absolutely worth it!!!

Google search again! This is the crew!


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