Happy birthday, Maya!


Happy birthday to my little one, she turned 7 today. 

It’s incredible how fast they grow, these kids! 

We held the party at Imaginosity, which is a museum for kids, and it was absolutely amazing. 

Maya was over the moon!





I’ve been home for a few days now and I feel a tad better, although I still cannot eat as a proper human being. 

My strength is still below normal and I hope to recover enough in the next few days so to go to work the last two days of this 2018. 

Then I’ll be on holiday…but, can you imagine? Being in Italy, at Christmas and not to be able to eat until you explode?! 

Well, let’s hope my stomach will start to cooperate sooner than later. 

If there is something I confirmed this time around is: I cannot stay still without doing anything at all. 

The key for the recovery is to rest, but I get bored. 

Hence I tried to get to a compromise with my body: intermittent resting! 

So I’ve done some cooking and some lists and in between I’ve rested in front of the TV. 

I’m still desperately tired but I’m not in tears – sometimes it happens I’m so tired I start crying!

Here in the picture you can see my messy chair: result of the day of this intermittent resting. 

Let’s hope to be better tomorrow, but I’m almost sure I’ll find something else to do!

Christmas night out!


Sorry for the absence, my lovely readers, but I got sick and couldn’t even lift a pen, let alone a laptop! 

Before I go for my Christmas break, I’ll be with you for a few days more. 

After that Maya will be home from school and I’ll have an even tighter schedule. 

So let’s make you catch up with me. 

A few days ago, I celebrated Christmas with my team. 

It was a very informal evening, in line with our style.

Fire in the mantelpiece, pizza, Christmas tree and Christmas songs. I felt at ease and it was like being in a family dinner.

It reminded me one of those dinners when I was little, when all my mum’s family gathered to celebrate.

Pity it lasted only a few hours. But it was precious!

I love my team!

Day 1 to 9!


Maya loves Lego. 

This year we got her the Lego Friends Advent Calendar. 

This way she would have something that last longer and avoid a bit of sugar! 

I support the concept of Lego as educative play method. 

These are the surprises for the first 9 days of the month!

Maya’s speed….


…in joining whatever crazy or absurd I suggest is amazing. 

Now, I understand if you told me that all the kids are like that. Most of all, I’d understand whether you’d scold me saying that I should be to one to grow up. 

However, I have to say that I’ve met kids very boring. Kids too good to be real or with no fantasy at all, or cartoon haters. 

Of course, I’m saying that to me – in other words, my humble opinion – kids should be crazy… well moderately crazy. 

I’m only surprised at how fast Maya is in joining me in everything!

Take yesterday’s post.

When I got home, Maya saw my ‘tattoo’ made with red pen and asked me what it was. 

I explained how we made them in work. 

She came back 5 minutes later with some stencils we have at home and colored pens and this is the result…well the beginning of it!

Keep working!


My team is awesome! Yes, I’m saying it again and I’m saying it loud!

I’m not saying this because it’s my team, I’m saying because it’s true. 

My team is so awesome that sometimes other people come to sit with us and have so much fun that they come back. 

Today was the turn of S. who decided to make us company. 

As you can see from the picture above, she got immediately in the mood! And we like it!

Most importantly, we find a good use of the hundred stencils I bought!

And the third is out!


Another milestone for Maya!

Yesterday she went to the dentist with her third tooth wobbling. I sent her over as it started hurting and also bleeding a bit. 

Better safe than sorry as you say, right? 

So she went to the dentist with her dad. She was more confident this time and the session was a piece of cake!

Once taken the tooth out, the dentist gave her this pen as present. 

I love the way they treat patient here. Usually doctors, nurses and all the staff in hospital and surgeries are very kind and compassionate. 

Touching wood, I’ve never had a bed experience so far. Or if I had, it was a rare occasion and I don’t remember!

Congrats Maya!



This morning I was listening my favorite radio program on the way to work. 

It’s a silly program, light enough to start a heavy day and I’m very grateful to the speakers, a group made of three friends who are direct and funny and entertaining. 

This morning they interviewed one of my favorite actors when I was a kid: Terence Hill. 

He’s well know to have partnered with Bud Spencer in several films. 

I still love those films, they were funny with some deeper spells that made you also think…but not too much. 

I remember I used to watch them with my dad, and we ended up bent in two with laughter. 

Even after the third or the fourth time we watched them, it was still funny. 

If you have time, go here -I tried to find the shortest version- and put the subtitle on. This is one of the funniest scenes, beside the fights.

Do you have a comfort film?

Let me know in the comments below! 




I’m aware you might know by heart the surroundings of my office, but I cannot stop being surprised by the beauty of the early morning. 

When I left my house, was still dark and the thing that caught my eyes was the beautiful thin slice of moon and the bright star beside it. 

I tried to take several pictures, zooming and not, but I didn’t manage. They were blurred and ruined and next to zero similar to the original. 

However, when I got at the docks, I saw them there, still high in the sky. But at the same time, the sunrise was starting to paint the sky in delicate shades. 

The union in between these two gave the nice image I manage to capture. 

Despite not close enough to give justice to nature, it’s a precious moment to freeze in time!


Thinking and planning!



Everybody who knows me, even not that well, is aware I love ships and the sea. 

During my recent travel by train, I’ve got the opportunity of discovering a beautiful place built literally on the water. 

I was looking outside the window when we went through Rapallo and the area around it, on the coast, and I fell in love. 

I was so stunned by the view that I had no time to take a proper picture. 

The one I’m publishing doesn’t make too much justice to the beautiful place, but please work with me. 

Just imagine, you wake up looking to the infinite see panorama in front of you.

You have breakfast and read a book on the terrace listening to the relaxing sound of the waves. 

Then you decide in the afternoon to go for a small trip, even on a tiny boat. The only thing you have to do is to go to your basement and get out into the open sea. 

I’d love it so much, that I’d bring with me a book, a thermos with some tea and a picnic basket. 

They’d never seem me until night!!!