Important is to celebrate!



For us the most important thing is to celebrate and eat! It doesn’t matter what, we love to party. 

It doesn’t have to be necessarily a great celebration, it can also be a quick-lunch in the office with the colleagues but it’s nice all the same!

Happy birthday to my sensei for his birthday! 

Yay or Nay!?



I decided to follow this NHK course on the basic points in Japanese. It’s very useful and it’s supported by an app too. 

I asked Maya if she wanted to do it with me and she accepted enthusiastically. She’s also very consistent and committed. 

Yesterday I had to cook something for today and we decided to study in the kitchen. She had some pieces paper in front of her.

At some stage I turned to her and she was concentrated in writing something and when I asked what she was doing she hushed me. 

Then, when I checked on her she told me all satisfied “Mum, see? I’m writing Kanji!” 

She’s actually trying to copy kana, but still it’s fantastic to see her enthusiasm. 

I don’t think I’m forcing her in doing something, but sometimes I fear I’m doing something wrong. 

Happy pancake day!



Aaaaand this is one of the reason why I love to work in my office. 

Chefs spoil us rotten!

These pancakes are so fantastic, it’s hard to describe!

I’ll leave the picture here, and linger in the thought of the melted brigadero and chantilly cream! 

Happy Pancake Tuesday! 



Let it snow…



I know it’s the 3rd of March. 

I know what kind of picture I posted yesterday. 

I know it might seem hard to believe. 

However, as I posted a couple of the days ago, this is Ireland, folks! 

The weather here likes to change so we don’t get bored! 

It had been raining all morning, we spent a very lazy day at home. 

In the afternoon, we decided to head to the supermarket for the weekly grocery shopping.

As we were paying at the check out, I noticed the snow…I love snow, it has this charm on me. 

Once home, my partner went inside and I stopped in the street to play a bit with Maya and the neighbors’ kids. 

Pity it has melted already! 

Good morning, Saturday!



I’m not always happy with my pictures, but I have to admit I love this one. 

Days are getting longer and this view, near to my office, was fascinating so early in the morning. 

Luckily is the end of the week, so I’ll be able to rest and relax for a couple of days. 

Have a great weekend, my dear readers!