If I had a Death note and I met a Shinigami, what would I do?

It’s the end of the peak season and the fatigue of the summer is taking its toll. It’s also true that it’s Halloween, which is becoming very fast my favorite part of the year. Hence the combination of these two elements resulted in this post!

When you’re in your living room, tired, at the end of the day and you’re trying uselessly to drain your brain while it’s leaking through your nose, I guess it’s pretty normal thinking about these kind of stuff.

Also when you’re almost on the edge of your holiday and the work has become a bit heavier due to the increasing number of crazy people, you really start wondering whether there is a way out of the stress and the mess.

For those who don’t know what Death Note is I’ll tell you in a few words. It’s a manga and an anime with a very simple story. A high school student finds a death note on the ground and start using it slowly becoming obsessed what the idea to play god. The reason why he finds a death note on the ground is a Shinigami, a death god, who decided to make his immortal existence funnier and dropped the divine instrument to have a fun with the consequences of his gesture.

The basic of this notebook is that if you write a name on its pages, knowing the face of the person, this person dies. If you add details about the death, the death happens in that exact way.

Light Yagami, the main character of this manga and anime, uses the notebook at first to kill all the criminals and then he got a bit taken into the loop of feeling god and things start to get out of hands!

I’m not giving you any further spoilers here, but I didn’t like the end.

One of the worse finale I’ve ever seen in my life.

Anyway, what I thought watching this anime and being an aspiring writer, is: how these guys came out with the idea in the first place? They must have been pretty pissed off at someone, I’d say.

And then, during the peak season and, most of all, during the calm spell after that, where only the craziest and less reasonable people are calling and writing in, I had my enlightenment.

The writer and/or the illustrator behind Death Note used to work in the customer support field.

There is absolutely no other explanation to this creation.

I mean, I know that wanting to kill people because they’re damn idiots, or impolite, or because yell at you for no reason whatsoever sounds extreme …oh wait, no it’s not.

No… yes, it is.

But what if we could have a Punishment Note? Oh that would be so cool!

Write his name and his brain disappears, write her name and the vocal chords are gone. Are you insulting me? Fine, I’ll write down your name and you’ll spend a day on the toilet.

Are you mistreating me after I really went above and beyond for you? Fine, next time you’ll be at the beach your sun cream will become by magic pure frying oil.

Are you asking me a silly question after a very detailed explanation? Fine, you’ll never ever find a free toilet again in your life! Someone will be always in there!

It sounds like a very creative job!  

It seems all very legit as well!

I know that I might sound extreme and good thing I was working alone from home last day before my holidays, because I looked like I pictured myself in this doodle:


How about you?

Any other aspiring writers out there, doing tough jobs?

And anyway, Happy Halloween folks, have a spooky one!

Thank you, thanks a lot!

Google search!
Google search!

I was writing a totally different post this week, but something happened two days ago that made me change my mind.

I wrote the draft of this post on the train back home because I didn’t want to let go the nice feeling. This explains the timing!

A few days ago, during a meeting, I had a brief chat with one colleague in work. She’s from another department so that was the longest chat I’ve had with her since I’ve started to work here. Honestly we’re so many in the office that is hard to know everybody.

During the chat I mentioned the fact I write in this little blog of mine and she asked me the link.

To be brutally honest I thought it was the usual “send me the link I’ll have a look at it!” I’m usually told when I’m asked the address of my blog.

I know that I can be very needy of a feedback once I give the address to someone, but I learned that seldom people really read my pages with attention.

You can imagine my big surprise when I met her that evening and she told me that not only she had read the blog but she also liked it! I was so surprised and happy!

I’m still not good in accepting compliments from people and I still felt a tad embarrassed but it was pleasant to hear such comments.

I could really tell that he spent some time on my blog and I’m so grateful for that.

Seldom I felt this way, only after a few feedbacks, but it was useful! Useful because it reminds me why I’m writing and how I would like my readers would react reading my words.

It’s true what they say: even if it’s only one person reading your stuff, you should write for that one person. And it is damn true!

I should well remember it in a period like the present one, when I often feel a bit tired and disheartened for the lack of time.

In conclusion, I want to say that I made this big explosion of words in order to tell her: thanks Kate! Thanks a lot!

And you, my dear readers, I guess you should thank her too…she saved you for a much creepier post! I might save it for Halloween week!

Prompt post – Zombie Apocalypse

Google search but totally agreed!
Google search but totally agreed!

I have to admit I might spend on social networks more than I should, but when I do it’s just to look at the pictures and to watch videos, the most of the times even without audio. Basically, it seems that, from time to time during the day, I need to put my brain at rest.

Following many pages about writing, I frequently come across prompts for silly answers, writing challenges or reading challenges.

So let me introduce on these pages my prompt posts. Sometimes it’s nice to have easy and trivial blogs as this one.

So the question for this time was:

The protagonist of the last three things you’ve read or watched or played are the members of your zombie apocalypse team.  Who is it? Are you OK?

The last three fictional people are Claire Randall Fraser from the Outlander series, Thomas from the Maze Runner series and finally Dean and Sam Winchester from Supernatural.

Let’s face the truth, if I found myself in a zombie’s apocalypse alone, I might be one of the first people to kick the bucket.

Being honest, I’m a scare cat, I’m clumsy, I have the 50% curse on me (which is: if I have to choose between two things I always pick the wrong one), I’m not fit and I have problems in adapting in extreme environments.

Now, it’s still possible I might activate a kind of emergency setting, but we’ll never know until it happens. And I hope I’ll have never to find out!

This brings me to the second if. It’s in fact still possible I might survive if I had the right companions.

Hence the reply to the question.

If I had Claire, Thomas, Dean and Sam with me, I cannot be 100% sure I’ll survive but I can rise drastically my chances!

I mean one is a healer, the other one can run fast and adapts to new environments with next to zero problems and the other two…well the other two are hunters, so it’s like their every day’s bread and butter saving people, hunting things, family business… ahem, no, stop Franny, stop!

So the reply will be I’d be grand folks, I’d see you on the other side!!!

How about you? Who is your companion? And how are you?

Let’s play! Write it down in the comment below or link me your blog post!

Four years…

As it seems very clear that any attempt to put down in words how I feel at the moment will be unsuccessful, then I’ll keep expressing with music.

I wonder whether is going to be easier in the future…

This year I’ll go with Mike Oldfield – Moonlight Shadow ft. Maggie Reilly.

Taste in music had always been different, usually the conversation would end up in a hissed “Leave it! You don’t understand anything about music!”

This song is particular though, as it was probably the very first one we found both great.

Here you go: