She’s back!


The boss is back!

I’ll just leave this here, and will play with her!

Sorry for this quick post, I’ll see you next week! 



On the Shinkansen again!

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For the first part of our trip we moved with the Shinkansen, also translated as bullet train. 

This time the experience was nicer, as Maya was finally fine and I could enjoy the trip like any other curious tourist. 

Before getting on the Shinkansen we had to get food. You can actually find food everywhere in Japan, any kind of food. Our experience at least showed us that no matter where you are, you can always bite on something if necessary. 

We bought two bentō boxes, which is basically food boxes with ready lunch within. Bentō is famous in Japan, I’m sure you’ve seen it somewhere and you can find them in shops, supermarket and such. Also in many stores you can find all the accessories to prepare it at home. (In those stores actually the challenge for my partner was to stop me before I could buy basically everything!)

Since we were at the end of the hanami season, I bought a themed bentō box where I also found a pink rice-cake filled with anko (azuki beans jam). If you want to make me happy, bring me something filled with anko, I’ll be your friend forever! The bentō itself was very good. 

My partner instead went for a classic, the tonkatsu bentō box. Classic but powerfully delicious. 

Maya this time went for some bread and pizza in a bakery but she finished everything before we could jump on the train. 

The precision of Japanese trains is astonishing. And it’s not just a way of saying or something to laugh, no. They’re really on time, on the second. 

My partner made a video to show this to everybody, filming the train, the clock and the train again several times. It’s almost creepy! 

So, with this I’ll leave you and I’ll see you tomorrow! 

Thank you Kyoto!


The day we left Kyoto was warm and sunny. 

I’ve loved Kyoto, it was like a deep dive in the past. The kindness of people was overwhelming. I felt welcomed and at home. 

Deeply moved I packed my luggages and went for the station. Direction Hakone. 

Maybe if I didn’t have this curiosity to see the rest of the places planned for our trip, I would have stayed there and wouldn’t come back. 

Thank you, Kyoto, from my heart. 

Let’s go on! Nishiki Market.

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As promised I’m back to tell my tale. 

This blog might be becoming mono-thematic and I totally understand if some of you are getting tired to have me blabbering about my trip in Japan continuously. 

Thing is, that this travel was my dream becoming true and I’m so grateful to the universe I’ve managed to do it finally. 

Despite the fact that I’m trying to organize another one as soon as possibile, I love to linger on these memories and relive the days spent there. 

Soooo, time to start. 

Now this is the Nishiki Market, a shōtengai (which is a shopping district) famous in Kyoto. You can find loads of shops in there and I realize only now that my collage is extremely reductive. 

There are also many stalls of food. It’s there that I’ve tried the octopus with a quail egg in its head. Super delicious. 

I might need to make more posts in the future about it and I probably will. After I’ll finish to give you an overview of the whole trip. 

Have you ever been into a shōtengai? Did you like the experience? 

Let me know in the comments below. 



Being sick and tired of being sick all the time, I do my best to react. 

I usually don’t prize myself, but I have to admit I have at least one quality, which is resilience. I told before and I think I’m going to reiterate in later posts as well. 

Not sure whether to define this characteristic of mine resilience or just stubbornness but still I always react. It doesn’t matter how long will it take, but I always do. 

Like this time I was sick again with the stomach and I couldn’t move nor eat for two days, but I decided to work from home today. 

I might not feel great now but I certainly feel satisfied. 

If there is one of you out there, my dear readers, who know how to sort this problem of me being weak and sick all the time, please I’m seeking advice!

Have a lovely weekend! 

On Monday I’ll be back with my photo diary from Japan! Keep the dream alive!

Happy birthday to me!


Today is my 40th birthday, I’m getting older and not necessarily wiser!

I love the idea that there are a bunch of people out there accepting exactly how I am, with my pros and cons and I’m extremely grateful to them. 

Since I got sick in a very timely manner and I’m forced home in bed, I’m going to celebrate reading one of the best present ever! 

Love pirates, as you know, and this awesome book matches with my favorite mug! 

It’s full of herbal tea as my stomach has started some mutiny but it’s still badass!

I wish myself a happy birthday and to get better soon! 

Yarrr forever and ever mateys! 

Born in August!

Photo Collage Maker_qceQ8y.png

I’m turning 40 this year, hence I decided to organize something special with my friends. 

Luckily also Federica and Cristiana are August girls so we decided to celebrate all together. 

Since our birthdays span from the beginning to the end of the month, we picked yesterday to celebrate. 

It was one of the funniest birthday dinner I’ve ever organized or attended. It was very simple, we didn’t do anything super special or flamboyant but I would have loved to be trapped in those few hours like Bill Murray in ‘Groundhog day’!

Each and every one of the people sitting around that table is nice, kindhearted, simple and very direct. You would always know what they think and you’ll always feel at ease with them. 

Last but not least, the cake. 

I think you remember the superstar chef who managed to bake a cake my little one would actually eat for her birthday, right? 

Well, he was available to bake one for us as well! So happy! It wasn’t only beautiful as you can see in the picture but it was also super delicious. 

It kinda disappeared from the tray! 

One more time, happy birthday to Cristiana and Federica! 

I also wish to myself hundreds of these days! 


Back and ready!

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Sorry I disappeared for a while, my dear readers, but I’m back! 

Not sure how constant I will be able to be as I’m still trying to recover. 

Something that was supposed to be a very small surgery and a piece of cake, kinda got complicated, stitches got infected, muscles got stiff and blocked….the usual!

So here I am trying to get back to the normal!

I’m walking a little more every day and last week I got to see this beauty you can admire in my picture. I was looking forward to share it with you. 

And I know that I left mid-way my tale about the travel in Japan. No worries, let me gather my ideas and thoughts and I’ll get back to that too. 

I’ll see you tomorrow, it’s good to be back!