Write A Novel In Ten Minutes a day by Katharine Grubb – Review 

If someone told me I could organize my life in 10 minutes increments, I would have told them they were trying to cheer me up. 

But after reading this book and trying a few exercises, I think they would have been right. 

It took me long time to even only read the book, but I managed in small increments per day. 

It’s true, you can make it, even if you don’t think you would. 

See? You’re living your life, dragging it forward more likely, and then you bump by chance into this group where the founder is a nice woman who homeschooled her 5 children, who’s in charge of her house and who managed to write a book in only ten minutes increments a day. 

At first I felt very stupid, because I thought that, for how busy my life it might seems, it’s not as busy as Katharine’s, but then I decided to be brave and think that maybe I had a chance too. 

And, if you’re a time crunched person and also you have the big dream of writing, this book is for you. 

Why did I take it so long? Well, because hey, I’m one of the target readers, I’m time crunched! Also, I decided that just reading it wouldn’t be fair to the author who decided to share with other people her experiences and her advices. So what I did was also completing the exercises, not all of them, as I had some topic covered already, but the majority. 

I put the book on my phone, I created a new Notebook in Evernote and then I started to follow the advices. 

Every morning, on the train to work I used my twenty minutes ride to read the book and do the exercises. 

I did actually more than that, I decided to put into this book’s hands my newest WIP, since it was just a small idea fluttering in my head. 

And you know what? I have a full plot now! Some 10 minutes increments more and I’ll be able to start writing. I’m so excited. 

But there is more.

A part from giving you the basic knowledge on how to build a book from scratches, Katherine gives you something else through her pages: she manages to make you understand that thanks to sacrifices and self discipline (something I’ve usually lacked of) you can do whatever you set your mind to. 

In other words this book gives you hope.

You’re not alone out there, there are other people who understand what’s your life like and tell you that’s OK to have big dream, because with dedication and mental discipline you can make it, everybody can. 

In other words this book gives you the forma mentis to start the job you want to do in your life.

Also I’d dare to say, this book pushes and stimulate you to use all your senses as a writer and it’s a totally powerful sensation. Since I read the pages and made the exercises associated to the observation, I haven’t used my earplugs and music anymore during the travel, because observation is much better. On the train and in the streets I listen, I observe (someone will kick me for staring at them sooner or later!), I smell and my brain is in continuous motion. And I love so much this sensation, I’m sure it will give me the chance of creating wonderful characters and situations.

The book is divided in four parts, each one of them concentrates on some aspect of the life as time crunched writer and of the craft itself. 

Scattered through the text there are quotes from the greatest writers, something I personally love, because it makes it feel even more real and encouraging. I used a couple of them for this post too.

The longest part is the third one: “Sculpting the elements of story”.

Inside this frame you learn everything you need to start a story from the beginning.

If you did some writing workshops before Katharine gives you a nice refresh and sometimes brand new insights on the matter.

If you didn’t it, it doesn’t matter, you have all you need here, from the character building to the plot creation.

As I said I decided to try on my brand new idea and I have almost an entire book outlined in my hands.

Personally I find difficult to adapt my plot to the three arcs story as I’ve always used another method I was taught at the very first workshop I followed in my life.

However, it is a very nice cross check method to test your story and your plot.

In the last bit of the book Katharine gives you also some advices on how to publish the book you’ve worked on with such dedication and sacrifice.

I think it’s important she covered this bit as I’m as confused on this matter as any newbie can be.

It’s only the second time I come across to a theory book on writing which doesn’t make you feel like an idiot.

Katherine knows what does it mean being time crunched person and tells you what she knows in these pages.

You have the sensation to sit in your favorite auntie’s living room and get some tips from her about your passion over a cup of tea. 

Considering the job you want to do, and if you read the book it’s likely that this is the case, having some tips coming from someone who really understand your situation is a blessing. 

I can only be grateful I’ve come across this book, Katharine Grubb and her group of time crunched writers.

I believe you’ve already seen some of the exercises on my blog, and I’ll post more.

However, you have to try to believe what I’ve just seen. And when you’ll do and you’ll understand the beauty of the sensation through your own experience you’ll feel as excited as I did!

So, still here?! Get a copy and let me know!

Three years…

Three years had already passed.
We’re getting on, but it’s still so sad and unfair… there’s no explanation and maybe that’s why it’s so painful.

It just doesn’t make sense and if you cannot make sense of something then it’s even more difficult to accept. So difficult that sometimes you have to stop and ask yourself if it really happened.

But it did…sadly it did, and the truth slaps you in the face with almighty strength.