A to Z challenge Project

It’s the 29th of March already and almost time to wrap up the month I can say! But for now I’d focus on news!

My Kick My Butt challenge didn’t go very well this month and, although it pushed me beyond my expectation sometimes, I hope next month to do better.

Now, on the 1st of April I’m going to start another challenge.

Apologies if I didn’t keep my promise, so far, to write about the funny challenge I posted previously but I’m going to do that as soon as I finish this new one! Promise!

I’m sorry but the A to Z sounds so tempting and loads of fun. Plus it will give me the chance to know many other bloggers, hence people sharing my same passion.

Since I would like to show people something of all the huge amount of work I am doing about my fantasy world and fantasy stories, I decided that the topic of my posts will be my writings related.

As a newbie of the challenge I’ll try to follow all the instructions they are going to give us. Also I don’t want to show off in that kind of stupid and cocky way only the newbies can do.

So, what I decided to do is to introduce some of my characters.

I’ve used many characters in my short stories and in my drafts and I decided that I had enough to cover the whole challenge. And after a while I decided to leave out some of them.

After a few days in filling the alphabet list, I realized that some of the letters are very crowded indeed, some have just one or two names and a few have none! My plan B for the empty letters will be create a character I’ll use as soon as I can in one of my next stories!

I was thinking about writing a kind of interview to my favourite character who belongs to that letter, but then I saw the post of today where they asked to keep posts short. Now the real question is, how short? I’m not a journalist, so I might even not be able to do a proper interview!

Which leads me to a second question: would you prefer to see a short interview or just a kind of character file?

I’d love you leave me your opinion in the comments! Thanks! 

KMB Challenge-26th of March.

So, back in business for my personal challenge. The end of the month is approaching fast, and I honestly hope I’ll be able to do better in April!

I’m kicking in on the April’s fool also the new challenge, for which I’ve been preparing for several days now. I made up my mind about the subject of the challenge, but I’ll talk about that in one of the next posts. 

For now I’ll just pat myself on the back for today as

Blog post: 1/1

Pages read: 34/20

Words written: 286/150

Paddy’s weekend- Sunday

And last but not least, Sunday!

I’m sorry for the delay but as you can imagine I’ve been working the past weekend!

As I don’t really have anything to tell you about it a part for a stag dressed like the typical, stereotyped prisoners in white and black stripes I’m almost happy of the delay!

So here we go…

When we arrived in work Sunday morning we knew that that day was going to be a bit quieter than the previous two, as there is a parade in the morning.

We were sadly wrong!

We open usually at 9.30 and there were already 10 people in the queue waiting for us to open and as many as that called before 9. We thought that maybe that could be the exception to the rule.

In fact around eleven there were already 675 people in. And believe me, for that day it was a lot. I couldn’t help to think to the old days when I used to work in Blockbuster, and when hundred people seemed a lot.

And now for the parties’ category:

–          There was a group of people and in the middle a lad dressed as a leprechaun and with a lot of balloons attached to his head. I didn’t resist and I went to play with them…

–          This is absolutely my favourite stag party of the weekend. There was a group of strange characters: Elvis, Santa, Jessica Rabbit (it was of course a guy dressed this way), Jesus, a lad dressed like a banana and I don’t remember what else. The one that honestly wasn’t that great, a part for his blue skin, was the stag. He was dressed with a kind of bride looking white underwear and bust. I’m sure he was freezing… I remind you that it was raining and snowing that day.

–          Stag was dressed like Batman and he was surrounded by lads dressed like bodyguards.

And for the funny people around:

–          Something that I really have problem to understand: people rushing when on holiday. There was this snappy guy that basically threw money on the counter, and ran away without map and ticket; I had to call him back.

–          I had this Belgian group on tills. They were very nice and when they’re very nice I told them my lame usual joke “Where is my chocolate?” they laughed and said they ate the lot they had with them because it was cold. So they left me two candies. Actually they were very good!

–          There was one boy dressed like William Wallace.

–          For my own pleasure there were loads of Scots…all of them in kilt! Still I didn’t know how they did in that awful weather but I wasn’t displeased!

–          As we receive customers from everywhere and as they have any background, it happens also that we have some unpleasant episodes. There was a group of lads, who were actually very nice. It turned up being a group of micro criminals and shoplifters….


It wasn’t that busy thought as I had time to think. When I feel frustrated I always start to think and sometimes I don’t understand why I’m not given any responsibility in situation of emergency, we can say, like that weekend. And then I relax a bit and I think that probably people don’t want me to have responsibility simply because their perception of me relating to the job is something superficial.

Now, let’s face the truth, I’m not very interested in advancing career, because what I want to do is become a writer, so why bother? The reason I need the job is to pay the bills and reach the end of the month.

Said that, I found another character of mine but I might write another post about that…this time he’s an Irish pirate!

Forgive me this brief couple of parenthesis. Let’s resume with the review.

Around17.00 we had over4.300 people. There was a brief queue outside but it didn’t last long luckily because, as I said, it was very cold and snowing too. The catering guys started to give hot chocolate to the customers at the entrance again. And this time, as after 17.30 was kind of quiet, I had my generous share of chocolate. It was so good!

Despite the quieter flow of people we closed the day with 4.505 visitors in.

And this number, adding up to the ones of the previous days, helped us to reach the new record: 19.411 people in three days.

Here it is my story of a weekend of hard work!

See you the next time!





I did it!

Hi everybody,

I finally managed to read all the email received since Paddy’s weekend!

I know that I’m still due a day on my telling of the events! No worries I haven’t forget that!

I’ll be working tomorrow as well so bear with my absence and I hope I can resume my duty on Tuesday!

I might need to change the parameter of my KMB challenge. It seems not working properly, especially when I’m in work! Like now!!!

But I can tell you I found a interesting challenge, I signed up for.

You can read about it, here.

What do you think about that?

Are you giving a go to this with me?

Kick My Butt Challenge- 22nd of March

Today wasn’t that great. It took me two hours to go through the notes and write the piece for the blog! If only I could consider the posts when I count the words of the day! The post about Paddy’s day was 1.305 words…

Anyway these are the numbers:

Blog post: 1/1

Pages read: 12/20

Words written: 394/150

As usual I promise to myself to improve!

Tomorrow and Sunday I’ll be in work, so I can’t promise you I’ll be around, but no worries, you’ll have also the third Paddy’s day summary and all the other stuff!

Talk to you soon! 

Paddy’s weekend- Saturday

And here is the Saturday’s story.

Now, just a bit of background for those of you who weren’t following me earlier: the day before Paddy’s day, the 16th of March, it is always the busiest day of the weekend, maybe of the whole year.

Last Paddy’s weekend I did before my maternity leave we counted over 7.500 people on the 16th. Last year I wasn’t there because in maternity leave and they told me that the record was broken with over 8.300 people in.

Let’s have a look at the facts and I’ll tell you later about the numbers.

It’s useless writing about all the wigs, make ups and green dresses I saw during those days, because it was common sense to expect them, as Paddy’s days are celebration of the green and Ireland and being Irish too!

I admit that meeting a guy from Hong Kong wearing a tie reading “Kiss me, I’m Irish” was a bit extreme but still, everything is about loving this island and its culture.

Anyway, let get me started!

Stag and Hens wise, nothing particular, the best group was going to come in the next day:

–          German Stag party- they were all dressed like, of course, leprechaun. The stag was more elegant and dressed in a different shade of green.

–          Group of normally dressed people a part for the stag who was wearing an Irish flag coloured wig, a shirt and just underwear.

–          Stag group with jacket half bottle green and half vomit orange.

–          Three elegant guys dressed with a dark green suit, light green shirt and red tie.

–          Hen’s group with nice green jumpers and dolls printed on it.


Weird people wise we have today a good go too. Sometimes is surprising how people just get nervous because it’s too busy while it would have been us entitled to freak out:

–          I was on tills and this girl was paying with the credit card and the dialogue went as follow: “Do you have the pin number for your card?”, she nodded and then looked around her for maybe two minutes solid and then I decided to ask “Can you enter it?”. Honestly a part of me wanted to wait and see how long would it take, but it wasn’t the right day to do that, and you’ll get why in a while.

–          I was still on tills and a lady come over my counter hugging a small blue teddy bear and with a twisted and anxious face on the verge of tears and asked me “Have you seen a stuffed animal?” Honestly I didn’t even know how to answer. I muttered something that sounded like “No, I’m sorry…” but I’m sure that if she paid attention to my tone she would have been pissed….very pissed. Anyway, for all the stuffed animals lovers out there, don’t panic, I saw her later on passing by with two of them.

–          Still on tills: a girl came over and I asked where she was from and she said Switzerland. When then I asked “What language you prefer your map in?” (Because we do know that they talk 4 different languages, at least, depending on the part of Switzerland they’re from. We have maps in German, Italian and French, so I asked!) And she went “Switzerland!” again. Eventually I managed to give to her one in German!

–          Still on tills: a girl approached with headphones in her ears talking to someone else on Skype with a video call through her phone. Nothing major here, but I’m annoyed with people doing everything when you try to help them in their travel. Plus chat_with_customer rules cannot be respected a lot if the person in front of you is talking to someone else while there. Should I pick the phone off their hand in the future and hung up telling them I want 100% attention so I can perform my role as I’m requested? Anyway, I’m sure I’ll write a post listing all the odd things customers do when they come on tills to buy tickets.

–          And talking about nasty people, I want just to remember the snob lady that start arguing with one lad of the staff because she wanted to enter in one of the bars although she was without ticket because she already used in another one. Now, you see he agreed in helping her although she was very rude to him. He’s very sweet and honestly he didn’t see the mean part of the situation. There are unfortunately many people out there that believe that if you argue and complain you obtain what you want. I don’t like them, because they surely get it eventually. I’d be ashamed of myself if I did.

–          Copying the name of people due to have a certificate in our bar I found some “famous names”: Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. You cannot even imagine what people invent as names!

–          There was a group of Italian lads. It was also the end of the day and loads of people went through. It was also almost the end of my 10 hour shift. They came over to return the audio guides and to be fair I probably hadn’t the smartest expression on my face but this chap went “Ma questa sta dormendo o si e’ bevuta un cicchettino di Guinness” (Is she sleeping or she’s had a Guinness shot?). I let him finish, I let him being proud of his joke and then I answered in Italian to him “Well, considering that I’ve been working since this morning at nine and we had thousands of people in, I’m just a bit tired! And now, please don’t bother me anymore!” Of course he went all the shadow of read till he resembled a ripe tomato! Then we chatted a bit, they were nice! The only problem is that often Italians go around saying stupid things, because they just assume that they won’t be understood!


And then for the curious of you let me tell you how our day went on. I mean it was a busy day indeed and everybody knew it was going to be like it.

At the very opening there were already people waiting in the queue. While counting the tills the people waiting for us to finish were already twenty and as many purchased with credit card and were waiting to get in.

At 11.00 I heard for the first time on the radio the order to slow down on tills because the flow of people was too intense.

Around 12.00 Q started to form outside the door. Double queue for a few hours. The one outside was going around the corner and far down in the main street.

Around 14.00 Artists were asked to perform outside with percussion to entertain people waiting outside. Luckily it didn’t rain that day!

15.00 Already 5.500 people in. The order to stop serving people and slowing down was issued once again.

Around 16.00 the catering began to give cups of hot chocolate to the people waiting outside. It was very smart and sweet of them.

16.03 The microphone died in the atrium and there were a huge noise on the top of the music. It was almost unbearable. But also promptly fixed!

17.13 We already were over the record. 8.500 people in.

17.30 We managed to get rid of the Q outside.

18.00 An IPhone was dropped, I hope by mistake, from the one of the upper floors into the atrium smashing itself on the ground. Luckily it didn’t hit anybody.


Final number was 9.364 people. Nothing to add, right?

Let me know what you think about that in the comments! Looking forward to hear opinions about that! 

Kick my Butt Challenge – 21st of March

After a few days of absence I’m trying to justify in the other posts I’m writing, I started again with my personal challenge! 

As soon as I’ll manage to catch up with my story about the just passed creepy weekend I’m going to start the other challenge too! Promise!

In the past few days I read a bit, I finished another Audiobook but I didn’t honestly keep track of the number of the pages read as I was too tired!

And obviously I couldn’t write!

Anyway as for today:

Blog post: 1/1

Pages read: 52/20

Words written: 200/150


I think I have to adjust the monthly goals because they are slightly impossible assuming I have to write that amount of words, but we’ll see.

What I wanted to ask you is another thing: do you think I should include the audiobooks in my reading list or not? I’ll appreciate you’ll write down in the comments your opinion about that! 

The doubt is driving me nuts! 

Paddy’s weekend-Friday

And finally let’s start to summarize what happened last weekend.

My mum is back to Italy and not being able to bring Maya around because she feels unwell again I can try to report what happened during S. Paddy’s siege to my workplace.

Now I’m not using a strong word here… because if you can’t define a siege of tourist 19.411 people in three days, you tell me what a siege is!

Just let me tell you that because I scribbled again the notes while standing up or between serving customers, the nice and bright portraits of the moment might be a little bit blurred now!

And here we go!

Thinking about that, it might be better do a post for each day, so you can maybe realize the madness! Also, the 16th of March is the test for you to survive in that workplace or perish in the attempt! You’ll understand why later on!

Let’s get it started with Friday 15th of March

There was a moment, a few seconds lasting moment of panic on the 15th morning. I was opening and we knew already that we would live three days of pure inferno, so you can imagine that every single tiny problem would have been seen as of gigantic proportion.

Just imagine now that very morning some of the new uniforms were nowhere to be seen, I didn’t have my new trousers (found them later on anyway. Ah and for the cheeky readers I was wearing the old ones so just hold your jokes!), some staff members where nowhere to be found and the most skilled desk girl we have flew form the second step into the floor. (She was fine immediately she was just scared, no worries!)

The face of the team leader on duty was seriously worried and comical at the same time. Well, you’ll learn how to have a creepy sense of humour working in such a place!

Party-wise it was a poor day:

–          Hen’s party- they were wearing waterproof pea green ponchos and medals with the hen’s face on it.

–          Stag party- yellow T-shirt with Delicious Stag written in black on the back.

But weird people-wise was quite good:

–          I had a couple of stupid little brats on till. They wanted a discount on the entrance price and they started ridiculing themselves “Oh, you know that you look gorgeous with glasses” and the other one “I’m going to kiss you on your mouth if you give me the discount”….now, I’m usually not that strict and I gladly give a discount, in particular if you’re nice…but this…they should think themselves lucky I didn’t overcharged them! But now, you, yes you two, if it’ll ever happen to read this page you know that everybody thinks you’re stupid!

–          A colleague of mine told me that while she went to the loo she could hear two girls crammed in the cubicle next hers doing a pregnancy test. Now I’ll save you the detail of their conversation because I’m a decent person…but com’on, really? Honestly, all the comments I could add are bitchy so you take it this way because is self-explanatory!

–          A man came over to drool on my till while asking tons of questions. Now I don’t have problem with loads of questions, because we’re there for answering and also if you’re old or you have some kind of problem I don’t even have anything against you drooling….but you are one of those people who save the saliva just to spit it while you’re talking or drool on other people counter… you’re just gross!

Everything here came in a kind quiet wave. Final number for Friday was 5.542 people!

I was tired, very tired but wait to see the next day! 

I did it!

What I mean is that I survived! We had over 15 thousands visitors in three days! 

I have a ton of notes, so be kind and give me time to work on them! My mum is still here in visit and I didn’t have time to organize them!

Wow, what a week!

And Maya just felt sick again…. Often I feel trapped in a nightmare!

I’ll leave you with this nice pic of the harp one of the face artist painted on my face the third day of the festival!

I love it! 


Hold on!

I keep trying but the truth is…

(The image isn’t mine!Of course!)


Now that my mum is here to help…I have double work to do!

So…I think I’ll get back after Paddy’s weekend, with my nonsense, my rants and most of all with nice posts! Hopefully!

For now