End of the year!

Karate - 空手


Last Saturday, I faced karate grading with Maya and we both passed!

Now we’re yellow belt!

But let’s start from the beginning, as I’m aware that talking about karate out of the blue can be a tad confusing.
This is probably the post I was looking forward to writing the most since I got back to my pages.
I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever told you anything about my karate history. Possibly I mentioned it in the past but never explained the whole thing.

So, to quote the mad hatter, I’ll start from the beginning and, once I’m at the end, I’ll stop. Now that I think about that, it might take more than one post! Well, along with pirates, ships and writing, karate will be one of the recurring topics from now on, so I hope you’ll like it!

Last year, mid September I joined a dojo here in Ireland with my daughter and we’re still going on, as you could read in the very first sentence!
But let’s step twenty five years back!

When I was in middle high school I joined a Karate dojo for three years. They’d been the best years of my life! I loved the sport itself, so much I’m still obsessed with it, I loved the friends I enjoyed the time with and I admired and respected my old sensei as well, so much we’re still in touch.
During those years I went up to the brown belt and I also won several competitions and had my self confidence at its highest.
Then, when I started high school I took the worst decision ever: I sacrificed the hours dedicated to karate and spent at the dojo to my studies. I know that from an outsider this might sound like a reasonable decision but, believe me, it wasn’t.
There is only one reply I give to those who ask me “if you could go back on time what would you change?”. I always say that I’d go back to the time I was 14 and would strongly advise to stay in the dojo and stay strong.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned more than enough times what happened next, the problems I had in school with teachers, bullies and low marks. Consequence of this was the loss of self confidence and life long problems I’m still trying to sort out.
Considering the amount of hours I’d spent crying because I missed the dojo too much and I skipped my karate session, I could have attended the lessons. That for sure would have made me good!
Anyhow, life and university and moving to another city to go to University got in the way and I never resumed my karateka’s life.

This was until my daughter was a suitable age!

To be continued…