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Hi everybody!

As I told you a few times ago, this blog will be updated very, very randomly for the time being. 

Well, at least until I’ll manage to find a routine.

I didn’t think it was so difficult. 

I mean I have only one child, millions of people have a full time job and commute.

It might be I’m just below the average, I cannot really understand why I’ve been in this situation for two months already and I still struggle to get used to it. 

However, for how bad and hopeless it might seems, I’ve seen some improvement!

I’m happier, actually much happier than I was when I left the old job. 

I mentioned before, I know, but it’s surprising how I started loving my new office and my new team! I didn’t think it possible. 

I cannot believe that only two months ago I was eating alone in a port cabin and I didn’t feel confident with people I’d seen for the past eight years. Ok, not all of them, but the majority of them, to be precise.

I even went out with my new team yesterday (actually it was also thanks to my mum here, babysitting Maya!) and I had such a fun, I didn’t think possible.

Also I’ve started again to have weird dreams, which means that all my stress is wearing off. I was probably suffocating in such a stress and bad thoughts lately that my head wasn’t clear enough to dream. If I had dreams I didn’t really remember them. 

Now, instead, it seems my head is relaxing. 

I’m hopeful because these are good sign. So maybe it’s just a matter of waiting a little bit more and I might be able to fit in the routine my stuff as well.

As for my writing passion it’s still in very stand-by mode and I feel very frustrated because of that. 

As you can see I’m not updating my blog constantly, I haven’t written a word in my manuscripts lately, I’ve been dragging the book I was supposed to review for months now and I haven’t finished a book for ages. 

Once again to all this negative sides I have a positive one. 

Since I’ve been sick with flu last week, I had to stay home. I forced myself on the sofa to rest and I managed to copy almost 2/3 of my handwritten stuff. 

All considered than I’d say I’m reloading. 

For the rest, I think I’ll follow the advice I was given by a fellow blogger, which is: do things when you can/want, giving your best. 

I think it just makes sense. 

That’s why I decided to modify the reading page, and the reading pile posts. I won’t try to rush and frustrate myself with numbers. I have to accept I have no time and I’m slow, and so whenever I’ll have time I’ll read. Likewise whenever I’ll have time I’ll write. 

That’s probably the best thing I can do for myself. 

And that’s it for now. 

Maybe I’ll tell you my dreams one of this days. 

Talk soon. 

Yoga time!

Hello readers! 

As promised for the moment I’m updating my pages in a very, very, embarrassing random way. 

At the moment I’m waiting for my Yoga lesson. 

After ages I decided to follow the unique doctor mantra like advice telling me to take yoga lessons both to relax and to move a bit! Well, decided isn’t that correct…it is true that doctors told me to do that, but yoga had always fell in the “I can postpone/ I’m sure sooner or later I’ll have time” frame of time. 

Thing is I don’t have an excuse anymore!

As a matter of fact a yoga teacher is offered once a week in my new office, and the lesson takes place inside the office itself. I don’t have an excuse anymore to delay and I have to comply!

Said that I had my first lesson two weeks ago, to give it a try! 

I haven’t done sport for a long while, I’m beyond the very stiff level but I sincerely loved it. 

I could breathe better, I was more relaxed and I’m going to keep doing it!

Now I have to go, so talk to you soon!

Long time no see!

Good morning readers,

How are you? Long time no see! 

I’m still alive, but I have been struggling to fit in the new routine. 

I write this post to tell you the news mainly and then I promise I’m going to find a new shape for my dear precious blog! 

I understand that this might be a little bit confusing for you as well, in particular if you’ve been following my blog for a while but let me tell you, it is unsettling, and at time frustrating, for me too!

First of all let me tell you I’ve finished with my training and I’m in my official first week with my team in work. Everything is amazing but I have time to tell you all the details in the future. 

Because I haven’t managed yet to find an intelligent routine or a routine at all, I cannot find a normal way of tidying up my life and placing a time to do all the stuff I want to do and most sadly I have to do. 

It almost surely due to the fact I’m incapable of being organized, a.k.a. I suck in all I do, but mainly this time juggling a full time job, a toddler and the house chores it’s becoming very challenging. 

Because all of these elements I want to tell you  I decided to update the blog whenever I can. For example now I’ve arrived a little bit earlier in work and I decided to write quickly this entry. 

This means that this blog might become a kind of diary, it might be updated every day for a few days in row ora not at all for some other day. Also the topics will be different and random. 

Finally my level of English and my grammar will be poorer. 

But let me tell you something, it’s not for a lack of respect I’m doing this, but only because I love my blog and I want to be here!

So, see you soon all!