The travel!


As mentioned in the previous post, we changed three planes on the way to Japan, a totally new experience.

Despite the fact that I still think Lufthansa is one of the best companies I’ve ever tried, the highlight of the trip stands with ANA.

Of course the fact I’ve never flown with such a big plane had its play into it, but that aircraft was stunning.

The flight assistants were so polite and smily and sweet, I felt cuddled.

The food they served, gave us also the immediate taste of what we would be eating for the next 10 days and, despite being plane food, it was totally good.

I also found out something I didn’t know before then, the iced green tea. It’s so good I’m addicted to it now! 

It was a huge challenge to try and sleep on the seat, but at the same time the screen in front of me kept me company. 

Only issue was Maya, who was totally messed up by the already long travel and vomited after waking up. 

Anyhow, the best thing ever on the plane was the safety instruction video they forced on everybody’s screen; many kudos to the most creative airline ever!

Please, please, do yourself a favor and watch the video here



Welcome back, Franny!


Hello my dear readers, I’m back and, for now, more energetic than before!

Sorry for the long wait, but I’ve been very down lately and then, during the Ester break, I went to Japan with my family. 

The lifetime dream become a reality and, although just returned, I want to go back already. 

This travel let me understand that I’ve always loved Japan and I always will. 

Who knows? Maybe I lived there in one of my previous lifetimes? 

As attempted at the very beginning, I’ll try to post every day, this time, leaving the weekends for me and my family!

Oh, yes, and I hope you like Japan, folks, my next posts will be pretty monothematic! 

I’ll start with this picture of Maya’s supply, she got on our first flight. 

On the way to Japan we had to change 3 flights, two with Lufthansa and one with ANA. 

This was the welcome pack on the first plane and Maya was delighted.

It was the first time using this company and I guess we have a new favorite now. Staff and service amazing on both planes!

And like in the majority of 80s anime, let me write ‘to be continued’ in the appropriate way for this thread:





Photo Collage Maker_W0CrOl.png

As you might have imagined, I’ve been taking a break from my blog. 

Another one? You might ask. 

Well yes! I’ve been very mean to myself once again and overloaded my shoulder with too many tasks and the stress took the toll. 

I’m recovering, no worries. As you can see from the pictures I’m enjoying the spring and I even had a dream I’m seriously thinking to transform in a book…maybe for kids, so Maya would help as first reader. 

I’ll tell you more when I’ll be back! 

Thanks for the support!