Franny’s daydream #2


Don’t believe what you see! The fact that this is just my daydream number two, doesn’t mean that I don’t have many more!

However, I’m aware I cannot bore you with my silly thoughts all the times…well, more than I do already anyway!

The truth is that the last few posts have been a bit heavy and more or less full of negativity so I decided a lighter topic for today.

As an aspiring writer sometimes I indulge in daydreams concerning what I would do if I were famous, or if my novel were translated into a film or something like that. No worries, in my next “let’s keep a ridiculous tone” blog post I’m going to tell you some more, but for today I want to talk about films!

As I recently discovered another actor who fast, incredibly very fast, became part of my obsessions’ closet, I decided to write as well this post, to avoid bothering you with his picture all over my blogs.

The guy I’m talking about is this:


Theo James. He’s absolutely fantastic, a real artist, good at acting as at singing. He’s very nice as well.

So I figured that I’d love him to interpret one of my characters.

Said that, I decided to improvise an ideal cast for one of my books. Well, at least the book I have finished in its first draft, which should be the first volume of the series I’m planning, but that I had to put in stand-by for the moment: “The heir and the vision”.

Theo James could cover the role of Orion, the son of the element of the Earth in disguise.

And here you go with my other obsessions:

John Barrowman would be the evil king, Vellekoop Van Zanten. I loved him playing the part of Merlin in Arrow, and I think he’s very good.

Colin Morgan should interpret his son, Julius. I love him in every role he plays and although I’d be sorry to give him an evil character, I’d love to see how he would represent him.

Jennifer Lawrence would be Alnilam. She’s gorgeous like a princess and also I think she’s good in playing strong women as well. So I think she would be perfect.

David Tennant, he can become basically any person (or thing- remember he played the ketchup in a spot and a star in a theater play) he wants to become! I honestly find very complicated to recognize him in his films, even if I know he’s there. It seems like he’s melting into the character itself. So I’d give him Dhaval. Dhaval is a warrior and he seems to be on the dark side but what he has inside him is even more terrible.


Ok, I took a picture with the first singer, Tarja, but she was my favorite!

Finally I’d ask Nightwish to take care of the soundtrack, as they’re currently are my everyday soundtrack. There is something in the back of my head tickling to come out every single time I listen to their songs. I think they’re stimulating my creativity in some way.

I think and I hope I haven’t left anybody out, otherwise you’ll be condemned to read more of this!

Thanks for reading and playing with me!

Talk to you soon!


Finally I can set my hands again on my blog!

I think that by now I should have given up to the truth that I cannot write as constantly as I wish on these pages. Anyway, before I’ll write anything else I think I have to warn you against a scam I came across a few days ago.

 I was wasting my time on Facebook as usual- I really should stop that- and I noticed a link. It read: we’re hiring. I know that I have a job but that extra income would just help.

So I read the article, and the comments and it seemed exactly what I was looking for. 

Before I give you the link I’ll tell you what happened because I don’t want anybody be fooled like I was. So the presentation of this job promised that with a small purchase of less than 5 euro, you could buy an app and then start working from home. Sharing links was the only thing required and the income, according from the pictures attached, seemed not that bad.

You can imagine that stupid Franny decided to spend these less than 5 euro and buy the app. And, ladies and gentlemen, lucky Franny was even luckier, because there was a discount, so with only 3 euro I could buy this fantastic opportunity. There was a 5 minutes timer that pushed you to get the purchase completed in order to have that discount.

It was only by luck that I realized there was something wrong after hitting the “buy now” button. In a very small appendix were saying that a 58 euro monthly withdraw would happen on your card buying this app and this website domain.

What I did was calling the call centre and having the subscription cancelled immediately. The confirmation email arrived two days later reading: your account has been cancelled per you request. No signature or other details following. This brings me to hope against hope that that my details have been actually cancelled. The email was the less professional thing I’ve ever seen.

I felt so bad afterwards, because I thought I found a way to burst my income a bit, instead I was fooled like an idiot. 

Note to self: You cannot have anything easily…you should sweat and bleed. This is the only way, Franny.

I hope this bad experience would prevent some damage for my readers. 

Here is the link. Just read, believe me, and don’t do anything else! 




Is the bad guy always the bad guy?

 I’ve always wondered in my life whether the labels we give to different people are correct or are just our personal or social opinion.

Firstly as a curious person and then as a curious writer this question from time to time attracted my attention and sooner or later I’m bond to answer.

I know I’m nobody and that what I’ll write it will be just my opinion but I figured that because I have to live with myself my opinion is maybe the most important one. The biggest problem  I have is that I hate with all my soul judgmental people and, although from time to time I realize that I end up doing it, I believe to be enough open-minded to write what follows.

As you now I love TV shows and lately I’ve watched three new ones: Hell on Wheels, Vikings and Misfits, and something triggered in my head. Something I was thinking of, since I become fan of One Piece.

What do they have in common? They describe the reality in a different way and force the watcher to think about the roles and the labels that the society forces on everybody.

Hell on Wheel is set in the far west, after the secession war. A time when Native Americans were still in their territories, to make it clear.

Vikings tells us about the early stage of pillaging and raiding on English coasts from the Norsemen.

Misfits shows us some small criminals in their social work duty and all the adventures linked to their background and special powers.

One Piece, you know it by now, shows us the growth of a pirate crew. Its captain, Rufy, wants to be the king of the pirates.

Apparently they seem like a bunch of different stories set in different eras and one of them displayed not even by actors.

But it’s not so easy.

The main characters are what are usually labelled as bad, evil, barbaric and poisonous to the society. Well, in the case of the first one let me say that it’s the Native American I’m talking about because it’s told from the civilized American point of view.

But the real question is: is it really so?

Watching closely to the plot and to the story you cannot be so sure. I might want to interpret the situation personally but I don’t think I’m much mistaken.

Native Americans were in their territories already when England & co. started sending ships in the new world. And after they convinced the whole old world that what they were bringing was civilization, for everybody was normal and only the right choice that local people were closed in reserve…like they were an almost extinct race. Guess who’s to blame for the extinction?!

Put it this way. If the Native Americans were to ship the ocean and dock, say, in England and decided that we all have to make sacrifices to our ancestors, do you really think we wouldn’t put a fight? No, I don’t think it even for one minute. The land is ours, why should they invade us and call themselves superior and civilized society?

Yes, why should they?

But what is it that we’ve done?


And again Vikings are shown with a special tendency to respect and honour courage, family and love. The fact that their religion was polytheistic doesn’t mean that it was wrong or necessarily further from the truth than the Catholicism. Bravery, wit, loyalty are things that can be touched and witnessed.

Maybe the best scene I’ve seen so far was the one in the church, when the Norsemen are collecting the treasures and there is this exchange of lines (taken from the web)

Why do they leave such treasures unprotected? Is there some spell, some magic which protects them? It appears not.

Perhaps they think their God protects them.

If this is their God, then he’s dead.

He is nailed to a cross.

He cannot protect anyone.

He is not alive, like Odin, Thor or Frey.


The point is, who decided that one religion is better than the other? Who decided that because people have different believes are considered worse than those who won the war in the end? Being the winner doesn’t put the winner automatically in the right place!

And as you scan the list I’ve made, the same goes with Misfits. People who might be considered dangerous for the society are in truth a bunch of scared, unlucky and maybe a bit too cheeky and daring young people. That’s the end of the story. Sometimes who is considered good or quiet or the best from the society can hide darker secret than we think. I mean, this is not the rule, but it forces your brain to think.

At the beginning of the third series the bad guy was a priest who was tired not be heard and used his powers just to get money and women to get a revenge on his wasted life.

I think the point of the situation is that if you have a gift or a characteristic that makes you different from the rest of the society or the community you live in, you shouldn’t listen to whomever tells you that you’re different or you’re bad. Maybe they just don’t understand and it’s much, way much easier point the finger and make someone feel out of place instead of admitting that we may not be that special.

And finally Mugiwara no ichimi, Straw hat crew. They’re pirates but they’re the most fantastic display of behaviour and feeling I’ve ever seen anywhere!

A part that I know for certain that pirates did have a code they respected, I invite you once again to read the manga or to watch the anime. Pirates they may be, but they have a great respect for friendship and those values that common sense stick only with the “good person” label. I’ve spoken about them already and I will again, because I love the series, so I won’t bother much here.


After all this talking I ask you again: Is the bad guy always the bad guy? Or it might be more misjudgement? Be unware of the motivation that brings a certain person to behave in a way or the other?

Let me know what you think in the comment below!

Monster flash #4


I haven’t written any monster flash for a while now, but considering that last time I complained, I think it would be just fair to entertain you with something nicer.

Although I reacted in a worried way when I saw the first of the following subjects approaching my till, and although my thoughts about them where totally different, later on I thought that I could use them for this game!

So on Sunday the elements that attracted my attention were just two:

-A man with a V shaped scar on his nose. It looked like a very recent one and his hands were big and his fingernails dirty with what looked like soil. He was with a pregnant woman. She looked cleaner but a bit sad. The last element of the small party was a tall and thin man. He was very pale, all his features and clothes alike. He looked like an attempt of colouring a shadow or a ghost!

-Smelly Spanish family. It was mother, father, daughter and a son. They were all short and round and the dark colour of their skin was probably due to the absence of a good bath for a very long time.


Let me think now…

What if creatures that live usually underground set a challenge to establish who the best underground race is?

The sewer-folks and the diggers. They smell like hell, of course, and it seems that they’re happy with their life underground. They’re the two biggest and strongest families living under the surface but now they want more.

In order to decide who’s going to be the absolute king of the dark world they have to proof their power of disguise and trick the humans above.

The one of them who manages to live one day on the surface disguising better as human being will be the real king of the dark side of the earth.

To manage in this intent the lord of sewer-folks decides to bring his family with him (that would be the Spanish family). Although the family is always a winning choice in restaurants and museums, the smell coming from them and the stain of dirt on dirt make people wrinkle their nose and run away.

On the other hand, the prince of the diggers decides to accept the challenge right after the fight to conquer the Binsters (tribe that scavenges bins for food at night) and make sure that his son to be won’t be born as someone else’s bastard.

He won but the scar on his nose isn’t a pretty sight so people aren’t getting close to him either, although he has a pregnant woman with him.

The tall, silent, almost shadowish kind of person is the judge of the challenge. He’s one of the few human beings aware of the existence of the other face of the coin.

He has to make sure they don’t cheat!


Who do you think is going to win?

I might say the digger, because, although scary, I hate bad smells more!

To be honest this one would be a nice short story or maybe novella to write!

What do you think about that?

And how did the two clues inspire you? How would you combine them?

Let me know in the comments below!!!

Oh my darling tour guides

Today I’m happy because I’ve made another step forward in the my personal challenge to healthy living: I’ve done 16 lengths in the swimming pool and although tired, I feel satisfied!

However, although I’ve been able to take some stress off my shoulder lately doing this, I cannot deal in such short amount of time with all the stress and anxiety my whole life is killing my brain with. And here you enter into the game. Well, you as readers…bear with my following rant….

The recipients of this letter are the tour guides who pester my work place. And since I’m on the edge of a violent reaction I want to use my first-aid vent, writing, to see whether I can resist a bit longer before switching to the said violent reaction!


Dear guides,

I hate you! In particular during the summer. The more I go on and the more I cannot stand you, mainly because you behave like snob big bastards.

I work in a tourist attraction, which for your information is the most visited in Dublin, hence I work with tourists, like you do every single day.

I know tourists can be nice but also they can be the biggest pain in the ass you have ever experienced. Also, I agree with you that some of them can be very, very demanding, some of them can be very cheeky and some of them are simply hard to let go.

But this just shows you how much our jobs are alike, dealing with this particular category of people.

Considering all that, why on earth are you making my life impossible? I know the building you’re visiting better than you do and if I stop you when you enter the door is just to direct you and your group to the right way. I don’t want to stop your work, I don’t want to stay in the way and I don’t want to diminish your almighty figure in front of your important customers.

As funny as it may sound, I’m doing my job.

So please stop ignoring me, stop shushing me and stop treating me like I’m a unique component with the entrance, maybe a fancy human shaped doormat!

I want kindly to warn you with this letter, because in a very next future I think I’ll start shouting at you or even (I wish I could do that) kick you in the rear!

But doing that I’m sure that my kind manager will skin me alive.

Nobody wants to see a skinned doormat, it will send people away!

So please, for the greater good, listen to me this time, and nobody will be hurt!



I don’t know who did this, but he/she’s genius!



Thanks for reading this. I cannot promise you it will be the last rant of the season, actually I think it will be just the very first. Unfortunately for you my blog helps me hugely to keep my sanity and to express myself, as you maybe have got from the previous posts, so there is no point in telling you a lie!

What do you think about what I’ve just said, by the way!?

What would you do?

When do you think it’s the right time to say no?

Plan for the summer

Let’s say that this year I have summer holidays as well since Maya is in Italy enjoying the sunshine and the good food! (Thinking that she’s still a toddler is kind of scary and creepy, but ok, I decided to think positive!)

You know me, though, and you’ve already guessed that I decided to organize my days. I know that there is a small voice in a corner of my head screaming on the top of its small lungs to rest and relax, but then I’ll be killed by the guilt of not doing anything.

But no worries I tried to be as nicer as I could with myself. So after understanding that I couldn’t load myself with tasks I decided for the following general guidelines.

As I have four days off every week the program will be as follow:


Day 1

1 h Blogging

1h Spanish (Book)

1h swimming or any other form of physical activity.

1h Reading

1h A voice from the to do’s list


Day 2

1 h Blogging

1h Checking email

1h swimming or any other form of physical activity.

1h Reading

1h A voice from the to do’s list


Day 3

1 h Researching

1h Spanish (Video)

1h swimming or any other form of physical activity.

1h Reading

1h A voice from the to do’s list


Day 4

1 h Plotting or Planning

1h Checking email

1h swimming or any other form of physical activity.

1h Reading

1h A voice from the to do’s list


As you can see it’s not that complicated because I can do whatever I want in the remaining of the day. Even relax if I’m bold enough!!!

Also, the days don’t change much in the second part, but dividing this way I avoid expecting from myself to blog, plot, check email and study Spanish in one day, becoming more and more nervous in the realization that it’s impossible! Maya’s not here but I’m still a human being, it’s time I admit that!

In case you were wondering, I set two hours to check the email just because I don’t know how to organize otherwise. I’m again over 2 thousands email to read….

I know that there isn’t much of actual writing, a part from the blog posts, but I need to research at the moment and also to plot for NaNo and the most immediate project I have. As for the writing project though I’ll tell you later on. I decided to keep posting only twice a week because I want to be consistent from now on, or I’ll try to do my best. When Maya will be back, I won’t have much time to do more than that anyway!

So what you think?

Is it doable?

Let me know in the comments?