Current mood.



After a few days off, I’m back to work. 

I missed my team a lot, but I didn’t miss the calls and the average user calling in. 

These spinning lighthouse lenses are mirroring my current mood. 

I hope the message will come across! 

You can also think my head is spinning, that would do too!  

First and first!


Today is very important for Maya. 

She’s going back to school and she’s starting the 1st grade!

Time flies and, to be completely honest with you, she’s been growing so fast I’m continuously startled. 

One day she comes out with a sentence or a word I had no idea she knew, another day she’s outgrown a dress she was only wearing a few days before. 

Good luck to her for the rest of this great year! 

Oh and also, happy birthday to my partner. Today is his birthday, we have a double celebration to make!

I know already I’ll spend my day cooking!!!


Early…too early!

This morning I opened my eyes at 5.30 and I couldn’t sleep anymore.

After a lot of tossing and turning, I decided to go to the living room and rest on the sofa.

Reading my book and sipping camomile tea, I managed to doze off again.

Sometimes it happens, dunno why!

I hope I’ll manage to sleep tonight!


Maya came back from holiday with a new thing: the kamishibai.

Despite being obsessed with Japan, I hadn’t heared of this before.

This shows you that being curious pays! You never finish to learn in your life!

Also the book that comes with this kamishibai is in Spanish, so it’s a good chance to practice another language too!

For the moment we read Blancanieves!


Something I do really love are ships.

I feel tranquil and nostalgic when I’m beside a ship.

I think also that masts and riggings seen from below are the most calming thing you can look at!

I know I said I’ll post a longer blog on Mondays, but my house is too full and I prefer to spend more time with Maya, mum and partner, since we took days off because of her arrival!

I’ll try to post dayly anyway and I’ll be back to normal next Monday!

She’s back!

And after two months of holiday, Maya is back.

She’s happy, tanned and as crazy as before.

I love to hear the sound of her voice around again.

Not staying on these pages much at the minute, I’ll go and play!

See you tomorrow!



It’s well known among my friends and family I don’t have what is called the green thumb. 

These two plants were completely dry and I thought dead a few weeks ago. 

I always forget to water them and the summer here in Ireland has been very hot and dry for some reason, so they had no chance to survive. 

Or that’s what I thought. 

Before going on holiday, Maya, made me promise I’d water them and in a few weeks they started to bloom again. They’re actually beautiful. 

I’m very proud of my roses! 

Let’s party!



I love celebrating events! 

No matter what, the important is to have fun together with the right people. 

I love my team and I hope I’ll be able to introduce them to you one by one. 

Because of that, every occasion is good to celebrate and be noisy. 

I’m the one in charge of organizing birthday and such, along with another two girls. This desk belongs to one of them. 

Under the wrapping paper we put pictures of her favorite actor! 

Being three creative brains organizing, the surprises are escalating quickly.

But everybody is happy, and that is what counts!!! 

Green spots!




Every morning I have to walk a good 20 minutes to get to the office.

I walk a bit, cross the river and then walk another length.

There is a bit of this stroll that it very relaxing and it is captured in this picture. 

Although you have a busy street on one side, you still have the trees surrounding you and the river on the other, with its calm water. 

For a few minutes, it’s possible to enjoy a little sample of nature and the energy coming from it!




Thanks to the food team!!!! 

I’ve always had the typical Italian breakfast: some sweet stuff, such as bread with jam or cereals or cakes. 

The best memory I have connected with breakfast is from childhood: at the bar with my dad. It usually happened after I had my blood test done and it was always latte and cannolo with custard. 

Lately, I learned to have a savory breakfast that, according to the most nutritionist, is better as it will bring you till lunch without eating anymore. 

And it actually works! I’m not eating anymore in between meals. It took me weeks to get used to it, but I made it. 

At the moment I won’t be able to switch back so easily! And I don’t want to!