Creepy shopping!

My favorite part of the year is Halloween.

Today we went shopping in order to have more choice among costumes!!!

Maya picked the topic: this year will be vampires! Maya and me with matching dresses. 

And with a small pang of sadness, I have to tell good-bye to the pirate costume I’ve used for years!!!

日本語- doodling…


I’ve studied languages in university: English and Japanese. 

I love languages, if it depended only on me I’d spend my days learning new ones. 

But I still have the dear old problem of having zero time at my disposal. 

I don’t get discouraged though. Even if I have no time, I find also creative ways to keep me in touch at least with the languages I already know: Spanish, English and Japanese. 

But in this post I’m showing you my doodles. You’d be surprises to learn how writing in Japanese is relaxing. 

Since I’m doing a very stressful job and people lately increased the yells at the phone, copying and repeating kanji and kana on paper is a real blessing. 

The picture above captured part of what I’ve done today!

How beautiful is Japanese? 

Anyone out there studying it? Or using languages repetition to relax?

Ari is here!


My mum’s family is big, huge!

Only on her side, I have over 20 cousins.

Arianna is one of them and I haven’t seen her since she was 6, basically Maya’s age. 

I was told by my uncle (who’s anyway my favorite uncle – just saying…) that she would come over to Dublin. 

I was happy, excited but most of all curious! How would she have grown up?

Well, she’s damn cook, folks! She’s cute, she’s sweet and she’s so very nice. Basically a spitted portrait of her father!

I’m just sorry that I was working in my worst shift this week, so I couldn’t spend much time with her. 

I hope she’ll be back soon! Glad to meet her again!

Team – Barry

And here I am again with another piece of the puzzle: Barry.

My team is special and each and every one of the people I’m introducing on these pages matter to me for different reason.

Mainly they make bearable the pressure connected with our heavy and hard daily job.

Barry is a gentleman, old style kind of gentleman, the one you find in the black and white films I used to watch with my dad.

In a society were kindness and understanding aren’t the brand new fashion, finding people like Barry is a rare gift.

I’m very grateful to be in the team with him.

Other than that, he makes the best cat’s impression I’ve ever seen and he’s a very good writer.

Why don’t you check his personal blog? You won’t be disappointed. Click here!

I’m glad to have someone in the team who loves reading and writing as I do and who works right in front of me!

Thanks Petya!

Today is a gratitude post!

You know Petya already, as I introduced her a couple of posts ago.

Yesterday she made me a present, she gave me a completed loyalty card for Caffè Nero coffee shop. (You’re probably tired to hear about it by now!!! Sorry but I just love it!)

Today, for my morning walk, I had a stroll through my favorite park with my favorite coffee offered by one of my favorite people!

Have a lovely day!!!

Stroll in the other park!

Today starts my new week and I have probably the heaviest shift ever, I start at 10 and I won’t be home until 20.

The only positive thing about it, anyway, is that I can walk longer before the day starts.

I usually go up to my partner’s office and keep going till mine, but today he was working from home.

I decided then to take a different route altogether and I cut through St Patrick’s cathedral park.

Look at the beauty!

Although not religious, I love this kind of architecture!

What do you think?

Maya’s teeth



Despite trying for a while, I didn’t manage to bring Maya to the dentist before she went to Italy.

I was worried I was terribly in late in checking her mouth, but it seems everything is OK a part from a small cavity. Well, now that she’s back anyway, I brought her to the dentist here so she’ll get confident to this one too.

After a couple of weeks at grandma’s, Maya complained that her teeth were hurting so I asked my mum to bring her to her own dentist.

Despite the fact they were closed and on holiday, they went to check her. So grateful to them.

Maya was happy to be checked and stood still until the visit was over. She got also one of those suction tube as present.

Result of the visit was: a small cavity and two wiggling teeth.

Needless to say, that we spent the call on Skype that night watching Maya trying to speak with us while wiggling her tooth.

Then she said “Mummy I need to send a message to A.”

  1. is Maya’s best friend and lost a couple of teeth before her. Like many in her class.

My mum couldn’t believe it was such a big deal. Certainly, things have changed since I was that age.

Eventually Maya sent a vocal message to me and I forwarded to this A.’s mum to share the big news.

Three days later the tooth actually fell and I decided to prepare my card for her in a couple of hours. It’s the one you see at the beginning of this post.

I know it’s just a tooth, but apparently for Maya was such a big deal, she was hoping against hope that one of them would fall to be part of her small group of toothless kids.

I don’t even know whether I should worry or not, as this might be just the tip of the iceberg. However, I did my best to celebrate.

My idea was to prepare the card during the week, in my own time, but the silly tooth decided to fall earlier and I did what I could do.

Apparently, she didn’t find the second wiggling fellow for a while.

A couple of weeks later, however, she went to eat focaccia out with my brother and my mum and in eating a particularly crispy bite, the second tooth had an almighty push.

Now Maya has a nice front window in her smile, already occupied by the biggest replacement that are growing very fast.

She’s so cute, and actually smart, as usual.

Unsure whether the tooth fairy would fly to Italy, she decided to keep her teeth and then hide them under the pillow once back from the holiday.

In replacement she found two coins the morning after.

I’m sure she’s looking forward for the other teeth to fall.

As for me, I bought a small box build for the purpose of keeping them and save them for once she’ll be older.

And you, readers out there, what is your experience?

Is the teeth loss a big deal like here, or it’s a normal experience like the one we’ve had when we were small?

Let me know in the comments below.

Talk to you soon!

Out of hands…

Photo Collage Maker_9rdGFC.png


I have to admit, I love the way Maya is growing a bit nerdy! 

Sometimes I wonder whether the things I let her watch are appropriate or not. 

I remember I grew up watching the classics in the 80s Japanese animation and turned out just fine…I guess.

Because of that, I didn’t see anything wrong in letting Maya watch anime of any sort.

OK, I filter for sure what it might be too twisted and violent and splatter, although sometimes things slip out of control. I have to admit that she’s picking easily our taste. Although she’s adding something of her own, like some cartoons I’d never watch in my whole life, she’s very fond of some anime.

One of them is One Punch Man. Now, if you’ve never watched it, please do, you won’t be disappointed. I might do a review sooner or later.

One Punch Man  is hilarious, is about this stubborn man whose being hero is his hobby. There are loads of professional heroes, but he doesn’t care. What he cares about is finding a decent opponent. Unfortunately every enemy goes down with only one punch.

Anyway, setting aside the story, here’s what happened: last night we were watching the TV and Maya sat at the computer painting on the program paint, which now has this 3D new function.

After a while she calls our attention and she shows us her production.

“What are we looking at?” I asked

“One punch man…dog version” she said all smug about her doing.

That was the moment when I though things are really slipping out of control….the notions are sinking in.

Look at the picture I posted, aren’t the two characters basically the same?


Team – P.T.P.

Drumroll please: ladies and gentlemen, this is Petya.

Although from the title you might have thought she’s a spray product against bugs, she’s a very sweet human being.

I don’t even know where to start to describe how happy I am to have met her.

I’m hugely grateful to the universe, or whatever is out there, to have sent her over.

Petya is very nice and has a strong character and big heart. She’s hard worker and recently she started studying again. I’m so proud of her!

Petya loves animals a lot. Sometimes I feel like she prefers them to humans, but this is her anyway! The very first call she made towards my number was while she was chasing a lost puppy and attempting to put him to safety!

Last but not least, the quality that probably I love more about her it’s her high skilled sarcasm. Not only it’s incredibly and wittingly funny, but has awoken mine that had been dormant for too many years.

And here you have her! 

See you soon! 




I could just leave my picture here without further commenting. 

Then I could wait and have a look at your reactions. It’d be interesting. 

I’m not very good in taking pictures, but by chance this one came out nicely. 

On the way to work, I decided to cross a different bridge and I looked in the direction of the port. 

As you know, I love ships, and although this is used as famine museum, it’s still a nice looking ships.

Since I walk around it every day on the way to my office, when I have to relax I stare at its masts and rigging, even from afar. This helps to calm my breathing! 

This morning, this beauty was touched by this strange light. I couldn’t resist and I stopped to capture the moment. 

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Is there another ships lover among my readers?