Before and after!

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Despite having an important airport only 30 minutes far from my mum’s house, this time I had to use the one in Milan and then get a train home.

Since I love reading, although being tired for the long travel and not sleepy, I had the opportunity to read a lot. Well, a lot compared to my daily standards.

In the picture you have both the train spells captured in a picture. 

On the left the day I arrived. It was raining and windy and cold – like I’d never left Ireland really.

On the right I was having breakfast on the train while reading. It’d be interesting to know whether you could guess what I was nibbling at!

For the sake of speed, I’d tell you it was fried rabbit, one of my favorite food ever!

Every time I go home, fried rabbit is one of the dishes I ask and I crave for. So, why, of course it could be used as breakfast!

Addictions – sgabei!

While in Italy I ate like a pig, it’s not a secret.

This was the dinner after the lunch I told you about in my second last post.

I went to eat at my cousin’s. She’s one of my favorite cousins – I have almost 30 in total, only first grade, so I can pick!- and I’ve always had so much fun with her. 

After almost two days spent in next to complete absence of humor or sarcasm of the sort, I managed to get my giggle-ometer going again! 

She cooked for me one of my favorite meals: sgabei with cold meats and cheese and, of course, nutella.

I had so much fun I laughed to the tears but, most importantly, I felt at home and accepted for the weird person I am!

Thank you so much!!! 

Birthday and wishes!


My beautiful team!

I know I’ve been away only four days but I missed them a lot. 

I worked from home yesterday in the attempt of resting a bit after the travel, and today was my first day back. 

I was just in time to celebrate two important events!

First: we celebrated Rob’s birthday. Although in late we love to catch up and make sure everybody is celebrated in a proper way. 

Second: we welcomed back Barry, who came back recently after a misadventure abroad. He made us worry sick, but he’s alright now.

So, how’s your workplace? 

Let me know in the comments below!


Happy birthday, Nicola!

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I’m back, my dear readers, back on these pages for you!

I’ve been at home for a couple of days with my family to celebrate my nephew’s first birthday. 

Well I had also to play the part of the godmother, something I’m still figuring out how and why happened, but still I made it for my brother since he wanted me to. 

This, however, gave me the opportunity to stop my brain for a while, and also to meet interesting new people. 

In the next few days I’ll tell you more about my trip, but for now, I’ll stun you with a nice collage made with the photos of the party’s menu. I forgot to take a photo of the third starter, but you get the idea. 

And, although Nicola’s birthday is passed already, I’ll state it here publicly: 

Happy belated birthday my dear sweetheart! He’s growing fast, smart and cheeky! And I love it!

See you later…

20181122_144118.jpgSo today we had a donut leaving party for Dom, who got a new position in the company. 

It is very sad to see him going, but, at the same time, I’m very happy to see him reaching his goal. 

We’ll surely miss him. 

Well done, Dom! We’re proud of you!

At the same time, I want to let you know I’ll be offline for a few days as I have an important personal matter I cannot postpone. 

No worries though, I’ll take pictures and next week I’ll be happy to share with you some details!

In other words, this is just a break, I’ll be back! It’s not like the past endless pauses! 

Be always ready!


Being always ready is a good advice in general, but it seems that Rob is making it a work of art. 

Today we were complimenting him on how elegant he looked, and he told us “Well, if something happens in the street and I’ll turn into a ghost, I’ll be elegant forever!”

We burst laughing and, on some extent, it made sense!

We took a commemorative picture showing that Evan and me will be kinda doomed if that would happen on the way home!

We’d rather be sporty ghosts!

Aaaand this is one of the reason I love so much staying in my team: it’s incredibly fun and full of interesting people! 

Early shift – part 1



Although the early shift isn’t my favorite, I try to get the best of it. 

The other day wasn’t raining and the sunrise light was just magic. 

Despite my scarce ability as photographer, it was almost impossible not to take this right. 

It looks like a painting. 

I love the area where I work, beside the port and the ocean. 

I feel a pang of nostalgia the most of the time, not sure why. 

Definitely I was a sailor or, better, a pirate in one of my previous lifetimes! 


I’m not that good at taking photo but this one…

No comment needed, right?

Took from the car, on the way back from the outlet.

These colors…I love them badly!

Scary shopping….



Today we went to shop at the Kildare Village, an outlet not far from Dublin. 

We’ve found some nice stuff, it was a great suggestion from my partner (although we both hate shopping!). 

It was already decorated with Christmas lights and packed with people. 

Despite that it wasn’t suffocating, the staff was fast and well organized so we didn’t feel the huge amount of people surrounding us. 

We ate a quick lunch and then the scary bit happened. 

I’m anxious and hypochondriac…definitely a very bad combo when something like this happens. 

Maya was playing in the playground, climbing stuff and all. I turned my head three seconds as another kid cried when I heard her screaming like an eagle. 

She was almost purple in the face for the pain and covered in blood that was running out of her nose. 

My legs usually give way when I see blood, I don’t even know how I did and first aid her, as at that moment I was alone. 

When she calmed down, I called my brother, who’s a doctor, and then I tried to start breathing again. 

Now she seems fine, but still the 24 hours aren’t passed just yet. 

Fingers crossed…

Just started the third volume….lies


No, seriously, I’m telling the truth!

‘Lies’ is just the title of this book, which is the third one in the six books series ‘Gone’ by Micheal Grant. 

Now, this is one of the books I was attracted to by the cover. Those fluo strong colors caught my eyes. 

The blurb made me take the final decision: post apocalyptic setting where all the adults were gone. 

I started the first volume, and it didn’t disappoint, it was fast paced narration, faster than I’ve ever seen. 

Then my anxiety, all born by the fact I’m a mum now. kicked in. 

By the time I reached the second volume I was so frustrated that I set it aside for over one year. 

I started thinking what would happen if Maya was in such a kind of situation? Would she survive? 

This made me stop. 

Eventually my obsessive compulsive curiosity had the better…and, in fairness, Maya is older, she’d be grand in such a situation!

And here we are at the beginning of the third volume! 

So curious!