Z as Zip

Last letter of the alphabet, ladies and gentlemen!

I never thought I could make it, and also that the idea of interviewing my characters would have been liked as it was. Thanks for your support!

I’ll try to check the blogs in the list of participants in the next few days as I didn’t have much time to have a look at them all! Which is a pity but I still have 24 hours a day and that’s a fact!

Z is the last characterless letter and considering that I received a complaint from one of my dearest friend in work I had no choice but to find him a place!

I had already an idea in my head for a character featuring him, but now I have a nickname for him as well!

So, dear Keith, here is Zip!

Zip comes in a set of three characters I’ve been thinking about for some times: it will be basically three Guardians of Plants and Flowers coming from Harmony Valley’s wood: Ny, Ky and My. 

So let’s try to build the first one:


FULL NAME: Ky Barleygrain but known as Zip.

DATE OF BIRTH: 7th Red of Earth.

PLACE OF BIRTH: Fields in Harmony Valley. 

FAMILY: Mum, dad, 2 sisters (who drive him mad)

FAVOURITE BOOK: “The way of the barley” and “How to answer correctly without having to listen to all the junk”

FAVOURITE COLOR: Black (but it’s just a cover, the truth is he loves peach and pale yellow)

FAVOURITE FOOD: Fried pumpkin and peach slices and blackcurrant and barely pudding.

And now let’s try to ask him the five questions:

Franny: Hello Zip! Or should I call you Ky? Welcome to my blog! So where does your surname come from?

Zip: Hello Franny! Now, let’s put this clear once for all, I don’t like this surname, but I suppose that if we’re in the Z letter I have to live with that, right? I’m going to kill that brat who named me this way sooner or later. As for the reason I was named this way, it’s simply because I try to zip my mouth before I can complain too much in front of a customer.

Franny: Ah ah! But I think that complaining it cannot be of much harm! Where do you work?

Zip: I work in Sweet Moment, and believe me, sometimes what I define as complaint would go under “I try to kick them as hard as I could till they reach the exit” category instead. So as you can imagine, it is really better I don’t talk! Still that’s not my name, and I don’t like it!

Franny: It looks appropriate anyway! But let’s change the subject! A part from working very hard what do you like to do? I know that spare time for Sweet Moment staff would be none more or less, but do you have a hobby?

Zip: Oh yeah of course. Now as we’re not allowed to have so much time for ourselves, we have to work during the night, unless we have a night shift! Still we’re trying to create a series of alcoholic drinks in order to create our brand and get out of here!

Franny: When you say “We” what do you mean?

Zip: Of course Ny, My and myself. They’re mental, but still very good in what they’re doing. If only Ny would stop joking about our job and running around telling the closest friends that the next bunch would explode before it’s ready and if only  My would stop trying to sneak curry inside all the beverage I’m trying to make up, we’d been already done!

Franny: Well they seem nice to work with though! I guess that friendship is very important to you, am I right?

Zip: Yes, it is. You cannot have the perfect kind of people around you all the time, but with a bit of patience and acceptation, everything goes in the right place. I mean, if I don’t like you, you’ll notice! You have just to be stupid not to realize it!

Franny: Something is telling me that you’re not easy in your selection but I find it incredibly funny anyway for some reason!

Ok, thanks very much Ky or better Zip! And I’ll see you soon!

Zip: Thanks Franny and have a nice colour everybody!


Now folks, this was Zip or Ky, better.

Remember him, because together with My and Ny will become pretty present in some stories!

Thanks Keith for complaining and giving me the excuse to create Ky sooner than I thought!

And I’ll see you all maybe tomorrow or the day after! I think I have to rest now!

But I made it!




Y as Yareme

Here you have another brand new character. I had the idea a few days ago. I was trying to do as more things as possible, barely aware as usual that one day has only 24 hours.

It was actually a wish, once more I have to admit, while I was stuck and I couldn’t finish the amount of things I set for myself to do within the day.

Now there are loads of people telling me that I set impossible tasks for me, but I’m not giving up. So here is Yareme, an animal guardian from Harmony Valley. She has a nice quality any busy mum would want!

FULL NAME: Yareme Squirreltail.

DATE OF BIRTH: 7th Green of Earth.

PLACE OF BIRTH: Harmony Valley.

FAMILY: Mum, Dad, 3 sisters, 1 brother and 25 squirrels.

FAVOURITE BOOK: “The lady who travelled on the eagle”


FAVOURITE FOOD: Rose and daffodils salad with quail egg.

And now let’s try to know her better with the following questions:

Franny: Hello Yareme! Welcome to my blog! So you have many hobbies or things you like doing, am I right?

Yareme: Oh yeah, I love attending Jumping flowers competition, cooking, riding my personal squirrel, reading books (I regularly go and borrow books guardian size from one of Sunbeam libraries. People here think I’m a bit weird on this). I mind my nephews and nieces and I work with the best vet of the village to learn the job.

Franny: Wow this is really a lot! Where do you find the time to rest? And we were saying you have a nice characteristic anybody would want! Can you tell us more about that?

Yareme: Well actually it is pretty tiring indeed and now that I think about that I have loads of thing still to…ah ah achoo!

Franny: Bless you!

Yareme: Thanks!

Yareme2: Thanks!

Yareme: We were saying that my characteristic is…

Yareme2: Oh Hi! Who are you?

Yareme: Shush, I was talking, you go and do something to help instead…I still have to give food to the sick field mice!

Yareme2: All right all right, but don’t sneeze anymore! I’m not in the mood for teamwork today!

*The second Yareme goes in the next room and attends the sick mice*

Franny: Ok so, this is your characteristic, then, you sneeze and you split! Is that right? When does it happen?

Yareme: Well, yeah, excuse me! Yeah, I split when I’m very anxious or I’m under pressure!

Franny: And how many of your doubles you can split into?

Yareme: Dunno, I think the record so far was four. I was very busy then, like today for example! Ahhhh no…. achoo!

Yareme3: Oh no! Did you do it again? Yareme!

Yareme2: Don’t start arguing, come and help me here! And by the way, your record was five!

Yareme: Oh all right five! Yes, you go there and help her!

Franny: This is becoming very confusing. So when you split are your doubles like you or what?

Yareme: It depends why I split and what I need most at the moment. They can be more and more nervous as we go further or more anxious. Sometimes they just have different personalities! Once I came out with a boy version of me because I was very stressed for an argument with the vet.

Franny: And are they staying around long? How does it work?

Yareme: No, they usually disappear when I relax a bit. Eventually I’m the original; they can only come off me anyway!

Yareme3: Oh yeah, lucky we are! You exploit us and then you relax!

Yareme2: Stop moaning, will you? I need help here!

Franny: Ok, thanks Yareme… Yareme2 and Yareme3! You really should give nick names to your doubles! Anyway thanks for your time and I hope to see you soon around!

Yareme: Yeah me too! Thanks and good bye everybody!

Yareme2: Bye…you savage girl say good bye!

Yareme3: *grunts something*


So folks, here is Yareme for you!

And I because I had to think about the interview I doodled her as well while dodging Maya! She wanted to help colouring!

I’ll see you tomorrow for the last one!



X as Xiu

Last three letters are the toughest part of the challenge for me as I have no readymade characters.

So I have to come out with something. I have a fair idea about Y and Z but I didn’t know what to do with the X!

But thanks to my child I got the idea this very morning.

A vampire!

I woke up at 4 am. Maya wasn’t feeling good or anyway she couldn’t sleep.

4.30 she was standing in her bed jumping up and down and pointing I don’t know what and “wow”ing and “ohh”ing the very same.

5.00 we decided to come down and drink some milk. “She might fall asleep again in the pram after her bottle”I thought.

5.30 alas no, she didn’t fell asleep, she vomited.

6.30 I started writing this post.

As I couldn’t think about any name starting with X I googled it. And I found this:


GENDER: Feminine

USAGE: Chinese

OTHER SCRIPTS: 秀 (Chinese)

Meaning & History

Means “beautiful, elegant” in Chinese.

I thought that for a vampire this would be nice!

So here we have X as Xiu and let’s try to give her a history.

FULL NAME: Xiu of the Manor

DATE OF BIRTH: 3rd Orange of Metal


FAMILY: Unknown a part from an uncle.

FAVOURITE BOOK: “Not only blood”


FAVOURITE FOOD: Used to be roasted turtle but now is turtle blood.

And now let’s ask her the questions and try to know her better:

Franny: Hello Xiu you’re very welcome to my blog today! I have to ask you a few questions and I hope you’ll enjoy the experience! First of all, where are you from originally? You weren’t born as vampire, am I right?

Xiu: Hello Franny! You are right! I was born in the tribe of Oasis of Happiness and then I become a vampire for revenge!

Franny: Revenge? Why?

Xiu: Well I lost my entire family during the big war. I grew up with my uncle, who manage to save me and trained me as warrior according to our tradition. We moved in Ghost Land and lived there moving continuously. I received my tattoos in late, but I learned to use them nonetheless. Then one color, the war was over and Black Dragon had to run back to their country, defeated. On the way back thought they decided to leave a last trail of suffering. My uncle was hunting and for once his guard was down and he was killed. Killed for fun, basically. And I wanted my revenge.

Franny: Damn! This is so sad. But it must have been difficult anyway. As far as I know vampires are a very close community. How did you get in?

Xiu: Well, what I have to say is that there was a nice lady vampire who saved my life. I was with my uncle that moment but I followed a different game. We were in the deep forest and I met the ghost of one friend of mine who died of fever and I was talking to him. At some stage I heard noises and then my uncle shouting curses to someone. Then I heard some clinging of swords and I rushed over taking my chain out of my left arm, but when I arrived there the bastards were too many, and there were many vampires among them. They attacked me as well and they left me on the ground. I was almost dead when Lady Edely came by, attracted maybe by the noise, and found me there. She said to think what I wanted to say and think about what happened. She can read your mind, you know. And eventually she transformed me. She said my eyes convinced her.

Franny: But you said that vampires were with Black Dragon. Who is Lady Edely?

Xiu: Lady Edely is one of the oldest and more powerful vampires who lives in the Manor in Ghost Land. They left Black Dragon thousands of cycles ago after a row between the two main families. The vampire of the Manor are solitary and almost closed community and it’s very hard to get in. But they value honor and courage. Otherwise they just think about themselves and they don’t want to be involved on what is happening outside.

Franny: So you’ll have your vengeance no matter what. You’ll live forever now and you have time to train and to get the culprit. But you tell me something, you talked about using your tattoos and getting out a chain from your left arm…what do you mean?

Xiu: Oh, that one. In the Oasis we’re all warriors. Women as well. During our training we are tattooed with a special ink. The tattoos can be literally taken from your skin and then used!

Franny: Wow, this is so cool! Thanks for your time, Xiu and good luck with your revenge!

Xiu: Thanks Franny and I’m close! That dog will pay!

Here she is than, I hope you liked her.

Eventually, although I started the post so early, I ended up in finishing it now. I was a bit confused after a while and I needed to sleep. Then the daily routine swallowed me and here I am.

I’ll see you all on Monday!



W as Williams

W hosts just one character, Mr Williams, but he’s a great one!

He’s one of the pirates of Rogers’ crew in the very first book I wrote about pirates, like Seamus.

The way I created this character is funny though. I started to call him Williams and Mr. Williams all the time. His features were familiar and some of his way of behaving as well, although I wasn’t really conscious why it was so.

Then, at the end of the book, when he’s tortured and then abandoned on the seashore, I finally called him with his full name. And it was then when I realized that I was using again one of my colleagues! Andy whom I want to thank to be my model without knowing it! And thanks for helping me with some part of this file!

So here he is:


FULL NAME: Andy Williams but everybody knows him as Williams.

DATE OF BIRTH: 26th October.


FAMILY: He doesn’t want to talk about them.

FAVOURITE BOOK: He can’t read.

FAVOURITE COLOR: Electic Blue and green.

FAVOURITE FOOD: Potatoes cooked in every possible way.

And now let’s ask him the questions:

Franny: Hi Andy! Welcome on my blog! Or should I call you Williams? Mr. Williams? Thanks for answering my questions! Let’s get started! Did you know at the beginning, when you were recruited, that the captain was a woman?

Williams: Ahaha! Hi all! Call me Williams, easy for everybody! No, I didn’t know that! And I’m sure that I would have laughed at them, if I knew that. I mean…what the hell? A woman of board…no hell no!

Franny: But then you changed your idea right? I mean, when you found out she wasn’t a man you didn’t object it! Don’t you feel a bit anxious in challenging the tradition of no women on board? Instead you took orders from her!

Williams: Hell no, I didn’t! I mean, you should see how she fights. She gives me creeps, she does! She’s a devil, not a woman…If the superstition was on board to claim the ship she will be scared by that pirate! No more no less, she’s a damn pirate, she is!

Franny: What about the others? In case of mutiny what would you do?

Williams: They wouldn’t dare to mutiny. She scares the hell out of your arse, she does. You don’t want to mess with her. But saying that one of the lads did get this tropical fever and decided to go against her, I’d throw him to the sharks!  

Franny: Have you always wanted to be a pirate?

Williams: No really no. I was a butcher, I was. And then one night I went to the pub at the docks with a group of friends and I got so drunk that the press gang didn’t really have hard time to throw me into their hold. When I woke up for the first 24 hours I couldn’t tell if I was throwing up because of the hangover or because of the Ocean waves. But now, I couldn’t think anything different. Once I get rid of those bastards I chose my crews!

Franny: I see. Last question. Have you ever been tempted to give away your crew while the English were torturing you?

Williams: No, hell no. Crew comes first and then your useless body. I’m man of honour. Now I’m a pirate. And I shall die like one!

Franny: That was clear enough! Thanks a lot Williams! It was a pleasure!

Williams: Fer me too! See ya all!


So this was my pirate!

I hope you enjoyed him!

I’ll see you tomorrow with the third last letter!

Wow I didn’t think I could make it so far! 

V as Vanth

I have only two characters in this letter.

  1. Vanth another Eita demon from Etruscan mythology
  2. Vellekoop Van Zanten who’s Julius father and King of Black Dragon.


It was very hard today to choose out of this two. I didn’t feel to interview any of them, but then I decided for Vanth.

According to Wikipedia “Vanth is (…) a female demon in the Etruscan underworld that is often accompanied either by additional Vanth figures or by another demon, Charun (later referred to as Charu). (…)Vanth has no direct counterpart in Greek mythology, and is very frequently, but not always, seen winged. Although Vanth has no real Greek counterpart, she has been compared to the Greek Furies, the Erinyes, especially in older publications. This is an unlikely association since she is almost always shown in Etruscan iconography to be a benevolent guide, not an avenging spirit, which the Furies often represent…”

Now I put here one of the description I studied to create my Vanth because I think she’s a very complicated character and that she can be used in many ways.

My way of using her is as a benevolent guide but also terrible. She gives you the last choice even if you don’t know what you’re doing and what you’re feeling, although she does know all of that is going on in your head.

So here you go:








I know a bit unclear, I don’t aspect much from the interview either, but honestly better her that interviewing another evil character. It’s not really the right day!

Franny: Hello Vanth! Welcome on my blog! So the big question right at the very beginning, just to make it clear. Are you a good character or a bad character?

Vanth: *nods in acknowledgment* Well, it depends! What do you think about death? You answer this and you’ll have the reply to your question!

Franny: This is not very clear. I don’t know at the moment. But are you aware that you’re covering a role that might make the people suffer?

Vanth: Someone has to do it. And I do my best.

Franny: You seemed almost enjoying in tempting Fedora. Were you hoping for her to fail and die?

Vanth: I don’t wish death to anybody. I just wait for their time. And then I do my job.

Franny: Well it’s not very clear or very helpful… so let’s say instead: why you didn’t tell her what she was going to suffer? Why didn’t you warn her?

Vanth: I did warn her and I did tell her. But you can say whatever you like. If the person in front of you is not ready to listen there is no way in.

Franny: I see. So you’re not happy with the ending of the story.

Vanth: It’s not my duty to judge about life and death. But I don’t think the outcome was fair. Fedora had her chance and she did decided something, although unconsciously. I don’t see the point in dragging her to a path she didn’t choose. That’s the reason why sometimes I feel annoyed with the human beings.

Franny: Sorry? Well I guess I have to thank you for your time Vanth and I hope to see you as late as I can.

*she nods regally and goes away*


Here guys you have Vanth. I hope you like her anyway.

I couldn’t get more than that out of her. Sorry!

I’ll see you tomorrow with another pirate!


U as Ursa

One character letter again, ladies and gentlemen!

Ursa is like Orion, he’s son of an Elemental. But this is the end of their similarities. Or actually the evident ones.

Although very handsome, Ursa is probably the partner nobody will want unless he could change a bit!

FULL NAME: Ursa of Water



FAMILY: Wave and his father was one triton.

FAVOURITE BOOK: He doesn’t bother to read.

FAVOURITE COLOR: After a while they’re all the same.

FAVOURITE FOOD: After a few pints everything tastes more or less the same.

He promised he’s going to change though. So I hope in the future to be able to ask him something more.

And here is the interview. Bear in mind that he was in hangover, this interview was taken in a bar half way through the adventure seeing him as main character.

Franny: Hi Ursa, this is Franny and I’m going to interview you!

Ursa: Really? Can you bother someone else? I really have a bad headache this morning.

Franny: Sorry but you’re the only character with the name starting with U, so I’m afraid I have to. Com’on, I’m going to ask you nice and easy questions! How many children you got?

Ursa: Ah thanks, Franny, that’s sweet of you. Ok, I have Thuban and he’s my only child.

(Whatching me glaring at him he thinks harder) Oh, yes, I have other seven just born. Now that I think about it, I believe I should show up….

Franny: Indeed you should. But aren’t you ashamed of yourself? You’ve just had kids and you’re not there helping?

Ursa: Honestly not. My mother in law is a terrible woman. She always ends up kicking me out of the house. So I told to myself, in a busy time I won’t bother.

Franny: I would kick you now myself, to be honest. But why did you marry Talitha?

Ursa: I love her, really. I still love her. I mean, I was sent here but they didn’t tell me why, my mum just set me here and she said just to keep an eye on the temple. Then I saw this young beautiful mermaid and I knew she was the one.

Franny: So, why just start drinking? Wouldn’t be better to stop and take care of your family? Do you know they’re all in danger?

Ursa: I haven’t realized it yet, not…you know what young lady? You talk like my son Thuban. Stop it! You just make me feel guilty. Sometimes you just need a way to ran away from the reality. After we lost our very first child I decided to give up the reality.

Franny: This didn’t prevent you to have other kids, though. You know, mister, this is, I’m afraid, your destiny and you’d better pull yourself together. I mean, if you say you’re in this state because of your loss can you tell me what would you do if Black Dragon would manage to put its hands on Talitha and your other children? Have you thought about that?

Ursa: Actually no….and I suppose you’re right. I’ve been behaving like a coward. I have to react.

Franny: I want to believe you. Now get out of here and please go to your family!

Ursa: Thanks Franny.

He runs away.

And for those of you who’re are curious about that, he’s changed and he’s becoming a marvellous person. By the end of the novel he seems a totally different character.

I’ll take the credits for the change!

So here we are almost at the end!

I’ll see you tomorrow.


T as Tuchulcha

Today’s letter is not packed but all the characters come from the same book but one, the one I’m interviewing in a while. And here they are:

  1.  Tuchulcha is an underworld demon of the Etruscan mythology.
  2. Talitha is the second lady of the vision. She’s part of the series I’m planning.
  3. Thuban is the first and older son of Talitha and Ursa.
  4. Taryn is the old mermaid in charge of the Under the Sea temple.


But today I want to interview another character from the book I’m writing now.  Also he’s the second character that I met in real life. He’s a chap who works in the archives in my workplace.


FULL NAME: Tuchulcha.



FAMILY: All the demons and entities living in Eita.

FAVOURITE BOOK: Impossible to say, as there are too many. He’s been listening and reading for centuries.

FAVOURITE COLOR: Yellow, the colour of the sun.

FAVOURITE FOOD: Sauté mushrooms.

And now let’s ask him the questions and hope that he answers:

Franny: Hello Tuchulcha, you’re very welcome on my blog! So let’s talk about yourself. How long have you been around for?

Tuchulcha: Centuries! Since people started to believe in Eita, in Etruscan age, I started to be alive in everyday life.  Eita and its inhabitants were around since the very beginning though.  

Franny: Interesting. If I got it right, though, you’ve been sent to live into the normal world. Is that correct?

Tuchulcha: No, it’s quite different. I ran away because I broke the rules we have down there and I wasn’t prone to go back on my actions. So I was kind of sent away. I did something that it is absolutely forbidden: fell in love with a soul.

Franny: This is sad. You don’t choose whom you fall in love with. And is she with you?

Tuchulcha: Oh yeah, I live with her and I still love her a lot although  because of the fight there was when I escaped, she doesn’t remember anything, and she doesn’t remember me, worst of all.

Franny: Living for the love’s sake. That’s romantic, but also painful. Have you tried to change your feelings? I know it’s something hard and maybe impossible. But seeing her like this should help, right? Plus you’re a demon. Aren’t demons bad?

Tuchulcha: Long question! Well I tried; yes I did, but in vain. When you love someone with all your soul it’s impossible to leave, to give up even if this means that your love is just one way feeling. And about me being a demon… You see, the only thing that all the writers got right in the past centuries was saying that because we’re supernatural beings, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have feelings. So you’ll find the good ones and the bad ones!

Franny: This makes sense. And what about Fedora? Why did you get so involved? Didn’t your own story teach you something?

Tuchulcha: Smart and cheeky! Yes, it should have, but from time to time you meet these stubborn people who remember me how I’ve been feeling when I thought I’d lose Beatrice’s soul. So it’s natural wanting to help them.

Franny: Fair enough! Thanks for your time Tuchulcha!

Tuchulcha: Thank you. And have a nice day everybody.

So this was Tuchulcha with us today!

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you tomorrow!


S as Seamus

S as well is pretty crowded letter. We have:

  1. Strawberry, who’s another sea fairy, twin sister of Peach and Blueberry.
  2. Snowy is basically a snow flake, main character of my fairy tale.
  3. Shadma is an ice fairy; she’s one of the guards of the Climate Prison.
  4. Sam is the owner of Roasting Ye and married with Ki. He’s from Eat Here Village.
  5. Sparkle is Fran’s Drorse.
  6. Sonsoles is Alnilam’s aunt and Orion’s stepmother.
  7. Sabrina is Fedora’s best friend, one of the main characters of the book I’m writing now.
  8. Sigita, who’s the Combact partner of Prince Julius, a werewolf.

As you can guess from the title I’m going to interview Seamus. But before I do that I have to tell you something.

Seamus is another character I found in real world after five years since his creation. It was a very funny episode and I want to share it with you!

During the busy days of Paddy’s weekend I realized that the tour coordinator, Sean, was my Seamus! It was funny and weird at the same time as the person you’re talking to it melts with the character you’ve created and you’re not sure sometimes who’re your talking to! Actually I hope that out there something similar happened to someone else because I start to think that I may be seriously weird!  

To tell the truth Sean was very kind indeed and, learning about the A to Z challenge, agreed to be interviewed pretending to be Seamus!

It was funny indeed and you cannot imagine how I appreciated his help. You know, usually people just think I’m weird but he dived into the unusual role play!

Thanks Sean!

And now let’s meet Seamus:

FULL NAME: Seamus Mackin

DATE OF BIRTH: 9th October


FAMILY: Mum, Dad, two sisters and one brother.

FAVOURITE BOOK: he can’t read but he’s going around to hear stories about shipwrecking.


FAVOURITE FOOD: Dry bread and oranges.

And now let’s ask him our questions:

Franny: Hi Seamus, you’re very welcome here! Let’s start immediately with the questions. Why have you decided to follow Anne when she left Ireland with her family?

Seamus: I love her! I’ve always loved her and her beautiful eyes looking at me. I was very young when I hid in the chest among her family’s luggage but I knew already that I wouldn’t be able to live without having her with me.

Franny: How romantic!  And we know that Rackham’s crew was hanged after being taken but that she was spared, along with Mary, because pregnant. So they were closed in prison. What did you do during that period? And how did you managed to escape the hanging?

Seamus: I learned to swim. Anne insisted for me to learn and in fact it saved my life! I dived into the Ocean and swam for my dear life! Anne told me to go because she would have been spared because of the baby! She was right again! I knew she was in prison and I tried to organize a plan to make her break out.

Franny: And once you realized she was out you looked for her, didn’t you?

Seamus: Yes of course. You see, I didn’t go there every day to avoid the guards suspecting me, but out of the blue I found out she was gone and Mary dead.

Franny: How did you find her again eventually?

Seamus: Well, we’ve always been joking about marrying on a hill top not far from New Orleans.  Of course the wedding was a joke, at least for her. But we knew that if anything went wrong we could meet there. We’d always said that we would meet the last day of the month. I was dead serious about the whole thing and I kept going there. She couldn’t be dead. And after 4 months we met again!

Franny: Now let’s change a bit the subject. Which one you prefer between the oriental and the western piracy?

Seamus: Oh definitely the western.  You see, pirates here are hairy manly scurvy dogs! And that’s the stereotype of pirate you want to see!

Franny: Ah I can’t help it, sorry. I have to ask about something nudging my curiosity. How did you feel in seeing Anne with another man’s child?

Seamus: Well thanks Franny!!! Of course I wasn’t happy. It actually broke my heart, but I learned to get along with her son because he’s also her flash and blood. He’s a good lad after all!

Franny: You’re so romantic!!! I’m very sorry I had to kill you. Did you aspect to die before her?

Seamus: Well better this than living without her! I would have followed her immediately!  I knew that I could die anytime; being a pirate, death comes into the package! I’m just sad because I know that she was saddened by my death.

Franny: And she was indeed! So Seamus, thank you so much for your time!

Seamus: Thank you for letting me live again briefly on this page! And have a nice day everybody!

Sorry, my dear reader I went a bit longer this time, but it was too funny to have a real person, who is also your character to talk too!

And thanks again to Sean!

I’ll see you tomorrow!

R as Rainbow D. Fran

I have few characters with letter R:

  1. Rogers, which is the identity of Anne Bonnie in my book about pirates.
  2. Rainbow D. Fran, yes finally she’s here!
  3. Rainbow D. Dan is Fran’s twin. He’s made of rainbow coloured liquorice too and he’s a drummer and percussionist.
  4. Rin, is Mia’s friend. She’s from Net too.
  5. Rani is the Indian lady saved by my pirate doctor.

And as you can guess from the title I’m going finally to interview Rainbow D. Fran. You’ve heard of her in the past few posts.

It’s funny, because she’s another alter ego of mine. Anyway, she’s not like Fedora at all.

I explain before you think I have more than one personality or something like that!

Rainbow D. Fran is what I love it’d be me. I don’t know whether it makes sense at all. She’s brave, she fights for what she wants and she travels a lot and she’s going to be a great writer.

I probably have these characteristics somewhere inside me, but as I haven’t found them yet, I make them live in her.

I hope this is clearer!

So here she is:

FULL NAME: Rainbow D. Fran

DATE OF BIRTH: 7th Red of Water

PLACE OF BIRTH: Liquorice Village

FAMILY: Mother. Father. Two older sisters: Red D. Sil and Red D. Mil. One twin brother: Rainbow D. Dan.

FAVOURITE BOOK: “Memoirs of Robert the Traveller”


FAVOURITE FOOD: Literally everything that is edible and skilfully cooked.

You tell me the truth, weren’t you looking forward to meet her? I was anyway! And I have a surprise for you by the end of the post, I hope you’ll agree with me!

Franny: Hello, Fran! You’re very welcome here! Let’s start immediately with questions. Have you always wanted to become a writer?

Fran: Oh yes, I’ve always wanted to be a writer! We can say that Dan and I are the creative burst of our family. You see, Liquorice Village is very nice city and everybody is sweet (ahahah) but still everybody does what they’re supposed to do! But we have some other sugar running through our veins and we wanted to do something different.

Franny: In fact I noticed that although in the same family your sisters have different names. How’s that?

Fran: Well, they’re not married or anything, it’s just they’re red. You see, for us liquorice the first part of the name depends on our colour. If you have a mixture of colours we chose maybe the rarest, in this way we don’t mix us up so much! Sometimes it’s a real mess. But again, Rainbow is very, very rare as colour!

Franny: So when did you decided you have to travel through all Sonrisa?

Fran: I’ve been thinking about that for ages. Basically from when I read the book of Robert the Traveller. He’s my inspiration…well of course after my brother. And he, Robert I mean, said in his books that the better way to live and to be a complete writer is to know things and make experience. So here you go.

Franny: Well it seems interesting…but also sad and brave. Are you ok in travelling alone?

Fran: Well I was scared, a lot scared. But still the necessity I felt in doing that was bigger than the fear so I went. Obviously the encouragement of my brother was very important! But you see the thing is that once you start travelling you realize that it’s fun, you meet a lot of very nice people and also that some of them become friends, like it happened with Cinnamon, and Aisolar and Iak, and Eneru and so on.

Franny: Wow, sounds so nice and I’d love to do that. So as I see you’re very close to Dan and you value a lot friendship as well!

Fran: Of course. Dan is the most important person to me, he’s my brother but also an art buddy and he’s my biggest supporter as I’m his biggest fan! And friendship is so, so, so important. I think I won’t be able to live without them!

Franny: Ok, I know that I’ve finished the questions, but I have just a last one to ask you, and I hope that the readers as well will be happy to hear that! Would you be able to be a regular guest and contributor on my blog? In this way you could tell us everything about your travels!

Fran: Oh, well. It’s a bit unexpected, but why not! I’d love to! Thanks! I hope you won’t be disappointed by my travels memoirs!

Franny: Sure they will be exciting! Thanks for accepting and thanks for your time so far! I’ll see you soon!

Fran: Thank you! And have a nice colour everybody!

So this was Fran and here was the good news I was talking about!

I suppose it would be nice to argue with a better wannabe self. Or it will be weird, who knows. Anyway I think it would be an adventure and I’m pretty sure of what I’m doing, which is a great novelty for me.

If it’s true that we have all our answers inside ourselves, I hope it would help to improve as writer and as a person!

As soon as I’ll be ready you’ll have Fran as guest on these pages!

Q as Quest

Q as I mentioned before was a characterless letter so I had to invent one on the spot! Looking around me for inspiration I noticed that one of my colleagues, L., was perfect for the purpose. Now she’s very strong character person and I’ve ended up in creating this:

FULL NAME:  Quest Ranger

DATE OF BIRTH: 6th Yellow of Fire

PLACE OF BIRTH: Oladonos, Ghost Land.

FAMILY: Not disclosed, it’s too dangerous for the role she has in the village.

FAVOURITE BOOK: “The way Demos the Great fought his way to Penguin Refuge”


FAVOURITE FOOD: Every game roasted on magic fire! (She’s using her abilities, she said, to get her food. She hunts them and then cooks them with magic!)

And let’s see what she’s up to:

Franny: Hello Quest, welcome on my blog. Let’s start with your questions! Have you always wanted to be a Marrior? For all the reader Marriors are warriors who can use one element of magic!

Quest: Hello Franny! No, I haven’t really! It was just something that made me take the decision. I was choosing the element I wanted to concentrate on and then it happened. I was with a dear friend of mine. He wanted to become doctor, so he already chose his elements. I was asking him for advice. Then in that moment there was a group of Wall Apes that attacked the village. They’re humanish and great fighters and of course moved by the hunger, that was the period of war you see…also they were immune to magic…nobody could do anything. All the Marriors were fighting away.

This friend of mine was killed to save me. And I swore I’d never been weak again.

Franny: This is very sad, Quest, I’m sorry. Is this why you have decided to learn Fire magic as well?

Quest: Yes. I believe that Fire magic is the most powerful. He was older than me and knew already a bit and he didn’t have much fire magic and he didn’t save himself. He couldn’t anyway because he wasn’t strong enough and you couldn’t use magic against Wall Apes.

Franny: Ok, let’s change the subject! How was fighting during the big war? Were you even old enough?

Quest: No, I had to run away from home. I trained myself a lot and in fairness I wasn’t properly ready. I didn’t even receive the proper training from a Marrior but just from an old one living still in the village. I just ran away from home. War is bad and is awful sight. I still have to understand how I survived!

Franny: Oh dear, it seems really tough. Still the war is over. Do really think that your village still need fighters like you, or would you prefer to go deeper in your magic studies now?

Quest: No, I took my decision long time ago. There is not coming back now. I chose Fire magic and to fight. Once at home I asked to be trained properly. My secret is that I’m trying to learn another Element, in honour to my friend. That’s why my hair isn’t a clear colour. And if I’ll end up in the Tear Lake for a few cycles for doing that, I don’t care. Anyway, always be prepared, that’s what I think!

Franny: So you’ve herd what’s going on. Aren’t you afraid of the coming war?

Quest: Absolutely not. I’m ready! And always will be!

Franny: Thanks Quest for your time, this was very moving and interesting!

Quest: Thank you! I’ll go back to my training now.

And this was Quest everybody!

I hope you liked her.

I think I know already where I’m going to use her to be honest!

I’ll see you tomorrow with a great character.