Updating you!

Now a quick post before I leave for my workshop! I promise I’ll share with you the details when I come back!

Before I go let me give you a couple of news! Do you want to know the bad one or the good one first?

Well, I chose for you and I’ll tell you the bad one first!

My Vellekoop wasn’t chosen for the finalists list in the Villain Competition. I’m a bit sad but just because the exposure I would have had for that website would have done me good, but actually there are so many good writers out there and most of all native speaker…so I didn’t really had much chances!

It will be for the next time. I hope.

Meanwhile I’ll wait for the other result of the Love Letter competition.  It will be notified later on towards the summer! My fear now is that the parcel with my piece hasn’t arrived at all. According to my mum the post offices aren’t working well at the moment in Italy! For example my brother’s birthday’s cards aren’t arrived yet and I sent them on the 25th of April! There was also a very cute picture made by Maya…. 😦

 Let’s hope this doesn’t happen to my letter!

And said that, I’ll introduce you my good news!

My Ato Z challenge post “Y as Yareme” was chosen for the issue number three of “The Woven Tale Press”. I mean I have no clue on how many Y were sent to choose among, I counted two beside mine, so not a real challenge, but my Yareme was taken on board! Flip pages here


I’m so happy for this and although I feel awkward I have to pat myself on the shoulder for that!

I have to try to start to think that this small success is just the very beginning of the life I’m hoping for me!

Now I’ll see how many email I’ll manage to read, there are some of them of a few days ago and then I’ll start to prepare the stuff for the travel!

So excited!


Other blog awards! Thanks!

One of the signs that you’re going slow is when you check how many posts you have to catch up with!

I don’t post constantly, I know but it’s not for lack of ideas or prompts but because I’m very busy and even more tired.

One of the things I was greatly behind was thanking and accepting formally the awards given to me, and as today I received another one, I decided that it was time!

So without waiting more, here they are:

Semper Fidelis Award

First of all I want to thank Briana for the Semper Fidelis Award. Semper Fidelis is Latin for Always loyal! It is maybe the award I feel more, because I highly value loyalty. I’ve never betrayed anybody either friend or family or even any other acquaintance. It’s not my nature and receiving an award made me proud.

Now here is the rules:

  • § Add the Semper Fidelis Award logo somewhere on your blog.
    § Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
    § Nominate 5 bloggers who’s loyalty and friendship you value and you consider being part of your ‘pack of wolves’ on WordPress.
    § Post something special for each one of your nominees and dedicate it to them. This can be a quote, saying, poem, picture, anything you think that would fit that person.
    § Let the nominees know that you’ve nominated them.

So here are my five members of the pack and I’m going to dedicate to them a picture of food I love! Food is important to me, I probably already said that, because cooking for someone is equal to take care of this person and tell him or her they’re important!


Sorry but I have to give you back my little wolf! And when I think of you I could cook for you this: 


You’re a very nice person and it’s good to encourage each other, so for you I’d cook this:


For you of course I’d cook this, because they’re a surprise, like you:


I’d prepare this as it’s funny to make and very sweet:


Because as I feel often on the same wave I could cook for you this:

Versatile Blogger Award

It was given to me by Linda, a person most of the time I feel close to! It might be the parenthood or not only, so I’m particularly happy to accept this award! Thanks!

Here is the rules:

1. Add The Versatile Blogger award photo on a blog post

2. Thank the person (or mythical being) who presented you with the award and link back to him or her in your post

3. Share seven things about yourself

4. Pass the award along to 15 favourite bloggers. Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.


Ok, about myself, what could I tell you?

  1. I never have the right answer at the right time! This is something that infuriates me.
  2. While I’m having a walk around, I love twisting people and situation I encounter into some fictional character.
  3. I usually sign on my notebook the names I like most among the thousands of customers I see every year. Some of them are perfect for fantasy novels! And I’m convinced now that Dutch and German surnames in particular are perfect for the villains.
  4. I love dogs and when I was young I wanted to grow up fast and be rich in order to have a huge house to fill with abandoned dogs.
  5. First time I wrote something I was 8 and it was the beginning of a book about an archaeologist. Then my hopes were destroyed and I stopped for a too long period of time.
  6. The instrument I love most is the drum. Maybe is not something I do on purpose but I end up in being friend with drummers, even if I don’t know they play drums in the beginning.
  7. I love this man, he’s a real artist and I would like you can appreciate his work. Give it a go!


So now I’m supposed to pass the award to 15 bloggers, but I have less, because I don’t like to choose randomly my nominee, so here we are:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are my fellow wolves I nominated above.

6. http://18yearsyoung.wordpress.com/

7. http://ambrozya.wordpress.com/

8. http://prayingforoneday.wordpress.com/

9.  http://tonettejoycefoodfriendsfamily.wordpress.com/

10. http://estrella05azul.wordpress.com/

11. http://legendsofwindemere.com/

12. http://nhanfiction.com/

13. http://allworldissues.com/


And last but not least other two awards passed on by Briana!

I agree with her that these shouldn’t be stopped, so I’m going to paste and copy the original message and I invite my followers and readers to accept them and pass them on!

Thanks so much for your kindness in following me and taking time to read my blog and my posts. It means a lot to me!

And here we are

http://themotherofnine9.wordpress.com made this award, can you all please say this when blogging this to your followers? The woman deserves the praise!!!

This award was given to me with this message:

Awards are nice – they are the equivalent of Girl’s Night Out or a Night with the Guys where you compliment each other, share juicy tidbits about yourself and then inform the group of what amazing find you came across last week.

However, for a variety of reasons there are those who choose not to accept or pass on awards. For those who like the idea of having an award or two on their site, but aren’t up to the work involved or feel like they’ll somehow betray those they follow by narrowing a list down to just 10 – here’s two awards you are welcome to put on your site if I’ve followed you, Liked one of your posts or left a comment that included the link to this page.

You are also free to bestow these no-strings attached Awards to others as you see fit – these images are free to use as long as you and others don’t pretend they are your own. If you wish to link back here, Fantabulous – but not required.


This award is for everyone who follows me, please accept both awards. I can’t type every one of you, so PLEASE, Take and accept these two awards

Thank you again for this award, and please, all of you take these awards



Baker’s Dozen Fiction Story, chapter 6

So today’s I’m at home and took my time to read this nice and finally relaxing chapter. After all the action readers and writers and most of all characters needed a rest I think! So well done to Elizabeth Eyles for her chapter! You can find her here!


Forrest rubbed his head groggily after his heavy sleep and looked around. They’d been left in the helicopter with two young soldiers, one peering out the door as though waiting for a signal.

“Where are we?” he asked the other in Hebrew, with no response.

“How long were we asleep?” Angie tried in English, and the soldier just shook his head. Forrest and Angie exchanged glances.

“Frying pan, meet fire?” Forrest asked softly, and tugged at the medallion round his neck restlessly.

“Damn, I’m starving! And this thing actually feels hot, it’s really bugging me –” he squinted down at it, but the chain was too short to give him a clear view. “I was a kid when my father hung it round my neck. There’s a lump that feels like a clasp but I’ve never tried to take it off before and I can’t see the clasp to work out how to undo it.”

“Let me look” Angie leaned in towards him to peer at the chain. He was very aware of her warm scent, overlaid with the sharp tang of sweat. “Forrest, this is a weld, not a clasp. He welded the chain on to you!” She slid the medallion round to look at it more closely. “It looks really old. There’s an emblem – a square, with a circle inside, then a diamond shape inside that.”

“Yeah, that’s right,” he nodded, then sat up sharply. “Hey! That was the warning emblem on my computer screen! I didn’t even realise at the time, I just knew it was important –” he stopped as the soldier who had been peering out ducked back inside and nodded to the other.

“We go now – put on these hoods, please.”

The hoods, unlike blindfolds, at least let them see where to put their feet as they were guided across the helipad, up age-mellowed stone steps and into what was, as best they could tell from their fleeting glimpses, quite a mansion. When the hoods were removed they were in a luxuriously furnished suite, facing a table with snacks and drinks. Two sets of fatigues were draped over one of the beds.

“Eat, drink, you can change clothes if you wish. We will take you to the Commander in fifteen minutes,” one of the soldiers said as they withdrew. Forrest hardly heard them, his attention fixed on the table. Angie was at least as hungry – it was hard to judge the time, but their stomachs were pretty sure it was late afternoon and for a couple of minutes they ate in concentrated silence. Forrest loaded a plate with a second helping and carried it across to the window. Angie, her second sandwich in one hand, started opening the internal doors of the suite.

“Shower room here” she called back to Forrest, who was staring out of the window as he chewed.

“What can you see?”

“A park – well, grass. Trees.” He shrugged, turning back towards her. “Some kind of country retreat, at a guess, a long way from the fighting, anyway. You want to shower first?”

“We could shower together?” She met his eyes squarely and he was briefly shaken by the depth of his desire for this girl who had become so very important to him in such a very short time.

“Ah –” he had to clear his throat and try again “I don’t think I could stop at soaping your back and the Commander –”

“I’ll be two minutes,” she promised, her voice husky. When she emerged wrapped in a towel, her skin rosy and damp tendrils from the knot of her hair clinging to her face, he was ready to consign the Commander straight to hell. She laughed at him, reading his mind easily. “Your turn, and quick, remember?”

He abandoned his sweat-soured clothes with relief and was still buttoning the fatigues shirt over the crisp damp curls on his chest when the soldiers appeared again to take them along a carpeted passage to a library, where a tall older man was waiting for them next to a large old-fashioned desk.

“Ananiah Yedidya” the man nodded to him “And Angela Tolstoy. I’m afraid, Miss Tolstoy, that you’ve been caught up in events. I can arrange to have you taken to a place of safety immediately, if you like.”

“No” Angie shook her head violently “I want to stay with Forrest – I mean if you don’t mind?” She glanced at Forrest, who grinned back at her. Mind? He didn’t mind!

“Take a seat then, please, both of you. I am Commander Yurdissen. Do you prefer to be called Ananiah or Forrest?”

“Forrest.” He held a chair for Angie, then sat slowly. Were they finally going to learn what this was all about?

As though the older man had read his mind, he picked up a pair of wire cutters. “May I have the talisman?” As Forrest nodded he stepped forward, slid a finger under the chain, and snipped it through. He held the talisman almost reverently as he went back to take his seat behind the desk.

“You must have many questions. This talisman is the key to most of the answers, and we are now close to its final activation. Over the centuries men have died to steal it, and more have died to get it back. Your father, behind his other affiliations, was a key member of the most secret society in history; he killed himself while wearing a decoy replica of this so you could escape. A very brave man, a hero. You’ve been under our surveillance since the day he welded it round your neck, but the enemy finally learned your general location and started closing in on you a few weeks ago. We were preparing for them to launch a surgical strike, we only learned thirty hours ago they intended instead to level the entire section of the city around your building. The Israelis were among the quickest of many friends to mobilise in defence and have managed to contain the worst. You should have been picked up last night but -” he paused, looking a little sheepish. “The security detail lost track of you.You vanished. I’m sorry you were put in such peril today as a result.”

“Yeah, well.” Forrest remembered, as though from a distant lifetime, plunging out spontaneously for a long walk after Chrissie rejected him. “I’m not sorry. Angie would have been in that building if I hadn’t been there to intercept her. But I have so many questions! And you don’t sound, or look, Israeli?”

Yurdissen shook his head. “I’m not. The Israelis have a huge stake in this, but the society is international. You’ll learn more of this in the days to come, but we knew you must be shocked and even traumatised by the events of the day, and you were entitled to know why this has been happening.” For a moment he looked very tired, then straightened his shoulders and pressed a bell on his desk. The door behind them opened again and he rose to his feet in obvious dismissal.

Week-end off

And finally I have my weekend off. I was so looking forward to it!

Last week was pretty tiring and I feel devastated. Plus my blood pressure went so high from last night that I’ll have to work on myself harder than ever to put it down a bit, but mostly to calm down and I’ll tell you why in a few lines!

I know that I have many things to do these two days but still the priority is to relax.

My aim is trying to post a couple of blogs, trying to read all the emails I have in my inbox (they’re already over 100 again) and maybe finish one of the books I’ve been reading from last year (they were four and now three, books already read or so boring I couldn’t finish them in time!).

But why am I so nervous? It’s easy said. Yesterday was a day so busy and full of rude customers, that by the end of the shift I was dangerously on the edge of being very rude myself.

Don’t misunderstand, I love customer’s service job, but still there are a few people out there that make you doubt seriously what you’re doing.

I’m pretty sorry to say that the cause of the last burst of rage was an Italian guy, again, and I’m sick and tired to fight in my language in front of other customers. And we ask ourselves why Italian are seen as they’re seen everywhere.

So, as I don’t have any other way to vent than writing, I decided to write on my blog.

This is the reason why I came out with this idea: Oh my darling. This will be my new tag and category.

Whenever I’ll be tired, sad or just angry I’m going to write a letter to the person who caused the particular mood, even if it’s myself! I’m often angry to myself too! This means I’ll be complaining but still maybe in a different way!!!!

Of course if something nice or kind happen to me I’m going to write a letter for that too! If I have to do that I also have to be fair.

Before I leave you, I have to tell you another thing I’ve been thinking for days now.

Despite my angry mood most of the times I have to be grateful I’m working with people because, as writer, where else could I fish so many details and have so many source of inspiration?

I explain. Writing a book means also being able to let the readers identifying with the characters and I think that the more they resemble the reality around us the easier it is.

You know that I take notes of all the weird people I meet in work and also all the funny situation, but actually I never take notes of all the normal things I see around me. I mean adding something normal but that can be perfect for the character I’m building could make the difference. So I was wondering that I should start to note them down.

I might start a new page with nice or funny or absolutely normal but worth of taking details I can use anytime!

The truth is that I’d love to create characters like the one we have in One Piece. Eiichiro Oda is genius to give life to weird but awesome characters! And I wish I could be good like him! Or even half…or a quarter or… well you got it!

I’ll see you soon!

PS. Four days to Listowel! I can’t wait!

PPS. For the moment the best solution is the following one:




Baker’s Dozen Fiction Story, chapter 5

Here is the new chapter of our story! The writer behind this  is Candice Setton and you can find her here

Ross, in his best efforts, ensures Angie and Forrest that he can lead them to safety, blindly and for the moment, they trust him as it seems they have no other option or way out of this war around them. They cross over into a large warehouse three blocks down from their office. They have walked past this warehouse many times and neither of them, at this moment, remember giving it much more attention than that.

“What is this place?” they wonder.

There is a silence and peace that feels strange considering the chaos that is going on around them. They are overcome by the peace and stand side by side, Angie and Forrest, holding hands and breathing deeply. Suddenly, as though they were lost in another world, they realise their closeness and Forrest looks into Angie’s beautiful eyes as if to say, “I don’t know how, but we will get out of this alive and together.” They sigh, in unison, and it just feels so right, the two of them together.

It is at that moment that Forrest’s cell phone buzzes rather loudly in his pocket. It is like they, the people who caused this, are still watching and each moment he gets to drink Angie in, they break him away from it. Yet another cryptic message, this one a little clearer than the previous one. It simply reads, “YOU MUST TRUST NO ONE EXCEPT THE GIRL!” As he ponders on this message and wonders what Ross is doing, who he really works for and where he is leading them to, he grabs Angie and begins to run, and run, and run. Angie, who trusts him totally, accepts the running without question. She knows what her own father is capable of and is relieved that Forrest has been warned without her having to say anything. Although she does wonder who the message came from. Right now there is no time to give it much thought.

After what felt like hours of running they finally come to a place where they can stop, for a brief moment, and gather their thoughts. Neither one of them would ever have imagined that they were this connected. While they were both secretly drawn to each other, this seems a little unreal right now but they both know that they need to get out of whatever they are in before they can actually discuss anything, and they are both strangely ok with that. They embrace the journey and look forward to the end when they can, hopefully, have a quiet night in and discuss life. It is at that moment that they both feel that they are in this together, forever.

Suddenly, Forrest gets a flash back to sitting at the traffic light and being stopped every single morning. He knows now that there probably were cameras all along and that they, whoever they are, stopped him every single day to observe him. Who were these people? And what on earth was the true meaning behind the bent piece of metal around his neck? Since his father gave it to him he has never taken it off. He tries then to remove it, but he cannot.

Angie notices that he is lost deep in thought and slowly touches his arm. The touch of her skin to his brings him back to the present and he is really grateful to have her at his side. She looks at him and says exactly what he just thought and together they get lost in another world for a brief moment in time.

They are immediately snapped back to reality by the buzzing of Forrest’s phone. Another message, it reads, “HELP IS ON THE WAY.” As they read it together, they hear a chopper up ahead. They have no idea where to run to but they both know that they have to get out of there. They look up at the chopper and it is clearly marked with the ‘Mossad’ marking – they are here to help Forrest and Angie. After Ross had given a brief background of Dawid’s history, and after the message that they just read, they know that this is help and they can trust these people.

A sudden feeling of relief engulfs them as they reach for the ladder that has been lowered and they are lifted into the safety of the chopper. Once inside and seated they are given some much needed water and promised a place to clean up and eat – much to their relief. They both sink into the leather seats and fall into a deep sleep, overcome by the exhaustion, side by side.

The soldiers watch as they sleep. They take Forrest’s phone and search it for any clues that they might need. They know exactly who these two are and wonder if they are at all aware of what is happening around them. The soldiers search Forrest and Angie for identity just to reassure themselves that they have the right people. Neither of them awake as they are searched, as though they have been drugged, they are both in such a deep sleep, wrapped in each other’s warmth.

They are awoken by the quiet that follows once the chopper has landed. They realise that neither of them have any clue as to where they are yet they just know that these people have the answers that they need…or do they?

Let’s try to get positive!

The bad news is that I haven’t slept almost at all last night too.

The good news is that at least is a sunny day so I could go shopping for my trip to Listowel.

The bad news is that I won’t be physically and mentally able to sort my email out nor to write a brand new post.

The good news is that they replied from the organization of that competition I entered a few days ago and I was told I can publish my entry on my blog.

The following one is my entry about Vellekoop VanZanten, the king of Black Dragon Kingdom, the evil country of Sonrisa.

I formed his name lending two surnames from two Dutch customers. In my head Dutch names and surnames, in particular, sound villain! Don’t ask me why, that’s just how my poor brain works!

I had to stay within 500 words and I decided to take the first lines of the three drafts I have in my computers about my Vision Project.

I discovered that I love starting my books with villains; I love to show the readers what they’re up to!

Cutting a bit the longest parts and linking them with a kind of graphic presentation that will be lost in the blog post (I’ll try to do my best), here he is ladies and gentlemen, Vellekoop VanZanten :



Vellekoop VanZanten doesn’t accept defeat.   

“Your majesty” a voice said.

An object was thrown from the dais and smashed on the wall at the opposite side of the room. Immediately after, in the centre a few drops of blood fell from nowhere on the floor.

“I thought I’ve been clear enough. Show yourself to me, you stupid individual” a voice from the dark dais hissed.

“I’m sorry, your majesty” the voice said and from the voice took form a mouth and then a face until a man appeared kneeling in front of the dais, his cheek bleeding.

“How many of yours are left?”

“Enough to follow your orders, your majesty”

“Very well. I’m not pleased at all with the result of the war, as you can imagine. I blame you and all the stupid soldiers I had under your command. You’re weak, and you’re stupid”

“Yes, your majesty”

“You’re going to do exactly what I’m ordering this time, otherwise I’ll kill you all with my hands. Understood?”

            “Yes, your majesty” the man said. Then little by little he started to vanish again while retreating from the room.

When the door was closed the king spoke again. “Kai” he called and a figure emerged from the dark on his right “If they complain you kill them. If they suggest something you kill them, and then consider the option itself. If they don’t observe the orders in detail you kill them”

          “Yes, your majesty” Kai said bowing.


Vellekoop VanZanten finds always another way.

“Your majesty.” The servant knelt on the floor.

“Did you find her?” the King asked without even turning. He was sipping something from a dragon-shaped goblet.

“Yes, your majesty.”

“Is she beautiful, like the rumours say?” he asked, swirling the liquid around.

“Yes, your majesty.”

“And is she in her marriageable age?”

“Yes, your majesty”

“Very good” said the king, turning for the first time. An evil light went through his eyes. “Kill her!”


Vellekoop VanZanten doesn’t stand who fail even if it’s his family or the best servant he’s ever had.

“You failed again, son”

“I know, your majesty” Julius said.

“I’ve already given a second chance to you but apparently you’re too stupid to succeed!”

He stood up and climbed down the three steps of the dais and then went towards the group in the middle of the room.

After a while he was behind them. He knew he was the only one able to see in the complete darkness.

A metal noise broke the silence echoing in the empty dark room.

Without saying anything, he stabbed his sword in the back of the man kneeling immediately behind Julius.

A cry of pain echoed in the darkness.

“For you service, Kai, you deserve death” he said.

After that a sound of broken bones. The king twisted his sword in Kai’s back and pushed him dead on the ground.


Vellekoop VanZanten 345th King of Black Dragon. Half vampire and very proud of it.

Blog on the go! – Zombie

Hi everybody! I’ve posted my last blog late last week and I miss these pages already!

Unfortunately I’ve been very busy in work and also very tired so I didn’t have much time to write down something.

This week I’m going to be off the weekend (Yay!) which means that I’ll be busy during the week, which means that it could be possible that I won’t manage to post something again.

The reason for this is that I’m exhausted and as a plus Maya didn’t sleep much last night and at the moment I would only need a huge cup of coffee with a constant supply every ten minutes!

Anyway, although I’m keeping track of weird people or funny situations or stag and hen’s parties coming over my workplace (I promise that I’m going to fill you in as soon as I can), I want to share with you what I experienced this morning basically as soon as I opened my till. Yes it was a weird experience rather than a situation.

Here he was, this Australian lad came over my till, all smiling and actually he was good-looking as well!

Me: Hi, how are you?

Customer: I’m breathing! This is a good thing to start the morning with!

Me: Yes, I think so!

Customer: At least you know that the zombie apocalypse hasn’t started yet!

Me: …

Then I let him to continue with his tour and I kept going on with my job!

I felt happy for a while though!

Of course, after that a flock of zombie/tourists arrived until my mood swing was on the edge of I’m_going_to_kill_the_next_stupid_or_rude_one mood.

So maybe the zombie apocalypse has started!!!!

Sorry for the messy post by I’m a witeholic and I have to put black on white sometimes!


Author Interview Program #16

And the sweet Briana interviewed me the other day! We had a nice chat and I gave my first interview! It was exciting! Thanks Briana!

When I Became an Author

Today I had the privilege of chatting with my good friend and fellow writer, Francesca. You would probably know her better as Franny, from https://frannychallenge.wordpress.com/  You’ll recall that it was this very talented Italian lady who gave me the idea to interview characters from my book. Now living in Ireland, Franny has embarked on a writer’s journey, and she agreed to let me interview her about it. So here she is!

What is your name, and do you use a pen name?

My name is Francesca Dalle Lucche, but I use the pen name Franny Stevenson, so it is easier for my readers to pronounce. A coworker called me “Franny”, and Stevenson is the surname of my favorite author, so I hope it brings me luck!

What books are you currently working on?

Etruscan Pledge is my main book right now and it is almost complete. I’m also working…

View original post 359 more words

Baker’s Dozen Fiction Story, chapter 4

Here we are with the fourth chapter of the short story we’re writing! 

This time the great twist is given by the nice and skilful  Leslie Moon! You can find her here



“…some people are willing to kill to get rid of that useless thing…”

Ross and Angie tried not to gaze the reddish glow on the pendant dangling around Forrest’s neck. Forrest excused the warmth of the metal as warmth from his body heat. He knew they were staring…


The desert wind stirred the tent flap causing it to slap against the tent post. Onyx eyes flickered in candlelight.  A veiled woman silently slipped behind a man bent in intent study over scrolls. She held the cold steel of a dagger to the trembling man’s throat. “What can you tell me before you die, swine, about this “useless” talisman?”

“I will take the message of its power to my grave,” the man spoke his last words as a bloodied and bent coin was slipped into a small leather bag around her neck.

They neither cared for nor desired stealth; the sound of sandaled feet and swords being unsheathed caused panic for a woman with no place to hide. A woman’s scream pierced a moonless night. The tent flap bore the bloodied stains of treachery. The Decanus, of an elite Roman contubernium, reported to his Centurion.  They produced a dead Jew, a lock of curly dark hair, and a bloody coin.

“Too bad about the woman. We really needed the scribe alive in order to decipher the scrolls we were given. What do we do with this worthless Jewish coin?” The Centurion was not pleased. He had the option to punish the contubernium as a unit or send them on a day’s march into the desert to bury the coin. He opted on the latter. His face was hardened like stone as he gave the order. The contubernium never returned.


Words had been spoken in whispers and in shouts over the metal that presently bore little resemblance to the coin that was more than two centuries old. Needless to say it carried a dark history of bloodshed and treachery. None knew the full story but the legend was of a key to an unknown power. Some believed it had aided the priests who escaped the temple as Rome laid siege in 70 AD. Israel had sought the coin when statehood was within her grasp.


“Forrest, your father was part of a special group – he was Mossad.”

“That’s ridiculous. Your daughter is more likely to be Mossad. Did you see how she took you and the gun down?”

“Yes,” a proud smile curled about Ross’ lips. “Not all of Mossad are agents you know. Mossad has… I’m going to get into security breach stuff here. I can say this… your father was most likely working for Mossad doing top-secret research. That “useless” thing was his life work. Someone killed him for it.”

Forrest could not wrap his head about what Ross was saying. There was too much to take in as it was and if he had to be honest, his loyalties were divided.

“Sadly, I bet he destroyed a lot of his life’s work the day he died. He knew they were coming Forrest. He gave you what he knew was important to his country. He may have left something else as a clue if we could get to his personal effects.”

“This attack is about that bent piece of metal?” Angie asked with a smirk.

“That’s my best guess, honey.”

“Why would they have sent me a coded warning?”

“Who sent you the message?” Ross’ question was cut off by a missile that crashed through the concrete wall exploding an SUV.  The garage was soon going to be a war zone.

“Come on Forrest, Angie we have to get to out of here. If we get separated, you need to get that piece of metal to my boss. Here’s his number.” Ross scribbled a number on the back of a card.

Forrest eagerly took the card Ross offered. He had no qualms about passing off the thing around his neck as quickly as possible. The thing that was becoming increasingly warm. “Key to death and destruction. Why me?” Forrest wanted to fling the metal out at the armored vehicles below; maybe it would detonate.

What Forrest had not considered was whether Ross really was NSA. As he looked at the scene unfolding on the street below, he felt like he was caught in the shootout at the OK corral with nothing but his cell phone,  a cryptic message, a girl and her father, and a bent piece of metal around his neck. “Not even a knife to bring to a missile fight?” Forrest muttered.


*Decanus was a Roman non-commisioned officer who commanded 8 roman soldiers.

**Contubernium: A squad of 8 roman soldiers.

ID or not ID?

More than a question this is a kind of adventure, and I’m telling you why!

Last year…yes last year (and you’ll notice later why I’m underlining it) I was waiting in the boarding line to go to Italy when Maya decided to play with my identity card. Now more than playing she was trying to snatch it off me but she was so quick that I had no time and hands too full to stop her. I ended up having half of my ID still in my hand and the other half was in hers!

I managed to pass the check in but then I had the problem once in Italy to get a new ID.

And mind, the problem wasn’t the time, no sir, because to have a new ID it takes what? Five minutes?

You heard me correctly. 

At the main city council they sent me to another building because they weren’t dealing with people living abroad. When you are resident in another county you should join the list called A.I.R.E which in Italian is Anagrafe degli Italiani Residenti all’Estero, which you can translate in English as Registry of Italians living abroad. And please remember the meaning!

So I went to the photographer, had my pictures taken and ready for the new ID, money at hand, I walked till the office dedicated to the A.I.R.E’s people IDs and this is was what happened:

“Good Morning, I should renew my ID” 


“Francesca bla bla”


“Well I live in Ireland and the address…”

“No, no so I cannot do the ID then”

“What do you mean?”

“Well that you should have an ID to proof you’re Italian”

“This is my broken one and I just need to change it!” I said showing her the hands full of old ID pictures and money.

“No we actually need the passport!”

“Well I don’t have it with me!”

“So I cannot do that because we have no proof that you’re Italian, I mean how do we know it for sure”

Now, it was the days around my dad’s death so I was very stressed and I just stormed away the office tell them to go to hell.  

Unfortunately I admit that I never have the right answer when I need it, NEVER! And I am sorry about that.

But actually if I was calm enough I could point out that I was sent there because I was Italian resident abroad. So why I should be from a different country and most of all they’re the city council, hence they have my name on their effing computers and could find my birth certificate in no time.

Anyway I didn’t do that…I went back home and closed very well my card with sell tape hoping against hope to be able to go back to Ireland. 

Once in Dublin, at the control check the nice Garda officer asked me where I live and I said “Dublin” in an accent that made a Galway guy laugh when I told him I was Italian. Now “Dublin” in my mouth sounds very Dubliner indeed! 

He let me pass over and I call the embassy straight ahead next day.

This happened in October 2012!

The form I was supposed to fill was clear enough in telling that I had to wait for the embassy calling me after they completed the new document and a fix an appointment for the collection.

I waited a lot, and then many things happened so I ended up in calling in March 2013 to ask why I hadn’t received yet the call that my ID was ready to collect. 

The clerk at the phone told me “Oh but it’s been ready for ages!” and when I remembered him that I was supposed to wait for their call he said “No, no you come over!”

So today I left Maya at the crèche and I’m going to go and collect it.

Just because I know how Italian bureaucracy works, and you’ve just read that even abroad unfortunately little changes, I called this morning in order to check if it was ok for me to call in! When I said my name the man on the other side quickly said “Oh yes, it’s ready, it’s ready!”  

“So if I come in you’re going to give it to me right?”

“Yes, of course I’ll see you later!”

And here it is folks, with my heart full of hope to have finally my new ID I’ll leave you here!

I’ll try meanwhile to check some of the emails and blogs. I’m sorry to be so slow but among the baby and work I’d need more time, and the inbox counts already 91 emails.

I knew starting seriously blogging again would take some efforts but I’m glad to do that. I’d need to rest too but who cares!?

Also I’m going to try to enter into a competition. I’m going to dedicate it a post in case I’m allowed to publish the piece, but I’ll leave you the link in case you want to give it a go! It should be fun!