Monster flash #3




You all know by now the rules of this monster flash, but I’m very curious to learn what you think about that. Leave me your opinion in the comments below, please!

My finger is better but not so good to write a full post, so I’ll use my game again, as at least the clues of this were written in advance. Don’t worry, though, I don’t remember them so the challenge doesn’t change! Following you’ll find the list of hints for the day I was working after the last monster flash one.  Here we go:

  1. A customer came earlier, at 8.40 (we open at 9.30) and told us “I thought because it was Wednesday people would already line up”….
  2. A customer from Sweden, salt and pepper hair and long moustache shaped like an upside down U. He had two silver chains around his neck. One, the longest, with a tiger head as pendant and the other one with a hammer upside down.
  3. A lady from Birmingham I noticed she had two chains around her neck as well, but thinner than the man before. One was shaped like a huge thin eight and I don’t remember the other.
  4.  A lady from Australia had a pendant that remembered a cross at first glance but then I realized that the hands were like bird wings and the head of the bird were two green stones.
  5. A lady was dressed with a waterproof jacked bright orange, with her sleeves fire red.
  6. A few moments later a lady from Australia came paying the ticket with a wallet coloured with the same hues of the previous lady’s jacket.
  7. A boy had jeans that looked like dipped in an ochre coloured basins. The waist and top part of the legs were ochre and some stains thorough all the length of the legs. The rest was normal jeans.
  8. There was a very sad looking woman. She was walking very slowly with slightly bent knees. Her hands were joined like in prayer. Her brows were almost linked together so sad she was and she looked on the verge of crying.

I guess this is the most difficult I’ve got so far, not only there are a lot of elements, but also it seems almost impossible to link them together. Give me five minutes!

Ok, it seems that the only thing I could think about is witches and magic.

What if the people with the different necklaces are all part of the same community? The pendants they wear specify their role into the community: the woman with the bird and stone shaped pendant could be a princess or someone from a noble family of the community. The man could be the bodyguard of the princess and the other one could be her maid or counsellor.

What if these witches were in Dublin to look for other members for their group and they decided to use the visitor attraction as a meeting point? (the way they were informing aspiring candidate could be through internet or magic, we’ll see). The guy who came over earlier couldn’t wait and was very anxious and arrived very early and because he couldn’t say the real reason why he was there he said the first thing that he could think of: “I thought because it was Wednesday people would already line up”.

He wasn’t taken into the community because he risked the exposure and when the three nobles were in to contact the candidates they left him there without revealing their presence. (maybe he realizes it later and he tried to hunt them?)

One very sad lady was walking around the entrance waiting for the witches to arrive. She was on the verge of crying and once she spotted them she decided to follow even if they didn’t reveal themselves to her as well. As matter of fact they left with no candidate taken, but for some reason the girl knew they were who they were.

At some stage, in a dark alley the princess turned to face her and asked her name and why they should take her with them. She said her name was Sarah and that she was desperate because the love of her life cheated on her. She found him with another woman and she realized in that moment that she could have powers she didn’t even know existed in the world.

The princess was intrigued and despite her maid, who kept telling her that totally natural witches didn’t exist anymore, she asked the sad woman to show her something.

Sarah started crying, opened her arms and after a few moments two figures popped out of the thin air, one on each side of her. On her left there was a man whose jeans were all stained in ochre colour. As soon as he saw Sarah he said, “What have you done, you fool? And why did you ruin my trousers like this?”

Sarah said “You’re lucky I didn’t dip your head into the bucket! How did you dare cheating on me?”

The princess could read Sarah’s thoughts now. They was supposed to paint their kitchen in that colour. And it was in their new home to be she found him cheating.

“What do you want to do with her?” she asked then jerking the head towards the young woman on her right.

Sarah stopped crying and looked at the other woman. She was clearly terrified and trying to cover her nudity with a red and orange rain coat. “I hate you” the natural witch said and turned her into a wallet. With a flip of her finger she made the wallet zip into her ex fiancé’s hands and said “This is the only valuable thing you’ll have from now on. Just money in a wailing wallet”

The princess was satisfied, she smiled broadly and beckoned Sarah to follow them and after a while they were swallowed by a big shadow.


So here it is. What do you think? Actually I’m quite happy as I didn’t think I could put them all together! Write me! 


As I hurt my index finger yesterday slicing the potatoes and it’s way too painful to type today still, I decided I want to share with you one of my favourite soundtracks, I love soundtrack and at the moment I have to admit I’m obsessed with Django unchained one!

Thanks to my brother to show me what I consider now the best film genius Tarantino has done so far!

So here is my top three of the whole CD. I’ll put the lyrics as well, because they’re awesome! Let’s sing!

His name was King 
He had a horse 
Along the countryside 
I saw him ride 
He had a gun 
I knew him well 
Oh, I heard him singing 
I knew he loved someone 
His name was King (His name was King) 
He had a brother (He had a Brother) 
His only brother 
A peaceful guy 
One day they found him 
His shirt was red 
Two shiny bullets 
They found his brother dead 
You can’t see King 
Whoa, he’s riding 
You can’t see King 
That man is searching 
Got to fight his anger 
Find in his eyes 
Sure to find that killer 
Looking for the man 
His name was King (His name was King) 
He had a horse (He had a brother) 
Along the countryside 
I saw him ride 
He had a gun 
I knew him well 
And when he shot 
Oh that man, he never missed 
Ride on King, ride 
You get your man 

Ancora qui, ancora tu
ora però io so chi sei
chi sempre sarai
e quando mi vedrai

Ancora qui, ancora tu
e spero mi perdonerai
tu con gli stessi occhi
sembri ritornare a chiedermi di me
di come si sta
e qui dall’altra parte
come va

L’erba verde, l’aria calda
sui miei piedi e sopra i fiori
si alza un vento tra i colori
sembri quasi tu
Anche il cielo cambia nome
così bianco quel cotone
è veloce che si muove
perso in mezzo al blu.

E’ un qualcosa in te
è quel che tornerà
come era già

Ancora qui, ancora tu
e quel che è stato
è stato ormai
e con gli stessi occhi
sembri ritornare a chiedermi di me
di come si sta
e in questo strano mondo
come va

Ritornerai e ritornerò
e ricorderai, ricorderò
ritornerai, ritornerò
ricorderai, ricoderò
ricorderai, ricorderai
ricorderai, ricorderò
ricorderai, ti ricorderò
ricorderai, ricorderò
ricorderai, ricorderò.

He’s the guy who’s the talk of the town
with the restless gun
don’t you bother to foolin’ around
keeps the varmints on the run, boy
keeps the varmints on the run

You may think he’s a sleepy tired guy
always takes his time
sure’n I know you’ll be changing your mind
when you’ve seen him use a gun, boy
when you’ve seen him use a gun

He’s the top of the West
always cool, he’s the best!
He keeps alive with his Colt 45

You won’t bother to foolin’ around
when you’ve seen him use a gun, boy
when you’ve seen him use a gun

He’s the top of the West
always cool, he’s the best!
He keeps alive with his Colt 45

Who’s the guy who’s a-ridin’ to town
in the prairie sun?
You won’t bother to foolin’ around
when you’ve seen him use a gun, boy
when you’ve seen him use his gun

Monster flash #2


Hi everybody, I’m back! The flu got me again but I’m slowing recovering and I was looking forward to write something!

Last post was about the little new game I set for me, and as I’m behind with the days I decided that the next posts will be more or less about it. This way I’ll hope to recover and go back to the normal regime. At the same time, I think this is a funny way to keep everybody interested and amused!

At the beginning I thought to squeeze everything in one post but then I realized that there was too much to write and read and it’s better to dedicate a post per day!

Let’s get it started then.

The elements I noticed on the 4th of this month:

  1. While going to the toilet, before the opening time, I noticed a fair amount of people forming a queue. When I went back to the till, and we were still closed, there were only four customers left in the admission area. Nobody knew where they disappeared.
  2. One customer had a coin holder shaped like a monkey pirate.
  3. Later on there was a stag party coming in. The stag was dressed with a transparent bodice and on the top of that he wore a black bra and on his head there was a pirate monkey shaped hat.
  4. In the afternoon when I went to the toilet, I noticed a piece of grey dough that was like blue tag in consistency, attached behind the toilet sit.
  5. A customer came in and she was dragging her sandals doing loads of noise.
  6. At some stage there was rosemary smell in between the ladies and gents toilets doors.

All right this is difficult. I have no clue.

Unless you do some kind of paranormal/nonsense kind of story. Here is an idea.

Say that I was in work. Before the beginning of the shift I went to the toilet. There were many customers already so I tried to hide in there because I had a headache that morning. Before I opened the door my nostrils were pinched by a rosemary smell but I thought I was just tired and I didn’t pay attention. When I got out I saw that the amount of people was significantly decreased. I couldn’t explain that but I wasn’t displeased.

As I started serving customers I had at my till a group celebrating the stag party. The stag was ridiculous and well drunk already indeed and I fretted the transaction because I wanted to get rid of them. Then I decided to relax my sore head again and I took a break going to the toilet. And once again with a hand on the door I smelled the rosemary scent.

When I went back to my position I noticed that the coin holder of one customer looked exactly like the hat of the stag I saw before and I thought that it would serve it right if he could be just a monkey made out of fabric. I thought I heard the monkey grunt, but then I pushed away the idea. It must be the zip closing.

Before the day was over in one of my last trips to the loo, I noticed there was something sticky behind the toilet sit and I realized that it was some soft dough. When I lifted the sit it fell into the toilet and the hard scent of rosemary hit my nose, like I was fallen in a huge, gigantic bush.

It was in that moment that I heard a weird noise, it was like someone was scratching the floor. I ran out the cubicle but I saw only the door closing. I didn’t know why but I just followed. A part of me told me to stay where I was but my curiosity pushed forward.

Outside the door, I wasn’t sure whether I was following the rosemary scent or the strange sound. I went to the entrance door to breathe fresh air, when I noticed a woman in the queue. She was dressed with a typical Indian dress and wore leather sandals. She walked through the snake shaped queue towards the tills dragging her feet slowly like they were made out lead.

She turned to me, she grinned and I was in the rosemary bush for real.

Ok, that’s the best idea I can come out with.

I realized that it wouldn’t be fair to put more than one list in one blog post, as I would then fret through the elements and I don’t want that.

I also realize that it’s not as easy as I though, because sometimes what I notice is so different and versatile that not necessarily can be put together.

Remember, I jot down the things that impress me, but I won’t see them again until I decide to write the post, so what you read in the post is written on the spun of the moment.

So what do you think of this one?

How the elements combine in your heads?

Let me know in the comments!

Monster flash #1

I’ve just got an idea which will be very silly for someone but that means a lot to me. You don’t know the stressful situation I’m struggling with at the moment, and I don’t really want to complain anyway. I always complain and there will be time to do that if the events will turn in my favour sooner or later! But for the moment, in order to avoid complications let’s stay with this uncertain explanation.

Monster factory tag is the name associated to my workplace and once again it’s better for you and me I don’t give more explanations! If I’d do, I’ll have to kill you!

Anyway let’s get to the point. In order to get focus and interest and also to make my brain work in the direction I love, in other words to stimulate my creativity even in captivity…oh the rhyme…I decided to invent a game!

During the work day I’m going to scribble down, or keep on my head, or write on my hand the most particular, most bizarre elements or simply the things that attract my attention, and I mean it could be anything, from a guide dog to an earring.

When I sit down at the desk to write the post, I have to have a look at the elements I gathered and see what I can build from there. It can be a short story or a what if, an idea for a story or who knows, a novel or whatever I’m inspired to do, but what I must do is to include every single element in a kind of logic way!

I’ll give you just an example for today, but I think that mainly I’ll write one post for the three working days. In case I’ll come up with a short story or something longer, I’ll give one single bunch of hints a whole blog post!

The following elements are from the 3rd of this month:

  1. I had on till a lady from Spain; her right hand was stained with a purple mark. The stripes were irregular, like more or less Mononke Hime’s Ashitaka’s curse. It was affecting her palm and her fingers.
  2. My colleague Shannon, out the blue started coughing and she did so hard she was crying and couldn’t breathe properly and her face was tomato red.
  3. A customer with shoulder long hair of a beautiful purple colour.
  4. I had on till a very tall Swiss student of gastroenterology in London. Long hair and very snob and picky on every detail.
  5. Another girl was in the queue with short turquoise hair.
  6. Finally I had on till a girl with curly black hair and turquoise highlights.

Now how could I put all these together?

What if this Swiss student was kicked out his university because instead of following the doctor’s instruction he was doing experiments on patients? So the lady with striped hands was one of the survivors, while her brother was killed by the experimental medicine. She knew where to find him and she came after him to kill him. But she did a slightly error of calculation thinking he would have gone to the till Shannon was using instead of mine. So she put some invisible poison on Shannon’s counter, before stopping in front of me. The amount wasn’t lethal but it would have slowed him down. Instead, there was a delay with the other tills and the doctor come over my till. The customer after him, bumping his backpack on the counter, lifted some powder that floated into Shannon’s eyes and she started to feel sick.

The Swiss doctor wasn’t aware of this and proceeded with his plan of meeting his new patients into the bar at the very top. He thought that meeting them in a public place, in another country it would be safe. And so he met the purple haired girl and the turquoise haired girl and the one with the highlights. It turns out that the only side effect left in the medicine is the colouring of the hair and depending on the hue, you know how long you have been treated for.


Ok, now that’s what I can come up with off the top of my head. Of course spending some time more on it you could develop a better story, deeper motivations and so on!

Feel free to join in the game and let me know in the comment what you can think of.

I’m sure that sooner or later something will give me an inspiration for a character or for a book or something like that, but for the moment I love the idea of keeping my imagination in good shape.

Also it’s a nice way to try to explain you how my head really works, because let’s say it, the truth is that my brain alters the reality in this way almost all the times!

So what do you think?

A to Z, what do I have to say?

Utopia021April is over and it’s time for our thoughts and reflection about the challenge.

This is my second year doing A to Z challenge and I managed to write one post a day (except Sundays!) till the end again.

I have already mentioned the reason why I was doing the challenge in one of my pre-challenge post and in the last one I told you one of the positive, and at the same time weird, side effects.

I think it would be nice to summarize everything here!

I loved A to Z from the very beginning for several reasons:

  1. I had another excuse, a part from NaNo, to write every day;
  2. I love challenges, in particularly those that are set by someone else because, although they stimulate me, they’re usually quite human (In other words they’re doable!) in the way they’re made;
  3. I met some nice new blogs and bloggers;
  4. I know my fantasy world a  bit better;
  5. I’m mentally stimulated to write more (a part from now that I’m sick…again!);
  6. I’m willing to finish and add details to my Sonrisa;
  7. I find out I’m in love with my fantasy world, but not because I’ve created it, but because I just love the place and I wish it could be real;
  8. I received priceless support from other writers;
  9. My blog had new followers.

And this is just a small list in comparison to the many reasons I usually think of when I’m away from the keyboard.Temples020

Thanks a lot to those people who created this event, you’ve done a great job and I’m grateful to you!

On the other side I’m just sorry I couldn’t visit many blog or answer quicker to the comments people left me. As you know I’m very busy and even if I try to do my best, I had to leave something behind.

My resolution is to try to visit as many blogs as I can until the next challenge and meanwhile try to comment on blogs and answer to my readers.

And believe me, with all the things I have in my head this is a challenge itself. Speaking of, I have to check the emails…I’m over a thousand again!

That’s it for the moment, talk to you soon!

BlackDragon002Happy writing and happy blogging!

And most of all thanks for stopping by! 

I’d love to visit Sonrisa.




Writing for the A to Z challenge I realized once more how much I’d love to visit Sonrisa. Maybe it’s weird since it’s a world I created, but I love it!

I know it’s not a complete world yet and the work I’ll have to do on that is still great, but at the same time I cannot help and I’m fascinated by some of the places.

Maybe I shouldn’t even say that, or maybe I should! But the truth is that sometimes, when I’m too distracted or too tired to fall asleep I indulge in one of the most relaxing part of the world, like the natural hot springs in Fire Bloom Island, or The Garden in Harmony Valley or the dojo for martial arts in Penguin Refuge and so on.

I know that it might sound even weirder if I say that I’d love that all these places would be real!

Should I be checked for this? Is it normal loving something that as a matter of fact I’ve created and I know isn’t real?Net014

I feel a bit puzzled and a bit scared as well by the weirdness of these thoughts and I’m wondering if I’m just an arrogant person loving so much what she’s created. But maybe isn’t arrogance! And if not, can you tell me what it is?

If you remember, in my blog tour I talked about my two projects for the future and one of them is showing more of my world and its wonders.

In doing so my main aim is to share with my readers my alter ego Rainbow D. Fran in her adventures through the world. Of course the reason is to let them know Sonrisa better; but there is more. I have to admit that maybe the one I’m following it’s more a personal need. The need to keep thinking of and indulge in what I’ve created.

Or maybe the truth is I want to challenge my brain to create as many story as I can, just because I consumed my neurons to create such a big and variegated world. Yes, ok, it seems a much better explanation! Let’s stick to this one!

Who knows? You would say that I’m the only one who can possibly know the answer and maybe you’re right. But it seems that my Achilles’ heel is not being able to be aware of the good things I do, and I quote basically each and every one of my friends.

GhostLand007So as reader, as followers, I ask you, what do you think? Would you like to visit Sonrisa? And if so which part, among the ones I showed you, would you pick? And most of all, am I that weird? Does this post make sense at all?