A to Z Blog Challenge 2016

Aaaaand this is that time of the year again!

Every year, on the 1st of April all those bloggers who want to challenge themselves, will try and publish a blog post every day for the whole month.

Every day is associated to a letter of the alphabet. We kindly have the Sundays off!

The aim is to publish a short post which title starts with the particular letter of the day.

This is I think the third or fourth year that I participate and I love it.

Firstly, I love it because it gives me a healthy and constructive challenge.

Secondly shows me that I can do it, I mean to publish more often.

Taken into account this second consideration, every single year after the end of the challenge follows bit of rage and puzzlement as I don’t understand why, after April, I struggle to publish even once a week.

I believe there must be something wrong with my approach.

I’ve been already working on this, because to be honest with you, I’d love to publish at lease twice a week if I could.

However, this year the challenge will be even tougher as I started to work full time and, as you know, I’m more time crunched than before.

Hence I’ll start to prepare the posts in advance, I’m sorry but I have no other option.

Also the comments and visits to the other’s posts will be a bit of mission impossible, I apologize in advance if I don’t manage.

I just only have to bear in mind something.

In case I’ll manage this time around, I’ll seriously have to thing about posting twice a week, because I won’t have any excuse anymore.

I’ve just entered my link in the list and I’m number 1274, oh boy, so many fellow bloggers out there, it’s exciting!

Last thing left to do is to add the theme to the 2016 challenge.

I decided that for this year I’ll talk about my new WIP, Hunter’s Journal, which of course is just the working title.  

This means that many of the letters will bear a topic or a character that will change or won’t be there by the time the WIP is over, but I’m glad to share it here on this blog.

The only thing is I haven’t prepared any picture this year, but who knows, I might do some last minute’s sketch.

So this is it for today, I’m so eager and excited to begin!

How about you?

Are you joining the bloggers in this A to Z challenge?

Let me know in the comments below.

St. Patrick’s day relief!

I want to wish you all Happy St. Patrick’s festivities!

Since I’ve opened this blog, I’ve done it.

Google search!

I have a news for this year though, a news that could be very sad for someone but somewhat sweet for me!

Unless something very peculiar would happen in my new workplace, there won’t be any post-Paddy’s blog.

The reason is that I don’t work in the monster factory anymore and, because of that, I won’t be witness of the stupidity that comes out in tourists during these events.

I’m quite happy and relaxed actually, as I’ll be able to take my breaks as any other human being, I’ll be able to paint my nails in green without asking permission AND, this is a huge plus, I’ll be finally able to wear my naked leprechaun earrings!

I love weird earrings, you know that, but this is not even the point.

The real point is that, finally, I’m in a place where people appreciate my character and I can express my being weird without being called cuckoo!  

Yes, they’ve done there…and more than once.

At the same time, I wish my ex-colleagues, well the ones I love and I miss, all the best!

This is me instead! Well, my hand!

I’m officially in Béloland!

Little present I got!
Little present I got!

Hello my dear readers, I hope you’re all good!

My planned post for this week was different, and I know I gave you some news already, but I have such a great and unexpected one, that I wanted to share it with you.

After all, this blog follows my life events, with no distinction, so here I am, happy like I haven’t been for a while!

You know that I’ve started working in a new place last year. You also know that I was in probation and that it was extended. Also you’re aware of the big wave of bad luck that has hit me from January onwards.

Until now!

Finally, the first good news of the year: I’ve passed the probation! I’m officially in!

I was given the good news by my micro-team, my lead and my team coordinator. They made me a surprise and I was so excited that my hands were shaking for the strong mix of emotions. I just couldn’t stop to hug them all!  

The Italian team is very big so it was divided in three smaller ones.

I know I thanked my micro-team already on Facebook, and I might sound very cheesy, but since I consider this blog more important and I feel more comfortable writing here, I’ll go into details!

I’ll introduce them one by one and thank them singularly because they deserve it and because… I said so!

Also be warned, that the following descriptions will seem a bit repetitive and maybe they are. This might be annoying for someone, but it just shows me how lucky I am I ended up in this particular mini team of people so similar to me.

So let’s get started!

Mariangela, my lead. She’d been of great support during the past months. She’s sweet, encouraging and treat us like we were her kids. I don’t mean in the patronizing negative way, what I mean is that she loves and cares for us in a way a mum would do. She’s not only lead but friend, which is something amazing, in particular if you consider the working history I had!

Fede, she’s one of the nicest person I’ve ever met. I’ve never seen her sad or grumpy once. She’s helped me a lot practically with tons of feedback and advices. She always has a joke or a good and nice word for everybody.

Elena is sweet. She’s honest and direct, telling you the truth at any time. She has a huge respect for everybody and she helped me with many useful advices. She was also a great moral support, in particular when I was in needy mood.

Chiara is the youngest not only of our-micro team, but also of the whole one. Despite that she’s wise. She helped me at the very beginning when I was spitted out of the second training and my brain looked very much like a puzzle scattered on the ground!

Matteo is the gentleman of my micro-team, and he’s so very sweet. He always has a nice word for everybody. It’s incredible how he understands when someone needs help, a good word or a hug. And it’s hard to explain how I appreciated this peculiarity of his in the past few months!

Cristiana, or as we call her zia Cri, is a firm, expert and wise member of our team. You want to know something, she knows it. She has also this new age side that makes her sweet tones and behavior even more welcoming.

Loredana is our smiling and sweet great voice. She’s a singer and she’s one of the nicest and sweetest member of our team. The funniest part is that her face is so sweet and good natured that even when she doesn’t say anything, it calms you down and make you feel at ease.

Stefania is the heart of fire of our mini team. She has such a strong personality, l admire the direct way she speaks and the powerful aura all about her. At the same time, she loves cats and she has a kind smile so to be perfect for us too.

Outside my team I have to say a big thank you to other three people.

I mean, my gratitude goes to the whole team and the other two leads as well, but the people I’m mentioning have a special place in my heart.

Luca, he’s our team coordinator. I’ve never met a person like him. He remembers everything, he cares about everybody. He organizes surprises for each and every member of the team, and we’re almost thirty. He has a kind and encouraging word for everybody. He understands your character and gives you advices accordingly. He’s sincere and very sweet.

Everybody loves him in the team, when he’s on holiday we greatly miss him.

Stefano. I’m fond of this guy, just because he looks really alike my brother. He’s fairer that my brother but some of the expressions and way of behaving are so very likely. But apart from this, he’s willing to help any time, very sweet and extremely skillful in explaining things.

Fede, the original one, I met her when I still was working in the monster factory. First of all, it’s thanks to her that I had the opportunity to join this awesome company.

Also she’s so very sweet, always ready to listen to you, your rants and your fears; kicks your butt to make you react when you see only black; motivates you to improve and make it even better.

I owe her a lot, I will always owe her a lot.

So thanks for reading this and bearing kindly my chatterboxness, if you let me invent a new word.

Next posts will go back to normal…well normal, it depends what you mean for normal!

Thanks again!

Have a lovely week, my dear readers!