Franny’s news #3

Since I’ve been away long from the blog and I managed to post only two nonsense blogs during the month of August I guess that a round of Franny’s news is in order!

Of course I spent the majority of this morning to look for nice images matching the news, just for a change. I do not own any of them, so in case the owners want them removed just say so!

I’ll work this weekend so I guess you should wait till Monday to have a nice blog post again! Some of the news will give you an anticipation of the next posts anyway!

Let’s get it started!

Today is my partner’s 34th birthday! We’re now of the same age, so all the jokes are stopped finally! Usually the 15 days between my birthdays and his are hell! All jokes about me being with a child! Only 15 days difference, can you believe this?

I love you honey, happy birthday!


Grandma was here for three weeks with my cousins’ daughter. This time it went smoother and we didn’t argue a lot, although she thinks I’m a mess the most of the times! But it’s also true that I had the chance to relax, going out for dinner and so on, so I can’t really complain! And with my little cousin was just a continuous laugh, and she’s 14! I start fearing that when I tell “I have a brain of a 7years old” I’m not much far from the truth!



So thanks to grandma, I and my partner were able to go out for a dinner and a night out. It was very romantic and something we hadn’t done for ages. I felt slightly old that day!



I finally had my wisdom tooth extracted. The pain was reaching inhuman levels. So I felt forced to find a dentist and go. It took time, almost two months in fact, but still you’ll read about that!



I have a new obsession, Colin Morgan. I’d really appreciate him as present for Christmas! Seriously it’s not like it seems, and I’ll talk about him again later, but he’s my new legend. He’s not strictly good-looking, although I find him pretty cute, but the most important thing is that he’s a god on the stage or in front of the camera. He’s so good!


I finally met the dietician. I was supposed to go there months ago, but I simply forgot I had the appointment, so I had to wait and luckily I got another one! She just gave me a diary to keep for a few weeks and a few tips and I hope next time to receive a diet!


This brings to the idea that has been swirling in my head for a while. Why shouldn’t I try a different cuisine altogether? I mean if much of the obesity problem is linked to the society and consumerism maybe if we could start again to eat like people use to in old and ancient times, maybe it’s be good for our health as well. I don’t even know if it makes sense. But still I was thinking to try post-war recipes or medieval ones! I’ll let you know!



Finally I can tell you I had a few ideas for stories or similar, all of them don’t involve research or let’s say not much of that.

My partner says they don’t make much sense but I’m just starting on this new series…yes because from one book I came out with three by now! Let’s see what I’ll come up with!

Also I’m thinking a stress free way to go around this stand by I was put on! It starts to be a bit tight on me already, and maybe I just feel a bit better. I’d say I’ll jot down a list of things that relax me and maybe I can associate one of them with one day off. I’ll let you know once again!



Well it seems that that I’ve updated you again!

Talk to you soon!!!



Real people from Tv!

Hi everybody!

I’m aware that I’ve been barely present on these pages but it wasn’t planned!

Sorry about that!

The truth is that I rested because my mum and my little cousin were here and I was busy in bringing them around!

The good news is that I relaxed a lot and they were of much help. My mum babysat Maya several times and I was able to enjoy life for a while!

They’re just gone after three weeks and I had no time to put together decent posts, but I’ll promise I’ll come back with nice blogs!

In order to catch up and telling you at least a part of the reasons that kept me away from you, I’m planning to write down about my nice night out and my Irish dentist experience for a start.

I still have the first oh my darling post half jotted down, but I want to see if I can gather more info before being very mean towards the “very over 18 years old girl” who was here in July (you’ll understand this later on! Promise!)

But before we start with more serious, or reasonable, posts….or at least posts not belonging to desperate nonsense like this one, I have to show you something funny.

You know already I work with public and I meet thousands of customers every week.

What you don’t know, but you can imagine, is that I see a huge variety of people who, from time to time, resemble someone famous.

Lately I’ve met these three guys (I’m not telling you who they are, try to guess! If you don’t manage just ask!):





Have this ever happened to you?

Do you know them?

Would you have resisted laughing?

I’m curious to know what you think!


Happy Birthday Franny!

I know I’ve been away lately but my mum came over with my little cousin and I want to relax properly! Bear with me and I’ll be with you as soon as you can imagine!

But for the moment I wish a happy birthday to me!


Even google wished me a happy birthday! 

doodle birthday

And because I love Japanese, here it is the last one! 

Dreaming of rent and woods


I honestly don’t know how to title this post exactly, but the rent and a wood are both into my dream so it should work!

As you can see I started again to remember often my dreams. It really comes in waves so you might not see anything for a while, but for the moment here we go!

I remember that I dreamed something last night too, but I wasn’t ready enough to write it down and I don’t remember anything a part that there was my mum again and my friend K.!

The following one instead is from two nights ago but I was in work yesterday, that’s why I post it today!

There was a part I can’t remember at the very beginning of the dream.

Then I saw a house and a shop and a room with white shelves.
There was a very big wood and a celebration going on, a medieval fair. We were looking for someone.
At some stage one woman said “I’d run away, if I were you!” and crushed a foot with her white stick.

Then the environment changed. It was more or less like outside St. Patrick cathedral, at night. There were benches with stone sit and decorated metal legs.
It was me S. and E. sitting on one of them, chatting of important things. We finally managed to put the rent together.

At some stage a lady came closer and showed me a bag and asked me “Do you want drugs?”… I said “Don’t be stupid, go to hell”

As answer she started to jump around with the bag of drugs shaking it and covering us in powder. I got up and she ran away and we decided to go as well but we forgot the yellow bullet, where the rent was, in the bench foot.
When we realised that something was missing, we ran to retrieve it but a well-dressed guy was opening it. 
We reached him and I tried to get the bag from his hands saying it was our rent. At the beginning he didn’t want to return it but then he let it go. 
He then walked where the street was and I realized we were on the top of a building and he looked down….

I then woke up…

Aren’t you curious as well to know what he did after he looked down? I am, but I don’t despair, because sometimes I do dreams like they were episode of the same series, it might possible we’ll see him again!

Compliment to the artist who did this!!!


Dreaming of toilets #2

As I previously told you my recurrent dream is about toilet!
Two nights ago I didn’t sleep almost at all. I woke up at 2.30 because of the wisdom tooth pain and, although I took the pain killer, it stayed with me for the whole night. On the top of that Maya decided to wake up at 4 and not to sleep until 6.30 so I dosed off on the rocking chair in her room and when I finally managed to touch my pillow again, although still in pain, I had the following weird, toilet related dream!

I was in a weird house, it wasn’t on more than one floor but according to the way we moved inside the house it seemed to be.
I needed a toilet (of course) and I had to look for it because I didn’t know the place. So I started to look in every room. There were many doors and all the floors and walls were all distorted and they were bending like in those funny cartoons where you end up in a different reality.
A few of the doors didn’t open and some of them did. For a few times I found myself in another room maybe on the sofa or so and there was that rude man, my partner’s dad, who was there already and I always elbowed him away telling him the worse things I could think of.
Then I started to find toilets and as usual they were dirty or flooded or broken.
A detail I remember is the colour of the surrounding: all the walls were painted in blue, or something that used to be blue but now fading. All the doors were white and every time I entered in a toilet the light wouldn’t work!

Now what do you think about this?

Blog on the go! – Addiction!

I’ve never smoked, I’ve never taken drugs and I’ve never drunk!

However, even if we don’t consider chocolate, I must admit I have an addiction: writing.

I realized better lately, as I am forced into this stress-free thing! I need to put something on paper or on the notes of my phone. I need to write, and whatever it is it doesn’t really matter! The important thing is that I write.

In two work days’ spare moment, when there weren’t customers around, I managed to put three posts drafts down, plus a story idea, plus a few starting points for potential stories.

I think that now writing it’s just part of me and whatever happens I won’t stop, unless the always mentioned lobotomy would happen. I actually don’t want to, but even if I did, I’m not sure I could.

I’m developing a fear as well: losing one after the other the notes I’ve taken.

I’m literally scribbling on everything comes into reach, in particular when I’m not at home. I’ve always done it to be honest, every time I can and I’m afraid to lose my notes. I mean, I jot down my thoughts because I don’t want to forget a nice idea but at the same time if I don’t remember where I’ve put the piece of paper the result would be the very same.

I usually go around with one notebook, and then I keep one beside the bed and another one next to the sofa. But now that I think about that, I’m not even sure I copied all the ideas I’ve scribbled so far from my previous notebooks.

But I have to relax.

This is almost even worse!!!!

And again if I keep thinking I believe that now I should do a backup of my blog posts! What was born as substitute of my official blog took off and now I have to put safe my weird posts…

As I was saying, I have to relax…

But…ok this is the last one! Here is the plan:

-I’m going to do a backup of the posts

-I’m going to put notebook in every place they should be and they’re not to be moved at all

-I’m going to collect all the notebooks I have around and try to divide them by files!!!

That should do…

I know, I know, I should relax…

Any idea guys how to cure my addiction to blogging, writing and notes?

Spread the Word! Free eBook Weekend!

Hear hear everybody, give it a go and spread the word, please!

Legends of Windemere

In honor of the release of Legends of Windemere: Prodigy of Rainbow Tower, I’m putting my first book up for a free weekend.  So, from August 2nd until August 4th, Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero will be free.

I would greatly appreciate people spreading the word about this free weekend.  Fingers crossed that this helps with sales for the second book.

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I wish I could NaNo!

The other day I was in work and I was setting the audio guides for the day and I was thinking.

Now, I promised I’d do my best to relax and to do as less as my anxiety lets me, but there is no harm in thinking, right?!

I have to admit that maybe the best part of being a writer is the one in which I create something. When I come out with a good idea or one that I think is good, I feel a deep and regenerating sensation of satisfaction.

This satisfaction however, brings me the urge to research- because when it comes to writing I’m attentive to details and very, very picky. That’s due to the fact that if I write something that isn’t correct or respectful of the truth I’ll freak out, hence the anxiety.

As I previously told you, my partner suggested to avoid stress and doing things that cause me stress.

Considering that I can’t stop thinking – for that I’d really just need a lobotomy – I decided I’ll just jot down what I have in my head and see if it’s good enough to work on it later on. I’d say this can be an idea spring for me! Jotting ideas to be developed when I feel better!

My secret, not so secret, wish is to be able to join the NaNoWriMo challenge in November, but apparently NaNo is causing me stress and it’s one of the big No-No my partner gave to me.

“I know you have fun with it but you’re so obsessed with the word count that it becomes a very, very stressful thing!” he said.

I know he’s very worried for me at this stage and I also know that it will take longer to put me in shape again. That’s why he feared that I won’t manage to join NaNo.

The truth is I want to do that, I want t to have fun, I want to do my write-ins when I manage, I want to go to the TGIO lunch! I just have to find a way to enjoy the fun and leave aside the stress.

As I said, the first solution will be jotting down ideas and the second will be try to detect which potential plot doesn’t need research at all, or at least for the first draft, and let me use the NaNo dares posted on the forum.

Doing this way I should be able to enjoy the fun without worrying too much.

So I suppose I just need a plot I don’t really care about (I know it sounds bad saying that but the others involve too much study/research) or doesn’t make too much sense and have fun.

Let’s see what I can come up with! I love stretching my creative muscle and my curiosity.

What do you think about that?

It sounds a nice and stress free plan to me, doesn’t it?!