Blog on the go! – New shiny obsession!

All right all right, I’ve been too monothematic so far, so here you are, something different from NaNoWriMo!


I have a new obsession!


Now before I’m telling you something more about that, let me explain. I know that you’re thinking that I’m jumping from one obsession to another one.


Writing, NaNoWriMo, The Hunger Games, Colin Morgan, Supernatural, One Piece and Ghibli Studio are all my obsessions! So you’re basically right!


What I could say in my favour is that although I find something that is temporary the new strong and blinding obsession of the moment I don’t abandon the others!


This brings me to think that I might call them strong preferences…here, it might be just taste. I mean everybody likes films, TV shows and so on, but apparently for me the feeling is kind of stronger and works on my brain like a tsunami!


So do you want to know Who the new one is!?


Yes, Doctor Who!


I have to thank again my dear friend C. for this! But as I’ve become addicted to the series and in particular to David Tennant, I think I’m happy with that!


David Tennant is so good in acting and he’s Scottish and I found a picture of him in kilt…so you could easily understand how I could marry this guy straight ahead!


Now going back to serious talking, I think he’s very talented, I have problem in recognizing him from one performance to the other, which brings me to think that he’s melting in his role to become the character he’s impersonating. And I really think this is the main quality for a good actor.


Now my head would love to see him playing along with Colin Morgan. I’d bet it could be a masterpiece!


Ps. Sorry this blog was done, when I found the following meme, while looking for David’s picture…as I hate how the transformed the vampires in that movie and I love Doctor Who I had to share it with you! Here you are! 



I think that at this stage you’re sick and tired already to read about NaNoWriMo, but I cannot help. I’ll be a bit monotonous for the next month and half, I’m sorry!

I’m also trying to sort a few personal problems out, so I really have to do what is relaxing me and most of all what makes me happy and talking about NaNo is one of these things. I ask you to bear with me.

As I’m going to bother you every day, or I’ll try to do so, the following ones are the parameters you’ll have to check to see how insane I’ll become before the end of November.

This is the right place where to explain them, in particular if you are curious enough.

Now, I know that for a few of you they’re just list without any meaning at all, but for me it’s extremely funny.

I don’t want to disappear from the blog for a whole month and I’ve always loved these lists in other participants’ signatures, so I decided to do one for my special place. I’ll add to it an except and the count of words to make it more interesting.

Here we go:


Number of notes written on my mobile:


Number of piece of paper scribbled while not busy in work:


Meals skipped with the colleagues in order to write:


Cups of tea or coffee drunk:


Dried apricots eaten:


Corn on the cobs eaten:


Times I hysterically despaired to make it:


Word count for today:


Favourite sentence or excerpt of the day:


Words so far:


I hope I won’t slip in the chocolate route again because I’m on diet once more and I want to make it this time! Let’s see what November hysteria will save for me!

So what do you think?

Do you think I could add something?

Are you curious to know something else?


In my last post I announced that the project for NaNo was almost complete, in fact I really need to find a way to wrap the story up and I’ll be done.

Although the story isn’t finished yet, I know more or less the direction I want my events to take.

After I’ll finish I just have to adjust it and also try to see if it fits in at least two of the schemes I usually use to test my stories. If it doesn’t, it’s likely I’ve made some mistakes or the course of the events isn’t the right one!

The next obstacle will be to find a way to hide this skeleton into the narration. I’ll try to do my best, but I think it’s hard; after all, you judge the skill of the writer also in details like this one, am I right?

In order to avoid spoiling the story for you, I’m not writing a synopsis of the book, but I want to tell you something more anyway, as I promised in my last post.

So I imagine the blurb that could be at the back of the printed copy, supposing that I’ll manage to publish this book sooner or later!


Fran wants to become a writer but she realizes she needs experience if she wants to follow Robert the Traveller’s footsteps.

She decides to go to Sweet Moment and join her twin-brother in working in the heritage centre and get in contact with people from all over the world as a first step.

But not everything is at is seems.

Fran soon will found out that Sweet Moment is a huge glittering cage and nobody is safe there; what it’s worse she’ll discover, at her own expense, that the more colour you show in life the bigger is the trouble you’re dragging yourself in.

Sweet Moment is full of secret and full of danger.

Will Fran manage to survive? And if so, will she manage to break out of this prison in disguise?

Also, will she manage to discover all the secrets hidden behind the lively and smiling façade of her workplace?


So what do you think?

Would you read the book after this blurb?


And we’re in that period of the year once again: October.

And, as I’ve been doing since 2010, every October I start to intensify my thoughts about the new event and the new story, because it’s almost time for NaNoWriMo!

So this post is about pre-NaNo, hence I’m going to tell you what I’m going to do or what I think I’m going to do, according to the present status of things!

For the moment I’m plotting and I’m world building and, to be honest with you, I cannot see the end of it.

So my ideal plan would be finishing putting together all the notes I have scattered all over and then once I’ve done, finishing reading Orson Scott Card’s book and rereading the whole lot adding details and so on.

At the same time, as I couldn’t do gigantic researches, I decided it was time to put on paper one story I created about three years ago.

The main characters will be Rainbow D. Fran, as I mentioned before, and her twin brother Dan. I have a great deal of characters to move, the majority of which are born taken inspiration from real people working with me; in fact, I have to admit that the majority of them asked to be put in there. I thought it was appropriate anyway, as I set my novel in a work place, so why not using them!

I’m happy I’ve waited to put the story on paper, simply because now that my world is more consistent, the story will be juicier anyway!

I’m thinking of creating a few posts dedicated to each one of the characters, in order to introduce them to my readers, as I’m going to post some excerpts and some quotes form the book during November, so you might feel less lost.

On the other hand it would help me with the preparation.

I’m seriously thinking about writing using the present tense and the first person narrator.

The story will be a journal and the first person it’s always the best solution in my opinion.

The present tense is something I thought I could try after I read, guess what, the Huger Games trilogy!

I know I’ve become obsessed with that, but I think that the choice of the present tense gave loads of points more to the action and suspense part of the story!

I guess that now you want to know what the story is about!

I’m not going to tell you right now, I shall leave you with some curiosity! Just for a few days, but I’m going to give you some hints and you can try to guess what it’s all about! Let’s play!

The working title is The Horror Heritage

The main characters are twins made of rainbow coloured liquorice.

The other characters are an invisible vampire, a cat-woman, two monkey-women, one poltergeist, three guardians of the plants and flowers, one sand-man, one rebel mermaid….and this is just the ones I thought of, but, as I told you already, you’re going to meet them one by one.

A doodle I've done a few days ago.

A doodle I’ve done a few days ago.

Chances are that you’re going to have some more.

Ah, and these are just the goodies!

So what do you think it will happen? 

Franny’s news #5


And after a while here is other news about me.


I left Maya with her grandma and I’m trying to relax and doing all the things I was supposed to do for ages. I feel guilty a lot but at the same time I’m breathing!

Once again I don’t own this pic. If the owner wants me to remove it, just let me know. For the moment, thanks for it because is so cute!

I’ve almost finished copying the notes I had spread in several notebooks and piece of papers about my fantasy world. And to be honest with you, I might have a second series in my head; I just need to put everything on paper and think about that.

 What I’m sure about is that next month, in this year NaNoWriMo, I’m going to write the book that it might become the first one of the new series.


Now if you haven’t seen me lately on this blog or on your blogs, I apologise. I managed to put together something like over 1100 mails to sort out…I promise you I’ll do my best, just bear with me!


Then let’s say something about my readings. As I told you before I have several books and two audiobooks I started but I haven’t finished yet. Although I’m tempted to start something else anew, I have to say I’ve been doing some progresses.


I’m 60 pages from the midpoint of Game of Thrones. I love it, but after the Hunger Games, the narration is quite slow, not like the other book I’ll tell you about. But if you add this to the size of the book it’s kind of complicated bringing it around with me.


The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers (this is the other book!) proceeds, but it’s so boring that I cannot help it. I’ve been reading it since last year, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to complete it by the end of this year either. I’m not even telling you where I am otherwise you’re going to execute me!


God is not great it’s a nice non-fiction book. I’m slow in reading it anyway. First of all Christopher Hitchens writes in such complicated way, something that just displays his high culture, that I find myself very slow in following. I told you I have to improve my English still! Secondly, the facts he displays as matter of fact are so astonishing and so crude sometimes that I have to take in small doses and let them sink in for a few moments before I can go on.


The Dubliners is another one I’m dragging from last year and I’m looking forward to finish. I have only The Dead to read but it seems I can’t force myself to do it.


How to write Science Fiction and Fantasy by Orson Scott Card is at a decent point but I have to finish it before November or my fellow writer, who lent me it last year, is going to rightly kill me! It’ very interesting and I think I’ll burst the reading before the rereading of my notes on my fantasy world, so to have a fresh point of view on my side.


The audiobook Travel to the centre of the earth is over the half and I can’t wait to finish it. It became interesting only after the 27th chapter. And to be honest, the content might be interesting, but I’m not a scientist nor a geologist or something like that. I’m pro details and research to write something decent, but too much, it’s too much! It’s boring!


The audiobook Ozma of Oz, it’s at the very beginning just because I decided I had to finish that heavy reading/listening I mentioned above. It seems nice though and I can recognize a few element used in the Disney movie, but I know already that it’ll go into a different route all together.


This was the last news for the moment. I hope I’ll manage to stick to one book per time once I’ll finish them all!

Information you might want to have!

I don’t like wondering on facebook a lot, but I follow a few pages that sometimes give links to nice articles. To be honest what I usually do is look at the pictures because I don’t bother to read them all!

Now I have a couple of articles I found that attracted my attention.

According to this article every writer has his or her element. I don’t usually read this kind of tests, at least regarding my writing, but, as I use elements as one of the main point of my fantasy world, I was attracted.

So quoting the article my way of writing can be summarised in this way: I’m fire!

“Fire acts

If you plot a story around ‘something’ that happens that makes the world a dangerous place, this is your element. Your book begins when a threat is perceived; it moves into a journey and builds up to a battle. The story ends when a new order takes over, an old order is restored or when anarchy descends. The plot here is the quest. All fantasy and science fiction uses this ‘happening’ for a story premise. The hero here has to find something or someone who can save the world. Sometimes, the hero is the saviour.

Examples: The Hunger Games, Star Wars, Dune, Macbeth, Lord of the Rings, Mad Max, Harry Potter, Twilight, The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe, The Count of Monte Christo, The Stand, Artemis Fowl, The Godfather

The best way to tell this story? Do not make the mistake of using a narrator. The viewpoint character experiences the story. He guides us with what he knows and understands. We only care about this type of story when we care about him.”

I thought till now that my books were moved by the characters, but after reading these words I have to say that the one mentioned above might be more appropriate to my way of writing. And to be honest if the example list includes The Hunger Games and The Count of Monte Cristo which are my favourite along with the Genji Monogatari (which isn’t on this list but it would be I think, if the writer had read it!) and Harry Potter which is a series I’ve read at least 4 times, I’m happy with it and to be honest I’m quite hopeful that one day I’ll be lucky enough to be published.

I might say I recognise something from other elements in my style but still we won’t be artist if we didn’t have bits and pieces from all over, but I love fire, it’s a powerful element.


The second article is about tips to be a writer.

Now, I know that I’m obsessed with this kind of articles. Likewise I’m obsessed with workshops. You can’t aspect me to share each and every one of them; otherwise you’d kill me after a while.

My problem is I don’t feel confident enough and I need to read something like that in order to give myself the motivation to go on.

Anyway this one was way too funny and I have to give you the link. The title is “33 unusual tips to become a writer”

I won’t tell much about that, I’ll just quote here my favourites and I just hope you would have a look at that!  

Take a huge bowel movement every day. And you won’t see that on any other list on how to be a better writer. If your body doesn’t flow then your brain won’t flow. Eat more fruit if you have to.


Bleed in the first line. We’re all human. A computer can win Jeopardy but can’t write a novel. If you want people to relate to you, then you have to be human. Penelope Trunk started a post a few weeks ago: “I smashed a lamp over my head. There was blood everywhere. And glass. And I took a picture.” That’s real bleeding. My wife recently put up a post where the first line was so painful she had to take it down. Too many people were crying.


Don’t ask for permission. In other words, never say “in my opinion” (or worse “IMHO”). We know it’s your opinion. You’re writing it.

Coffee. I go through three cups at least before I even begin to write. No coffee, no creativity.

Write every day. This is a must. Writing is spiritual practice. You are diving inside of yourself and cleaning out the toxins. If you don’t do it every day, you lose the ability. If you do it every day, then slowly you find out where all the toxins are. And the cleaning can begin.


Write with the same voice you talk in. You’ve spent your whole life learning how to communicate with that voice. Why change it when you communicate with text?


Paint. Or draw. Keep exercising other creative muscles.


Let it sleep. Whatever you are working on, sleep on it. Then wake up, stretch, drink coffee, read, and look again. Rewrite. Take out every other sentence.


Ok, I’ll stop here otherwise I’ll have to paste and copy the whole lot! I suppose that a different kind of perspective is more useful! Also it means that you might see more than one doodle on this blog!

Are you happy?

And what do you think about the two articles above? And which element are you?!

Dreaming of Camelot and sushi

Finally, after many days I had a dream and I managed to remember it and also I was fast enough to get the pencil on the bedside table and scribble down what I remembered.

It’s yesterday’s dream, to tell the truth, but I’m in the hard relaxing phase now, since we left Maya in Italy with grandma, so don’t hate me if I’m not very precise with posts!


The good news is, actually, that it’s not only one but two dreams I’m talking about, hence the title of the post.


The first dream was set in a countryside house or something like that. Something that concerned Merlin and Arthur, but at the same time it was very modern. Merlin was actually Leonardo Di Caprio, dressed like he was dressed in Django(I love Tarantino and his movies!), and he was drinking like a sponge and telling me something for sure I cannot recall.


There was Guinevere watching the TV and I was thinking “I’m not watching this film anymore; they don’t have the TV in medieval times!”

Arthur was having a picnic in the enormous garden outside his house. One of his daughters robbed a bottle of beer from his bag while he was asleep.

Of course then I woke up….


Then the second dream was totally different and, if possible, even more fragmentary…

I was staying in a house where there were flies and strange butterflies on the bedside table, which looked exactly like the one my mum has at home.

I was exchanging insults with someone but I don’t recall much of that.

At some point I saw all my books piled up in row and then I was eating sushi, but I couldn’t swallow it, not even drinking water. I even tried to stick my tongue out in front of the mirror and I saw it becoming part of the rice.

There was a fire then and my partner decided to save a book for me but he saved “The Lizard” and not the “Genji Monogatari”, one of my favourites of all times.

I was sad and I was still eating sushi!


As you can well see neither of them it’s very normal as dream but still that’s what I have and frankly I’m happy I was able to remember them once again!

As usual all comments are most welcome!