Do you want to know what I dream?

I dream very often and I remember what I saw the most of the times. 

Sometimes I recall a face or a scene and sometimes the whole story. 

Sometimes it happens I repeat the dream, like in a loop, and sometimes I continue the last one I had like in a TV show. 

If you find this interesting or you share this peculiarity, please read along and leave me a comment. 

I’ll try to update the page as much as I can.


Last night I had a dream, a very bizarre one!

So, of course, I decided to open another page. As you’ll learn it’s normal for me to do weird dreams.

Dreams to me are very important and sometimes give me inspirations!

Of course not all them will be complete or will have much sense as I don’t remember sometimes the whole lot.

I was into an arena similar to the ones from ancient Rome. We had to kill monsters and we were kept as slaves. After a huge bloody fight I don’t remember about, I found myself in the centre of the arena surrounded by loads of monsters/demons corpses. I managed to leave the place and find a nice spot into the wood. There was a wooden house surrounded by cherry trees and flowers. It looked like a fairy tale house indeed. I entered and there was something sad and strange about the environment. There was a small entrance with a small table leaning against the wall and two white used dishes, someone ate into. I entered then in a huge living room.

It looked like a hunter house with a touch of old lady living room.

 There was a lady with her middle-aged son. They didn’t look surprised I was there and the lady wanted to do pancakes. She went to a cooking corner I hadn’t noticed coming in and began to cook them. Her son gave her instructions and his preferences.

When they were ready I didn’t trust to eat them because I was afraid they might poison. The son took a bite from mine and went “You see? They’re ok!”

Unfortunately the only reason they could do that was because they were immune to that poison…

Someone who was a mixture between my partner and an actor I love (but I can’t exactly remember who he was at the moment) had to go away.

“Can I go with you?” I said.

“Of course you can, and I’ll make sure you’ll forget later” he said hugging me.

So I reached the upper floor while the others were watching the TV.

I tried to tidy up the bed, and the desk and at the same time I tried to think if would remember after he was gone at least something or whether I’d miss my partner.

While I was changing my clothes my dad entered into the room and hugged me. I was ashamed because I was changing my clothes but also I was in hurry because I had to go to him otherwise he’d go back to the moon and I had at least to say goodbye …

(a bit confused, right?!!!)

I don’t remember the beginning of the dream but eventually I was in a post office and I was with my colleagues Liz, H.K and Rhonda as team leader, she was shouting orders and told me to jump on the position that unfolded under my eyes after detaching from the wall…

(I might have some work issues…)

An ex robber wanted to become a chef. Someone wanted to kill him.

We left my aunt’s place and mould (don’t ask me what I wanted to say here because I have no clue!) so we arrived into a Hockey stadium.  Here old team members ambushed us. We ran away and we entered into a motorbike shop, the robber pretended to be dead.

After that he went into a club to warn a lady.  She seemed frightened and rushed back into the kitchen. However an unknown woman told him not to trust the lady.

Gordon Ramsay was at one of the side tables with other four people and saw him. Enraged because he was alive he threw at him something white and stunned him.

He managed to reach a small allay around there. They attacked him, they were four of them and they blackmailed him “Either you come back into the group or we’ll kill you”.

He refused and they beat him badly. They took him to the hospital and threw him into the emergency entrance.

The morning after he went out of the hospital, he was dressed with a dirty jumper that used to be red. He wondered around in a market outside the hospital area and wanted focaccia with fennel and I cannot remember exactly what he was screaming but one of the things was “Is it possible to have this damn focaccia?”…..

We were in Tokyo and we were staying at Takami’s although the girl wasn’t Takami at all. Then she said she had to go to Rome and then I wanted to go away as well because I didn’t t want to stay in her flat without her! We went to the airport and then I woke up…

(I guess that this one was influenced by the movie I watched yesterday…The way of the Dragon with Bruce Lee!)

I was on a beach with my brother and my sister-in-law and we were talking to the chap guarding the beach because we wanted to go sunbathing and the man was saying that there were problems.

Than we realized that we hadn’t our bath costumes. We forgot them in the bag in the changing cabin the day before. We went up the slope where there was an abandoned house and I took the yesterday still humid costume and I smelled it.

“It doesn’t stink” I said.

Deb face was revolted. I said that anyway I had only that costume and decided to wear it. She started ranting about that and my living abroad when my brother came in with a basket full of chicklets. They were white brown and reddish and already with a little crest. One of them sneezed and tumbled into a glass inside the basket. He said that while he was waiting he took care of them and called one of them Rosita or something alike.

Meanwhile I was trying to remember the dream I had last night…like I had a dream in a dream…then I woke up…

Of the other dream I remember it was a race or we were chased. We were running anyway. At some stage some water was involved and at another we jumped from a mountain or something snowy high with a parachute and for a while we couldn’t see the end.


What I remember of the last night dream is that it was underwater, there was a samurai and there was me and a friend of mine, L.

I remember that there was a kind of party in my house and I was going to collect these friends of mine who got lost finding my address.

I remember there was a Rottweiler biting my little finger while we were trying to walk to the party. There was a bit of staring between me and the dog! We were in a very crowded square and nobody did anything but the dog disappeared after a while.

Once inside my house the images are confused but at some stage I remember that someone started yelling that the disease was spreading fast and that the monsters (which we can say were kind virus created zombies like) were approaching and we had to run.

We got the back exit and we found ourselves in an amusement park. I just remember the ship, which instead of being made out of wood was made of pink stuff, I think flowers but I cannot be sure.

We were running away and then at some stage someone started shouting. There were two visible black strings floating on our heads. They were the virus who started the monsters disease.

The samurai told us to run up the stairs, which were leading in a little lane hidden by an arched door!

I saw him moving his hands in a circular way and the water started to be sucked in this giant bubble forming between his palms and getting bigger and bigger and bigger…

And then I woke up…sorry! 


  1. bck1402 says:

    Keeping track of dreams – even a dream journal – not an easy thing.

    But it’s cool to do it anyway.

    1. Yeah you tend to forget them when you wake up! This is one of the reasons why I keep a notebook on the bedside table! I have a couple I noted down in the past few weeks I have to upload them! They’re too weird not to share them! Or simply not to write them down!

  2. Judi says:

    that’s so cool that you remember and write down your dreams – I have pretty bizarre dreams but I only remember them once in a great while.

    1. Haha yeah. I stopped doing that, because I’ve been through a taugh period. I should resume! Weird dreams are coming back!

    2. Lena says:

      I sehceard a bunch of sites and this was the best.

      1. Thanks a lot Lena!

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