February Blog Challenge! Day 28.

Day 28: What is your centre? What is it that you bring to the world?

Do you know what? I have no clue!

But I fear this is what it is meant in telling that all chickens come home to roost!

And let’s chicke’n’roll then!

Or almost…I just loved the nonsense I’ve just written!

Now seriously, I’m not able to prise myself, and answering this question means I have to do that, right?

I have a huge problem doing that…sue me!

I suppose I can say that I’m a good person, I don’t harm anybody and I love all those who are around me.

Can I do a list of people I love instead?

Ok, no, off topic again!

Look, my closest friends and my family as well think that I’m a great person, that I’ve done loads of things in my life and that I show my love to my dears.

All the same I think firmly they’re overrating me and I think I’m just normal, or even under the average.

Yes, I came to live in Ireland, but I wouldn’t have done it if my partner didn’t come with me.

Yes, I’m writing but I’m not that great, I’m not published and not even close to it!

Yes, I improved my English, but I’m stuck at the same level and there is no way I can improve, let only a way to get rid of all the grammar errors.

Yes, I’m working for 30 hours a week in 3 days but I have no alternative.

Yes, I mind a 14 months old the rest of the time, but because I don’t have anybody here helping me….

I’ve never travelled around the world, I’ve never met anybody famous, and I’ve never fulfilled the majority of my dreams…

So can you see my point?


Said that, I have to admit that I loved this challenge and I’m looking forward the next one, please let me know if you have invented one or you know about one!

February Blog Challenge! Day 27.

Day 27: Your fears

This is a weird post for me….

I’m a coward and I can tell you I’m afraid of basically everything, consequently hating myself because of this.

I know this is not nice to say and I’m trying to work on it, but still it’s the truth.

I guess the major problem is that my self-confidence has been missing for long, long time. If I’ve ever had it….

Anyway, there is no point for me to fill an endless list of fears I have! You pick something that could be mildly scaring and you’ll have one…..

February Blog Challenge! Day 26.

Day 26: Doodle something. Anything.

Drinking coffee and watching TV!
Drinking coffee and watching TV!


Finally five minutes to chill on the sofa with my mug full of coffee!

I know what I said…mug…yes, I’m a weird Italian!

Here it is, I’m not good at it, but I love manga as you can understand! I wish I could draw better! And actually now you know why I use paint!

February Blog Challenge! Day 25.

Day 25: your family.Introduce them.Even if it’s just a cat.

Now I don’t really like this entry at the moment.

You see, although I have a family on my own now, the people I think immediately to are my mum my dad and my brother. I think and I hope it is normal.

I love my partner and my daughter a lot but I don’t feel to stick to the subject anyway….

I lost my dad just in October and I honestly feel crap, trying to realize what happened, why happened and although I can tell you the facts, a part of my brain doesn’t believe it.

So I should move a notch away from the real biological family and I’m going to tell you about my other family, the one that you’ll always have on this pages tagged as ‘’MySpecialFamily’’.

They’re the two ladies and the man I consider my siblings no matter what. You’ve read of them already but I have the opportunity to introduce them properly.

Silvi was the girl sharing the room with me during university time. She’s midwife and she lives in Italy. She’s the most similar to me and she was the perfect roommate for myself.

Mili is secretary and was in the room opposite to ours in the same dorm. She’s very sweet and she loves cats.

Nani is our little brother panda. I call him like this here because he loves pandas, of course. I met him here in Dublin and it was love at first sight!

They live in Italy and even when I go there I don’t have much chance to meet them, so I miss them very much. But at the same time they’re always with me because they’re in my heart. 

Last week’s Monsters News

Here we are again for my weekly report of strange things happening in work. Unfortunately for you I don’t have any stag or hen’s party to tell you about this time, but just a few weird episodes.

Wednesday and Saturday were the only days with something to notify, quite disappointing I know but it can happen until the summer kicks in!
So here we go:
-When I was at the entrance a woman came in. She was elegantly dressed but she had a pen on her ear. Something normal I know, but the contrast with her outfit was amusing!
– A customer followed me in the locker room thinking I was showing him where the restaurant was.
-I was meeting customers at the entrance and a lady from US came in with a paper cup in her hand. She reached the bottom of the stairs and handled me the cup to throw away. I, of course, pointed out the bin closer to us!
-On tills I was serving two customers and one lady popped out from behind them and asked me for a map. I tried to explain her that I was serving other customers but she rolled her eyes apologizing and dashed away.

And for this week as well



Everybody needs to have some self-irony!  At the entrance I saw a group coming in. They were dressed like the troublemakers (ok, I’ll always use troublemaker for them because the other names they use here are not nice!) are dressed here in the area, so I called the security with the radio. I realized only after that it was a tour (of a local troublemaker school though!).

That’s that for today. I’m not working the week end this week so I don’t think I’ll have much for my next post.
Also I’m going to add “funny situation” as new tag because some circumstances are just funny without necessarily providing a character for a book! 

February Blog Challenge! Days 23 and 24.

….and again….

Day 23: If you could meet 5 of your twitter friends, who would it be?

Oh boy, you can’t ask such a question because 5 is too selective!
Honestly, the first thing that comes to my mind is a famous person, like Mattew Gray Gubler, but the thing is I’m simpler than that, so if I have to chose 5people they would be:
1 and 2. Mili ans Silvi, my two sisters (not biologically speaking but they’re as good as that!) because I don’t have the chance to meet them very often as they live in Italy and even when I go there is no
much chance anyway
3. Joanna, because we promised to meet for a coffee ages ago but it never happened so far. It is always nice to meet a fellow writer! But we’llmanage sooner or later!
4. Estrella, because along to visit a country that it would be in my bucket list if I have one (I know, I actually should start one sooner or later), I would be able to meet a fellow writer and a fantastic blogger as well! Check yourself! I’m her fan already!
5. Last but not least is SpongeBob, because if we talk fictional let’s talk seriously! I love SpongeBob and sooner or later I’ll tell you why. So, why not, I could go with him to catch jellyfish in the Jellyfish field and then he could cook for me a nice and crispy Krabby Patty.

Day 24: Would you change anything about yourself physically? If so why?

Of course I’d do! And the complete answer would be I’d change almost everything! Now I don’t want to sound like the typical hysterical teenager, but, oh boy, I really suck!
For a start I’m fat! I know that I could do some dieting and exercise but I love too much food and I have no time left to do activity, although I suppose that minding a 14 months old and working part time would do something…I actually hope!
To tell the truth I wouldn’t mind to be a little bit more plump than now if only I didn’t have backache, I was taller and I had the other things which lack I complain about!
As I said I’d love to be taller! I’m just 148cm, right? A freaking Smurf!
Than, I’d love to have darker hair and blue eyes. Actually I got liking the colour I have because my eyes resemble my favourite aunt’s colour, but still if I could choose I would change it!
Then if I could, I would get rid of the mole I have on my eyebrow, I hate that!
I suppose that this is the major changes I’d do, although the real issue with me is the character, but this is another story!

February Blog Challenge! Days 20, 21 and 22.

Oh look! Another summary!


Day 20: Pay it forward today

Well I wasn’t sure about this meaning until I read this nice post! Thanks to Lauren!

I’d say that I do my best to do it every day and hope that my daughter will take something good out of this.

Every day I put an effort in making someone smile, caring about someone or just letting them know that I love them or they’re important to me.

I firmly believe that a sincere act of kindness, even a simple smile, can make someone else’s day and that hence this person brings it on and pass it to someone else again and so forward!

Despite of what you’ll read later about the wedding (more a fantasy sketch really) I believe in simple things!


Day 21: Favourite 5 blogs

I must say I don’t have much time to spend surfing on the web, yet I realize that I spend spamming the majority of the time. I’m not very good in organizing my life…

Someone will say I’m unpredictable, but that’s just the romantic point of view. The truth is that I’m just not able to organize and I’m a terrible time waster!

Said that, I have to admit that I discovered I have 4 favourite blogs…I was surprised myself for discovering that. So please don’t point out I have to choose another one!

I can’t follow them all the time, I admit, but still they’re the ones I have a look at for sure if I have a limited time!

Of course I try to follow the others listed in I like this column, but if I really have to choose…

So here they are:


Just discovered but I love it! Every time I open it I feel like walking in a dream.


My first blog friend ever!


Because I feel like I’ll never end to learn


I’ve known her since University time, and she great, she’s just great!


Day 22: Your dream wedding

I’m not married and if there is something I’ve always dreamed about since I was very young….well, along the other things, it was my wedding.

I’ve never had a perfect or a steady idea of what I would do during my wedding day. According with my growing knowledge and experience the idea was always changing, although I found two steady parts: ceremony and honey moon.

But I can tell that I’m not even sure that this idea it’d make sense but as it is, you’ll have to deal with it!

Assuming that I had unlimited budget and unlimited annual leave at work and geniuses of wedding and catering at my service I’d say that I’ll have a mixture of what I love most.

I don’t need many guests, just my family and my closest friends!

What I’d love it would be a simple Celtic kind of ritual with an oriental twist.

Then the party would mix all the things that I love most, passion for fantasy fiction and books in general included. It could be held in a room like the one you find in the old Japanese castle all paper doors and straw tatami. We would have our meal sitting on the floor and then eating all sort of oriental and medieval-ish dishes.

Everybody would be dressed like a legendary person from the medieval period of whatever country of their choice. Or if they prefer they could pick a writer or one character of their favourite book.

I’m not telling what would be my dress because it’d take me ages to choose one or to write a list of the possible choices!!!!!

Than the cake would be shaped like a European medieval castle.

After that it will start our honeymoon! Considering that it has to be our special travel I have to include my must do things, if I’ll ever do a bucket list they’ll be there. So as a start I’ll go to relax to Orlando and spend days in all the amusement parks over there, then I’d go to Hawaii and from there I’d visit the places where Stevenson went and lived. After that I’d spend some time in Japan to visit pretty much the must see locations.

Only after that I might decide to go back home!

Hey, this is just a draft of the program, it might change and meanwhile I could win lotto!

February Blog Challenge! Day 19.

Day 19: Favourite childhood book.

I have to admit I’m a bit ashamed!

I’d love to be a more avid reader than I am now, but lack of time and space makes it harder and harder as the time goes by.

Now when I was young I started to read as soon as I could understand what I was reading. According to what my mum always told me, I was one of the most avid reader compared at least to my friends in my first eight years of school.

Now my favourite writer as child was Emilio Salgari.

He wrote mainly about pirates and buccaneers, and here you have the explanation why I’m passionate about those scurvy dogs!

So stop asking me if I started this passion once Pirates of Caribbean came out, because it is a long lasting passion! Period!

Anyway, I remember that I spent hours reading his books and I can tell for sure that now they’re all mixed in my head so I cannot pick one but thy were for sure my love.

I also have to admit, though, that as I often do when I love a book or a series of books, I tried to read them again, and my disappointment was so big you cannot imagine when I tried them this summer.

Salgari had a bad grammar, he wrote poorly and his style wasn’t that great.

Now as adult and wannabe writer I know that he was forced to publish this way, because if you read the link, you understand that he was just exploited too much by the publishers of the time and this was really sad.

Said that, I also have to add that his imagination was one of the best I’ve ever met considering that he wrote beautifully about places he’d never seen.

During the past years I often thought about that pirate movie I saw when I was young, but then I realized that it was just his writings transformed in picture in my head.

And this is how still reading for me is, I don’t remember details of a particular book but just the sensation it left me! 

It begins to be busy!

As I promised I will update you about the strange things I see during the week in work.

Now Saturday was pretty busy but, as you know, Sunday I was at the A&E, so it’s not very accurate.

Well, I can’t get everybody anyway, because I have to work while watching around me!

But bear in mind that it will be more and more packed with things as the time goes by because the summer is at the door, so the number of visitors will grow fast!

Now for the category

“Stags & Hens”

Nothing on Wednesday but Saturday was busy with groups

  1. A hen group very simple. Very simple, the bride to be had a black band with bride to be and hen’s night written on it with Swarovski.
  2. A stag group, all wearing white Tshirts with the stag’s picture on it, while the stag was wearing the same kind of Tshirt but green. He had 69and stago printed on the back. I was sorry I couldn’t follow them to read the writing but teeth were involved!
  3. Another stag group with black Tshirt with Ireland and Stag do written on it and green cowboy hats.
  4. This was a group a bit different. It was a mixed group, boys and girls from Spain here to celebrate the weddings of a Spanish lady with an Irish chap. They had yellow and red balloons with España written on it.

And for this week…

The stag group coming out from the DC comic! A big group of Robin going everywhere in the building. I was stuck behind the desk but I’m almost sure that the stag was dressed as Batman!


For the category

“You’ll end up in my novel sooner or later”

I’ll include in this category also the people dressed in a weird way and not included in the previous one.

So here we are

  1. On Wednesday a French student group. Almost all the boys had leprechaun hats and beard…nice try but only over 18 can drink alcohol!!!!
  2. On Saturday a very proud man was on holiday to celebrate his 40th birthday. He had an enormous badge and just to remark a very bright T-shirt. I gave him discount!
  3. On Saturday we had one of the Q lovers too. I realized that loads of people love queuing and I’ll maybe do a post about that. This chap went in and started to wait that the cashier was going to open the till. I tried to tell him that he could purchase at the kiosk with credit card already, but instead of doing 5 meters walk he waited 10 minutes.
  4. (Saturday again!) Then we had one person from the huge group called “I do separate holidays with my brain!”


Amexnot working

But although I spent some time doing this awful draw with paint this is not the best thing that happened on Saturday.

It was something that it didn’t even happen to me, but to G., one of the cleaning team!




A girl who sat in the toilet listening to music and singing. They had to wait for her to get of the cubicle before finishing to clean the ladies toilet! 

February Blog Challenge! Days 17 and 18.

Another summary, folks!

Day 17: Take an original photo of the city you live in

It wasn’t a good day yesterday so I have no picture for you, but I can describe what I had been through in the city I live in from 3 pm to 9pm!

Maya woke up at 4am with vomiting bug and kept going until we decided to bring her to the emergency department at 3pm.

We then waited for blood tests, urine sample, and IV because she was dehydrated, hoping against hope that they would send us home soon.

Children A&E is a different perspective of the city, very coloured, and relatively relaxing environment. The staffs is amazing, I have to thank them a lot.

Is that enough?!…I’m so tired.

You see, moving in another country is awesome, but I’d suggest you to consider this no side too, if you’re doing a pro and cons list!


Day 18: You dream bedroom

I like this better!

My dream bedroom should be first of all very big and full of sun during the day and very dark during the night.

Ideally it’d have coloured walls, maybe each one of a different colour and full of shelves crammed with books.

On the top of my bed there should be a huge Tao made with wood.


There would be a fairly big window with a nice niche very cosy full of cushions where to fall asleep reading if I decided to do so.

Oh look, something like this would be great! 

I do not own this image!
Nice niche!

There would be also room for a moderately big bookshelf.

The accessories like wardrobe and bathroom can take the eventual space that is left!