Thoughts on homeschooling

I’ve been thinking to write a post on homeschooling for a long time.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, children were requested the great effort to study from home for weeks and sometimes, as the case of Ireland, for months.

As parents, we were requested to teach them and help them to cope with lessons and distance learning.

I’m perfectly aware that there are many people in the world homeschooled and that the parents who do that firmly believe that this is the right and only method, but I hated it.

I think is important for the kids to have different source of authority to place themselves in the world and learn how to relate with different individuals.

First and foremost, at the very beginning, I was working remotely with my full time job, which was physically and emotionally draining. But even after I was laid off, still I felt it wasn’t my role, as mums cannot cover too many authority positions!

Second, I believe kids need to have a break from the family (exactly as adults), meet new people and learn different ways and from different perspectives. This will make them more curious and able to think properly, starting to make their own choices.

Now with the rolling out of the vaccines and with the number slightly improving, the schools seems likely to remain open and I keep my fingers and toes crossed.

I love my daughter but I couldn’t teach her for long.
I could in theory doing it, since I’ve graduated in literature and languages, but I still think it’s not right.

On the top of that I’d also say that for the children this hiatus was too much, many of them developed behaviours not suitable for people of their age; since my daughter returned to school episodes of violence and bullying increased exponentially, and I don’t think it’s fair on them.

But I’ll talk about it later on in another post, as I want to hear a trusted person advice first.

Have you noticed anything weird happening under your eyes lately?

What’s your thoughts about it?

Tell me in the comments below!

This is my world…


Inside this folder there is my whole fantasy world, built in details.

It’s far from being totally completed, there are some elements still missing and some other to be corrected and changed. However, my archipelago is almost ready to host as many stories I’ll be able to think about.

Some are already drafted, some are still in the plotting phase, then I have only characters already standing who need to find their tale, but I love all this as they are my creation.

You already know how much writing is important for me, and that I I hadn’t dedicated to it enough time since Maya was born really.

But now, after a painfully long period of anxiety and restlessness, I’m trying to negotiate with my brain, my to do’s lists and my new habits to put back into the routine what I really love to do.

At the minute I’ve found a way to start to copy on a google drive my handwritten notes. It’s over two hundreds pages long and I’m about halfway through it.

It’s funny, as I don’t remember many things and sometimes I cannot read my own handwriting, but I’m going on steadily.

I remember it took me 10 years more or less to conceive the idea and develop the details, but the majority of these paper pages were written when I spent twenty days in hospital 10 years ago!

Oh boy, it’s already 20 years covered across one small sentence….I’m definitely getting old!

To be totally honest, I’m also a bit afraid to put myself back into writing constantly: reason being I would be too sad if I had to stop again when the busy time comes.

Writing, building my world, plotting my stories makes me extremely happy and makes me feel lighter, but for some reason, when the stress level arise and the chores and commitments are more and more they are the first things to be put in stand by.

I would like to promise to myself this won’t happen again and that I’ll always find even those 10/15 minutes a day to immerse in my own creation. Since I’ve been hardly working on myself lately and I feel a tad better, I might be able to. Still I am afraid.

There is one thing I’m sure of though: if I’ll manage to keep constantly going, I’ll definitely share more on these pages, so brace yourselves! You might find a distraction from my obsession for karate!

Is there anyone out there having the same problem and the same issue?

Any advice you can give to me in the comments below?

Story time!

I would love to tell you a story:

Once upon a time there was a person called Tom, not very special, not particularly beautiful or talented but with a good heart. This person had the misfortune of getting ill with a nasty disease which might bring him to his death.

The doctor, a brave middle aged man well known in the whole kingdom, despite the threat of an unknown disease, went to visit Tom and told him: “Remember you must stay in your house, and not leave for any reason at all, until I say so. If you do, all the people you’ll meet might get sick and die”

So, although Tom was missing his friends and family and also, a bit, his rivals and enemies, he stayed at home.

After two whole months of isolation and medicines, Tom was fully cured and left his house to visit his friends.

THE END (of a potential pandemic)

Now, what does this story teach us? Let do their job to the people who studied for it and listen to whom who know better then us: stay in your place and be brave!

It’s easier than you think! Really!

If you do what you’re supposed to do, you’ll save lives and you’ll end this uncomfortable situation sooner.

I’m sick and tired to stay trapped in my house since last December.

Do I miss my family in Italy and would like to visit them? Yes!

Do I miss my friends? Yes!

Would I love to get back to the dojo? Yes!

Would I love to go here and there as I please? Yes!

Do I do all these things? No!

And why? Because I’m a responsible person, I studied languages and I do know bloody nothing about medicine!

Going around protesting against a virus, it’s like going to therapy because you’ve broken up with your imaginary friend!

The more you go around, the more the virus spread, the more people like me has to stay in the house.

I’m sick of it but I’m holding the fort as it’s the right thing to do.

Please, stop believing you know better and stay in the freaking house! You’ll end up this quicker!

Thank you!

Happy Easter!

I want to wish a Happy Easter and happy holiday to all my readers!

Although being forced far from my family of origin from March of last year, I celebrated with my own family here in the house…still in lockdown!

Despite not being in an ideal situation, I realize that I’m also very lucky. I have a loving partner and daughter, I have food on the table and roof over my head!

And that makes me happy!

I also have some news for you people! Looking forward to share them with you!

I’ll try to increase my presence on these pages, so stay tuned!

Have a great day!