Italian holiday!

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Fly to Italy and helping Nana with the Christmas tree.
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We enjoyed Maya’s 3rd birthday at the aquarium! Nice pizza in the evening with family and friends! Also I managed to rob an afternoon for me and my fantastic sister in law Debhora!
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Christmas lunch with family! End of the unwrapping frenzy for Maya! And sadly fly back to Ireland!



We spent over a week in Italy around Christmas and I want to show you just a glimpse of what I lived there! 

It was amazing, this time! And harder than ever to come back here! But I live in Dublin and I have my life here!

Life that, as usual at the end of the year, becomes very, very busy! And this is why I leave you just with this pictures, but I promise my posts will come back in full strength next year! 

For the moment:


I don’t own this one!

Happy birthday Maya!


Today’s my toddler’s 3rd birthday but we celebrated yesterday, in order to have the people we love with us for the special day!
We went to the aquarium first and then to eat pizza out in a nice restaurant!
It was fantastic and she enjoyed a lot!!!
Hundreds of these days my little one!
I love you!

Harry Potter favorite scene!

To be precise this is one my favourite scenes!

I have to admit that along with my age, it’s growing my interest in British actors. As far as I could tell, they have this great habit of beginning their career in theatre. Or they decide to bring forward theatrical and television careers at the same time.

I just can tell when an actor only played parts in TV shows and movies or there is the richer theatre element underneath. I haven’t made a mistake yet. Whenever I guess that an actor, I see even for the first time, have played in theatre it’s always true.

I cannot even explain how I guess it, it’s something invisible, I assume, that sticks to them.

But why am I telling you all this?

Because this is my toddler phase of one day = one film in loop! And yesterday was the turn of “Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban”.

Despite me seeing this film hundred times already, I find myself charmed by one particular scene, the following one set in the Shrieking Shack.


I believe that David Thewlis, Alan Rickman and Gary Oldman mange to bring the whole interpretation on a higher level. It seems to be in front of a stage where you’re witness of the most brilliant comedy of all the times. I didn’t know David Thewlis before, but I sensed that he could have the same background of the other two.

What do you think?

Can you see any difference in the acting or it’s just me?




Peeta V Tobias

As I’ve finished both the trilogies, Divergent and Hunger Games (twice and really looking forward to read it again) I can make a comparison between Peeta and Tobias. Why? You might ask. Because I thought it was a nice thing to do and I think that the handsome Theo James gave to Tobias more than the real character deserve!

I love Peeta.




I started Divergent liking Tobias but by the end of the whole story I could have smacked him in the head.

That’s in short!

But I’d hate such a short explanation so I’ll write more.

You know from my previous post that Peeta is the third fictional character I fell in love with, so you might think that this is the main reason why I say that.

However, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

It might as well be the style of the narration and maybe Suzanne Collins managed to convey into her character everything a woman like me (and actually even a younger myself) would desire in a strong but romantic, loving and caring man.

Tobias, although very charming and intriguing, attracted my curiosity and attention only up to the mid book 2, and then he started to annoy me with climax reached in book number 3.

Peeta is brainwashed to hate Katniss, but after some times spent in the hospital, and due maybe to his loving character, he managed to pull himself together and ends up to be with Katniss again.

Tobias just because someone tells him he’s genetically damaged (after long time he thought of being Divergent, meaning genetically pure. Something they have notion of only in the third book and been notified by people whom they’ve never met and, for all they knew, people who could be manipulating them) decides to play the drama queen and pushes away the person who loves him for exactly who he is.

It seems behaving like a toddler the most of the times.

Both Peeta and Tobias had a violent parent, mother for the first and father for the second, but, despite that, the outcome as grown men and the “trauma” itself is lived in a different way.

Also, at the very beginning the two realities were different. Peeta lives in a very harsh environment where either you survive or you die. Tobias lives in a better world, as far as he’s concerned, and his changing the faction of origin is just a rebellious act against his father. On the other hand, Peeta decides to go down to the sacrifice route just for being a pure loving character.

I believe I’m intelligent enough to understand that the two of them have two different characters and behaviour, according to their different background or family, still Peeta teaches you how you can be better even in the worst situation, while Tobias is just a slogan: they fight you, you fight them back harder!

I might not like it because it is very similar to my way of doing and I’m desperately fighting it, but you know, what attracts you is something different the person in front of you might have. I believe that maybe that’s the main reason of my preference.

How about you? Have you read the two trilogies?

Which one did you prefer?

And which one you’d choose?  Peeta or Tobias?

I wanted to upload a picture after Googling Peeta V Tobias but the actors’ faces aren’t what a book lover expects, so I found this meme. I agree on what it here you are!

Divergent trilogy

I’ve just finished “Allegiant” by Veronica Roth.

I think I might as well stop saying “I usually don’t do reviews”, because that’s what I’m doing lately.

I’m aware I’m not a professional reviewer, so just take the following as personal opinion about a book.

There will be some spoiler at some stage, so be warned.

The good part is that I don’t read so many books (unfortunately) and I don’t watch so much TV, you won’t be too bothered.

So I said, “Divergent”.

I liked it but I didn’t love it and no, I didn’t cry at end.

At the beginning I was very excited at the idea. It was a new trilogy, set in a dystopian reality and I just felt so lost after finishing “Hunger Games” (…actually for the second time!) that needed something else.

My good friend Shaine, before leaving Ireland for good, and with a good timing indeed, left me the “Divergent” trilogy.

Dystopian reality.

First person narrator.

Present tense.

Wow, it’s great! Exactly what I needed!

And actually it was very good at the beginning.

Strong female character, well portrait side characters; charming and enigmatic male counterpart.

To be honest with you, it could have been a very good standalone book. One of those giving you the impression that they should continue but that, after all, has a good finale.

I honestly cannot remember what happened in the second book but I started feeling annoyed at the characters, in particular Tobias aka Four.

I’ve just finished the third and I felt happy rather than lost. When I finish a good book and I close the last page, I usually feel very “what can I do now?”.

But it didn’t happen this time. Instead I felt almost relieved.

Leaving aside my compulsory problem to peek at the end of the book in order to enjoy better what’s in between, that might lead to a nasty spoiler, I think that in this trilogy there is a big basic error.

Despite the choice of killing one main character is very brave, and worth of respect, it seems like the third book was added at the very end and not exactly for benefit of the whole story.

Even if you don’t read the final pages you notice that something bad is going to happen.

The books are in first person narrator and since the beginning everything was from Tris’ perspective. When you start to read the third you have some chapters from Tobias’ point of view as well.

If she really wanted to be consistent and realistic she should have done it from the very beginning, so then it would have been a surprise. Or she could have continued until Tris’ death only from her point of view and pick Tobias’ narration view later on.

As I said, this is my opinion. I still respect her for doing such brave thing as I find very difficult to kill even secondary characters, when I have to.

Looking forward to do it when they represent someone who hurt me in life, but it’s a different story.

Overall I liked it but I was mistaken when I said it can be on Hunger game level, because the narration seems to be forced, while Suzanne Collins’ flows smoothly till leaving you orphan of a masterpiece.

What do you think?

Let me know in the comments below!

Don’t give up!

Since I always find very problematic to do something nice for myself, according to what people tell me…actually I fear this might be the truth…well, since I have this problem I’ll try to treat myself like I’d treat my best friend…just for once!

First, I’d listen.


All these adorable pictures are from a nice website. Click it if you want to be directed to it.


As I wrote…well, as I tried to make you understand in the previous post I feel a bit overwhelmed lately.

Yes, this is a rant in disguise of a post, so if you want, you can run away…now!!!

I don’t desire anything more than being able to sit down and write, read, blog! I really wish I could have my space! I’d love to be a better person/mum/partner/etc…

The problem is that I suck! I suck in doing everything.

I know that, at this stage, many of you will start saying that if you want something you’ll find a way/time and so on…

Believe me, I would love to do that! Actually I’d love that so badly that it hurts, but life isn’t only in the way, it decided to park horizontally blocking the whole street!

I try to write every spare minute, I think constantly and I get more and more frustrated because I’d love to do more. What I’ve done up to now isn’t enough, isn’t done properly and I don’t know where to get strength and motivation to keep going.

The only window I can dedicate to myself is the hour nap Maya is still having during the day.

I had to plan the writing week in order to blog and plot and don’t freak out when I cannot do enough! No clue when I’ll be able to start writing!

The rest of the day is dedicated to my toddler, to my job and to my partner. Of course in the meantime I try to do something to avoid my house going to waste, and it’s in barely acceptable condition anyway. Oh yes and I have to cook, something that normally I love to do, but that it’s becoming a chore.

My job? Well, some parents are happy to have a break going back to work. I’m not, I work in a place that can put on you such a stress level that you want just to destroy the whole building or squat in a corner and cry your eyes out.

No, I cannot change the workplace. No, I’m not exaggerating. Yes, my partner does help in the house.

I guess that being completely alone in a different country, without the chance to have a break or so, takes its toll after a while.

Still, I feel a stupid good for nothing.

And that’s just to summarize.


Second, I’d give her advice.


I’d say that I’m sorry she feels this way but that sooner or later things will improve.

She’s not so bad, Maya is growing well, like all the doctors and nurses at the different check-ups have told her.

Maya is very smiling and she’s full of energy.

Actually I’d say that she’s right, doing everything alone is difficult and the fact that she hasn’t freaked out yet is a very good and she should give a pat on her back.

She’s too hard on herself and she should relax a little bit. After all, working thirty hours a week, having a toddler and writing on a blog twice a week is already remarkable. Also on the top of that she manages to avoid the house being gobbled up by the dirt and the mess and her partner is still alive and wears ironed clothes every day! The family is fed every day with a kind variegated diet and they don’t even have to pretend they like the dishes because they’re edible!

Also she shouldn’t give up at all!

It’s easy to give up. It’s hard to fight, but only doing so you’ll be proud of yourself.



Well I have to admit, I’m not even good enough to give myself advices, I was told in more than one occasion all I’ve just written in the advice part. I was hoping to feel better. I even tried to improve with colors…

I think I need a plan instead.