Franny’s loading…

I haven’t written much lately, I know, but I keep thinking of my dear blog!

Little by little I’m building a routine that I hope would suit my messy life so I’ll be able to write more other than studying Japanese, managing the house and so on.

Also, from the beginning of the year many things happened and the majority of them are sad and/or problematic. Give me time and I’ll explain this too, along to the other news I still haven’t talked about from last year!

Meanwhile, I’ll tell you I’m still working on tidying up my files, folders and drives. This way, it will be easier and faster to write my WIP or my next blog posts.

As you might see from the picture, I also recovered my sketch book. I’m not that good at doodling but I like it. I hope I’ll be able to draw some more in the future!

So, here I am, full of ideas, short of free time, as usual, but fighting to come back!

Wait for me!