Look who’s here!




Hello my dear readers, today I want to introduce on these pages a very special person. 

His name is Alan, and he’s – as I call him – my precious guru. 

I’m grateful to the company where I work as Alan came into the package! He gives us massages and runs the meditation session I try to attend every week. 

Most of all, I’m grateful to him to be so special and approachable and friendly. 

He gives me always a piece of wisdom or a great advice and, at need, a moral kick in the butt! It’s a pleasure to speak with him, as you’re hundred per cent sure you’re going to get the truth about what he thinks and honest replies! 

I couldn’t ask for a better guru!

Thanks universe and thanks Alan! 

Busy afternoon!

Today was definitely too cold to go out, so we decided to come back home and work on the to do list!

Plus Maya had to do her homework.

I’m still at the very first stage of planning, but I hope I’m on the right way.

I’m trying to be more organized and I hope that one day I’ll be able to be very precise in my stuff. 

Practice makes you perfect, right?

Birthday party!




Maya’ s social life is far more developed than mine at the moment. This is a fact!

Today we were at one of her friends’ birthday and they had so much fun jumping on trampolines.

I actually enjoyed it too. It’s surprising how good our kids pick their friends. The most of the times I get along very well with the other mums.

I guess this is another form of social life!

Evening walk!



Two days ago I decided I’d try a different route on the way back home and I walked along the canal. 

It took me a little bit over an hour as usual, but I could see a bit of different scenery. 

The water is fascinating also during the night. 

And look at the swans, amazing! 

Good morning from the dark side!



I hope you’re familiar with my pictures by now. I’m aware I’m not very good at taking them, but sometimes the result takes me aback entirely. 

Take this one for example. 

When I walked next to the dock this morning, the sky was pitch black and the red lights at the very end were melting into the even darker cloud. 

I felt like Frodo at the entrance of Mordor. 

But then I took the picture. Although I love the result, I didn’t mange to share with you the impression I had. 

Who can tell me where is the problem? Write to me in the comments below!


Alternative way to relax!

Photo Collage Maker_avJ3Hw.png


As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I’m trying to find a way to relax. 

Actually I’m trying several things…all together. 

I know I should wait and see whether one of them works first and then, in case, add a second or a third to the pile. 

However, I think that my stress level is dangerously high and I need to do something right now…no, ten minutes ago! Hence the list of relaxation aids. 

In the picture you see the titles of the channels I’m following in this fantastic app called Cast box. 

I’ve found it by chance, I’ve promised to myself I’d follow only one podcast per time, but you see in the picture I didn’t manage that well. 

I don’t care thought, as it seems working. At least I’m able to get distractd for a while!

Any advice?

Anyone using it out there?

Never give up!

Something I’m really getting good at is to get up after falling.

I honestly lost the count on how many times I had to interrupt my writing trend. One time was the stress, one time the lack of sleep, one time Maya was sick and so on…

Well, just to let you know, I’m trying again!

After all, this is my dream and you always have to fight for them!

Maya and mum afternoons!

And finally, after the Christmas break, I started again my mum and Maya’s afternoons.

Today we went to buy her friend’s birthday present and then to eat a snack at the KFC.

Since Maya tried the pop corn chicken at the airport in Manchester, she loved them and wanted to try them again.

Although I was very tired, I’m happy we went.

I love spending time with my little boss!

Baby steps!


It’s true what they say: slow down and go ahead in baby steps. 

Sometimes, it is also astonishing how we keep improving without realizing it. 

I’m always so concentrated on what I don’t do or on what I would like to accomplish, that I don’t stop and turn behind me to check what I’ve done so far. 

Take this chocolate bar, for example. It expired….still whole, inside the cupboard.

When I discovered it I was sorry, because, of course, com’on how do you make chocolate expire?! It should be punishable with death penalty….

But then it hit me: this means that I managed to eat less sweet stuff. In particular, at home, where I hardly control my hunger pangs, the most of the time. 

So I guess that both a kick in the shin and a pat on the back are in order!