Loving Dublin!

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I love the area where my office sits. 

Near the docks, among boats and ships. If you know me a bit, reading this blog, it’s basically heaven. Sometimes I get very lucky and I have big tall ships docking around the area. 

Main topic of this post, however, is the weather. Irish weather is as unpredictable and shifting as I am. It matches perfectly my mood. 

Look at the picture: same area in two consecutive days; but don’t get fooled, this change can be inside a small hour as well. 

I just love it! 




Hello, my dear readers, from the sunny Dublin! Well, sometimes it happens to have clear weather over here too! 

Since it looks like holiday when it does, we’re all more prone to have holiday snacks even in work. 

Today we have to thank our dear Nicoletta, who provided us all with bread and Nutella! When you work on the phone and you feel like your brain is going to melt sooner than later, the only thing that could save you is a punch of sugar. 

Thankfully in the team we have the sweet Gaëlle, also called the chocolate fairy, who always has these nice ideas. 

However it was Nicoletta providing it physically for everybody. 

My team is getting better and better!!! 


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Having been with the same person for almost the past 20 years, sometimes makes things so slow and submerged by the every day life. 

I know it’s just a quick lunch break we stole from our tight routine, but still we haven’t had a meal together for months. 

When we go out is usually with Maya. We love our daughter but I’m seriously unable to remember when we went out together…maybe last summer!

There is always a meeting, a busy day in work, something to do so we haven’t had the chance for it.

So yesterday we managed to have lunch in this nice place. It was small and cosy and rustic enough for our tastes. The perfume of smoked meat was lingering int he air. 

I just loved it. 

I hope we’ll manage to do it again soon! 







Maya has developed lately this passion for board games. 

We have just a couple of them at home, but I suspect we’re going to increase the number. 

Maya started with Catan Junior, then we tried Catan the adult version. 

Yesterday we started with this Monopoly game, but we didn’t manage to finish it. However, the board is still on the table waiting for us to end the game started. 

Tomorrow I’ll start to work again, and I suspect we’ll end up in doing an endless match like the one you’ve seen in films. Have you ever seen those scenes where people keep doing the same chess match for years? The ones where you see the old man taking a dusty and cobweb covered board from the top shelf.

Hopefully that won’t be necessary, in particular because my partner is very lucky in games, so he’ll beat us soon!


When she doesn’t take after you…



I’m a very messy person in everything I do except work!

The other day we went to do shopping and Maya was in line with me. 

Maya loves to help and do things, anything at all to be honest. This time she decided she would put the grocery shopping on the checkout belt and then will put it back into the trolley after paying.

Tell me, my dear readers, have you ever seen such a tidy checkout belt? The cashier hasn’t and neither I’ve ever seen such a thing! 

Huge help was provided by the previous customer, an old lady very slow in putting the grocery in place e the cashier who was one of the slowest on the planet. 

However, this gave Maya all the time to divide the grocery by shape and type. 

She’s so cute! 




Being at home on holiday and having no food team preparing the yummy dishes I’m afraid I’m now addicted to, didn’t stop me to prepare a nice breakfast. 

When I’m on holiday or on the rare occasions when I have a bit of spare time I like to cook. 

I’ve been preparing my hot breakfast these days and I have to admit it’s not that bad!

And today for lunch? 

Lasagne of course! 

Plan B!



I’ve learned lately that you should always have a plan B. 

Only people who know me better probably will understand this, but no worries, my dear readers, soon it will be clear for you too!

I really want to get back and remember how to use this electric dictionary!

Work from home to back my back!

This is why I feel grateful, sometimes being able to work from home is handy. 

Yesterday I woke to feel completely blocked with my back and my legs. I rested and I was cuddled by the family.

Today, however, I decided to work from home; despite feeling better than yesterday, I ached a bit all over and I thought unwise to move from here.

I don’t like eating alone and, let’s face the truth, the food team is hard to substitute!

Worry not, I soon found company!

I lost the count how many time I watched Harry Potter, but it’s always magical!

Hello, alien!

“Maya, do you want strawberries?”

“Yes, please!”

“Umm, why don’t you eat some banana too?”

“Only if you make a picture!”

I growled a bit, it was still too early morning to be a Saturday and I honestly put the fruit randomly in the plate. 

“Here! This is an alien, six eyes and a smile!”

Maya cleaned the plate!

It doesn’t take much to make kids happy!!!

Last day of the week!




I knew already that today, being in the other office, I wouldn’t have the caffeine free alternative I’m getting used to take. So, I stopped to my favorite coffee shop ever and I got a latte. 

I haven’t been in there for ages. I started a new point card and the lad behind the counter was nice enough to give me two stamps! 

Damn stomach ache! Keeping me away from my favorite coffee shop! 

After that I’ve headed to the office for my last, tiring day of work. 

This week also smashed me, but next week will be shorter so I have to hold on in here and wait! 

Have a nice weekend everybody!