Oh my darling tour guides

Today I’m happy because I’ve made another step forward in the my personal challenge to healthy living: I’ve done 16 lengths in the swimming pool and although tired, I feel satisfied!

However, although I’ve been able to take some stress off my shoulder lately doing this, I cannot deal in such short amount of time with all the stress and anxiety my whole life is killing my brain with. And here you enter into the game. Well, you as readers…bear with my following rant….

The recipients of this letter are the tour guides who pester my work place. And since I’m on the edge of a violent reaction I want to use my first-aid vent, writing, to see whether I can resist a bit longer before switching to the said violent reaction!


Dear guides,

I hate you! In particular during the summer. The more I go on and the more I cannot stand you, mainly because you behave like snob big bastards.

I work in a tourist attraction, which for your information is the most visited in Dublin, hence I work with tourists, like you do every single day.

I know tourists can be nice but also they can be the biggest pain in the ass you have ever experienced. Also, I agree with you that some of them can be very, very demanding, some of them can be very cheeky and some of them are simply hard to let go.

But this just shows you how much our jobs are alike, dealing with this particular category of people.

Considering all that, why on earth are you making my life impossible? I know the building you’re visiting better than you do and if I stop you when you enter the door is just to direct you and your group to the right way. I don’t want to stop your work, I don’t want to stay in the way and I don’t want to diminish your almighty figure in front of your important customers.

As funny as it may sound, I’m doing my job.

So please stop ignoring me, stop shushing me and stop treating me like I’m a unique component with the entrance, maybe a fancy human shaped doormat!

I want kindly to warn you with this letter, because in a very next future I think I’ll start shouting at you or even (I wish I could do that) kick you in the rear!

But doing that I’m sure that my kind manager will skin me alive.

Nobody wants to see a skinned doormat, it will send people away!

So please, for the greater good, listen to me this time, and nobody will be hurt!



I don’t know who did this, but he/she’s genius!



Thanks for reading this. I cannot promise you it will be the last rant of the season, actually I think it will be just the very first. Unfortunately for you my blog helps me hugely to keep my sanity and to express myself, as you maybe have got from the previous posts, so there is no point in telling you a lie!

What do you think about what I’ve just said, by the way!?

What would you do?

When do you think it’s the right time to say no?

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Akriti says:

    This is a very nice post. The sentiment beneath it has been very aptly put out there. I really like it.
    Good job 🙂

    i’d really appreciate if u could spare a few minutes and tell me what u feel about this –

    It’s a very touching picture . I need more and more people to tell me what they feel about it .

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I will visit your blog for sure!

  2. Martina Cimarelli says:

    I totally agree with you!!!! They think they know it all and they know how to do your job as well….

    1. Like that Lady Pig…I’ll see her soon I think…students are coming!

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