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What I think about Horror Heritage

According to the old yearly plan I abandoned and the new plan that I’ve just made and that I’ll share with you in the next blog, I’m due to finish the Horror Heritage novel I started during NaNoWriMo 2013. Although the yearly plan is changed, completing the draft is the highest priority for me.

The major problem is that I couldn’t remember the first part, as I wrote it so fast.

Because of that I had to reread the first five and half chapters in order to keep going, but I was shocked and it was in that moment that I decided to give myself a feedback.

The biggest problem obviously is finishing the book and then editing.

Of course, you’d say.

Of course.

The fact is that finishing this book seems a huge and almost impossible task because first of all the time for me is drastically reduced and secondly I’m not sure I’m doing the right thing.

In my opinion, this story is boring until at least the third chapter and it doesn’t start with the classic “bang” required by the basic of writing, although it might get you curious on a point or two. I wrote a prologue but I’m not hundred per cent sure it can work.

There are many typos and mistakes and broken sentences that Maya could have done better, but let’s say it’s the draft stage and I’m going to fix them.

I know that the plot is good in a way but it seems I cannot get it right; there is something I cannot grasp of this book.

I have loads of doubts and it doesn’t seem the strongest story I’ve ever written but still I know that it’s a story that wants to be told. I fear that on some level it’s a trick of my subconscious trying to get time because it’s afraid of bring at least one book to the next level.

It might be so, but also I had an idea which could have explained where the problem lies: it’s the first person narrator and the present tense combination or this is my feeling about it anyway!

I was so excited about Hunger Games and the way it was written that I thought I would try. The first book I’ve ever written was in first person, it was a journal, but I used the past tense, which made me feel less awkward and freer in juggling with the events. I thought I would try with the present tense this time to build up more tension. But either this system is not right for this book or I’m not good in writing with this style.

I don’t know.

The prologue was great to give a few more details and also to give more depth to the story, but I’m still unsure.

After all I think that even if I manage to finish it, this book will be probably be a standalone and if I believe it right enough, at the end of the process I’m going to send it around looking for editors or agents.

For the rest of story, which might be nice to read, I have another idea that I promise I’ll explain to you in one of the next posts so you can give me a feedback.

But what do you think about what I have just said?

Is there anyone else feeling like me in front of his or her book?

Am I too harsh?

I’d love any kind of advice you can share with me in the comment and thanks in advance.


What do you think about that?

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