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I wish I could NaNo!

The other day I was in work and I was setting the audio guides for the day and I was thinking.

Now, I promised I’d do my best to relax and to do as less as my anxiety lets me, but there is no harm in thinking, right?!

I have to admit that maybe the best part of being a writer is the one in which I create something. When I come out with a good idea or one that I think is good, I feel a deep and regenerating sensation of satisfaction.

This satisfaction however, brings me the urge to research- because when it comes to writing I’m attentive to details and very, very picky. That’s due to the fact that if I write something that isn’t correct or respectful of the truth I’ll freak out, hence the anxiety.

As I previously told you, my partner suggested to avoid stress and doing things that cause me stress.

Considering that I can’t stop thinking – for that I’d really just need a lobotomy – I decided I’ll just jot down what I have in my head and see if it’s good enough to work on it later on. I’d say this can be an idea spring for me! Jotting ideas to be developed when I feel better!

My secret, not so secret, wish is to be able to join the NaNoWriMo challenge in November, but apparently NaNo is causing me stress and it’s one of the big No-No my partner gave to me.

“I know you have fun with it but you’re so obsessed with the word count that it becomes a very, very stressful thing!” he said.

I know he’s very worried for me at this stage and I also know that it will take longer to put me in shape again. That’s why he feared that I won’t manage to join NaNo.

The truth is I want to do that, I want t to have fun, I want to do my write-ins when I manage, I want to go to the TGIO lunch! I just have to find a way to enjoy the fun and leave aside the stress.

As I said, the first solution will be jotting down ideas and the second will be try to detect which potential plot doesn’t need research at all, or at least for the first draft, and let me use the NaNo dares posted on the forum.

Doing this way I should be able to enjoy the fun without worrying too much.

So I suppose I just need a plot I don’t really care about (I know it sounds bad saying that but the others involve too much study/research) or doesn’t make too much sense and have fun.

Let’s see what I can come up with! I love stretching my creative muscle and my curiosity.

What do you think about that?

It sounds a nice and stress free plan to me, doesn’t it?!



14 thoughts on “I wish I could NaNo!

  1. Franny, From what I have heard from so many friends who do the NaNo, whether they are new or published, is that it makes them stretch and push themselves, without pressure to do their best work. Sometimes it is just real exercise, like a good stretch of the fingers on the keyboard.Other times, they are delighted that they came up with a n idea or a line or two that they never thought of and can expound on in a REAL work later on.Only once in a while do I hear that someone came up with something that they felt was a really good piece of writing.So , no, don’t stress; no one expects publishable work out of this. If you go for it, expess to push yourself but DON’T STRESS OUT!

  2. That is a splendid idea, Franny! I’ve also heard that you can make your own word count. (Higher or lower than 50,000) But that is so sweet that your partner it trying to keep you stress-free! That’s wonderful.
    I also want to do the NaNo challenge in November. Maybe we can ‘get together’ sometime and bounce ideas off each other. 🙂

  3. How about a story in which everything you write about is made up? The objects, the life forms, the world etc. so that it would be impossible to research any of it?

    • Well that what should happen with my fantasy world! But as I want to give a message overall…I want some characteristics resemble the real world, hence the research…believe me I’m without hope!!!!

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