Angry comments on Social Networks  

Today, let’s remember evil people from BD, the baddies’ country in my fantasy world!


Either we like it or not we’re obsessed with social media. That’s a fact! Well, at least for the most of us!

I’m not even sure to know all social network, so I can say I still have some autonomy.

Personally, I’m often on Facebook, I’ve always had Twitter but I use it only from time to time. Lately I signed up on Instagram as I think I like the concept.

As far as I know the main reasons why they’re used are: to easily keep in touch with people, to get some gossip, to share ideas and information on the preferred topics and to get the latest news in one click.

Pros and cons are in every single thing but with the social media everything it’s kind of amplified.

If you do something silly, everybody will know; if someone needs help, in that way the problem will be addressed faster.

However, just because of that, mean comments or action will spread as fast as the good deeds. No, maybe faster than the rest.

It’s incredible to see such a behavior. It’s like people love to see other people suffering, love to insult them. I know for sure that there are a few of them loving to trigger arguments.

Maybe it’s not even loving to do something, maybe they’re just annoyed with life, maybe they’re going through a crappy period, maybe they’re sad and desperate and to them it’s unbearable to see another person happy or receiving love and compliments. Even worse, sometimes they love to see someone going through a tougher period in order to feel better.

Do you know what? You suck and you’re horrible people!

I understand, we’re all human and, as such, we make mistakes, but this is what they are, mistakes, that’s it!

Have you done a silly thing? Fine, understand it, apologize and don’t do it again.

If you do it twice, fine, three times, less fine but still OK. After that, it becomes a habit, a bad habit loads of people seem to enjoy.

This consideration was triggered by the comments I’ve seen on Facebook on some profiles.

Of course, it’s some kind of behavior that would happen in real life too.

However, people should understand that even if someone decided to make his or her life public, this doesn’t give them the right to destroy them with their opinion. Public profile isn’t an invite to be rude or impolite.

Immediately connected to what I’ve just stated, I have to add I respect a lot public people like Supernatural cast members, or even Stephen Amell –  these are the one I follow – who decided to go public but they managed to create such nice and healthy environment behind them, that I want just to prize them.

The detail that maybe annoys me the most is that Italians seem to be the most enraged comment writers. Of course, this data is related to my own field of experience.

Anyhow it’s a pity.

What triggered this train of thoughts is linked to some comment I’ve seen on MasterChef and X factor’ s Facebook pages, but it could be extended to everything.

It’s OK to have your personal opinion, your beliefs, your fear, your bias, even your prejudice, I mean it.

However, for no reason whatsoever you’re entitle to force your opinion on other people, criticize who’s in front of you, offend someone you might not even know. Basically, for no reason at all it’s OK behave like a real asshole!

And this is the end of my rant!

Ok, it wanted to be less of a rant, I really wanted to express my opinion, but I feel very passionate about it.

Well, my dear readers, leave it or take it!

Have a well-deserved Sunday!

Most of all, please let me know what you think in the comment below!


Writing log- September


If you hadn’t seen the reading log post for a while, I bet you don’t even remember when it was the last time I posted something about my writing progresses!

So I’d say it’s about time! This post was really overdue!

If I think this way, I realize that I managed to be a shame even as aspiring writer, other than as mum and generally speaking as human being!

I opened this blog mainly to speak about writing and not being able to write more often about writing seems a bit silly.

However, let’s see whether I’ll manage to avoid a too long rant and keep going with the update on my writing status!

If you thought I’m doing a big mess with books, reading my previous post, you can easily guess I’m doing the same with writing.

And you’d be right!

I have so many notebooks, pieces of paper, apps on writing, drives connected to my emails, files on my computer and laptop, that I really have a huge mess going on.

In other words, I don’t know what is where!

Despite that, in the attempt to give a tidy up of this endless sea of bytes and paper I narrowed down to four, at lease for the moment, the number of notebooks that I always have at hand.

Here you have them in the pictures!

From the left:

Orange notebook – In here I’m jotting down the elements of the new project, the urban fantasy about hunters. I’m putting notes of my researches, notes on the world building, notes about the plots and the characters.

Sheep notebook – In this one I’m trying to tidy up and give a more or less definitive form to the plots about my high fantasy world. Each plot is followed or is going to be followed by the list of characters, maps and main information about the world or the particular nation.

Gray notebook – It’s where I’m writing the actual book. A part from the fact that I had too many files on the computer, I realized that I couldn’t stay in front of the screen too long anymore. As I’m working in front of a computer now, I barely manage to update this blog, so in order to keep writing I’m using pen and paper…old style!

It seems that it’s working at the moment, let’s keep the fingers crossed!  

I’ll curse myself for sure when I’ll have to pass all the writing into the computer – eventually I’ll have to – but for the moment it’s important to move on!

Small notebook – As you might read on the cover, this one is the notebook where I write the ideas I have for the blog. I usually bring it with me at all the times, everywhere, so I won’t lose any idea anymore.

Of course this means that also weird dreams and ideas for my books are going in there, but at least I know where they are…at least for now.

Once these notebooks will be finished and I’ll have to start a new one, I wonder whether I’ll be able to find them a place in where I’ll always be able to find them or they’ll get lost as the previous ones.

It might seem that I treat them like I didn’t care, but it’s not so. I’m just messy.

So, aspiring writers out there, can you give me an advice on how to tidy up the mess or sort the situation?

How do you do?

How do you organize your writing?

How do you manage not to lose your stuff?

Please, please, please write to me in the comments below!

Those, at least, won’t get lost!

Italian Embassy VS Franny. This time is 0-1!

Google search but absolutely perfect!

One of the most annoying things if you live abroad, is the necessity to use your country services.

I’ve complained already on this pages about the scarce service we receive, but, please, bear with me, I had to do it again.

However, this time I can say the frustration has a little satisfaction added to the mix.

The reason why I needed the Embassy this time was linked to a form I needed to fill for Maya.

I called them at the end of June asking for information. The reply I got was “Go to the website and download the form then sent it to us by post”

“I don’t trust post” I said “Can I do with emails?”

“Oh yes, of course, you can send it over to our PEC address”.

And this is exactly what I did.

I decided to send the documentation to both their addresses since I didn’t trust them either, the normal address sent the email back and the PEC went through.

Also, because I still didn’t trust them, I decided to call the office a few days later to check whether the email was arrived or not.

The very same voice that was so nice two weeks before in giving me all the information, this time was kind of hysterical.

He almost shouted me saying that I shouldn’t have sent it to that address and that I cannot expect them to fill the form so quickly.

That was weird, last year I went to the office, during normal office hours and they did it in a few minutes.

At least he confirmed he received it.

Eventually, since I had to leave a few days later and I really needed the form, I went to the office in my day off and waited in the queue.

As you might have guessed I prepared a copy of the documentation I needed because I didn’t trust them, although they said they received.

When you go to that office you know for sure three things: the time you arrive, that you’ll never know when you’ll get out and that you’ll be pissed by the end of the process. The most of the times you’ll have to argue too!

Public offices in Italy don’t work properly and this one is no exception. We’re not in Italy but once in there you’re trapped in this parallel reality you need in order to accomplish your mission!!!

I reached the office then and I met at the gate one of my team mates, Cri, who was a little bit more positive about the place…but just for the first half an hour!

Everybody is tricked at least once!

Of course you don’t take a number when you arrive and you look around in order to memorize whomever might be before you. But here is the trick: one of the windows is dedicated to passports appointments so you lose a bit the count. Reason is that even those who has the appointment have to wait in the same queue.

Eventually one genius came in asking “Who’s the last one?” like the old ladies do at the GP’s in Italy…simple but effective, why didn’t I think of this before?!

Anyway, when my turn arrived I went to the window with the full documentation and the lady said “Oh thanks, we’ll fix an appointment to have it collected!”

No, hold the horses….what?

You see? The satisfaction I was mentioning before was referred to my reaction. The old Franny would have complained a bit and then go away with her chin down hoping against hope to make it on time!

This time no, I pointed my feet on the spot and explained my reason. I told them that last year I had the very same form done on the spot. And, for the records, I sent an email and the called to check the email was arrived. Only after over a week of silence I decided to show up!

They said the procedure had changed and the email couldn’t be found. When I showed the email on the phone they complained the address I sent it to was wrong, even with a tone of mockery like I was a poor idiot who sent to the wrong address. They actually suggested that address to me when I called the very first time!!! Besides, nobody bothered to tell me the procedure was chanced!

I apologize, my dear readers, I don’t read minds yet!

I started to rise the voice until an old lady was called, she explained that the procedure was changed and that I should have followed the passports one.

I said that I would have done it, if I knew it! If they didn’t write it on the website and nobody told me during the informative calls I made, how I was supposed to know it?

The old lady shrinking in her shoulders told me “We write loads of things but people don’t read!”

“You don’t say…I do the same job” I said, although I specified that it’s not exactly rocket science to have the waiting period specified next to each form!

To make the story short, eventually I got my form, although I had to wait an incredibly long time in that hole of an office!

And with this, I think I can say I won!

Damn embassy!

What do you think? Do you live abroad?

If so, do you need your embassy often?

How is it?

Let me know in the comments below, I’m very curious!

J as Jl

Google search! He doesn’t like pics! Maya picked this!

I’ve skipped one day again.

I think that I have to accept the fact I will do that again, and keep going on. After all, with this post, I’m on track. Despite the nudging feeling in my brain telling me I’m not doing that well, at least I didn’t give up. Shouldn’t it say something?

Today I want to tell you a few words about my partner.

Jl are the first two letters of his name, we’re now using as his nickname, because his real name is pronounced in different ways by everybody as it doesn’t contain any vowels at all!!!

We’ve been together for ages, it will be 16 years at the end of May. We’ve been living together for 8 years and we have a toddler. I’ll introduce her here in the M day’s post!

Although sometimes I’d rather chuck him out of the window I really couldn’t do without him.

We’ve been through loads of problem in the past 16 years but we’re still together, so I guess that it must be destiny! Or I must be completely nuts…as a writer it might as well be…still I’m a romantic person, so I hope for the first option!

The day immediately after we started dating, to be precise 12 hours later, his parents demanded him to dump me and they threatened him to kick him out of their house. Jl’s reply was filling his bag and leaving. They ran after him, maybe they didn’t aspect such a reaction. The episode repeated twice and they stopped trying this route. The real reason behind this gesture will die with them as we still don’t know why they behaved as such. They didn’t even know me but they hated me. In the next few days I received calls in which they offended me so my parents went to the police to make them stop. And this was just the beginning.

After a month I went to study in Naples but the situation wasn’t easier because the pressure was just huge. I couldn’t phone him and in case he wouldn’t answer the phone or something else happened I was cut out of his life. My parents weren’t happy and I always felt in between the hammer and the anvil to make it clear.

After about 8 years we were still together, despite all the problems and fights in between us. After all we came from two very, very different kinds of families and we’re opposite characters as well!

After my graduation, we decided to move in Ireland. I studied languages in university and I needed to improve my language skills. He decided to follow me. My parents weren’t happy and his parents either.

Then after a few years, we had Maya and it was her working the magic, well at least half of the magic! My parents saw what he did for me during the labour and the stay in hospital, they saw the whole thing from a new point of view, mainly my point of view, and they told me that they made a mistake in judging him so harshly. They still think that I could have had more, but I guess that perfection doesn’t exist and I’m far away to be a perfect person anyway!

Since his parents are damn idiots, they kept going headlong for their route and they didn’t budge a bit from their point of view. They’re evil people. And I feel sorry for my partner the most of the times.

Despite his harsh character, having some bits and pieces he took after them, he is a good person. He does his best to help me and stay beside him. After all if they didn’t teach you all the good values, how could you aspect someone to learn them. He’s improved a lot. He’s a fantastic father, already much better than his own…not that you needed that much of an effort anyway, but still you can tell he’s happy with me and our daughter. And that’s what counts!

B as Bullies

Google search

 My aim writing this series of posts is letting you know me better as a person and as an aspiring writer.

As it often happens not all the elements forming someone’s life are nice and pleasant, sometimes you have the bad ones too.

Letter B represent one of the worse moments I lived in my youth and also, unfortunately, something I’ve been living at the moment too.

When you say, “I was bullied” people think about physical things, or big theatrical episodes that flare into huge dramas. However, I believe that the most worrying type is the psychological bullying in particular when people manage to act in a very subtle way. If someone cuts your trousers, it’s a pain, but you can buy a new pair…but when someone behave in a way your mind is left scarred than it’s worse.

I wasn’t thrown in the toilet or closed into a locker but I suffered the latter kind of brutality. I was always left aside and treated like I was the different one, the wrong one. I’d be left alone in the class; nobody would call me to go out during the day or the weekend. And, unfortunately for me I was alone.  I wasn’t in a geek or weirdo group where I could be supported in a way or the other. I was just with myself and my inability in identifying the problem. I’ve always tried to follow my passions and be true to everybody. I’ve always told the truth and tried to be honest. But this is not a good way to be apparently…not even now as an adult.

When I turned 18 and I could sign myself off school I basically almost stopped attending, with the sad result that I had to repeat my last year.

The new class was a bit better but the damage was done and permanent.

Sadly I’m still struggling with the result of those years. My lack of self-confidence and my self-doubt had been hunting me since then.

The good thing is that I’ve been able, despite that, to meet people and trust them. Trust not well placed the most of the times, but still I didn’t close myself to the world. Actually I hope it could be considered a good thing…maybe it’s just silly.

The most of the times you should learn something from your mistakes, or at least you should thicken a bit the armor you grow around yourself but I’ve never been able to, mostly because I believe that people are good.

I’m wrong the most of the times, but I keep trying, or dreaming, you decide.

I’ve experienced the same amount of unfairness lately in my workplace, and I’ve already written a couple of posts about that, so I won’t bother you again here.

I’ll just leave this fact as it is.

I only hope against hope that if my toddler should be involved in such a bad experience, I’ll be quick enough to understand and help!

And as general advice, you don’t have to go down to bullying to be unfair, sometimes even betraying a friend who thought you were trustworthy and sincere can leave a scar. If you don’t want to be friend with someone, just tell him or her. It’s better! And you will avoid scarring people’s soul.


Post-St. Patrick Festival

Google search.

It seems things slipped out of my control again! I haven’t posted for a while but I have a valid reason (other than recovering from my busy festival duty) I’m going to share with you in due course!

First of all I want to tell you, as promised, about our busy Paddy’s weekend. 

As I said in my last post, I’ve seen 22.090 people walking through my workplace’s door in only three days work! Something impressive!

But let’s have a look at the highlights of each day!


Saturday – 6.932 people

When I arrived in work it wasn’t that busy but I noticed the first odd thing of the day: a stag’s party group. There was a man dressed as an astronaut waiting in the queue. Later during the day we had several groups of leprechauns and a couple of super heroes.

In the early afternoon we began to manage the queue outside the door, but because the crowd came in waves, was perfectly manageable.

Later during the day I experienced the first display of degeneration in no particular order:

  • One man tried to impress I’m not entirely sure whom, shouting just for fun;
  • I heard a lady vomiting in the toilet next to my cubicle;
  • Two Italian drunk lads came in almost at the end of the day swaying and barely standing. We had to refuse them the entrance;
  • A man used the ladies because the gents were under cleaning!


By the end of the day the great way to relieve the stress was create a little choir. Standing still at entrance, waiting for latecomers, my teammates started singing and dancing.


Sunday – 6.446

As the day before I didn’t find the queue outside when I began my shift.

The two Italian lads we sent away the day before came back in disguise. One of them put on a pair of horrible green shamrock shaped glasses and the other one wore a hat with a green ribbon tied around it. The security man recognized them and it was mutual, but considering they could at least stand properly and talk like civilized people they were allowed in this time. 

Once again the queue outside started to form in the early afternoon but again easily managed.

To be extremely precise almost at closing time the admission area was deserted a part from two sets of customers. 

The first was a man shouting from behind my till to the small queue “Julietaaaaaa” several times with big annoyance of my tired brain and then disappearing for good a after a while. 

The second was a peculiar group. There was a lady leading a group of men dressed, as we acknowledged later, as elves. Since I’m very curious and the queue was empty, I decided to go and ask her if it was her birthday (something I thought possible as she was carrying a balloon). She said no and also that she convinced the others to dress as elves without no reason at all. I shook my hand with her, as I’ve never met such a leading kind of woman in my life. She also said that her elves could dance. Tired of the long day my colleagues and me encouraged them to dance for us!

They started to perform and to be honest they were very good. Only problem was that during the dancing one of them kicked another one in the face by mistake. The person who received the kick was unlucky enough to wear glasses and obtained a deep cut under his eye. 

I was worried and I felt slightly guilty as well since I agree with them to perform. Immediately I provided them with water and antiseptic wipes. I offered them the first aid room and to call one of the first aiders we have in the premises but they refused saying that they had a doctor with them. Very tired for the two days past and rushing over the first aid kit to recover the wipes I had this great outcome with one of my team leaders (because I want to be fair…being a human being I can do stupid things too!): 

TL: Hey Franny what are you doing?

F: I’m looking for antiseptic wipes

TL: Why?

F: One lad hurt himself and he’s kind of bleeding so I figured I need one of this.

TL: …

F: Oh they’re OK, they said they have a doctor, so I’m just getting this!

TL: Who’s the doctor?

F: One of the elves!


Face palm…yeah I know!

A part of that, everything was all right, a part from a nasty uneasy feeling that my back was going to be stuck!


Monday – 8.715

As expected I couldn’t move properly when I got up Monday morning. I had to have breakfast holding a hot water bottle on my injured back. I was hoping against hope that this wouldn’t hold me back, as I was going to face the busiest day of, not only the festival, but also of the whole year. 

Luckily I managed to feel better and I went to work almost in good condition. It was good enough I was on my feet again, because moving constantly I warmed up enough to avoid feeling pain. 

Although the previous two days we didn’t have much of a queue, finally we had a long, very long one on Monday. As expected it went from the entrance, down to the side of the building, around the corner up to the side gate. That’s what we called a queue outside. 

Of course we had as usual those who tried to sneak in and pay less and also a policeman who tried to sneaks badge for a student ID. I was annoyed by the fact itself, but maybe more since he was German, as they usually try to pass as the only one following the rules. No, lads, every country gets its load of stupid people, it’s useless try to categorize them. 


I have to admit that for the first year since I’ve been working there we were overstaffed, that’s probably why we didn’t feel the pressure and the queue was manageable.

So this is it. 22,090 people in three days as I said. That’s pretty massive!

I had the Tuesday off but I brought in my partner and my daughter anyway to have a look at the festival. Maya and me had matching shamrocks painted on our faces. I’m a silly person, I know!!! But until she’ll be too old to be ashamed, I’ll go for it!

I went back to work on Wednesday and it was pretty busy as well with almost five thousand people in, although I’m not sure about the exact number. 

This doesn’t justify entirely the absence from these pages, but I haven’t told you the whole story.

 I actually have great, huge, magnificent news, but I have to wait before I could share with you! 

After that you’ll understand why you hadn’t see me for a bit longer than the estimated post Paddy’s recovering time!










Bad for a reason…

I don’t want to bother my readers too much, but I feel a lot stressed lately. I’ve been constantly bullied and betrayed in my workplace for a while, and I’m afraid I might be a tiny bit too sensitive by nature! To give you an idea on my level of idiocy I’ll tell you I was crying re-watching Cinderella yesterday. In particular when the two ugly and evil stepsisters destroy her dress for the ball the little mice and birds managed to put together with a big effort.

Let’s say that at the moment I feel exactly the same…

Google search

I’d feel a lot better with friends here, but as a matter of fact all my friends are far away or in Italy and so are my mum, my brother and my sister in law. Besides, someone I thought my friend apparently is too busy with her life to even write a message for moral support, so it’s like not having anybody at all.

In order to cope with the thunderstorm happening in my brain I decided to write a post.

And of course, considering it’s me we’re talking about, I decided to talk about baddies…the bad and evil characters representing villains in books, films and so on! Tell me you didn’t expect this!

As an aspiring writer I’m aware that you need bad things happening to your main characters in your stories and also that you need the baddies: those characters you need in order to have a conflict inside you book and without whom your story would be flat like a crepes…without being delicious!

There is someone who tells that this should happen in life as well otherwise it will be too boring. To be completely honest with you, I’d rather have a very, very boring life. I’m sick and tired to be betrayed by someone I thought a friend, being disappointed by a person I liked, being abandoned for no reason or also being bullied for no reason at all by people with a minimum and a maximum of power in their hands.

I mean, where the hell is my revenge time? Shouldn’t there be a moment when I could feel good and at ease and, if not lucky, at least not completely miserable?

Also, I have to say that, although I cannot stand the baddies, I managed to do a distinction. There are baddies and baddies.

There are those who have a reason why they’re mean and resentful, while others are just evil for no reason. Well, I hate the latter and to be honest, at this stage of my life, the peaceful side of my character is willing to close an eye while I hope they could suffer one of the most painful fates you could imagine.

I mean, if I manage to understand why they’re being evil, or if they just have a characteristic that make them memorable I might even like them, while people just mean are no attraction to me.

For example, remaining in Harry Potter world from last post.

Voldemort is THE evil, but actually I kind of understand him. I mean, he has his past, his trauma and his own reason why he’s doing what he’s doing. I don’t like it, I’d fight against him, and still I understand him.

Fudge is evil to some extent, but he’s a coward and acts as such out of fear, so I understand him too.

But what about the Umbridge? What are her reasons? She’s evil for evil’s sake. Unless somewhere else is written clearly why she does what she does (And being loyal to the minister for magic is a bit poor excuse!) she just enjoys causing sadness and making the other people suffer.

Or do you want other examples?

Umbridge is more or less like Cinderella stepmother and stepsisters who are evil for such a feeble reason as jealousy.

See? Jealousy as well is something I classify as unacceptable as not having reason at all.

John Silver from Treasure Island, Count of Montecristo, Caine from Gone series or President Snow from Hunger Games have a reason why they do what they do. But Silver’s pirates or Drake or President Coin to mention a few from the same sources, they are just mean, they think to their personal gain and create confusion and sadness just for personal pleasure.

Or let’s take another example with One Piece, my other favourite.

There are many baddies but not all of them can be considered mean till the bones or so mean you would hate them… we’re still talking about pirates anyway, we must be flexible! Sometimes they’re portrayed deeply enough to have a valid reason why they do what they do!  But Black Beard or Doflamingo, who are disgustingly mean and power driven just because they want to have some fun from time to time and don’t care about nobody else but themselves are disgusting human beings.

See my point? I don’t understand being mean without reason and for selfish gaining’s sake. Being evil for fun I think it’s one of the less appealing and the most repugnant things that I could think of.

And, as matter of fact my employers enter in this latter category, think about them as a mixture of Umbridge and Doflamingo, and I think this is the main reason why I feel frustrated.

Google search. One of my boss smiles exactly the same! Creepy!

Google search

I Ihave many weak points and I’m not saying that I’ve never hurt anybody in the past.

 But I didn’t do on purpose, I always apologized when I realized what I did and I didn’t when I didn’t or nobody notified me. I admit to be a very distracted person, so sometimes it might happen I do something without realizing I’m doing it.

But I’m not mean.

And I would feel very down and ashamed knowing that someone suffered for my actions.

Wouldn’t be a better world if everybody could live in peace, being honest with other people? We could look for challenges and adventures in other places or concerning other topics.

Why on earth people have to be mean to each other just to save themselves from boredom?

I just hope that sooner or later I’ll have my revenge!

For the moment I’ll be happy to turn them in my fictional characters and make them suffer!

What do you think?

Let me know in the comment below if I’m right or wrong!

P.S. I’ve just realized I’ve chosen all images with pink as main colour! I don’t have anything against this colour! So I think the text should match.

P.S.2 See? Both Umbridge and Doflamingo even dress the same colour! It must mean something then!!! I didn’t do it on purpose!