Writing and Reading log – May 2017



I cannot say loud I’ve done a darn good job, but at least I can admit that I’ve done better than last month.

As I did in my previous months, I’ll update you on my situation, writing and reading wise!

Hopefully you won’t get too bored by the account. For sure, it’s useful for my own records and to give me a pat on the back for the small progresses.

Considering the amount of time I have at my disposal, I guess every step forward is a win!

Writing is still hard. I have written and published this post in between my coffee breaks and the commuting time.

I haven’t written daily my 300 words in the past few weeks, simply because I had to admit that the breaks and spare niches of time aren’t enough for blogging, writing the WIP and my fairy tales!

It took me a huge deal of convincing myself that writing is writing anyway, but I’ll still try to organize better!

There is always room for improvement, right?

And here we go with the numbers:

Word written for the WIP: 25567 words but there is a big chunk copied from the notebook. In order to see progresses I’ll have to finish that task!

Fairy tales written: 4 + I started number 5.

Blog post written this month: 4 on 4, well 5 if we count this too!

Researching: N/A

Plotting: N/A

As for the reading, I’m still concentrating to narrow down the number of the books I’ve started a while ago.

Mea culpa, I’ve started again a new one but I couldn’t resist. To the short list of books, well the one that was supposed to be the short list of books, I’m bringing on right now, I added American Gods by Neil Gaiman

So just to summarize:

There is no news for Irish ghost stories,

Wizards first rule, Memorie del sottosuolo, The wisdom of the dead man, A Song of Ice and Fire, Enciclopedia. Tutta la seconda Guerra Mondiale-volume 1, Irish Ghost Stories and Madame Bovary.

However, there is bit of improvement for the other titles:

Delitto e castigo – I’m at page 234 on 677.

The book thief – I’m at page 448 on 554.

Outlander – I’m at page 408 on 684.

Hunger – I’m at page 246 on 684.

Diary of Anne Frank – I’m at page 65 on 351

American Gods – I’m at page 123 on 640 (plus extras)

So, this is it for this month.

I always try to improve and increase the numbers. I suspect that I’ll have an easier life when I’ll give up to the fact that I have my limits.

Everybody can go over his own limits, of course, but it’s not an easy task.

As usual, my dear readers, I ask you to help me, in case you have some wise tips to give me!

Have a lovely weekend and bank holiday and I’ll see you soon on these pages!!!

Writing and Reading log – April 2017


From my recent not existing posts, it seems that I’ve taken an expected month of holiday.

April flew by and, without realizing it, I was swallowed whole by the routine and the fatigue.

I want to assure you that I’m doing another attempt to organize my whole life and writing habit and space. If I’m lucky, I’m at least on the right path to get there.

I thought then, that my first and last post of the month would be an update regarding my reading and writing, mostly because there are some changes.

As for my WIP, the good news is that I keep going on writing every day. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but at least it stays as a habit.

The biggest change I was talking about happened exactly about writing. Thinking about on what could optimize my time and my writing, I asked myself what was the one thing I always have with me. The reply was pretty obvious: my phone. As usual, you never notice the little things next to you and you bang your head senseless trying to find the solution that had been there from the very beginning.

Following there is the phase in which you feel the biggest idiot on Earth and then you move on!

All these words to say that I’ve started to use google drive on my phone.

I shared with my work pc the files containing my WIP, my blog posts, and the project in Italian that now took a final direction: fairytales (they’re set in my fantasy world but they’re just, well, fairytales!). I shared as well a couple of other files that will help me with the writing; wherever I’ll go, my babies will be with me.

I just got two big problems:

One – I don’t know yet where to place my plotting and my researching. This means that the Hunter Journal’s project is on hold, although I’m taking notes of everything I notice in the streets.

Also, the plotting for both the WIP (final touches) and the urban fantasy are on hold.

Two – I’ll have to copy all the words that had been already written on the notebooks. Form a very free calculation there must be around 32K words in there.

Hopefully, I’ll manage to sort the both of them.

From now on then, I’ll try to simplify the writeometer, let’s call it this way, values along with the book pages.

This way will let me have a tidier post and a reference for me, in case I want to track my progresses.

Word written for the WIP: 18,522 words

Fairy tales written: 3

Blog post written this month: 0 on 4 …oh what a shame!

Researching: N/A

Plotting: N/A

As for the reading, I’m still concentrating to narrow down the number of the books I’ve started a while ago.

I’m still reading some of them together, of course. Also, I’ve started and finished a new one and started a further new one.

So just to summarize:

There is no news for Irish ghost stories,

Wizards first rule, Memorie del sottosuolo, The wisdom of the dead man, A Song of Ice and Fire, Enciclopedia. Tutta la seconda Guerra Mondiale-volume 1, Irish Ghost Stories and Madame Bovary.

However, there is bit of improvement for the other titles:

Delitto e castigo – I’m at page 222 on 677.

City of bones – It’s finally finished.

The book thief – I’m at page 354 on 554.

Outlander – I’m at page 408 on 684.

Hunger – I’m at page 246 on 684.

I’ve read and finished The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne and I’ve started the Diary of Anne Frank.

And that’s it for the moment.

As usual, I’ll be very grateful for any advice you might want to share with me.

I wish you a nice bank holiday on the 1st of May and I hope I’ll be back posting once a week as intended.

At least I can promise you I’ll do my best to manage.

Writing and Reading log – February 2017


I meant to write this post two days ago, my dear readers, but I didn’t really manage!

I have to say that, a part from a recent setback, I’m proceeding both with my reading and my writing, slowly but constantly.

As for my WIP, I keep going on with my writing 3 pages a day. I finished the first notebook and the second one is starting to get that shape of lived paper I love. I’m confident enough that I’ll be soon tackling the notebook number three.

On the back of my head I still have that angry voice telling me that I’ll regret this hand-writing thing when I’ll have to type my book into a Word file.

However, I manage to keep this voice at bay telling her that, at least, now my novel is going on steadily.

I’m optimistic today! If I keep going like this, I’ll manage to finish, not only this novel, but all the ones I’ve planned…sooner or later!

True that I’m behind of a few pages lately, but this might always happen.

I’m just happy that, otherwise, this has become a habit, this was my goal.

Next goal is to become able to post a blog every week.

I didn’t manage last week, for example, but I’ll try my best.

Maybe introducing one small goal per time I’ll manage. True is that my spare time is still the same, but It’s a good challenge and I’m on it!


As for the reading, I’m still trying to narrow down the number of the books I’ve started a while ago.

However, since old habits are hard to die, I’ve brought on three of them together and I’ve started again the audiobook Shadow magic, as I didn’t remember the beginning.

So just to summarize.

There is no news for Outlander, Hunger, Irish ghost stories,

Wizards first rule, Memorie del sottosuolo, The wisdom of the dead man, A Song of Ice and Fire, Enciclopedia. Tutta la seconda Guerra Mondiale-volume 1 and Madame Bovary.

However, there is big improvement for the said three titles:

Delitto e castigo – I’m at page 202 on 684.

City of bones – I’m at page 348 on 506.

 The book thief – I’m at page 120 on 554.

 And that’s it for the month of February.

I’m sorry because this month you’ll see two post on the same topic!

As mentioned, I’m trying to get more persistent on this and I’m confident that I’ll reach the point where I’ll blog constantly with no problem.

As usual the problem is I’m not very organized, but still open to advice.

So, in case you have any good one, please write to me in the comment.

Have a lovely day!

Writing and Reading log – January 2017


The last post of this month is not one of those I wrote during the holidays, but I thought that this year I’d start putting some order in my life and in my head…at least where I can.

Hence, I’ve decided that maybe the wisest thing to do was to merge my writing and reading logs into one.


Following is the listing of the books I’m reading at the moment and the updates on the status of them. To be honest with you, what I’m trying to do, is to reduce the number of the books I’m reading at the same time, so to be mentally more organized.

Outlander– Not gone very far, I’m at page 362 on 863.

Hunger– Here no news, I’m at page 234 on 586. It still makes me anxious to read it. But it’s very good, I have to win the battle.

Irish ghost stories– Here no news, I’m still at page 42 on 1102.

Wizards first rule– Here no news, I’m still at page 114 on 764.


Memorie del sottosuolo– I found it and I’m at page 28 on 196-ish

Delitto e castigo– I went on a bit on and I’m at page 184 on 684.

The wisdom of the dead man –  I’m still at page 37 on 469. Probably I will start again from the beginning in order to enjoy it more.

A Song of Ice and Fire –  volume three- Here no news, I’m still at page 192 on 569.


The scorch trials– Finished. I’m really waiting to see what will happen with the third film. Muhahahaha! They’ll so made a terrible mess!

City of bones – Went on for a while. I’m at page 208 on 506.


The book thief – I’m still at page 58 on 554.


Enciclopedia. Tutta la seconda Guerra Mondiale-volume 1– I’m still at page 53 on 493.

Madame Bovary– It’s lost in the phone somewhere but haven’t touch it from the last time! Again!

Shadowmagic– Ongoing, cannot exactly quantify as it’s an audiobook too! And once again I haven’t moved from the last time.

As for the writing, folks, I’m not going that fast unfortunately, but I have to be honest, I’ve been more consistent than the past few months.

You’ll read in one of my next posts, that the wrong approach I was having in my life was related to the goal setting.

I probably expected too much from myself. But it didn’t work and the result was just frustration and interruption of what I was doing.

During my Christmas break then, I came up with the idea of trying smaller goals. But, most of all, I’m trying not to be mean with myself and not get frustrated if I don’t manage to do what I’m supposed to do.

The smaller goals correspond to three pages of notebook written daily. I know that it seems just a little.

However, here what Stephen King says and actually helps me a lot: “Write a page a day, only 300 words, and in a year, you have written a novel”

See? I’ve actually counted.

Since I’m writing on a notebook, to avoid the internet distractions and to have a portable thing on which I can write potentially everywhere, I counted that 3 notebook pages correspond to 300 words.

Ok, it’s not much. Some days I manage to write more. Still, it’s doable the most of the times.

And the big pro is that my self-confidence is benefiting from that.

Also, once a week I set the goal of publishing a post on this blog, of plotting for 30 minutes and of preparing the draft for the next week’s post.

I’m still proceeding slowly and sometimes I don’t meet my goals, but I’m working hard.

I know that some of you will do more and I respect you. I wish I could, but for the moment this is my best, considering the roller coaster-like life I’m living.

And how do you do?

How do you get organized?

Tell me in the comments below, I’m open to suggestions!

B as Bilingual

I only wish I could define myself bilingual. I’m working on my language skills but, as I’ve always complained on these pages, I’m far from that!

I’m Italian and I’ve been living in Dublin for the past eight and half years.

I love Ireland and the Dublin accent, yes of course this is personal taste!

However, because I live with my partner who’s Italian and now I work for the Italian market I’m probably taking longer.

I’m so happy though that my daughter is growing up to be a real second generation bilingual! She’s so funny to hear.

But let’s get back to my issue!

Because the love for writing was strong from the very beginning and the dream of publishing one day is burning fiercely, I decided I wanted to write in English.

I actually wrote my first book ever in Italian, but then I decided it wasn’t really worth it. Unless you know the right people you’ll never publish there! The book is still in the editing process and I don’t think it will move from there.

So here I am practicing my writing skills on this blog, trying to improve.

Also my notes and my writings are in English and sooner or later I hope my dream will become true.

The good thing, I guess, is that I love very much what I do and I believe this is the most important detail. I couldn’t stop really writing anymore.

If you had been following my blog for a while, you might wonder where the other WIP ended up and why it disappeared.

Actually it didn’t disappear, it’s just in stand by status.

One of the most frequent critique, as you might imagine, it’s addressed to my broken English when I write. Fair enough, I’m native Italian, so until I figure out how to improve it, I’ll have to practice and practice and practice a little bit more!

I was once said that maybe I should use the fact that I’m a native Italian speaker as a strength rather than a weakness. I guess it was a clever advice. In case I’ll manage to set a foot in the door of the publishing world, then maybe, and there is a big maybe here as we all know how hard the publishing world might be, the right people would be willing to have a look to my high fantasy and also willing to spend some time more in editing and proofreading it.

This is why I’m working on this WIP and why the main characters of this book will be Italian but they’ll have to write in English, hence justifying the fact that the written English isn’t that perfect.

What do you think? Is it a good advice? Is there anybody out there trying to write in another language and managing it? What’s your secret?

Writing Log – January 2015

I’m writing this post almost at the end of the month but in time to be classified as January update!

As I promised in a previous post, I’m trying to give you more news about my reading and writing doings! Writing and reading are of course very important as they should be the main worries I have as an aspiring writer, so all this make just perfect sense!

I believe that last news you had about my writing was me complaining about the amount of plotting I was doing! Despite the plotting hasn’t finished yet and despite I’m way far from completing it, I decided to put it on hold!

There is a couple of reasons why I decided to do that.

First of all, I discovered an awesome writer community, 10 minutes novelist, great idea of this nice lady here. She managed to write a book in only ten minutes a day. I thought then to try and embrace the option of writing for 15 minutes every day and see what could happen. Actually it turned out to be a nice idea as I discovered that I can be productive doing that.

Second, I was getting bored of Sonrisa so much I was on the edge of a complete rejection, and after I’ve spent on the world building over 8 years I think it would be very sad get rid of the whole thing. Thus, I decided to set it aside for a while, putting on hold and relax a bit about that!

I love Sonrisa, and the story I was creating, but I think I just concentrated on that too much, so much that I wanted to fix so many things that I didn’t write anything for months. The result was me feeling very rusty and awkward when I hit the keyboard again.

I’m sure that whenever I’ll manage to go back to the project I’ll be more relaxed and willing to fight with the past details and the hundreds I still have to fix. I’m trying just to let the 15 minutes writing habit to sink in the daily routine before I do that.

What am I writing then?

I started my 15 minutes spells writing something about Sonrisa but then I felt I had to detach myself completely. So, I started writing about the urban fantasy I was thinking about. The one set in Ireland and Italy.

It talks about two Italian hunters who are twins and, because they share the Kelpie grandfather, have some supernatural powers.

You can imagine where the seed of inspiration come from. Being basically obsessed with Supernatural TV show I really wanted to write a fanfiction but then again my detail obsessed mind and fantasy brought me much forward and of the TV shows only the subjects remains.

The story I think will be an event story, according to Orson Scott Card’s classification.

I’m enjoying handwriting it, as I want to avoid as many distractions as I can, and this way the notebook can follow me in work as well in case I have a sudden inspiration. I know I’ll curse myself whenever I’ll have to type it in a file but I’ll worry about that later!

The funny part is I’m writing it in first person and I’m using three different inks for the two twins, and I’ll leave you here with the curiosity to know why I use three different colours.

The less funny part is that I have constantly to fight my will to research and planning.  But I keep repeating myself that this is a matter of writing and then maybe, whenever I’ll get to the second manuscript stage, I’ll do all the research in the world!

And that’s it for January; I’ll talk to you next month!

What do you think?


This is a Kelpie image found on Google!