Past Lifetimes.   



I’m in work today, and it’s been a very nasty day for some reason.

This time, instead of bothering you with one of my rants, I’ll publish one old draft.

It’s nice to get lost in speculations, sometimes, in particular when you think the bad luck decided to give your hard time.

Without going into religious matter or in philosophical details, mostly because I’m not knowledgeable enough in those fields, there is a concept I find intriguing and that I think about from time to time: previous lifetimes.

I know that for some people this is a serious matter and maybe it could be even considered a kind of science on some point of view. I promise you my intent is to play with my imagination and I intend no offence to anyone.

The truth is that from time to time I linger on the idea and wonder who I might have been before, what life could I have lived.

I think these thoughts are extremely funny to play with and interesting at the same time. For example, my love of ships and pirates, the excitement and almost nostalgic pang I feel when I set my feet on a ship, ferry or whatever goes on water makes me think I might have been a sailor or a pirate in one of my previous lifetimes.

Also, my curiosity, my love and the push I feel towards Japan might be signs of a previous lifetime in Japan or so I want to believe.

As far as I know there are a few people out there who are able to read your previous lifetime.

Sometimes I think I’d love to let one of them do it with me in order to check whether I was right or not.

However, the thing I love most is to work with my imagination, so I’ll take this post and the following ones – because you know there will be others, don’t you –  as writing exercise and imagination stretching.

First of all, how did I come up with the idea? Or better, this posts idea?

A few months ago, I created a chat where I gathered different people, important for me in different ways. We’re all a bit weird, all of us, but good hearted people. We are, however, so different, that I’d never thought possible to have all  of them chatting together, but we have so much fun daily, that I couldn’t do without them now.

I think I’m lucky to have them all. They’re brilliant, funny, weird and trustworthy.

The chat, other than myself, includes my favorite cousin, La, my best friend I met during university years, Mi, my two friends, Chi, I know since the crèche period and Lu, I met in middle high school.

There should be also Ra, but I think she’s just a silent reader! She’s great too, but I think we scared her!

Since it seems that destiny lately is enjoying way too much teasing each and every one of us, in a way or the other, we thought that in our previous lifetimes we must have been very, very mean.

To this element, I might add a notion I received once, according to which the people you meet in this lifetime are souls you’ve met for sure in previous lifetimes. Maybe the relationship was different but still the souls had met before!

It’s this combination that triggered my imagination.

So, now you know where the whole thinking of my following posts comes from.

Stay tuned to learn where I’ve imagined my soul go across the eras and centuries and years.

What do you think about it? Where do you think you come from? What’s your soul travel?

Tell me in the comments below!


Happy Supernatural Day!

Sorry I just love them! I don't own the image tho!

Sorry I just love them! I don’t own the image tho!

On September 13th we, poor obsessed fellows, celebrate Supernatural Day.

I’m one of this lot.

You know I love the show. To me it has been a mile stone for different reason: it helped to feel a bit braver to watch horror, it gave me inspiration to start planning my book and it helped in meeting a dear friend.

On the top of that, I think that the messages sent through the lines are nice and healthy. Also the cast give us the sensation to be there for their fan, they’re involved in the society and charity as, and sometimes even more than normal people in order to set a good example.

They brought thousands of people to feel like they were part of the big family. And personally, I love them all a lot just for this.

Jensen and Jared are saying in the following video that they want us to see celebrating the day sharing what we think are the funniest moments of the show.

Off the top of my head the following are the funniest! Rather the plain laugh, often I prefer the sarcastic tone of Dean and Bobby. Which is why they’re my favorite characters ever.

Congratulations, bro!

Congrats to Giuseppe too! The other guy in the pic! Same kudos!


 Last week I went back to Italy in order to attend my brother’s graduation.

Finally, he got his Master Degree in ophthalmic surgery.


I know that, once again, I haven’t update the blog for a while and that this post won’t be long, but I have to publish at least a few words just to let my readers know how much proud I am of my little brother.

We were born only three and half years apart and, unfortunately, we’ve never been very close.

However, I have to say, with my great delight, that a few years ago we cleared our issues and problems, that alas! sometimes weren’t created by ourselves, and we’re getting closer and closer as the time goes by and as it should be, despite sometimes not much help is given from around us!

Said that, I have to grant him something, which is the reason why I’m so very proud of him: he’s a self-made doctor!

It has been a very long and tough route the one he decided for his future, in a country where usually only those who know people manage to go onward and ahead!

Instead, although he didn’t manage to pass the first year’s test to get into the medicine faculty, he refused any help to be “pushed forward” from everyone who offered it.

He decided from the beginning that the only way he was going to make it, was with his own strength!

He tried again the next year and managed to get in! Big wow and kudos!

Then there was a huge, gigantic, massive quantity of difficult exams to pass before he could access to the first graduation after 6 years.

After this first goal, there was the Master Degree! He picked ophthalmic surgery and finally, on the 15th of July, he gave it a closure.

I’m so happy and proud of him!

Now the world is his to explore and I wish my lil’ bro all the best!

Actually, considering that he started to work immediately the day after his graduation, it seems the world as well has noticed his ability and potential!

A special thanks goes to my sweet sister in law, who’s dedicating her life to make my brother’s easier.

It’s not easy, I guess, to live with a doctor and I think she’s showing incredible sweetness and selflessness. In other words, she’s doing a damn good job! Kudos to her too!

So best of luck to my awesome brother and his sweet partner in crime!

Love you guys!


N as Naples… Again!

This is the second post that bears the same title of the one I’ve used for last year’s A to Z challenge and once again I can say that the two are connected.

You’d know by now that I write what I know and what I’ve researched for. You also know that I set my stories in places I’ve visited and that I’ve attended my university in Naples for five years.

Napoli underground. Google search!

Despite being very lazy and paranoid for my own security, hence having not visited a lot of it, I have a clear idea about a few spots I want to use for my novel.
I want to use for sure the historical center and the underground city that goes back to the Roman age. I’ve used the airport and Arzano already.
I think I’ll be using other areas of it but most importantly I’m pretty sure about the flavor of the place: the sounds, smells and sensations you perceive in Naples are different from the other cities, even the most chaotic ones like for example Rome.

I know that it’s quite hard to convey all this on a piece of paper, but it will be my duty as writer at lest attempt to portray the scenes with that unique flavor.
Still in region Campania, but an hour far from Naples, there is Avellino, which kind of look like a mini Naples under some aspects although completely different and with a charm of its own. But it’s not Avellino itself I’ll use; what I will write about will be areas around it, which I visited usually in the weekends and after I moved back home in Tuscany, because it was there that some dear friends of mine live.

I will then use Ariano Irpino and Manocalzati, both surrounded by the mountains. This will be the home of Marta, the strongest of my characters.

While Persefone will grow up in Naples, precisely in Arzano.

I hope that the fact of having lived in those places, at least for a while, will give me the right insight to make the scenes believable despite the fact I’m writing a urban fantasy.

Last time that I tried to make this with Volterra, I was told that reading my book seemed like reading a guidebook. I don’t think it was a fair comment, since came from a negative person just for the sake of it, but I hope I’ll find he right balance in order to give reality to a fantastic story.

What do you think?

Any tip to reach the balance?

Do you write about what you know or you just guess about real places?
Write to me in the comments below!

K as Kin

I knew that sooner or later I’d be publishing in late. K was yesterday’s letter. Mum came here in visit from Italy, this week is taking its toll and so I haven’t managed. I hope I’ll be able to publish both letters K and L today and get back on track.

This blog too should have been a different topic altogether, the Kelpie, but I realized I’ve used it already for last year challenge so I decided to change it.

Somewhat is connected with the other one anyway so I’m quite happy with the swap.

As I mentioned before, one of the most important recurrent characters will be the grandpa Wallace, who’s a kelpie. So I might as well as talk about kin and family.

The reason why I’m so concentrated on the topic is connected to the explanation I gave before: I’d love to leave a message behind in my writing and family is one of my core values.

Here I ask you two of the most important questions I’ve always asked to myself: would you be able to love someone who you’ve just met (and he or she is told to be part of your family) just because you know is family? Like the Little Lord Fauntleroy for example. The little fellow is brought to England to his grandpa who’s hated by everyone and loves him dearly instead just because he’s the grandpa!

But to this is linked another question: despite knowing that someone isn’t your family, would it be possible to love him or her like family and not just as friends?

I’d be very surprised if you never asked yourself at least one of these questions even once in your life.

I did, actually more than once and I have to admit that for the first one I don’t really have any clear reply but just speculation. I just guess that maybe you could love a member of family, maybe after knowing him or her better, but I’m not sure. There are such assholes in mine that I feel like putting a huge question mark on the topic.

As for the second question I surely agree with what Supernatural characters have to to say: family doesn’t end with blood.

You know I’m pretty obsessed with this show, I won’t lie to you!

However, it’s not of the show itself I want to talk about, but more one of the messages behind the lines: family doesn’t end with blood and also that family, the one you pick, blood or not, is important!

It seems that the actors want to remain consistent on this too. It is well documented by the press in their public appearances that they’re all very close and behave like family.

Also they show a nice caring attitude to their fans as well, as they call them Supernatural family. They even created some support groups for them, which I volunteered for, at least for the few hours I can spare, because I think it’s a great idea.

I firmly believe that this second thing might happen, and sometimes is even more probable than the first.

This I experienced with my dearest friends, Mili, Silvi and Nani. They’re not friends anymore, they’re family!

What’s your thoughts about it?

Let me know in the comments below!

Christmas holidays 

Christmas2016-1Hello again dear readers, 

There is no much news here, I’m still sick with a severe bronchitis, but I feel much better. The variation is that I’m going back to work soon!

The reason why this blog doesn’t explode with posts like I would like, since I’ve been home sick for over four weeks is due to the fact I’m very worried. I haven’t blogged nor written my novel nor plotted nor anything else. 

I’ve been focusing on a file I hope I’ll find useful when I’ll finally manage to go back to work. I’m still in probation, right?

Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me, please!

A part from that I basically did nothing and tried to rest, because during the night I still don’t sleep. 

You might wonder why I cannot cut 20-30 minutes a day for my stuff. Actually I don’t have an answer for this and although I wonder it myself, I’ve never managed to find one. If you have any kind of advice, please, I beg you, give it to me! 

I feel ridiculous honestly. It’s seriously impossible that a human being cannot take 20 minutes for herself in a whole 24 hours day. 

Said that, I decided I’m going to tell you about my Christmas holiday, possibly before February kicks in! 

Nothing fancy, I went back home. But it was good, I needed it. 

We weren’t sure we could spend our holidays at home until the last day,  since my partner’s company was in a very delicate situation, but eventually we managed. 

It’s always a variegated and strong mixture of feelings when you go home and everybody who lives abroad knows that.

What kind of feelings kick in when you go back there, depends on your background, on your character, on what you’ve left there when you moved. 

Lately I grew very nostalgic and very needy of my family, sister in law, my best friends as I was feeling incredibly lonely here. 

I mean I love meeting new people, I’m a sociable person and I have to say it’s rare I don’t like someone. 

However, I don’t really have a strong bond with anybody at the moment and so I feelChristmas2016-2 a bit isolated. 

Going back was nice. Although I couldn’t meet my best friends because they live too afar from my mum, it was nice to catch up with the old group and celebrate the holidays and Maya’s bi
rthday with family. 

Of course there is the little dark spot of my partner’s family I personally hate that have to pollute every single event, but I’ve complained even too much for a single post.

On the 22nd was my daughter’s 4th birthday. She’s so big already!

I decided to organize the party in our friend’s medieval pub and it was a success as the previous one. 

I have also to thank for this party two people: my mum and Ilaria who managed to follow my creasy directions from here and provide all the necessary for the event. 

Ilaria also took charge of the entertainment for the few kids who attended. She made face painting, some decoration, a piñata and a nice poster of Olaf where the children had to attach carrot in place of his nose. 

It was very funny and Maya had a ball really.

Then I had my day off of the year and I spend it with the best sister in law you could ever imagine for yourself. She’s not only my sister in law, she’ s also one of my dearest friend. 

I went to Lucca, and joined her and my brother for lunch. It was amazing and relaxing at the same time. I needed time with them. We tried to talk about everything…well, let’s say we manage to nibble at several topics, but we couldn’t do more. 

Then I went with her to the hairdresser and I had my hair cut and then it was dinner with the whole family in my mum’s place.

Christmas was spent in my sister in law’s mum’s place. 

Her family is very nice, is like I’ve adopted another family and I felt very relaxed and at home. 

The memoir of these days will be my charm I’ll hold onto whenever I’ll feel down or homesick. It won’t be like being at home but it will keep me company all the same. 

I didn’t go into details, I just upload a few pictures, mainly because I want to keep those for me, otherwise I’m afraid it will lose the charm effect I was talking about. 

Christmas2016-3As you know I didn’t do any list about the changes I want to make in 2016, that actually started in a very bad way, but I want to promise you, my dear readers, that I’ll do my best to update these pages at least once a week!

That’s it for now! 

Let me know in the comment how you spent you holiday! Any fun fact you want to share with me?

W as Writing

                                   Google search. I didn’t know what to put as picture, and I love memes, so this is perfect!!!!

The first time I went to Listowel writer’s week I was alone, my partner waiting at home. I went to a cafe to eat something with another writer and the lady organizing the accommodation came to meet us and say hello.

After a brief talk about our passion and us she turned to the other writer and asked “Are you so serious about writing as well?” She just smiled awkwardly in reply.

After this episode, I’ve always thought what I manage to communicate to people around me and wondered whether they understand how important writing is for me. Unfortunately I believe that the majority of them just think I’m weird.

For me writing isn’t a game and isn’t a hobby, that’s maybe why I become so frustrated when I don’t manage to write for some reason.

I’m trying to do my best considering the small amount of time I have for me, but I don’t do even a third of what I’d love to.

As I mentioned before on these pages I started my writing quite early but I also stopped as early.

I wrote exactly 15 pages of notebook when I was still in elementary school, but the negative and disheartening comment of my dad prevented me to continue.

I also said that my ideas were still there in a remote side of my brain and kept brewing. My creativity was recognized only when a Christmas or birthday card needed to be written but nothing more than that.

When I wrote my graduation thesis I discovered not only my passion for researching and writing a whole book but also for bending my work a bit from the general rules and be more creative. Once again I have to thank prof. A. who let me do so.

However, it was only when I came here in Ireland and I met the one who was supposed to become my third best friend, that I started full steam ahead with my dream.

He shared with me his passion for the music and art in general.

I really wanted to emulate him but, most importantly, I wanted to feel too that passion that it’s only half shared when you listen to someone speaking.

So I put pen on paper again and I couldn’t stop at all now. Actually if I stopped again it would be entirely my own fault.

So, despite having restricted time, whenever I can, I write. Writing make me feel good, complete and happy. If I’m sad it’s a way to vent and recover.

Actually at the moment I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to…but I don’t want to, so there is no problem!

I want to become a published writer and write more than one book. I’d take as personal defeat writing only one book or a series and not being able to create more. 

How about you, fellow writers?

Let me know in the comments below!