Previous lifetimes imaginary travel – part one!



One of my doodles

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I started to think about the theme of previous lifetimes.

Now, I don’t want to pretend I know something about it and, if any of you happens to be an expert or a real believer, please bear in mind I’m not mocking anybody in writing things about past and possible a few others.

The only aim of these posts is a literary and fantasy exercise.

My aspiring writer brain got stimulated, excited and felt challenged so this is the only meaning behind the following mess!

Before I go on I want to give you another explanation. I’m not even an history expert, so what I did was to open the Wikipedia and look for the history of the world time line.

Here we go then.

This is how I imagine the travel of my spirit across the ages:

3200 BC –  I was living in a small village in the south of Egypt close to the Nile. I was living of agriculture. Woman.

3000 BC – Accountant of a wood merchant, I could write. This is still in Egypt. Man.

1500 BC – China. I was a merchant-fishermen selling turtle shells or jiaguwen. Woman.

1015 BC – Dynasty V south Mesopotamia. Separate state from Babylon under Ashuri-Hiriari IV. He invaded the Babylon city of Attika. I was his concubine and a couple of evil ideas were mine. Woman.

776 BC – Greece. First Olympic games, when it was still one-day event. I was an athlete of chariot race and I was one of the favorites. However, I broke my leg during one of the competition.  Man.

260 BC – India. Maurya dynasty, Ashoka who move war against the state of Kalinga. Embraced Buddhism after witnessing the mass of the dead following the Kalinga war. In this case I was a poor farmer killed in a fire. Woman.

240 BC – Ireland. Druids were still active, I was one of them. Woman.

200 BC – Mayan civilization. I was the brother of one of the ladies picked for the sacrifice. Man.

42 BC –  Battle of Philippi. Mark Anthony and Octavian defeated the faction who killed Caesar. I tried to kill Cleopatra as I was infiltrating in this faction even after his death. Man.

561 – China. Sui Dinasty. I was minding the children in the palace. Woman.

786 – Viking warrior, woman warrior. Still have to decide where I was exactly –more to come. Woman.

827 – Sicily, Muslim invasion. I was killed during the raid. Woman.

843 – Kenneth McAlpin become king of Picts and Scots creating the kingdom of Alba. I was the butler of the king, but I died of consumption. Man.

866 – Fujiwara period. Japan. The Fujiwara were the most powerful clan during the Heian Period.  I was one of the concubine of the head of the clan. Woman.

1021 – Genji Monogatari is written by Murasaki Shikibu. Japan. I lived with Murasaki but I had several women and eventually I died of syphilis. Man.

1095 – Pope urban issues the crusade. 1096 First crusade. I was one warrior and killed during a watch as I was dozing off. Man.

1199 – Europeans use compasses (astrolabes were in use already). I was a sailor. Man.

1206 – Gengis Khan elected as khan of Mongols. I was one the news bringer and I lived on my horse. We had an accident and died on a desert road. Man.

1306 – Scotland. William Wallace is executed. I was a noble Scotswoman working in secret with the rebels. Woman.

Ok, I guess that I got to enjoy this too much, so I have to divide it two posts.

See you next time!

But please, let me know in the comment what you think about it!!!

Arthurs’ legend

As you all may know I love Merlin as TV show!

After watching it I was so in need to watch the familiar faces of the protagonists of this series once again, and in particular, as you might guess, Colin Morgan’s one, that I start combing youtube videos in search of something nice or funny or scaring to see.

Not after long I came across the following videos and I liked them so much that I decided to share them with you!

They’re basically filmed in the beautiful and charming Wales countryside, while Colin Morgan and Bradley James were travelling in their personal quest of finding the places of the Arthurian legends. I’m not telling you much more, because they cover just half an hour more or less all together, and I don’t want to spoil anything for you!

Although being a woman I should hate the medieval period, I can’t help loving it.

Whenever I think about that a weird image appears in my head, like the opening in a TV show. It’s always the same and to be honest with you I have no clue why it is so and why this particular image was chosen by my brain.

It’s a country hut, with the roof made of hay and straw. The once white walls are matching the roof with a brownish shade. There are a couple of wooden barrels around and all nearby there is an unreal sense of calm and, what I could define, medievalness under a grey sky.

For my brain this would translate my passion and attraction to the medieval period at the very first thought. Then of course my brain goes through other details, but the hut it’s the starting point.

Was it my home in a previous lifetime?

Oh well, the point is that I love everything connected with it, a part from the inquisition squad, and so the legends are appealing.

Here I leave you with these three videos! Let me know what you think about them!