Francesco Gabbani is my number one anyway!


This is a google search.

I’m afraid I didn’t manage to put the videos in the post, please click on the hyperlinks to listen to his songs! 

I’m Italian but I’ve been living in Ireland for the past 10 years.

I’m from Carrara, to be exact, the same home town Francesco Gabbani comes from.

I feel disappointed and angry at the moment, because I really wanted him to win the Eurovision. In my opinion, he deserved it.

Francesco worked hard to be where he is now and improved for sure on the way.

He gives me the idea of a humble person always looking for getting better and better in what he does.

He learned from the basics, learned how to write music, how to play instruments and then wrote the lyrics. He’s spreading in them fantastic play of wording, showing the massive culture he has. To be completely honest with you, I also believe that big part is also due to his talent!

Yesterday, still brooding about the competition’s outcome, I came across a video he shared on his page in which he asked his fans to stay positive as he’s OK and enjoyed the fun of the whole Eurovision event.

Although I still feel annoyed by the whole situation, I’ll try to be positive and explain why I like his music and him as artist.

Mine can be just a voice, I’m not an expert whatsoever in this field, but I believe that voices together make a choir!

And here we go:

I usually don’t listen to Italian music, I simply don’t like it much…well, reading this blog you know I’m a kind of weird Italian anyway, so nothing we can do about it.

However, I cannot listen to anything else lately but his songs.


Well, I narrowed down to three my main reasons:

His songs are made with nice tunes and stick in my head easily.

His lyrics are deep and hook my feelings.

Aaaand, probably the most important, his songs help me a lot and give me strength to keep going on in my personal dream.

You all know, my dear readers, I’d love to become a writer. I digged out my dream from a dusty drawer 10ish years ago, when I met my best friend, musician as well.

It’s not easy, and the most of the times I feel down, not only  because I have next to zero spare time, but also because my self-confidence is difficult to come by.

But Francesco’s songs speak to me. In particular these two:

“Foglie al gelo”

“Un sole”

Listening Francesco’s songs I come to the conclusion that, if your lyrics have a deep meaning, it’s easier to sing them with passion and hence hooking your listeners’ feelings is a piece of cake!

Another feedback I received from everybody, because of my situation, is that I’m too hard on myself.

I almost cried when I listened to “Per una volta”. It seemed be written for me.

He gives me hope, the hope I’ll be able to make it one day, with a lot of work and attempts and, for sure, a lot of falls and rejections.

I think that another song that helps me in every aspect of my life, be it writing, working or simply living and going ahead, is the newest “Magellano”

The fact he’s from my hometown, maybe helps and makes me see him closer to the path I’m trying to take in the artistic field. I might make it too, if I work my ass off! That’s what I think!

However, the fact he’s from my hometown also generates a regret.

Swallowed by all the bullying I went through when I was in high school, I didn’t realize he was in the same building, only three classes behind. I wonder what would have happened if I had the chances to talk with him. Maybe I would have been inspired, like it happened when I met my best friend, and I’d have started writing earlier.

Anyway is too late, I just have to concentrate on the future!

What I would like to tell him would be:

“Thank you, Francesco, thank you so much for playing your musing and writing your songs. They give me hope and they tell me that I might make it one day. They help to keep dreaming and facing the daily crappy reality. I owe you one!”

And this is my opinion, although I might haven’t managed to give him some justice!

Listen to his songs and let me know what you think!

“…sudore, fiato, cuore…voga, voga…”



I’d love to be like her!


Google search. Love One Piace small Robin!

Maybe one of the most interesting part of being a writer or at least an aspiring writer is getting the ability to live someone else’s life.

You can live through your writing the life of someone similar to you or someone totally different, or someone who you would like to be, it doesn’t really matter.

As for me the characters I love more and I enjoy more to write about are those whose lives I would like to live or the ones I’d never dare to live, like the villains.

It’s not a secret I’m a bit boring and I live a very anonymous life. However, giving a hint of my character to my fictional creations, I can write scenes where I live fully, I dare, I fight, I ride horses, I find a dragon, I use magic and so on…

Likewise, when I read a book or I watch a film or a TV show, when I see a character I like, I start to think how she’s so much better compared to me and how much I would like to be more like her.

True is that, if you take this awe and admiration as push to improve yourself, it might be useful as well.

Following I decided to make a list of fictional characters – it doesn’t matter if from books, films, TV shows, manga or anime – whom I’d love to be alike, at least for a piece of their behavior or attitude!

Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games: I’d love her strength, her practical expertise and her ability to land on her feet after a fall.

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter series: I love her knowledge, her ability to remember so many things after reading them only once.

Sara Lance from Arrow universe: I love her strength and commitment. She’s just cool.

Claire Randall Fraser from Outlander: I’d love to have her spirt of adaptation and her ability to heal won’t hurt either.

Lagertha from Vikings: She’s strong, she’s a warrior and only a greater good can convince her to come to a compromise.

Charlie from Supernatural: she’s smart and nerdy, bust she’s brave as well, sometimes pushing herself over her limits.

Mrs. Errol, mother of Little lord Fauntleroy: she’s a great mother and a great woman. I wish I could be like her.

Molly Weasley from Harry Potter series: she’s a great mother too. I might identify a couple of traits with her as she worries about everybody and caring for them; but at the same time, she’s strong and brave and daring. She can endure whatever pain and offence, but if you’re touching the family, you’re in deep trouble.

Robin from One Piece: she’s a pirate, the one kind I love most – which is the villain with a big heart – but she’s extremely cultured, brave and strong.

I think that’s it, there might be more, but I’m still on time for a later update!

Actually, writing down the names I realized I have a pattern.

I’d basically love to be braver, stronger, a better mother and have a wider culture.

What I can promise you is that I’ll try my best to be braver, stronger and a better mother. Not sure of what the result will be, but still I’ll do it!

How about you, my dear readers?

Is there anybody you’re admiring so much that you would like to be more like her or him?

Let me know in the comments below!

About Zombie Apocalypse TV shows

Google seaech!

From time to time I write a post about TV shows on this blog and today I’m going to talk about Zombies.

I know everybody is thinking about a new boring post supporting The Walking Dead.

Sorry to disappoint you, I hate The Walking Dead.

I know that writing for the screen is different from books, for different reasons, but all the workshops I attended to left me a kind analytic ability or, if you prefer, compulsive obsessive kind of behavior that prevents me to enjoy a TV show without analyzing it.

This is what happened with The Walking Dead and this is why I don’t like it.

The Walking Dead doesn’t say anything, there is no goal to move the story forward.

I always argue with, well almost everybody because of this. My partner says that the goal of the characters in The Walking Dead is to survive. I’d say that surviving isn’t a goal but one of the required characteristic to make a post apocalyptic world real. Even in Hunger Games they had to survive in the districts, but that wasn’t the point.

Also, I was told to watch the whole series before judging. I honestly don’t need it. I watched the first and second episodes of the first season and they bored  me to death. I couldn’t see the point of the whole hassle. I’ve seen episodes here and there but I was just disgusted. And mind you, I love zombies.

I know some of you would think I’m just a silly know all. But it’s a kind of judging meter I have developed!  I’ve been there with other series like Dexter and Teen Wolf. I didn’t like the first couple of episodes, but watching here and there some others I realized I was wrong and I started to follow them constantly.

Then I was told The Walking Dead is more psychological and it goes down to the characters. Ehm no! It’s zombie, not drama in first place! And secondly, telling the story of a character doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re giving more infos on his or her deep psychological state.

Anyway, don’t think this post is just a long rant about what I don’t like, look back at the title!

I have the perfect alternative: Z Nation!

I don’t consider myself an expert on the matter, so I’ll keep going with my personal opinion.

Z Nation is much, much better than The Walking Dead.

It’s zombie stuff, hence very splatter.

It’s fast paced and believe me, in three episodes you have so much more action than the one you find in The Walking Dead first season.

It’s variegated. Since I haven’t seen the other one properly my constant question to my partner is “is this ever happened in 5 seasons?” And he just shakes his head. I refer usually to alternatives like radioactive zombies or hyperactive zombies on drugs. This sentence is usually followed by him saying “well, but they’re different and this is just a splatter zombie”

Although I think this is pretty much the point, I have to disagree to some extent.

Z Nation has a hint of a story, for how small and silly it might seem the characters have a goal from the very first episode: bring Murphy to California.

That’s it! They have to struggle to survive, like in any post apocalyptic scenario, but they have something to do! AND, little by little, the characters are introduced with their phycology, but it’s diluted in every episode or a rare focused episode. I remember I’ve seen three episodes in row of The Walking Dead, each one focused entirely on flash back, it’s boring and heavy.

By the third episode of Z Nation you know more or less who the characters are.

So you got my point.

I have no clue how many season of Z Nation they’re planning to film and I don’t know if it’s going to worsen but for the moment is much better of that marketing boom of its counterpart.

It’s sad to see like people are always attracted to fashion or to what everybody watches and does rather than thinking about things!!!

W  Z Nation! Well done!

To tell or not to tell!

This is the second light post of the week, as I promised on Tuesday.

Watching so many TV shows I thought about a couple of questions.

I love in general fantasy (really any kind of fantasy), sci-fi and dystopian kind of TV shows, but right now I want to exclude those that take for granted a reality valid for everybody; instead, I want to concentrate on those where just one or only a few of the characters make the difference.

To make an example I don’t want to talk about “Heroes” where basically everybody has a superpower or “Dark Angel” where either you’re genetically modified or not. Basically where people are aware of these realities and more or less the truth is accepted as normality by the majority of them.

What I’m talking about is simpler roles like Nick Burkhardt who finds out to be a Grimm or Scott who’s bitten by an alpha and becomes a werewolf without wanting to be one or again the Winchester brothers who are fostered as hunters with no really any other choice.

And thinking about them I ask: Would you like your best friend telling you he or she’s a supernatural creature or a hunter? If he or she did it, how would you behave?

And vice versa, if you were a supernatural creature or a hunter would you tell them?  And if so, how would you expect them to behave?

I’ve been thinking hard, as hard can be in trivial question like these. Still it’s hard to foresee behaviour on such a particular event. I might think, or I would like to think I’d do something and in the very unreal case the situation arises I might behave in a completely different way!

But as far as I’m concerned, assuming some fictional event could take place, I’d love my best friend tell me she or he’s a supernatural creature. I actually would consider myself lucky and I won’t be any jealous at all! At least on this I can be hundred per cent sure. I’d like to help him or her in doing whatever they’re doing according to my physical limits. Psychologically speaking I think I could do more, I’m an open-minded person!

Vice versa, if I had to be realistic, I might have some problems in telling the truth. The problem would be my self-confidence as usual. I’d love to tell them the truth, actually I’d need it, but I’d be afraid they would run away. So I might keep it quiet for a while trying to think on the best way of telling them and finally being caught by mistake, as I cannot hide anything for too long!!!

At the same time I’d love them to be happy and helpful, like I would be for them in case they were in my position! Of course, once they stop being mad at me because I didn’t tell the truth before! But they eventually will, because they’re my best friend and they know me well and they are aware of my stupidity!

How about you?

Answer in the comments below, I’m very curious!

Croatoan Day


I was looking for a nice and original post for today, and here I am!
When I opened Facebook this morning I found Misha Collins’ post reminding his fans that today is Croatoan Day! This means you write the word on your arm and share it in the net! 
I’m afraid that this will be understood only by Supernatural fandom, still I’m one of them! But in case you want to join the madness, here you can find the episode! I hope you can open it!

For the rest of the day I think I’m going to work on my fantasy world, as you can see on the background! 
Have a good day!