The harvest tide project-review

I want to put in this blog a kind of cultural corner, which means I’m going to write very unofficial and inexpert reviews of the books I love most! This section it was meant to be in my serious blog but there was not much room left so I’ll move it here.

I have loads of review already written but I think I’m not going to put them online. I prefer start anew. I’m going to do a page list instead because I want to keep track of the books I’m reading during one year.

Although I was supposed to read very much I’m not doing it for some reason. I love reading, but I find very hard to find a quiet or not quiet moment to open a book. I think it is something that happens from time to time, maybe I’m too busy or too stressed or whatever. But I’m going to fill this gap as soon as I can. I’m going on holiday in a week time so I hope I can read a lot! This means that if I’m lucky I’ll add more titles in the second part of the year!

I’ll start with a book that I’ve just finished and I think it’s awesome: “The harvest tide project” by Oisín McGann. He’s the writer who ran the workshop I followed few months ago and he was great as a teacher, so I thought I wanted to try to read one of his novels. And in writing he’s as great as in teaching. I think that he’s a bit of performer but apparently you need that bit nowadays.

“The harvest tide project” tells us about two kids, two shape changers who end up in a massive trouble just for their curiosity.

Now, I’m not going to spoil the book whatsoever because is too much fun and nice to follow, so you won’t find any information about the plot here! I’m going to give you my impression anyway.

It is of course the typical teen’s book, where the main characters are of their same age, so they can identify with them. Taya and Lorkrin are troublemaker and also “trouble target” if we can give them some justice. There aren’t many characters in this book, we can count them on the fingers, but still each one of them is well characterized and you can see it alive in front of you.

The story starts just with a little act of disobedience by the two siblings but it’ll end up hundred miles from home putting an end to a war.

Along with the two children there are a scent-seller, Hilspeth, a botanist, Shessil and a warrior, Draegar.  In the second half of the book the group is joined by the uncle of the two children Emos in a more active way.

Oisín in his book created a new fantasy world surrounded by a sea of gas, where the special ships float instead of sailing.

And it’s genius; there are loads of small details like the inside of the houses or the description of the clothes or the physical characteristics of a tribe or the gesture typical of certain groups of people that make everything more believable.

You just have to read it because it’s worth it.

Vote: 10 on 10.

I’m still on holiday…am I?!

I have to say that I fully enjoyed my two days off this week! I enjoyed them so much that I didn’t really want to go back in work!

I spent two days with this friend of mine and it was nice because I could visit Dublin as a tourist! Well better for me; when people will ask me some information about what to visit in Dublin I’ll be more prepared!

Still I think I haven’t been so brainless and so stupid and so ridiculous like the majority of the tourists that come every day where I work.

I’ll talk to you later on about the atrocious things that happen in my work place, but I want to ask you few question before:

1.Why do they get up so early in the morning if they’re on holiday?

2.Why do they run all day long (maybe collapsing at the end of the day in a restaurant)?

3.Why do they ask stupid question all the time, like where is the exit in front of an exit sign?

4.Why do they walk like zombies looking around and not in front of them, creating in this way endless queues?

5.why do they ask stupid questions about simple things you’ve just finished to explain?

6.Why don’t they ever understand simple question like “where are you from”?

7.Why do they go in the opposite direction when you’re clearly kicking their asses towards the way they’re supposed to take?

These are only a few questions that I ask myself every day and sometimes every hour, while I’m in work and I’ve honestly tried to find an answer! The only problem is that although you try to give an explanation (actually valid for all the question…you see? For the fist time you have multiple question instead of multiple answers!)you’ll never get the truth! Don’t tell me that the following could be real otherwise it’s better I look on you tube for a video teaching me how to commit hara-kiri! One lesson!

So the possible answers are:

because they’re stupid

because they want to win the zombie awards of the year 2010

because they don’t charge their brain before leaving their country…and when they arrive here they realize that they didn’t bring the adapter/the battery charger

because at the check in at the airport they are asked to leave the brain there…too much liquid

because their neurons are doing a separate holiday

because they  have their heads with them simply because they’re attached to their neck

Do you know what? Whatever answer you choose you’ll get the right one and the wrong one at the same time! But enjoy and good luck!

Tomorrow I bet it will be a wonderful Saturday full of intelligence!! Yippy, lucky me!

My little brother panda!

It is said that you choose your family. I don’t think it’s just a cliché, I think it’s true. According to this I’m proud to say that I have three siblings: two sisters and one brother. I’ll introduce you them all, sooner or later, but I’ll start today with my brother!

They all live in Italy and I really miss them, but it’s been few days now that I feel particularly nostalgic and the one I miss the most is my wonderful brother! He’s my personal guru and hero and he moved back to Italy to play with his band, the Sound of Soul. He’s a drummer!

Actually I worked two years with him here in Dublin but I feel like I’ve known him for ever (previous lifetime included!) and he’s one of the most important people in my life! It’s thanks to him that I’m writing now, he gave me back my dream!

Today I was shopping around with a friend of mine and I basically saw everything that just remembered him to me! I mean, do you believe in coincidences? I actually do, but I guess that today it was just destiny/fate/karma having serious fun with me! I cannot explain in a different way!

I’ve actually seen drum sets everywhere (I’m not talking about instrument or music shops!), I was offered dark, very dark, chocolate and I saw pandas everywhere! I guess I’ve done something very bad without realizing it because I cannot explain in another way!

What I would like to say is that I love my little brother and I miss him very much! And for the next concert I wish him good luck! You rock!

This is a video of his band

When I’ll be…

It’s funny to witness the changes that happen in the life of human being.

How many times we said “When I’ll be 18….when I’ll be older…when I’ll live alone”? I believe hundred times in our life. Or at least in our living-with-parents-life I would say!

I was thinking about that this morning, cleaning the house for a friend’s arrival.

Now this is very good occasion and my house is gratefully blessing this friend of mine because it needed a real tidy-up and also a cleaning session!

It was hundred times easier when grandma, mum or whoever was hired for the job DID the job!!!

I have to admit now that my full time job, my writing stuff and my not so strong will don’t let me clean or tidy the house like I wish…

I understand that it is better, it is nicer to live in it once the job is done and also it has a good perfume of clean, but still housekeeping is not at the top of my priority list. (Hey I’m not saying I’m living in a garbage dump, but neither in a shiny castle!)

There are people who say that artists should live in the mess, because that’s very good to create! I kind of agree with them because in my mess I can find everything…and let’s be honest I’ve always been messy and lazy, but still it was good for me. And maybe I should consider me lucky, very lucky that my partner doesn’t mind and lets me do whatever I want, and still he does help me rescuing sometimes the couch and let it breathe!

I hope this friend of mine won’t be too disappointed, but believe me, there is a huge difference from before!

I cannot imagine what I’ll do when I’ll have kids! I guess I’ll have to hire someone! So it’s better I work now to become rich and famous….or I could start to play lotto!!!

Introducing Dr. Franny

I’m running away from my blog! Too stressing, too tiring, and too reasoning at the back of each post!

The solution I’ve found is to open a new blog!

I’m a writer, folks, so I don’t have any other means of expression if not putting words on paper…or on file…or on whatever let me write!

Of course that doesn’t mean I’m going to delete the other blogs I have, because those are the ones I need to show my work and myself as I writer, but I realized that I needed something more and something different.

A place where express myself with lighter topics, no hurry, no deadlines, loads of grammar errors! I owe the latter to my dear proof-reader who was swimming in my post, reviews, and short stories and so on!

That’s why this blog was born!

I was so concentrated on what I had to do, that I lost completely the first aim of the blog itself: show me as a person, with strong and weak point, with her likes and dislikes! It’s like I’ve lost myself in a way and this is not good.

I thought than, that dethatching this blog form the rest, but not completely because I love too much writing, would help me to find my Mr. Myself and apologise! Most of all I want to tell him that I’m writing this blog for the joy of writing, which is exactly what I should have done in first place! Well, I actually did it, but I ended up stressing me too much and this isn’t good either! So you’ll probably find here nonsense, grammar errors and so on! But welcome to my brain party!

I think that’s that for the moment! And if you think I’m mental it’s fine, probably you’re right, but I’m not dangerous!

I’m just a writer!