Writing and Reading log – February 2017


I meant to write this post two days ago, my dear readers, but I didn’t really manage!

I have to say that, a part from a recent setback, I’m proceeding both with my reading and my writing, slowly but constantly.

As for my WIP, I keep going on with my writing 3 pages a day. I finished the first notebook and the second one is starting to get that shape of lived paper I love. I’m confident enough that I’ll be soon tackling the notebook number three.

On the back of my head I still have that angry voice telling me that I’ll regret this hand-writing thing when I’ll have to type my book into a Word file.

However, I manage to keep this voice at bay telling her that, at least, now my novel is going on steadily.

I’m optimistic today! If I keep going like this, I’ll manage to finish, not only this novel, but all the ones I’ve planned…sooner or later!

True that I’m behind of a few pages lately, but this might always happen.

I’m just happy that, otherwise, this has become a habit, this was my goal.

Next goal is to become able to post a blog every week.

I didn’t manage last week, for example, but I’ll try my best.

Maybe introducing one small goal per time I’ll manage. True is that my spare time is still the same, but It’s a good challenge and I’m on it!


As for the reading, I’m still trying to narrow down the number of the books I’ve started a while ago.

However, since old habits are hard to die, I’ve brought on three of them together and I’ve started again the audiobook Shadow magic, as I didn’t remember the beginning.

So just to summarize.

There is no news for Outlander, Hunger, Irish ghost stories,

Wizards first rule, Memorie del sottosuolo, The wisdom of the dead man, A Song of Ice and Fire, Enciclopedia. Tutta la seconda Guerra Mondiale-volume 1 and Madame Bovary.

However, there is big improvement for the said three titles:

Delitto e castigo – I’m at page 202 on 684.

City of bones – I’m at page 348 on 506.

 The book thief – I’m at page 120 on 554.

 And that’s it for the month of February.

I’m sorry because this month you’ll see two post on the same topic!

As mentioned, I’m trying to get more persistent on this and I’m confident that I’ll reach the point where I’ll blog constantly with no problem.

As usual the problem is I’m not very organized, but still open to advice.

So, in case you have any good one, please write to me in the comment.

Have a lovely day!


I’d love to be like her!


Google search. Love One Piace small Robin!

Maybe one of the most interesting part of being a writer or at least an aspiring writer is getting the ability to live someone else’s life.

You can live through your writing the life of someone similar to you or someone totally different, or someone who you would like to be, it doesn’t really matter.

As for me the characters I love more and I enjoy more to write about are those whose lives I would like to live or the ones I’d never dare to live, like the villains.

It’s not a secret I’m a bit boring and I live a very anonymous life. However, giving a hint of my character to my fictional creations, I can write scenes where I live fully, I dare, I fight, I ride horses, I find a dragon, I use magic and so on…

Likewise, when I read a book or I watch a film or a TV show, when I see a character I like, I start to think how she’s so much better compared to me and how much I would like to be more like her.

True is that, if you take this awe and admiration as push to improve yourself, it might be useful as well.

Following I decided to make a list of fictional characters – it doesn’t matter if from books, films, TV shows, manga or anime – whom I’d love to be alike, at least for a piece of their behavior or attitude!

Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games: I’d love her strength, her practical expertise and her ability to land on her feet after a fall.

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter series: I love her knowledge, her ability to remember so many things after reading them only once.

Sara Lance from Arrow universe: I love her strength and commitment. She’s just cool.

Claire Randall Fraser from Outlander: I’d love to have her spirt of adaptation and her ability to heal won’t hurt either.

Lagertha from Vikings: She’s strong, she’s a warrior and only a greater good can convince her to come to a compromise.

Charlie from Supernatural: she’s smart and nerdy, bust she’s brave as well, sometimes pushing herself over her limits.

Mrs. Errol, mother of Little lord Fauntleroy: she’s a great mother and a great woman. I wish I could be like her.

Molly Weasley from Harry Potter series: she’s a great mother too. I might identify a couple of traits with her as she worries about everybody and caring for them; but at the same time, she’s strong and brave and daring. She can endure whatever pain and offence, but if you’re touching the family, you’re in deep trouble.

Robin from One Piece: she’s a pirate, the one kind I love most – which is the villain with a big heart – but she’s extremely cultured, brave and strong.

I think that’s it, there might be more, but I’m still on time for a later update!

Actually, writing down the names I realized I have a pattern.

I’d basically love to be braver, stronger, a better mother and have a wider culture.

What I can promise you is that I’ll try my best to be braver, stronger and a better mother. Not sure of what the result will be, but still I’ll do it!

How about you, my dear readers?

Is there anybody you’re admiring so much that you would like to be more like her or him?

Let me know in the comments below!

Be a ninja!

I could have been a normal human being, living a normal boring and/or relaxed life, or, considering the amount of things I have to do, a juggler.

Since I’m not good in being neither of them, I decided I’d be a ninja.

Ninjas are great, and also they have that exotic flavor added to being cool.

I know I’m not cool and I don’t like juggling, but I love ninja!

I know you are wondering what I’m talking about!

It’s understandable, only who knows me better can follow me in my thoughts and random rant.

This, my dear readers, is a mad rant or a rant voiced by my madness.

I’m very tired and I’m a tad sad as well, as I’m not able to do all the things I’d love to do…. everything as usual, right?

All these lines just to say the following: I’ve been trying to prepare a blog post for days, but I’d need a bit more time, so I decided to introduce you to my ninja family of three: ninja-ma, ninja-da and ninja-jr.

I realized I have to laugh about things, otherwise my brain will suffer more than is doing now, hence the idea. Also I love doodling, I’m not by all means an illustrator, and sometimes I try to convey in my doodle my feelings.

I don’t think they’re well drawn but I think they’re understandable.

I’m saying all this because I might share with you some more of my doodles in the future!

For now, here is my ninja family!


St. Patrick’s day relief!

I want to wish you all Happy St. Patrick’s festivities!

Since I’ve opened this blog, I’ve done it.

Google search!

I have a news for this year though, a news that could be very sad for someone but somewhat sweet for me!

Unless something very peculiar would happen in my new workplace, there won’t be any post-Paddy’s blog.

The reason is that I don’t work in the monster factory anymore and, because of that, I won’t be witness of the stupidity that comes out in tourists during these events.

I’m quite happy and relaxed actually, as I’ll be able to take my breaks as any other human being, I’ll be able to paint my nails in green without asking permission AND, this is a huge plus, I’ll be finally able to wear my naked leprechaun earrings!

I love weird earrings, you know that, but this is not even the point.

The real point is that, finally, I’m in a place where people appreciate my character and I can express my being weird without being called cuckoo!  

Yes, they’ve done there…and more than once.

At the same time, I wish my ex-colleagues, well the ones I love and I miss, all the best!


This is me instead! Well, my hand!

I’m officially in Béloland!

Little present I got!

Little present I got!

Hello my dear readers, I hope you’re all good!

My planned post for this week was different, and I know I gave you some news already, but I have such a great and unexpected one, that I wanted to share it with you.

After all, this blog follows my life events, with no distinction, so here I am, happy like I haven’t been for a while!

You know that I’ve started working in a new place last year. You also know that I was in probation and that it was extended. Also you’re aware of the big wave of bad luck that has hit me from January onwards.

Until now!

Finally, the first good news of the year: I’ve passed the probation! I’m officially in!

I was given the good news by my micro-team, my lead and my team coordinator. They made me a surprise and I was so excited that my hands were shaking for the strong mix of emotions. I just couldn’t stop to hug them all!  

The Italian team is very big so it was divided in three smaller ones.

I know I thanked my micro-team already on Facebook, and I might sound very cheesy, but since I consider this blog more important and I feel more comfortable writing here, I’ll go into details!

I’ll introduce them one by one and thank them singularly because they deserve it and because… I said so!

Also be warned, that the following descriptions will seem a bit repetitive and maybe they are. This might be annoying for someone, but it just shows me how lucky I am I ended up in this particular mini team of people so similar to me.

So let’s get started!

Mariangela, my lead. She’d been of great support during the past months. She’s sweet, encouraging and treat us like we were her kids. I don’t mean in the patronizing negative way, what I mean is that she loves and cares for us in a way a mum would do. She’s not only lead but friend, which is something amazing, in particular if you consider the working history I had!

Fede, she’s one of the nicest person I’ve ever met. I’ve never seen her sad or grumpy once. She’s helped me a lot practically with tons of feedback and advices. She always has a joke or a good and nice word for everybody.

Elena is sweet. She’s honest and direct, telling you the truth at any time. She has a huge respect for everybody and she helped me with many useful advices. She was also a great moral support, in particular when I was in needy mood.

Chiara is the youngest not only of our-micro team, but also of the whole one. Despite that she’s wise. She helped me at the very beginning when I was spitted out of the second training and my brain looked very much like a puzzle scattered on the ground!

Matteo is the gentleman of my micro-team, and he’s so very sweet. He always has a nice word for everybody. It’s incredible how he understands when someone needs help, a good word or a hug. And it’s hard to explain how I appreciated this peculiarity of his in the past few months!

Cristiana, or as we call her zia Cri, is a firm, expert and wise member of our team. You want to know something, she knows it. She has also this new age side that makes her sweet tones and behavior even more welcoming.

Loredana is our smiling and sweet great voice. She’s a singer and she’s one of the nicest and sweetest member of our team. The funniest part is that her face is so sweet and good natured that even when she doesn’t say anything, it calms you down and make you feel at ease.

Stefania is the heart of fire of our mini team. She has such a strong personality, l admire the direct way she speaks and the powerful aura all about her. At the same time, she loves cats and she has a kind smile so to be perfect for us too.

Outside my team I have to say a big thank you to other three people.

I mean, my gratitude goes to the whole team and the other two leads as well, but the people I’m mentioning have a special place in my heart.

Luca, he’s our team coordinator. I’ve never met a person like him. He remembers everything, he cares about everybody. He organizes surprises for each and every member of the team, and we’re almost thirty. He has a kind and encouraging word for everybody. He understands your character and gives you advices accordingly. He’s sincere and very sweet.

Everybody loves him in the team, when he’s on holiday we greatly miss him.

Stefano. I’m fond of this guy, just because he looks really alike my brother. He’s fairer that my brother but some of the expressions and way of behaving are so very likely. But apart from this, he’s willing to help any time, very sweet and extremely skillful in explaining things.

Fede, the original one, I met her when I still was working in the monster factory. First of all, it’s thanks to her that I had the opportunity to join this awesome company.

Also she’s so very sweet, always ready to listen to you, your rants and your fears; kicks your butt to make you react when you see only black; motivates you to improve and make it even better.

I owe her a lot, I will always owe her a lot.

So thanks for reading this and bearing kindly my chatterboxness, if you let me invent a new word.

Next posts will go back to normal…well normal, it depends what you mean for normal!

Thanks again!

Have a lovely week, my dear readers!

Franny’s news-February 2016

Google search! I love rainbow colors!

This is another kind of post you haven’t seen for a while.

It is true that I often give you news scattered in all the other blogs, but because I’m going to write a few posts in the future that will seem pure nonsense, I think an explanation is in order.

At least you won’t think I’m more odd than I usually am!

You all know by now that I was very sick last month and despite feeling better I still don’t feel OK.

Thing is that during those two weeks’ climax of my bronchitis, I didn’t know what to think. I was scared and my hypochondria reached its peak.

Hence I went back to talk with a friend of mine who’s decided a few months ago to take a nice path towards the self respect and healthier life style.

When he talked about diet and sport and such for the first time a few weeks before, I didn’t want to listen really, mainly because I don’t like myself. Actually no, to be precise I swing from hating me to not stand my own presence.

Then, because I was scared and because I though that I should do this at least for my little one, I started to think that I could go into further details.

The deal is basically follow the European guidelines for cancer prevention.

There are many video of conference held by this oncologist Franco Berrino to help out if you need.

So I changed my diet, I started eating more vegetables, more pulses, almost eliminating meat and milk. Of course you have to stay clear from processed meat and food, usually full of sugars.

You should stop assuming sugars of any kind as well, but I’m finding this bit extremely hard.

This is increasingly more interesting day by day. I though it was harder that it actually was. I love vegetable and pulses anyway, but thanks to the variegated canteen I have in work, I keep experimenting vegetarian and vegan dishes that the most of the times are delicious.

I’m learning new ingredients like the bulgur, like the quinoa e how to cook them.

Along with that I had to start taking seriously to exercise more. I have to admit to be very lazy, so even the short walks I was taking a couple of months ago seemed to be such a heavy burden that every excuse was good to drop them.

Now, instead, I’m so determined that I found a way to put me in a position where I have to do it.

I still walk, from my place to work this time. It’s an hour long walk along the canal. I put my training suit on and I walk briskly towards my office, change in the bathroom and then start my day with a healthy breakfast.

To make it nicer and more appealing I had the idea to download again the audiobook app.

I’m listening to the second book now, since I’ve started, and I began to feel satisfied.

So satisfied, in fact, that I started to make some movement even during the days off.

I haven’t lost any weight so far, but I feel better, more energetic and not bloated anymore.

Well, except the last few days that I feel crap since I might have taken another infection…I’m a bit unlucky lately!

Still, I kept walking, despite my partner yelling at me that it’s not that wise to walk at -2 degrees if I don’t feel good.

So I trust this change, and I hope against hope that at lest this time it will be consistent.

I don’t trust myself much in general. When I decide to make a change, in particular so drastic, as consequence of fear, it usually stops when the determination fades away or the fear is far to be felt so strong.

I hope I’ll keep going!

Last news is that I managed to organize a bit better my time and my life or maybe, better, I surrendered to the fact I cannot do more than a certain amount of things, I’m not a superwoman.

Maybe there are faster and better organizers out there, but this is my best. This brought me to relax and organize in a tidier way the time I actually have left from the other duties.

Since then, as I mentioned, I started to walk to work, which means I’ll be able to make some activity and listening to audiobook meanwhile.

Then I decided to sacrifice at least 20-30 minutes from my lunch break and dedicated them to the first draft of my WIP.

Before bed I can spend ten minutes reading and I decided to dedicate the days off to the blog drafts and technical care of it.

Then I decided to be more flexible towards the spare spells of time.

For example, for a series of coincidences I arrived in work earlier this time…well, one and half hour earlier.

So I decided to finalize and publish this blog post, and then, if I’ll have some time left, I’ll do some research and plotting for my book.

I guess that the bottom line here is: I managed to relax a bit, understand I’m a human being not perfect at all, hence I’m not a robot.

Also I started to include some exercise and I started to eat properly.

I guess it’s a good thing, at least for a while. Everybody can improve!

But most of all, following loads of people advice, I should say I’m proud of what I’m doing.

Weird dreams August 2015


River close to my new office!

It’s been a while since I told you any of my weird dreams. 

Since I got up at 5.30 this morning because one of them, I guess it’s time to share them with you again.

As I might have said already, dreaming and remembering once more some bits of them, makes me think I’m relaxing, which makes me happy.

Dreaming is important for me because sometimes gives me inspiration for my writing, although at the moment some images of the new job hunts the dreams in the form of a boring and nasty background! 

So let’s start with last night or this early morning one.

I was in a corridor and there was a person looking like an old Stephen King who came after me once he discovered who I was. I tried to run away and hide behind a door in the middle of the corridor but in a blink he was next to me, he lifted me by the neck and he said “Where is your daughter? I’m going to kill your partner first” and I was destroyed but I had to protect her, so I didn’t tell anything. But then I saw another scene in which a complete stranger was gagging for air. He didn’t kill my partner. I just heard someone shouting “Aaaaalex!”


The night before I was running away from something and at some stage I was waiting in a back garden of someone else’s house, there was a man with me. I don’t remember who he was but at some stage he said “Come piggy, piggy” and then a huge boar came rushing in and I took him down with two arrows well assessed.

This might be the proof that watching Hunger Games films and reading Mockingjay before bed isn’t wise.


I loved the dream of the day before. 

I was ready to sacrifice myself I don’t even remember for what or whom and I was sitting in the Impala with Dean Winchester who tried to comfort me giving me a long romantic kiss. Oh his green eyes…

This means that reading Catching Fire and watching Supernatural before bed, can create a nice surprise!


Following I’ll write down other dreams in no particular order. 

Just remember that I can only recall some scenes, not the whole thing. Like the ones before I can remember only the part that caught my attention. 

I had to find four transparent or white marbles in the most weird places. This was the only way to kill the dragon. Silvana was with me. Someone had a baby but could not be disturbed. The atmosphere wasn’t nice or happy.

We went into a shop. Someone who worked with us found the last marble “Your granddad wouldn’t be happy” I said. Then I realized that the sachet with all the stones already collected was ripping at the bottom.

I tied the two corners (of what I cannot remember!)  to avoid problems. Luckily Maya’s tissue prevented the marble running all over….


There were blue and pink bolts of lightning in the sky. At the same times,  there were deep green cotton balls fluttering in the air. The bolt of lightning were falling vertically and horizontally to the ground and they fell close by. 

I asked Chiara to close the shutters and in that moment I saw the sky, which was sunrise light blue and pink.

I’d say I’ll leave you here, I found the list of past dreams and I promise you I’m going to write them down in the next post! I’ve become a very time crunched person and this post as well was written on a train to work!

But I need blogging as I need reading and writing so I hope you’ll understand my dear readers!

Have a lovely day!

Today is sunny in Dublin too! Well, at least for the moment!