Happy Supernatural Day!

Sorry I just love them! I don't own the image tho!

Sorry I just love them! I don’t own the image tho!

On September 13th we, poor obsessed fellows, celebrate Supernatural Day.

I’m one of this lot.

You know I love the show. To me it has been a mile stone for different reason: it helped to feel a bit braver to watch horror, it gave me inspiration to start planning my book and it helped in meeting a dear friend.

On the top of that, I think that the messages sent through the lines are nice and healthy. Also the cast give us the sensation to be there for their fan, they’re involved in the society and charity as, and sometimes even more than normal people in order to set a good example.

They brought thousands of people to feel like they were part of the big family. And personally, I love them all a lot just for this.

Jensen and Jared are saying in the following video that they want us to see celebrating the day sharing what we think are the funniest moments of the show.

Off the top of my head the following are the funniest! Rather the plain laugh, often I prefer the sarcastic tone of Dean and Bobby. Which is why they’re my favorite characters ever.


On books and adaption…

Latest obsession! This is a Google search!


It’s pretty obvious that I’m a big fan of books, I love to read them, collect them, smell them, reread the ones I loved most.

But you know also, if you’ve followed this blog for a while, that I love films and TV shows. Watching the screen sometimes it’s just relaxing, in particular at the end of the day, when the brain goes on strike…let’s tell the truth.

But how about adaptations?  

Sooner or later, if you’re book and film lover, you’ll cross your path with a book that has been turned into a film or a TV show.

I have to be honest, I’m not a big fan of adaptations but sometimes there are exceptions to the rules.

I could gather here my best moments and experiences.

I think that the very first film adapted from a book I’ve ever seen was “The name of the rose” by Umberto Eco.

In that case, I read the book before and I absolutely loved it. It was a thriller but set in a medieval monastery of friars.

Then I realized that there was a film adaptation made. Actually the actors in this film, Christian Slater and Sean Connery, were giving me a guarantee of a good film. However, form the great expectation the fantastic book gave to me, I was left with just a disappointing feeling of emptiness and disappointment. Useless to say, I read the book a second time.

I think that following that experience, I tried to avoid adaptations for a while. Some of them really not worth to be mentioned.

Then here it is “Harry Potter” series of books. 7 books to read. I lost the count really of how many times I read the lot of them. I love the ideas, I love the feelings they give you, I love the way Queen Rowling unfolded the story and the details.

Then the films were released.

I don’t mind them. I admit that I love the books more, but I don’t mind the adaptations either. My curiosity and wonder are actually stimulated by the special effects, and the way I’m able to see on the screen something I’ve always only imagined.

Also I like the actors, I’m not an expert on the matter, but I think that the quality of acting in these films is pretty high. And of course I love Gary Oldman and Alan Rickman, they are two of my favorites.

Let’s mention too the cameo of David Tennant, whose interpretation was something powerful and fantastic.

This means that I don’t mind to watch them all over again. In this way I’m double satisfied, I can watch the films many times and reread with pleasure the volumes.

True, the film cut a lot from the books, and they decided for an unnecessary 8th film, but still no major disaster was made.

Afterwards I came across “Game of Thrones”. I started with the TV shows. Then, when I had the awful feedback from the editor about my writing, I bought all the books. The reason of this abrupt purchase was that the only advice- no advice that she gave to me was to read in English.

Actually how it went was more or less like: “Can you give me an advice on how to improve my English?” “Well, I’d say you should read in English, but I assume you’re doing it already”

Yes, I was doing it, but I thought that was a nice excuse to buy a book or better many.

Anyway, the point is that for a while I read the books and watched the series at the same time and then I realized that the choice of the actors wasn’t that bad, also the story was pretty much faithfully narrated.

But I cannot be 100% sure, as for some reason I decided to not to spoil myself and not to watch it constantly. I started to follow the series when they decided to change the story and detach from the books.

So I feel I cannot really judge this adaptation, but I assume my feeling is more positive than negative.

After GOT I found “Hunger Games”. To be honest with you, I didn’t really like the first film, as I thought it was like a bad mash of “Contenders” and “Battle Royale”.

However, in one of my visit at Eason’s I found the trilogy sitting on the shelf, the covers very charming. I got closer out of curiosity. I opened the cover and went to the first page. First person, present tense.

My eyes locked to the page and I exited the shop with the three books.

I loved them ever since and I reread them at least three times.

Now, for the sake of this post, in this case I have to record something weird that happened related to this example.

A few days ago I was talking with a friend who claimed that reading the books after having watched the films means spoiling your imagination in favor of the way characters are represented on the screen.

This is true but only in part, at least for me. A good example is “Hunger Games”.

Having read the books only after having seen the first film, at the very beginning the faces of the actors were kind of forcing their way into my imagination.

However, going on with the reading, my own imagination took over and characters were represented in a totally different way.

The biggest example is Peeta, who you all know I love very much. I felt almost offended by the choice they made for the cast. Peeta in my head, from the book description, was totally different.

Also all the cuts they made in the story and the ploys they found to direct the story, including a not- necessary- at -all 4th film, made me a bit cross. At the end of the day though, I don’t mind watching them.

Last example I want to make is with “Outlanders”.

I started to watch the TV show and I liked it.

Looking for spoilers, as usual, I realized that there were books at the base of the TV show and I went to look for information.

I found out that there are actually 8 books and the 9th should be on the way. They’re written by Diana Gabaldon.

I immediately bought the first three to have a look at how they were.

I have to admit they’re simply written, nothing much complicated, but the first person narration and the kind of writing, simple without killing the story with description, makes it pleasant.

It won’t be the best book written in the world, but I like it.

Besides, reading the book and having the first episodes of the series fresh in my head I could understand how similar they are.

The narration and the dialogues are exactly the same, sometimes using the same words.

So far, so good.

But I reserve the right of changing idea when I’ll go on with the story. You never know!

Concluding, leaving aside the massacre they made with “Vampire Assistant” (I don’t even want to talk about it or maybe I will in another post, but I might result kind of unpleasant, so much they ruined “Cirque du freak” series of books), I know at least a couple of TV show, cartoons and films more that I found out are based on books.

Sooner or later, very slowly, I think I’ll be able to buy and read.

What do you think about it?

Do you prefer books or films?

If you prefer books, what do you do in case you come across the representation before?

Let me know in the comments below!

K as Kin

I knew that sooner or later I’d be publishing in late. K was yesterday’s letter. Mum came here in visit from Italy, this week is taking its toll and so I haven’t managed. I hope I’ll be able to publish both letters K and L today and get back on track.

This blog too should have been a different topic altogether, the Kelpie, but I realized I’ve used it already for last year challenge so I decided to change it.

Somewhat is connected with the other one anyway so I’m quite happy with the swap.

As I mentioned before, one of the most important recurrent characters will be the grandpa Wallace, who’s a kelpie. So I might as well as talk about kin and family.

The reason why I’m so concentrated on the topic is connected to the explanation I gave before: I’d love to leave a message behind in my writing and family is one of my core values.

Here I ask you two of the most important questions I’ve always asked to myself: would you be able to love someone who you’ve just met (and he or she is told to be part of your family) just because you know is family? Like the Little Lord Fauntleroy for example. The little fellow is brought to England to his grandpa who’s hated by everyone and loves him dearly instead just because he’s the grandpa!

But to this is linked another question: despite knowing that someone isn’t your family, would it be possible to love him or her like family and not just as friends?

I’d be very surprised if you never asked yourself at least one of these questions even once in your life.

I did, actually more than once and I have to admit that for the first one I don’t really have any clear reply but just speculation. I just guess that maybe you could love a member of family, maybe after knowing him or her better, but I’m not sure. There are such assholes in mine that I feel like putting a huge question mark on the topic.

As for the second question I surely agree with what Supernatural characters have to to say: family doesn’t end with blood.

You know I’m pretty obsessed with this show, I won’t lie to you!

However, it’s not of the show itself I want to talk about, but more one of the messages behind the lines: family doesn’t end with blood and also that family, the one you pick, blood or not, is important!

It seems that the actors want to remain consistent on this too. It is well documented by the press in their public appearances that they’re all very close and behave like family.

Also they show a nice caring attitude to their fans as well, as they call them Supernatural family. They even created some support groups for them, which I volunteered for, at least for the few hours I can spare, because I think it’s a great idea.

I firmly believe that this second thing might happen, and sometimes is even more probable than the first.

This I experienced with my dearest friends, Mili, Silvi and Nani. They’re not friends anymore, they’re family!

What’s your thoughts about it?

Let me know in the comments below!

Being a hero!

Google search!

My dear readers, I’ve started a new TV show: Marvel’s Agent Carter.

To be completely honest I didn’t really like it when I watched the first time. I wanted to give up after twenty minutes into the first episode.

However, since I’m very tired lately, I let it go not really minding what I was watching.

It was when following the third episode (and I leave my mind open to change my opinion in the future because of this) that I got the point of the show, no better, of the character.

I love Marvel’s superheroes, just because they are people with special powers and big problems. But even more because the majority of them are thorn by feelings and issues.

Peggy Carter, however, is one of the few Marvel’s characters to be powerless. Of course if we consider the typical and universally accepted definition of superpowers.  

Maybe we forget that the important and decisive detail sometimes is the point of view of those whom are saved and helped by the hero.

Maybe the whole concept of superpower and superhero is relative and associated to different points of view and opinions.

Agent Carter is set in the 50s, when women were seen as useful as wallpaper and maybe good only for cooking and reproducing the human specie.

Peggy is a special agent, the only woman in a men lead department. She’s smart, intuitive and fights like a man.

So, why is she special then?

She has no superpowers, true, but at the same time she can use and take advantage of her situation.

Walking in a men’s world, not only she’s content in being unseen and underestimated but she pushes her disadvantage to the limit in order to accomplish her mission.

Once reached this conclusion I kept watching the show with great satisfaction and a new eye.

It’s a great and powerful message in my opinion.

I felt amused in watching how a great bunch of self confident and narrow-minded people were easily tricked by an innocent, silly, fragile woman!!!

But then again, this is something that happens every day if you think about that.

The only difference is the reaction of each individual to the adversities.

Anybody can be a hero, at least for one particular person.

A mother could be a hero, a sister, a son, a daughter, a brother, a father, a bartender, a milkman can be the hero and save someone else’s day.

The whole point of my post here is that I understand now that there are two meanings to the word superhero: one is the traditional, Spiderman like meaning; the other one, and maybe the more important, is the title that each and everyone of us give to people who fight till death to live on despite the adversities and possibly helping a bunch of other human beings along the way.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Who’s your personal superhero?

About Zombie Apocalypse TV shows

Google seaech!

From time to time I write a post about TV shows on this blog and today I’m going to talk about Zombies.

I know everybody is thinking about a new boring post supporting The Walking Dead.

Sorry to disappoint you, I hate The Walking Dead.

I know that writing for the screen is different from books, for different reasons, but all the workshops I attended to left me a kind analytic ability or, if you prefer, compulsive obsessive kind of behavior that prevents me to enjoy a TV show without analyzing it.

This is what happened with The Walking Dead and this is why I don’t like it.

The Walking Dead doesn’t say anything, there is no goal to move the story forward.

I always argue with, well almost everybody because of this. My partner says that the goal of the characters in The Walking Dead is to survive. I’d say that surviving isn’t a goal but one of the required characteristic to make a post apocalyptic world real. Even in Hunger Games they had to survive in the districts, but that wasn’t the point.

Also, I was told to watch the whole series before judging. I honestly don’t need it. I watched the first and second episodes of the first season and they bored  me to death. I couldn’t see the point of the whole hassle. I’ve seen episodes here and there but I was just disgusted. And mind you, I love zombies.

I know some of you would think I’m just a silly know all. But it’s a kind of judging meter I have developed!  I’ve been there with other series like Dexter and Teen Wolf. I didn’t like the first couple of episodes, but watching here and there some others I realized I was wrong and I started to follow them constantly.

Then I was told The Walking Dead is more psychological and it goes down to the characters. Ehm no! It’s zombie, not drama in first place! And secondly, telling the story of a character doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re giving more infos on his or her deep psychological state.

Anyway, don’t think this post is just a long rant about what I don’t like, look back at the title!

I have the perfect alternative: Z Nation!

I don’t consider myself an expert on the matter, so I’ll keep going with my personal opinion.

Z Nation is much, much better than The Walking Dead.

It’s zombie stuff, hence very splatter.

It’s fast paced and believe me, in three episodes you have so much more action than the one you find in The Walking Dead first season.

It’s variegated. Since I haven’t seen the other one properly my constant question to my partner is “is this ever happened in 5 seasons?” And he just shakes his head. I refer usually to alternatives like radioactive zombies or hyperactive zombies on drugs. This sentence is usually followed by him saying “well, but they’re different and this is just a splatter zombie”

Although I think this is pretty much the point, I have to disagree to some extent.

Z Nation has a hint of a story, for how small and silly it might seem the characters have a goal from the very first episode: bring Murphy to California.

That’s it! They have to struggle to survive, like in any post apocalyptic scenario, but they have something to do! AND, little by little, the characters are introduced with their phycology, but it’s diluted in every episode or a rare focused episode. I remember I’ve seen three episodes in row of The Walking Dead, each one focused entirely on flash back, it’s boring and heavy.

By the third episode of Z Nation you know more or less who the characters are.

So you got my point.

I have no clue how many season of Z Nation they’re planning to film and I don’t know if it’s going to worsen but for the moment is much better of that marketing boom of its counterpart.

It’s sad to see like people are always attracted to fashion or to what everybody watches and does rather than thinking about things!!!

W  Z Nation! Well done!

H as Hunter’s journal

I don’t have an image for my book yet! I Google searched for this one since Supernatural gave me the inspiration!

As I promised in my F post, today I’ll talk about my second WIP: Hunter’s journal, again a working title.

This one is an urban fantasy/supernatural book. I’d say horror as well but I’m not entirely sure that my ability and my style would allow me to dip in that genre too.

I’m not even half a way through the story and the setting compared to my high fantasy, but the idea shouldn’t be so bad.

As it happened for Franny’s travel, Hunter’s journal had gone through several changing and transformations. I had to merge together different elements but I’m pretty happy with the route it’s been taking lately.

First thing first, the main characters. They actually come from two different short stories. One is from Marian and Grace, although their name now is Marta and Demetra (Demeter in English). The other one is Lillian from Ghost’s trick, although her name is Persefone (Persephone in English) now.  They are hunters, though they don’t know they are and they have to undergo lot of training and, most of all, they have to learn how to live with their new reality now. Both the short stories are in my short stories page here on this blog if you want to have a look at them.

As you might know I’m a big Supernatural fan and a few years ago I decided I wanted to write a fanfiction about that. I loved so much the setting, the story and the characters that I wanted more.

After a lot of thinking and, since my imagination took over, the ideas started to pile up and also I had new elements.

The consequence was I decided to create something on my own. I’m happy to keep the basic characteristics of the world Eric Kripke created such as salt can block spirits; salt and burn a corpse can stop the apparitions and dead man blood can drug a vampire, but I’m creating my whole new story with brand new characters.

There is one more thing. A person I thought was a friend, probably by mistake, gave me a good advice. Since my major problem to pitch an editor or an agent would be my English, I should use the fact I’m native Italian as strength rather than a weakness. Thus this book or series of books, I don’t know it yet, is set in Italy and Ireland and the two main characters are Italian and one of them almost Illiterate when the story begins.

My hope is that someone will see the story behind the language and would find it consistent with the fact that the grammar and the sentence structure is kind of messed up and will concentrate on the story itself.

And that’s also why the main project I’ve been working on for the past eight years and from which Franny’s travels generated, had become something I’ll use for a literary blog!

Does it make any sense? Am I wrong?

Does someone want to read the first lines of this WIP too?

Let me know your answers and thought in the comments, please! Thanks a lot!

To tell or not to tell!

This is the second light post of the week, as I promised on Tuesday.

Watching so many TV shows I thought about a couple of questions.

I love in general fantasy (really any kind of fantasy), sci-fi and dystopian kind of TV shows, but right now I want to exclude those that take for granted a reality valid for everybody; instead, I want to concentrate on those where just one or only a few of the characters make the difference.

To make an example I don’t want to talk about “Heroes” where basically everybody has a superpower or “Dark Angel” where either you’re genetically modified or not. Basically where people are aware of these realities and more or less the truth is accepted as normality by the majority of them.

What I’m talking about is simpler roles like Nick Burkhardt who finds out to be a Grimm or Scott who’s bitten by an alpha and becomes a werewolf without wanting to be one or again the Winchester brothers who are fostered as hunters with no really any other choice.

And thinking about them I ask: Would you like your best friend telling you he or she’s a supernatural creature or a hunter? If he or she did it, how would you behave?

And vice versa, if you were a supernatural creature or a hunter would you tell them?  And if so, how would you expect them to behave?

I’ve been thinking hard, as hard can be in trivial question like these. Still it’s hard to foresee behaviour on such a particular event. I might think, or I would like to think I’d do something and in the very unreal case the situation arises I might behave in a completely different way!

But as far as I’m concerned, assuming some fictional event could take place, I’d love my best friend tell me she or he’s a supernatural creature. I actually would consider myself lucky and I won’t be any jealous at all! At least on this I can be hundred per cent sure. I’d like to help him or her in doing whatever they’re doing according to my physical limits. Psychologically speaking I think I could do more, I’m an open-minded person!

Vice versa, if I had to be realistic, I might have some problems in telling the truth. The problem would be my self-confidence as usual. I’d love to tell them the truth, actually I’d need it, but I’d be afraid they would run away. So I might keep it quiet for a while trying to think on the best way of telling them and finally being caught by mistake, as I cannot hide anything for too long!!!

At the same time I’d love them to be happy and helpful, like I would be for them in case they were in my position! Of course, once they stop being mad at me because I didn’t tell the truth before! But they eventually will, because they’re my best friend and they know me well and they are aware of my stupidity!

How about you?

Answer in the comments below, I’m very curious!