Writing log- September


If you hadn’t seen the reading log post for a while, I bet you don’t even remember when it was the last time I posted something about my writing progresses!

So I’d say it’s about time! This post was really overdue!

If I think this way, I realize that I managed to be a shame even as aspiring writer, other than as mum and generally speaking as human being!

I opened this blog mainly to speak about writing and not being able to write more often about writing seems a bit silly.

However, let’s see whether I’ll manage to avoid a too long rant and keep going with the update on my writing status!

If you thought I’m doing a big mess with books, reading my previous post, you can easily guess I’m doing the same with writing.

And you’d be right!

I have so many notebooks, pieces of paper, apps on writing, drives connected to my emails, files on my computer and laptop, that I really have a huge mess going on.

In other words, I don’t know what is where!

Despite that, in the attempt to give a tidy up of this endless sea of bytes and paper I narrowed down to four, at lease for the moment, the number of notebooks that I always have at hand.

Here you have them in the pictures!

From the left:

Orange notebook – In here I’m jotting down the elements of the new project, the urban fantasy about hunters. I’m putting notes of my researches, notes on the world building, notes about the plots and the characters.

Sheep notebook – In this one I’m trying to tidy up and give a more or less definitive form to the plots about my high fantasy world. Each plot is followed or is going to be followed by the list of characters, maps and main information about the world or the particular nation.

Gray notebook – It’s where I’m writing the actual book. A part from the fact that I had too many files on the computer, I realized that I couldn’t stay in front of the screen too long anymore. As I’m working in front of a computer now, I barely manage to update this blog, so in order to keep writing I’m using pen and paper…old style!

It seems that it’s working at the moment, let’s keep the fingers crossed!  

I’ll curse myself for sure when I’ll have to pass all the writing into the computer – eventually I’ll have to – but for the moment it’s important to move on!

Small notebook – As you might read on the cover, this one is the notebook where I write the ideas I have for the blog. I usually bring it with me at all the times, everywhere, so I won’t lose any idea anymore.

Of course this means that also weird dreams and ideas for my books are going in there, but at least I know where they are…at least for now.

Once these notebooks will be finished and I’ll have to start a new one, I wonder whether I’ll be able to find them a place in where I’ll always be able to find them or they’ll get lost as the previous ones.

It might seem that I treat them like I didn’t care, but it’s not so. I’m just messy.

So, aspiring writers out there, can you give me an advice on how to tidy up the mess or sort the situation?

How do you do?

How do you organize your writing?

How do you manage not to lose your stuff?

Please, please, please write to me in the comments below!

Those, at least, won’t get lost!


S as Sonrisa

This is the entrance of Sweet Moment. And it's the first adventure for Fran!

This is the entrance of Sweet Moment. And it’s the first adventure for Fran!


Sonrisa is the name of my fantasy world. It’s an archipelago and, if you know a bit of Spanish you can imagine the shape the islands assume when put on a map. It’s a big smile, or at least it used to be.

I’ve been working on Sonrisa for the past eight years now, but the idea was born in its core years before that. I think I was still in high school when I though about a story, that back then I wanted to turn into a comic, about three flowers and its inhabitants.

I realized that drawing wasn’t my thing. The result was that I put on a side the whole comic project and the story with it.

Despite that I kept thinking about my three flowers and the story behind them! I still have the drawings somewhere.

When I decided to turn seriously back to writing again, the core idea was still there but then new ideas joined the basic one and little by little the small garden size setting turned into a huge world. 

I kept feeding my ideas, working on details and races and every single detail you can think about. 

I have to be honest with you. Although I’ve been working on this world for so long I can’t write the word “end” yet. There are many details I have to adjust.

I know you might think that I could be one of those people never happy and you might be right. But still my main aim is to avoid lack of consistency and deus ex machina I really hate in books.

I hope sooner or later to be happy enough with it. 

For the moment, as I mentioned in my previous post, I’m letting travel my alter ego with the aim, among the others, of fixing the last details that need to be fixed. 

What do you think?

Do you think there is a limit in world building?


F as Franny’s travels

This is where the story starts...Baby Fields in Licorice village, Dough Land!

This is where the story starts…Baby Fields in Licorice village, Dough Land!

Franny’s travels is the working title of my high fantasy WIP!

As you know, I’m working on two different things at the moment, and Franny’s travels is one of them. The other one is Hunter’s journal and you’ll read something about that on H letter day!

I’ve been working on my fantasy world for the past eight years and I began a series of books set in that world as soon as I was working on it.

After a while I realized that the story wasn’t strong enough and maybe that was due to the fact that all the details weren’t decided yet.

So I tried to figure how to keep writing and at the same time tidy up the bunch of ideas brewing in my head.

The year Maya was born I decided to tweet about an adventurous travel. The point was to create something but at same time to give me an excuse to polish and embellish my fantasy world that was imperfect! Life, as usual, got in the way so I ended up in hospital for twenty days only four months after having the baby and I had to stop my literary travel.

But if my actions were forced to stop, my brain was far from being kept in its place.

I realized that the story was without a real aim, a part from the one of knowing my world better, and wasn’t that good. I thought nobody would fully appreciate it, as it really looked like a shopping list. I can do that in my personal notes, so I told myself.

As result I stopped tweeting in my fictional account, I did what I could to cope to everyday life in between a growing kid and work and my passion for which I’ve always tried to struggle more than for anything else!

However my thinking kept producing ideas, details and side stories, until I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I had to take the whole thing in consideration again and guess what, I realized that not only my world had evolved but also my main character and the whole setting.

When I put pen on paper again I realized that not only I had one plot to follow but almost 15. This was amazing.

So I decided to start all over again and write it down, this time as a journal, to be exact a travel journal.

The idea is to put everything on Internet and create a fictional blog, of course when I’ll manage to finish to write it down, edit and proofread it.

You’ll understand better my choice when I’ll tell you about the other WIP!

Of course I’ll tweet again about that, but it will be tidier and a better story. I’m looking forward to it, although I have no clue how long will it take! Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Would you be curious to read the first few lines? Let me know in the comments!

The 777 writing challenge

Since I’m still recovering from my weekend de fuego and I didn’t post anything at the beginning of the week, I was very happy to read the post on Lynette Noni’s blog about an interesting challenge. I guess it would suit me also because I was looking for an excuse to show you some of my work in progress.

I promise I’ll tell you more in the next post about Paddy’s festival, but I’ll just leave you here a hint. In the three days I was in work we had 22.090 people…yes no mistake in typing the number. You understand I’m still knackered!

Now, back to business, here you can find Lynette’s post. I found her piece very intriguing!

And here is the original post she was tagged in.

So basically according to the challenge you go to the 7th page of your WIP and then you count seven lines down the page and you write in your post the next 7 lines. Last thing to do is to tag 7 blogger to do the same in their blogs.

Since I’m working on two different things I decided to offer you a bit of both. It’s kind of difficult to count the lines because I’m handwriting the both of them for the moment, so I’m going to count what I have in my notebooks!

First I’ll give you a glimpse of Hunter’s Journal, which is the working title of my urban fantasy set in Dublin and southern Italy and it will be the one I’ll use to try and pitch an editor. Just, please, consider that the character who’s writing here is very ignorant and almost illiterate!


“Welcome on your Aerlingus flight to Dublin” the radio voice told so laud it echoed all over. I couldn’t tell how.

“Dublin?” I asked under my breath.

“Oh, you woke up at last” a gentleman dressed in dark green sitting next to me said.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“My name’s Seamus and you’re coming with me”

“Sorry, there must be a mistake, I don’t even know you” I said. I started to shake at that stage.

“Well, I’m not surprised, you’re not supposed to” he said.


The second sample comes from the high fantasy that should become the fiction blog I’ll open one day! Hopefully someone will notice my story and won’t care about my English! I’m aware I need more practice and improvement.


Dan and me were never told who our ancestors were. Nobody had ever talked about our “abnormalities”.


I was the last one to leave the baby field, when it was so dark I couldn’t see my hands anymore.

I couldn’t stop crying. I couldn’t put my wings back in place.

I decided to detour and walk home the longer way, so I could sneak in my bedroom through the window.

The colour candle in the farer corner gave a feeble light.

It was only the first hour of the West.



So what do you think? See, the problem is that when I share a piece, I also become very needy for a feedback, hoping against hope that the piece doesn’t suck!

And despite being the weak ring of any chain, I really tried to tag seven blogger. The great problem is that their blogs were hacked, I guess or I don’t explain in another way, or deleted…I might have missed a passage!

So anyway who wants to join the club feel free to do so! Come back and tell me in the comments about your post. I love reading people’s stuff!

Have a great day you all!

Writing log – February

Here I am again to give you news about my writing situation! I think, at least this month, I’m managing better the timing of the posts I set my mind on. Of  course, up to the last week! As usual life gets in the way, but let’s focus, as this is a writing post!

I’m still writing my current supernatural/urban fantasy book and still stick to the decision I’ve made of handwriting it.

I’m just at the beginning of the story introducing characters and situation but, feeling very restless, I managed to find a compromise with my_stick_to_the_rule self.

I have a ten point plot. I had to know where I was going with the story, so I guess it wasn’t such a bad idea, since I feel now more at ease.

Also, I’m mildly researching, which means when I have two or three minutes I open the app I downloaded about supernatural creatures to see if there is anything interesting. Also I’m watching my source of inspiration, Supernatural, once again from the very beginning and I’m watching it in English this time so I can get all the right technical words.

Ok, I know I said I wouldn’t do that but I figured that I’d need a very mild and superficial knowledge of the subject I’m writing about.

To all these you have to add the hours spent outside the door in my workplace. The absence of customers mixed with cloudy weather and the continuous stare to the old building made my imagination wondering and I started to work on that.

This is where the story starts...Baby Fields in Liquorice village, Dough Land!

This is where the story starts…Baby Fields in Licorice village, Dough Land!

The very good news is that the stay away period from Sonrisa had worked because I felt myself wondering about my other story and also willing to start writing it again! Actually by the time I managed to correct this post draft for publishing I started to jot down this book too. Again it’ll be handwritten for the same reason I gave you before.

At least now I have the choice of what to write according to my mood! At least I can be free on one thing in my life!

There is only one problem. Of course.

As I mentioned earlier in this post and in the previous ones, my life has become even more hectic than before and full to burst of anxiety. I know this is not the place to complain and rant, but since everything in my mad life seems to be connected, my writing is greatly affected. Now, for reason I cannot reveal yet I’ll have to reduce the already tight writing time and this thing is killing me. My ever low self-confidence is sliding in the blackest hole and I’m wondering when I’ll be able to get to the point to send my books out to editors or even when I’ll be able to reach the point of publish them on line.

It’s not a matter of “If you want, you can”, believe me because I’m the deepest crappy situation at the moment, which need my full attention and also my full spare time.

Of course, whenever I’ll be able to give you details, I will!

That’s why this writing log is so short and the next ones probably will be as such!

Have you ever been in such annoying situation?

What did you do?

Is there any limit to bad circumstances?


Writing Log – January 2015

I’m writing this post almost at the end of the month but in time to be classified as January update!

As I promised in a previous post, I’m trying to give you more news about my reading and writing doings! Writing and reading are of course very important as they should be the main worries I have as an aspiring writer, so all this make just perfect sense!

I believe that last news you had about my writing was me complaining about the amount of plotting I was doing! Despite the plotting hasn’t finished yet and despite I’m way far from completing it, I decided to put it on hold!

There is a couple of reasons why I decided to do that.

First of all, I discovered an awesome writer community, 10 minutes novelist, great idea of this nice lady here. She managed to write a book in only ten minutes a day. I thought then to try and embrace the option of writing for 15 minutes every day and see what could happen. Actually it turned out to be a nice idea as I discovered that I can be productive doing that.

Second, I was getting bored of Sonrisa so much I was on the edge of a complete rejection, and after I’ve spent on the world building over 8 years I think it would be very sad get rid of the whole thing. Thus, I decided to set it aside for a while, putting on hold and relax a bit about that!

I love Sonrisa, and the story I was creating, but I think I just concentrated on that too much, so much that I wanted to fix so many things that I didn’t write anything for months. The result was me feeling very rusty and awkward when I hit the keyboard again.

I’m sure that whenever I’ll manage to go back to the project I’ll be more relaxed and willing to fight with the past details and the hundreds I still have to fix. I’m trying just to let the 15 minutes writing habit to sink in the daily routine before I do that.

What am I writing then?

I started my 15 minutes spells writing something about Sonrisa but then I felt I had to detach myself completely. So, I started writing about the urban fantasy I was thinking about. The one set in Ireland and Italy.

It talks about two Italian hunters who are twins and, because they share the Kelpie grandfather, have some supernatural powers.

You can imagine where the seed of inspiration come from. Being basically obsessed with Supernatural TV show I really wanted to write a fanfiction but then again my detail obsessed mind and fantasy brought me much forward and of the TV shows only the subjects remains.

The story I think will be an event story, according to Orson Scott Card’s classification.

I’m enjoying handwriting it, as I want to avoid as many distractions as I can, and this way the notebook can follow me in work as well in case I have a sudden inspiration. I know I’ll curse myself whenever I’ll have to type it in a file but I’ll worry about that later!

The funny part is I’m writing it in first person and I’m using three different inks for the two twins, and I’ll leave you here with the curiosity to know why I use three different colours.

The less funny part is that I have constantly to fight my will to research and planning.  But I keep repeating myself that this is a matter of writing and then maybe, whenever I’ll get to the second manuscript stage, I’ll do all the research in the world!

And that’s it for January; I’ll talk to you next month!

What do you think?


This is a Kelpie image found on Google!


Gabriele D’Aleo

Today’s is a special post, as I never thought I’d ever done something like this again. Well, a part for my little brother Panda’s group.

However, lately I came across this website, work of the youngest brother of an old friend of mine.

His name is Gabriele, and despite his age I think he’s a great talent.

I asked him a few question so you can get to know him better. I guess he’s worth attention! In my opinion there is a lot of potential in his work!



Franny: You said beginning your work when you were four. How do you explain your love for drawing? And do you remember your very first draw?

Gabriele: My love for drawing was triggered by cartoons and video games. When I was little I was fascinated by them, especially by the very first PlayStation games like Tekken and Ridge Racer.

The first draw that I remember was a view of an arcade game room, made in 1994 when I was four. My brothers used to go there very often, and sometimes they brought me along. Also I remember some draws of the spaceships inspired by Starfox, a Super Nintendo game.

Franny: Has been easy for you to be an artist? Can you tell us who your stronger supporter is?

Gabriele: It’s been really easy for me. I just think about the concept of the draw, and then I put it on paper!

I guess my greatest supporter was, and still is, my family. They have always encouraged me to go on with my passion.

Franny: Where do you take your daily inspiration?

Gabriele: I take it within myself. As I really like fantasy and sci-fi style, it’s not difficult for me to create a new character or a landscape. However, sometimes I take inspiration from movies.

Franny: What’s your aim for the future? Do you want to be an illustrator full time?

Gabriele: I really love drawing and creating something good. I believe that’s the only thing I can do well!

Yes, it would be great doing it full time!

Franny: What gives you strength and motivation?

Gabriele:  My passion for drawing, that helped me a lot through the past years,  and the idea of improving more and more every day.

Franny: Who’s your favourite artist?

Gabriele: I’ve got several! For example I like Paolo Barbieri, Xia Taptara, Jeffrey Smith and H.R. Giger.

Franny: Fantasy or sci-fi?

Gabriele: I like both, but if I have to choose I’d say fantasy all the way!

Franny: Sweet or sour?

Gabriele: Sweet of course.

Franny: Favourite film?

Gabriele: 1984 with John Hurt

Franny: Describe yourself in three words.

Gabriele: Weird, shy, mad XD

Franny: If someone wants to contact you, where they can do that?

Gabriele: They can send me an e-mail at this address: gabrieledaleo89@gmail.com

Franny: Would you be willing to take some work on for covers or websites?

Gabriele: Definitely for covers. I’ve been doing that already!


In order to show you his ability I asked him an example of his art. And because he was so kind to let me chose the subject, I asked him to bring to life one of my characters: Shaaz!

I’ll introduce him to you in one of my next posts!

For the moment enjoy Gabriele’s art!

Shaaz! All rights reserved to the artist, Gabriele D'Aleo.

Shaaz! All rights reserved to the artist, Gabriele D’Aleo.