Sport day!  

Friday I attended to the sport day in Maya’s school. I’ve never seen such an event before. I hope you’ll excuse me if I treat it as an amazing thing, as I’m still in awe!  It will be brief, though, I promise!  

When I was in elementary school we did once some games, they were very simple. The PE teacher organized some obstacles around the gym and that was it.  All the parents were around to cheer us up. I was too little, so I don’t really remember if it was all day or only in the afternoon, after the lessons.  The fact I vividly remember was the majestic fall of one of my class mates, R., who tripped and fell on his face. But doing so, since he was with his mouth open, cut his tongue and loads of blood came out. He didn’t chop it off, if you’re wondering, but it was pretty traumatic to see that much blood anyway.  

You can guess I was pretty surprised when I read the note in Maya’s bag that all day would be dedicated to the sport activities.  All the teachers and even the principal – I love her, she’s so involved in the school life, she knows the name of each and every pupil and who are the parents too – were dressed in leggings and trainers.  All the activities were well organized and the timing followed by the second.  


Photo Collage Maker_vPZPqv

Maya had the race, the race with a potato on the spoon, the sack race, the dance session where she learned a small set of movements, the parachute and skipping rope time and then the fitness session with a coach especially hired by the school for the occasion.  For the parents they ordered sandwiches, tea and coffee so we had our lunch too. I’m amazed and I’m grateful Maya ended up in this school.

There are a lot of initiatives and a lot of different fun events organized.  I wish I could be more involved. Unfortunately, being off only one day during the week, my chances to be more involved and to participate to more events are very limited. Sometimes I can take the day off, but not always is possible. I’m trying to make the most of it though.  I’m really getting curious now, as I’m wondering whether I was just lucky with Maya’s school or all the school are as such.  Personally, I’m living in a constant amazement.

Where are you reading me from?

How’s your kids’ schools?  

Please let me know in the comments below.  


International day!

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I had another plan for today’s post. I was going to write a rant about the recent happenings.

However, I’ve had such a nice and positive morning on Thursday, that I decided to focus about a constructive thought, just for a change!

Thursday I got a day off in work and I could participate to the International day, organized by Maya’s school.

It was the first time for me and I hadn’t seen anything like it done in any Italian school I’ve been into. I absolutely loved it!

Representing, of course, Italy, I cooked lasagne and pizza, and I’m happy to say that I’ve taken home two empty trays. Many people made compliments while gobbling them up.

I’m happy, mostly because, despite having to rush through the last few days, preparing a bit every evening after work and dinner, it was definitely worth it.

It was a meeting of cultures, through food, dresses, pictures and music.

The tables displayed were Turkey, Iran, Italy, Philippines, Poland, Brazil, India, Germany, Nigeria, Ireland and Croatia.

I have to tell you that my taste buds have already booked a trip to Nigeria! The food is so amazing that if I’ll ever go there, I’ll have to stop eating at least a week before taking the flight, otherwise I’ll need two seats on the way back!

Apart from my favorite table, I tried as much as I could without exploding and everything was super delicious.

This confirms my theory, according to which it’s always better to try a dish cooked by a native person rather than going into a restaurant.

In a restaurant, it would never be the same or as good as something homemade!

Probably the best part of the whole thing is that children learn about diversity and other cultures. For me, in love with different countries, cultures, literatures, histories and languages, is the perfect reality in which to bring up Maya.

It’s a real pity in Italy we don’t do something alike. Facing and acknowledging different cultures encourage kids to be open minded.

Not surprising that in Italy the majority of people is still closed and adverse to diversity in any shape and shade it comes towards them.

Once again, I have a reason more to say I’m pretty happy to live here.

And speaking of diversity, let me ask some questions!

Where are you reading this blog from?

And what’s your favorite food? What’s your favorite county in the whole world?

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Maya’s 5th birthday!


The second post of the year, will be related to a very important event happened in December: Maya’s birthday!

I mentioned already the following posts will be a bit messed up timeline-wise, but it’s OK I guess!

I cannot believe Maya is 5 already! She’s growing so fast, it’s unbelievable.

The birthday party I’m talking about in this post was organized for the 3rd birthday we celebrated in Ireland, but it was the first one spent with her friends.

In the past couple of years, I organized her parties in Italy. I have there a couple of friends with kids.

Their age is different from Maya’s though and they weren’t available at all the times.

The rest of the guests were just grownups; sure, family and friends but still adults. We used to organize it in a pub owned by a friend of us.

It had been very nice, but I realize only now that it was more for us that we decided to organize them that way, rather than for Maya.

This year, however, since we were stuck in Ireland, I had to organize the birthday party here.

It was a totally different experience, not only from the organization point of view but also from my own experience! It was incredibly fun!

First of all, we found a place for the party. I had to ask information to other mums in school as I didn’t have the slightest idea of where it was best to organize a party. I went to a couple of parties in the past few years, but it never occurred to me to ask information for some reason.

I was advised about a place not very far from our house. We went to have a look on the way back from a holiday we took in county Clare – I still have to tell you about it. I will, I promise – and Maya loved it immediately. It’s a huge place of soft toys, slides and circuits. A great way to release energies!

Found the location, I asked Maya to give me a list of kids she would like to invite. We sent the cards and also prepared the goodie bags, something absolutely new to me. In Italy, we don’t use the goodie bags, but I prefer this way, it’s nicer!

It was great preparing everything with her. Now that she’s older she’s participating with ideas and help and I think that it’s important in these occasions. Most of all being aware of what you’re doing, makes the realization more interesting.

I have to admit that I was a bit anxious; this time not for me but for her. For a long while the replies didn’t arrive, and I was afraid that the kids won’t show up for some reason. Eventually we had 6 guests and Maya was over the moon and me with her! I could breathe again!

The real fun, then, was to see Maya with her friends, the ones she personally picked, to be part of her special day. They were running up and down the play area, discovering the bits and pieces of that huge place! I found deeply amusing and satisfactory watching her to play with children she knows and of her same age.

So, although almost a month later, I renew once again my happy birthday’s wishes, my love, 100 of these days to the loveliest girl in the world!

Maya’s Montessori Graduation Day.

Graduation 1Graduation 2

And after a couple of dark posts full of anxiety, let me tell you something funny and for me also moving!

My daughter is four and half and last week graduated from the Montessori school she attended for the last year.

It’s such a happy moment and also confusing.

She’s my fist child.

It seems yesterday she was born and, puff, she’s already four and half and ready for the Junior Infant she’ll start in September. To be honest with you, I am still trying to figure out how to be a mum.

Part of me is in awe, but part of me is trying to pin my feet on the ground and to slow down this rush. “Hold on, hold on! This is going so much fast!”

It seems that as soon as I manage to grasp a detail, immediately after I have a new challenge in front of me.

I’m so happy I managed to take the day off and attend to the play and graduation.

There must be something very wrong with my hormones still, because I had a knot in my throat since I entered the crèche. We were accommodated in the room the kids usually use for their lessons that was prepared to function as small theatre.

There were three houses made of cardboard and on the background a forest made of the same material. On the shelf on the right hand-side of the room the graduation hats and folder were sitting.

Everything was so exciting.

Then the kids were brought in and started with their play.

Maya was the white wolf in the “The three little pigs” and I have to say she’s not shy at all, screaming all her lines.

It was so nice to watch her and attend to this event, I feel moved even now, writing about it. Yeah, there must be something wrong with me!

After “The three little pigs” and “Goldilocks and the three bears” plays the kids wore their graduation T-shirt and hats and were put in line for the pictures.

The nice and proud sensation it gave me!

After the graduation we went home and I prepared, under request, a huge plate of lasagne! Best way to celebrate my little one!

Thanks for reading, and for bearing with me!

I know that sometimes this “celebrating my kids because I’m very proud of them” may sound annoying, but I have to do it this time.

Mostly this was also a novelty as I don’t remember we had something like this in Italy, at least when I attended the Montessori.

So what do you think? Where do you connect from? How does it work there?

Write in the comments below!

Graduation 3 Graduation 4

Christmas holidays 

Christmas2016-1Hello again dear readers, 

There is no much news here, I’m still sick with a severe bronchitis, but I feel much better. The variation is that I’m going back to work soon!

The reason why this blog doesn’t explode with posts like I would like, since I’ve been home sick for over four weeks is due to the fact I’m very worried. I haven’t blogged nor written my novel nor plotted nor anything else. 

I’ve been focusing on a file I hope I’ll find useful when I’ll finally manage to go back to work. I’m still in probation, right?

Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me, please!

A part from that I basically did nothing and tried to rest, because during the night I still don’t sleep. 

You might wonder why I cannot cut 20-30 minutes a day for my stuff. Actually I don’t have an answer for this and although I wonder it myself, I’ve never managed to find one. If you have any kind of advice, please, I beg you, give it to me! 

I feel ridiculous honestly. It’s seriously impossible that a human being cannot take 20 minutes for herself in a whole 24 hours day. 

Said that, I decided I’m going to tell you about my Christmas holiday, possibly before February kicks in! 

Nothing fancy, I went back home. But it was good, I needed it. 

We weren’t sure we could spend our holidays at home until the last day,  since my partner’s company was in a very delicate situation, but eventually we managed. 

It’s always a variegated and strong mixture of feelings when you go home and everybody who lives abroad knows that.

What kind of feelings kick in when you go back there, depends on your background, on your character, on what you’ve left there when you moved. 

Lately I grew very nostalgic and very needy of my family, sister in law, my best friends as I was feeling incredibly lonely here. 

I mean I love meeting new people, I’m a sociable person and I have to say it’s rare I don’t like someone. 

However, I don’t really have a strong bond with anybody at the moment and so I feelChristmas2016-2 a bit isolated. 

Going back was nice. Although I couldn’t meet my best friends because they live too afar from my mum, it was nice to catch up with the old group and celebrate the holidays and Maya’s bi
rthday with family. 

Of course there is the little dark spot of my partner’s family I personally hate that have to pollute every single event, but I’ve complained even too much for a single post.

On the 22nd was my daughter’s 4th birthday. She’s so big already!

I decided to organize the party in our friend’s medieval pub and it was a success as the previous one. 

I have also to thank for this party two people: my mum and Ilaria who managed to follow my creasy directions from here and provide all the necessary for the event. 

Ilaria also took charge of the entertainment for the few kids who attended. She made face painting, some decoration, a piñata and a nice poster of Olaf where the children had to attach carrot in place of his nose. 

It was very funny and Maya had a ball really.

Then I had my day off of the year and I spend it with the best sister in law you could ever imagine for yourself. She’s not only my sister in law, she’ s also one of my dearest friend. 

I went to Lucca, and joined her and my brother for lunch. It was amazing and relaxing at the same time. I needed time with them. We tried to talk about everything…well, let’s say we manage to nibble at several topics, but we couldn’t do more. 

Then I went with her to the hairdresser and I had my hair cut and then it was dinner with the whole family in my mum’s place.

Christmas was spent in my sister in law’s mum’s place. 

Her family is very nice, is like I’ve adopted another family and I felt very relaxed and at home. 

The memoir of these days will be my charm I’ll hold onto whenever I’ll feel down or homesick. It won’t be like being at home but it will keep me company all the same. 

I didn’t go into details, I just upload a few pictures, mainly because I want to keep those for me, otherwise I’m afraid it will lose the charm effect I was talking about. 

Christmas2016-3As you know I didn’t do any list about the changes I want to make in 2016, that actually started in a very bad way, but I want to promise you, my dear readers, that I’ll do my best to update these pages at least once a week!

That’s it for now! 

Let me know in the comment how you spent you holiday! Any fun fact you want to share with me?

From Béloland to Clonegal!

Still in the attempt to catch up with my life and share with you another great experience, I’ll write here about our one day trip we mad

Photo Collage Maker_KmO2Gnwriting only one month later, I’m practically on time!!!
e in October. Oh, com’on, I’m

I wanted to try the Airbnb experience with my whole family, so this time Maya would be joining us.

Because I’m an anxious person and also because I’m an even more anxious mother I was worried to visit someone else’s house with my toddler.

During the search of the listing I tried to get as much information as I could on how suitable would it be children wise. At the same time I had to find a place that was a minimum attractive in my toddler eyes, a.k.a. there was something to be done and looked relaxing in mine…although you can think that both requirements cannot fit into the same sentence!

After some research, though, I found it.

It was a private room, the host was living in, so it was a real Bélo-style expe

Also there was a huge field around the house, horses, an orchard and two dogs.

It looked perfect, the host was a super-host so I just needed to have a look at the reviews. With my fingers crossed I started reading and I wasn’t disappointed. The one that convinced me was left by a couple with small kids saying that the 6 years old thought to have found a new set of grandparents.

That was it! I booked!

And the stay was beyond the fantastic! I couldn’t have been luckier or happier.

We could only reach the destination in the late afternoon as we had to wait my partner to finish at work first. The host was OK with a later check in so we were set for this detail.

Almost at our destination Maya fell asleep in the car. The idea was to get there, leave the bags and go somewhere to eat.

However, cause a sudden wake up Maya was very cranky and we couldn’t move.

Our host was fantastic because she empathized with the situation immediately. She prepared us a quick dinner so we didn’t have to think about it anymore.

Also Maya, little by little and with the huge help of the two dogs, got more confidence  and by the end of the evening she was playing around the room like she’d always been there.

Sandra took her to the huge fantastic library they had at the entrance and dug out of it a few books for children.

Before bed she also read Maya a bed time story and I started really to relax.

When we woke up in the morning a nice full Irish breakfast was waiting for us, fresh pressed orange juice was ready beside tea and coffee.

Sandra took care of Maya once again, letting us have a proper breakfast.

Immediately after we finished, as she was promised, Maya was brought to see the horses.

There was a huge stretch of grass at the back of the house and at the end of it there was a small enclosure for the horses.

Maya was so happy and she started running back and forth in the tall wet grass.

Sandra then brought her to pick apples in the orchard and then feed them to the two horses. It was so funny to see her enjoying so much.

After we finished there the two dogs decided it was time for a stroll  the nearby river. Maya, of course, ran headlong after them. Sandra offered to mind her until I could fetch my partner and in order to show him the river.

It was such an amazing site. My daughter was running around freely and I felt relaxed and able to breathe better.

I learned a bit more about Sandra who’s a fantastic person as well as great host.

At the end of the trip at the river Maya couldn’t walk anymore so Sandra called her husband and my princess was brought back with the car!

Photo Collage Maker_sfq1ppWhen I finally got back to the house I found her eating an ice lolly sitting on the patio with Sandra. Yes, it was really like being in my mum’s house.

Since Maya was wet to bone I had to wash her. We had a private bathroom with tbesidhe shower but Sandra insisted to prepare her a bath, which actually was ideal. Sandra added also some plastic lightened frogs to let her play. Needless to say Maya didn’t want to get out!

But it was time to go for us and return to Dublin.

Of course nobody wanted to leave the place.

I felt so relaxed for the time I’d been there that I want to go back.

I have to go back! That’s just heaven!!!

Happy Halloween!


I’m aware that Halloween has gone already, but the annoying “having no time” condition you’re now familiar with, my dear readers, didn’t let me be faster! I actually just realized that I haven’t published anything for the last two weeks. 

Despite Halloween being gone I wanted to share my experience with you because I hadn’t had such a good fun like this year for ages.

I’ve always been curious of Halloween and attracted to it, but before living abroad I’ve always seen it as some event happening somewhere else.

When I was young, in Italy we celebrated Carnival in February and for that occasion we dressed in costumes (although less spooky). For the New Year’s Eve there were fireworks.

When I moved to Ireland I was shocked because there were no Carnival nor New Year’s Eve fireworks.

On the other hand there was the Halloween celebration that mixed a bit of both traditions.

Despite being attracted and intrigued by Halloween, I hadn’t appreciated it until this year. Yes, I went to a party or two and I prepared the candies for the  trick or treating kids in the past, but this year has been different.

I have to thank my child, whose involvement was crucial!

Being Maya older this time around and with the excuse of her being more involved and demanding, my inner child went wild!

I carved my first pumpkin ever using just a simple spoon and knife to do so. Despite that it was an acceptable job.

Also my company organized a Halloween Party for kids. Since I didn’t manage to the one thrown for adults I decided to dress along with Maya. Of course I dressed as pirate! Yarrr!

They organized face painting and pumpkin carving and delicious hot food for the families.

I carved my second pumpkin there, using the simple plastic useless looking carving set, and my job looked much better. I managed to carve a cat pumpkin!

But the day wasn’t over.

In the evening I decided to bring Maya to trick or treat in the neighborhood with a neighbor friend.

She’s from China and, like me, never trick or treated before.

I’m genuinely still not sure whether our daughters or us enjoyed more the whole event, but we were so happy and giggling.

We kept repeating we should do it every year.

Maya fell a couple of times running around and after her older friend with her short chubby legs, but she had such a great fun!

The booty as well was consistent! We managed to fill half of a very big bag, the one you get when you go in the toy stores!

Nothing special or magnificent happened, a part for the fact that we all enjoyed our Halloween day like I wouldn’t think possible.

So, even if in late, Happy Halloween!

And how did you spend the day? What did you dress as? Let me know in the comments!

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