Kick My Butt Challenge – June 2013


Hi everybody,

It’s the 1st of July and I have to summarize the last month in regards of my Kick My Butt Challenge.

So the last adjustment I did actually was doable, but I didn’t manage anyway.

Actually I’ve done almost everything but I’m not pleased with myself.

The good thing about this updates thought is that I’m going to let you know what I’m doing and what I’m reading during the month.

Anyway here is the score:


Blog posts: 20/20 Yay!

Grammar units: 15/20 D’oh!

Book read: 2/1 Mmmmh!

Current inbox mail: 88  Fine! (They went for a few hours over 100 for a couple of times, but I managed eventually)


I know that it seems I did a fair job, but let me explain.

When I set the aim to 20 posts and units I calculated the number of the days off from work per number of weeks.

4 * 5 = 20 (!!!)

I now math is an opinion to me but serves me right! A month, most of the time, has only 4 weeks, right? So the aim should be 16! But I said to me “it’s a challenge, so it would be a real challenge!”

Just saying….

As for the book, I read a very thin one “The magic finger” by Roald Dahl just to reach the number and then the second is a manuscript by a friend of mine. But for that my lips are sealed as it is work in progress.

All of this was due to my attempt in reading the first volume of Game of Thrones. I love it but I’ve read only 202 pages of that one! I know that it’s an adult fantasy so it’s a bit more complicated for me, but still I’m disappointed.

So as I’ll keep reading GOT, but even if I finish it won’t be considered a whole book for the month of July, I started this morning another one: The Alchemyst by Michael Scott. Once again I read fantasy for teens and I love it already. The first 12 pages are so packed with action that I cannot imagine what would happen next.

Maybe I’m so slow in reading GOT because I’m used to the YA reading, who knows, but I’ll stick to it until the end because Martin is genius!

And last but not least, I’m still trying to get information out of “The life of Pagan Celts” I’ll use for my NaNo 2013. The only bad side of it is I have to go to the library once again and extend the return date.

I’m not a big fan of non-fiction but I need it in order to achieve what I want.

I’m just wondering what I could put on my mobile, as I realized that I managed to read the manuscript properly. The only issue would be take notes out of it!

Let’s see what I can do. I’ll keep you posted.




The plan!

As you might remember I was looking for a plan, a routine or a way to make my life a bit more productive and possible easier (I wouldn’t bet on this though!)

Now I know that I’m dragging myself around, I work 30 hours on 3 days, I have the baby the rest of the time and it’s just me and my partner here…and I know that the most common advice I receive is to relax when I can or when the baby sleeps but still, if I did I’d feel guilty and anxious because I’m wasting time!

If you got to know me a bit, you know also that I have to do something, in particular after I received the shocking feedback I shared previously with you!

Thinking hard at least I tidied up my thoughts.

So the plan now is concentrating on the grammar and the reading for the moment. I decided at least until November, when I’ll try my NaNoWriMo and check on the results.

I was suggested to look for a class but I have to see into that one as I don’t know where to leave the baby while there!

In this case I have to change my kick my butt challenge too.

So the plan, that sounds also as a routine, considering what I can do with Maya awake and with Maya asleep goes as follows(or at least it should):

Morning: I can manage to do a couple of things with Maya, so I’ll have a look at the emails and I try to do a draft of the blog post.

Nap time: it’s not much; I’d publish the blog post and then study grammar. I’ve started from the very beginning again and this time I want to make it, because let’s say the truth, grammar is boring! 

Afternoon: after the walk the doctor forced me to promise I’d do, I can read or study a bit. Studying for my books is reading anyway. 

Evenings: three times a week my partner meets his on line friends to raid in World of Warcraft. So after Maya is asleep I can dedicate these hours to world building, if I have the strength to do so.

A bit before sleeping: I can read again.

There are a few bits and pieces I might try during the quiet time in work and maybe I could avoid the canteen the weekends (food is crap anyway Saturdays and Sundays!) but more than that my body and my head don’t allow. Well actually even in this way I’ll struggle for sure.

Hence I’ll adjust my kick my butt challenge on monthly bases. I’m going to update you about that at the beginning of every month about the month before. 

The goals:

Reading: 1 book a month

Grammar: 20 units a month

Blog posts: 20 posts a month

Mail: try to keep them below 100 unread emails all the time.

I should start to diet and make some movement as well, so this should be enough to start with.

I have to make it!

Thanks for all the support you’re giving to me!



Kick My Butt Challenge- End of March!

The parameters I use to decide if it was a good month or not are my writing and my reading.

About the reading, I have to say I finished an Audiobook and I finished also “Th1rteen R3asons. Why.” By Jay Asher. I haven’t studied anything of all the nonfiction books on my list but I can’t really complain!

About writing I honestly sucked, I could have done more. Now I’m concentrating on the editing of the beginning of a book I want to present to my teacher to be during the writer’s week.

So that’s the sad summary of April.

13/30 posts

5/50 pages

1/1 book read.



The only good thing is that today I’m starting my A to Z challenge! Yay! Wish me luck!

KMB Challenge-26th of March.

So, back in business for my personal challenge. The end of the month is approaching fast, and I honestly hope I’ll be able to do better in April!

I’m kicking in on the April’s fool also the new challenge, for which I’ve been preparing for several days now. I made up my mind about the subject of the challenge, but I’ll talk about that in one of the next posts. 

For now I’ll just pat myself on the back for today as

Blog post: 1/1

Pages read: 34/20

Words written: 286/150

Kick My Butt Challenge- 22nd of March

Today wasn’t that great. It took me two hours to go through the notes and write the piece for the blog! If only I could consider the posts when I count the words of the day! The post about Paddy’s day was 1.305 words…

Anyway these are the numbers:

Blog post: 1/1

Pages read: 12/20

Words written: 394/150

As usual I promise to myself to improve!

Tomorrow and Sunday I’ll be in work, so I can’t promise you I’ll be around, but no worries, you’ll have also the third Paddy’s day summary and all the other stuff!

Talk to you soon! 

Kick my Butt Challenge – 21st of March

After a few days of absence I’m trying to justify in the other posts I’m writing, I started again with my personal challenge! 

As soon as I’ll manage to catch up with my story about the just passed creepy weekend I’m going to start the other challenge too! Promise!

In the past few days I read a bit, I finished another Audiobook but I didn’t honestly keep track of the number of the pages read as I was too tired!

And obviously I couldn’t write!

Anyway as for today:

Blog post: 1/1

Pages read: 52/20

Words written: 200/150


I think I have to adjust the monthly goals because they are slightly impossible assuming I have to write that amount of words, but we’ll see.

What I wanted to ask you is another thing: do you think I should include the audiobooks in my reading list or not? I’ll appreciate you’ll write down in the comments your opinion about that! 

The doubt is driving me nuts!