O as Outline

Google search.

This is the real challenge this time. The outline of my WIP is confused as maybe I am. There is a lot of work I’ve done and much more to do!

I have to be honest, probably the bigger problem in finishing the outline of Hunter’s journal is that everything is interconnected.

On the top of this I’d add the fact that I want to be precise before the situation slips out of my hands.

I have to make a lot of research for this novel or series, if I’ll be that lucky to complete the task as I wanted. But because I have to finish the research or at lease bring my knowledge to a reasonable level, I won’t be able to complete the outline of the plot and hence the books.

At the very beginning I tried to write the story as it was in my head adapting to my needs the notions I gathered from Supernatural, simply because I wanted to create a frame on which attach and build the knowledge I would acquire later on.

A bit afterwards, studying the first elements of lore, I realized that the few words and scenes I put together weren’t accurate or were completely off track.

Hence the decision to stop writing and keep researching until I’ll have a decent bulk of information in my hands. Once done that, I’ll be able to add details where necessary.

If I’ll ever do what I’m planning, then I’ll have nine books for this story. I know I want them to be nine just because I decided to experiment a strategy. It is said that Suzanne Collins made three books in order to reflect the three act structure on which every single book was divided. I thought it was the coolest idea and I wish I could apply it to my nine bullet points structure.

Of course if I’ll understand that I’m just watering the soup, then I’ll change the route, but I thought it was nice to try.

Said that, here is what I have so far: I have a trigger event and then a plan for the society, what will be the reactions, the consequences and so on.

I have at lease three plot outlined but of course I miss many connections and details.

Also, I have the majority of the main characters outlined.

Because a big chunk of the story itself depends on the research there is a lot of uncertainties. And most of all, I think that it is the reason why I feel so confused this time.

On the other hand, this condition is very exciting, not only because I will study and learn new things, but also because it will be a real challenge.

But I guess that when I’ll manage to conclude the whole thing, it will be a real satisfaction and a job well done…or at lease I hope so.

What do you think?

Should someone be so confused in the process?

It never happened to me before, did it happen to you?

Let me know in the comments below!


August Weird dreams – Part 2. 


I walk by this every morning!

I know this post will be published at the beginning of September…well not really the beginning as you can see, but these dreams are still part of the same bunch!

As I promised in my last post I’ll finish my tale.

To the following list I have to add last night dream in which I was brushing my teeth. I was talking to someone and when I turned to the voice talking to me I realized the person next to me brushing his teeth was Stephen Amell.

Now I don’t even remember what we were talking about but the sensation was like the one you have when your favorite cousin is around!

After this one I’ve had plenty of them but for some reason I couldn’t remember any detail worth telling. 

Then we begin again with the old ones. 

E., one of my best friends, was in my living room on a blood stained mattress on the floor. She had just had her second baby. She was wrapping the new born in a blanket and getting on her feet, when the image moved to me and S., my other best friend, sitting on the couch watching the TV. I said “How comes that she made it so fast?”

And S. said “Well, everybody’s different!”


I was running away from someone and for some reason I landed on the top of a truck. The top of this truck was closed and my dad was driving. We went to chase another truck and we ended up so close that with my hand I could reach the top of the other truck almost at ease. Only problem was that the other truck was full of lentils soup up to the edge.


I woke up in a tent either in the space or in a dystopian reality, I don’t remember. Immediately after I was rushing through some corridors that looked like a spaceship corridors. The girl I was chasing had a vial I wanted. She went running down the stairs and activated them letting them transform into a slide.

I managed to catch up with her and I took the vial. In that very moment the doors of the lab opened and some kind of scientist followed by some guards came over to us. “She tried to rob this” I said. For some reason the guards took me into custody and brought me away. Just then I had the sensation that someone was watching me but I had no clue of who he or she was.


I was in an old castle for something like a tour. It was dark outside. It was a stone built medieval castle. The more we went inside and discovered the rooms, the more the environment and the situation became real.

At some stage there was a lady in a long dark cloak who had some metal pieces in her hands. She was looking at us leaning on her tall stick. At least I think she was looking at us as the hood covered her face entirely.

“Touch that hand” she said addressing us and pointing to an exit on her left “And you’ll have one bracelet of the witch!”

So the things she was playing with were bracelets.

The door she was pointing at gave to a courtyard that looked like a typical medieval market square.

Dangling from a low roof made of straw there was a blueish hand that was stirring and closing in a fist continuously. Immediately under it there was a wooden bowl full of liquid attached to a thin wooden pole.

The task was to touch the hand and pass away, that’s it.

When my turn came, I walked quickly towards the hand while it was dipping in the bowl. When I was closer I touched it but it grasped my fingers with long black claws.

I immediately woke up. And to be honest where the hand pinched me was still sore. That dream was weird and creepy.


I don’t remember much of this dream a part from a huge room, again in a medieval kind of castle.

The only image I remember was of this big brown horse on the floor. His belly was open and his entrails were scattered all around him. There was blood everywhere.


There was a poor house.

All the furniture and walls and tapestry were shabby looking and oozing poverty from every angle you could reach scanning the room.

There was mould and it was dark. Everything was colored in blue, black and sick green hues.

The sink was licking on the side making the plaster swollen.

Ok I think I’m done for the moment.

I hope you liked them and also to dream soon something else to share with you!

Sorry it took me so long, but it’s the second post training period and I’m struggling again. My brain is fuming but, as always, I’m trying to do my best!

Weird dreams August 2015


River close to my new office!

It’s been a while since I told you any of my weird dreams. 

Since I got up at 5.30 this morning because one of them, I guess it’s time to share them with you again.

As I might have said already, dreaming and remembering once more some bits of them, makes me think I’m relaxing, which makes me happy.

Dreaming is important for me because sometimes gives me inspiration for my writing, although at the moment some images of the new job hunts the dreams in the form of a boring and nasty background! 

So let’s start with last night or this early morning one.

I was in a corridor and there was a person looking like an old Stephen King who came after me once he discovered who I was. I tried to run away and hide behind a door in the middle of the corridor but in a blink he was next to me, he lifted me by the neck and he said “Where is your daughter? I’m going to kill your partner first” and I was destroyed but I had to protect her, so I didn’t tell anything. But then I saw another scene in which a complete stranger was gagging for air. He didn’t kill my partner. I just heard someone shouting “Aaaaalex!”


The night before I was running away from something and at some stage I was waiting in a back garden of someone else’s house, there was a man with me. I don’t remember who he was but at some stage he said “Come piggy, piggy” and then a huge boar came rushing in and I took him down with two arrows well assessed.

This might be the proof that watching Hunger Games films and reading Mockingjay before bed isn’t wise.


I loved the dream of the day before. 

I was ready to sacrifice myself I don’t even remember for what or whom and I was sitting in the Impala with Dean Winchester who tried to comfort me giving me a long romantic kiss. Oh his green eyes…

This means that reading Catching Fire and watching Supernatural before bed, can create a nice surprise!


Following I’ll write down other dreams in no particular order. 

Just remember that I can only recall some scenes, not the whole thing. Like the ones before I can remember only the part that caught my attention. 

I had to find four transparent or white marbles in the most weird places. This was the only way to kill the dragon. Silvana was with me. Someone had a baby but could not be disturbed. The atmosphere wasn’t nice or happy.

We went into a shop. Someone who worked with us found the last marble “Your granddad wouldn’t be happy” I said. Then I realized that the sachet with all the stones already collected was ripping at the bottom.

I tied the two corners (of what I cannot remember!)  to avoid problems. Luckily Maya’s tissue prevented the marble running all over….


There were blue and pink bolts of lightning in the sky. At the same times,  there were deep green cotton balls fluttering in the air. The bolt of lightning were falling vertically and horizontally to the ground and they fell close by. 

I asked Chiara to close the shutters and in that moment I saw the sky, which was sunrise light blue and pink.

I’d say I’ll leave you here, I found the list of past dreams and I promise you I’m going to write them down in the next post! I’ve become a very time crunched person and this post as well was written on a train to work!

But I need blogging as I need reading and writing so I hope you’ll understand my dear readers!

Have a lovely day!

Today is sunny in Dublin too! Well, at least for the moment!

T as Travel

Google search! Delphi!

Travelling is something very important in my life, whichever you want to take into account. Both in my fictional life, or better to say lives and the real life, travelling is key. 

Now, the consistency and the meaning are different but it’s still one of the most present things.

Let’s start with real life first. I haven’t travelled a lot in my life, I have to admit that, but I’d love sooner or later to have the chance to improve the amount of holidays and such! 

Despite the low number of travels in my life, I admit that the few I’ve made left the sign. 

If I could pick the most important, I’d put in the first place the very first travel I’ve made abroad. I went to Greece with the school and it was amazing. Well, to be honest the Athens part was something not so exciting because I found it extremely similar to Naples (and it actually was funny how two cities in two different countries look so alike). Different story altogether when I went to Delphi! Delphi is one of the most interesting and magical places I’ve ever visited. We went to see a temple and the theatre and I could touch by hand what I had studied in Greek literature in school. I felt such a wave of energy difficult to put into words. 

I hope I’ll be able to go to Greece again and visit more of that great place. 

Then I think the next important travel was the one that brought me here in Ireland. Finished the university, with my partner, I decided to move in another country and see what could happen. We didn’t have a friend here, no job and a very tight budget but we made it. I’m not sure I’d have done it alone but I’ve been here almost eight years now and I love the country.

Along with Ireland another dream was to visit Scotland and Japan. I visited Edinburgh for just a weekend but I was so happy and full of goose bumps, you cannot imagine! Without knowing it I found myself there during the clan reunion. I love men in Kilt and I found myself staring at a huge parade. But aside from that, the castle!!! Oh the castle. My partner had to drag me out of there. Scotland as well is one of those countries I want to go back to.

And Japan…sadly is still one of my biggest dreams, but I wish I could go there sooner or later.

Beside these kinds of travels, I have my fictional ones.

The very first book I wrote was in Italian, and it was about a doctor who became a pirate. He slowly became part of the pirate life so to create my main character inner travel along with an actual travel in the East Asia.

And of course you have one of my two WIP, Franny’s travel. That one too is part physical travel around Sonrisa and also a persona travel of my main character.

I’ve always loved those books where it was evident the change of the character’s behavior by the end of them. I hope to be good enough to capture the shift from the former character to the result of his or her own inner journey.

Traveling I think it’s an art. I’m not entirely sure I’m doing it correctly but I’ve decided I want to improve. Our world is beautiful and I have seen just a tiny part of it. I want more!

Same goes with writing, I want to imagine more and more and more…

Daydream #3 – Joe Hisaishi

Google search! Look at his face! Fantastic!

This appears to be a very dark period for me and, most of all, I have no clue how long is going to last. Have you ever experimented one of those crappy lengths of time where it seems that everything that could go wrong it would? Well, this is exactly what is going on with me. I have problems in work and I feel a bit lonely stuck in a different country with nobody to talk to. I mean, I have people to talk with, but I mean some special friends I could rely on…close by.

I admit my addiction! Hello everybody, my name is Franny and I’m a friendholic!

But this is a matter for another post, why should I bother you twice!

Now, because I have to find a fast way to release my stress and my tension, I thought that, as an aspiring fantasy writer, the best way of doing so was dreaming. And I don’t mean the usual subconscious way of producing dreams, because over there is just nightmares at the minute.

What I mean is I try to stay as more focused as I could on my daydream and my writing so I can have my lovely stress-free zone at hands at all the times!

Strictly connected with my daydream number one is my daydream number three: Joe Hisaishi!

You can find more information about the man here.

I learned to appreciate him listening to the most delicate and at the same time powerful soundtrack of Miyazaki films and I’d say one of my everlasting favourite is this: Ashitaka’s theme.

This theme is full of power, romanticism and it doesn’t really matter how many times I’ll listen to it, I’ll always feel moved.

Next, I discovered that he composed for films as well and it was then that I got very, very, very excited! So I happen to love Takeshi Kitano’s films too and several of them bring Hisaishi sensei signature for the soundtrack! For example: 

He manages to interpret the spirit the film, the essence, the pace, even the story. I believe that someone could just listen to soundtrack and, at least, get the sense or the mood of the whole.

One of my most recent posts was about Okuribito film. Joe Hisaishi created the magnificent soundtrack and confirms what I’ve just said.

If you have ten minutes or even two, I’d suggest you to have a look at one of his concert videos. This man changes his expression when he plays or when he direct the orchestra seems floating among the notes, he’s the creator of the music, he’s the lover of the music, he is the music.

So my daydream would be meeting him just to tell him how much I appreciate him as artist. But if one of my stories could receive his soundtrack I’d be the happiest person in the world.

For the moment I say thanks for your work Hisaishi sensei!


And what about you? Who’s your favourite? Tell me in the comments below!

Most of all, do you think I’m insane?

Dreaming of wedding and nail polish

Tell me the truth, you were wondering about what is happening to my dreams. After a few months of close and strict update I haven’t told you anything anymore.

I still cannot figure out exactly when I dream more often, either when I’m stressed or when I’m tired or I’m more relaxed and rested, but whatever happens inside my brain the truth is that it’s apparently impossible to have a normal dream for me. Mine have to be always weird or scary or nonsense. Otherwise it wouldn’t be me, just to quote a friend of mine.

I can’t be hundred per cent sure I remember properly the dreams of the past two nights but as they were very particular I have to tell you about them.

They’re not weirder than usual, actually they’re below the average, but they share a particularity. They were happening in a setting I’d already visited in another dreams I had who knows when.

I’m aware of the so called recurring dreams and I have a couple of them myself. I’m also aware of serialized dreams, but I wasn’t aware of shared location dream, or whatever you want to call them.

And here you have them in chronological order:

The first one was set in very dark and dusty old place, something half way in between an old museum and a station build around the first years of 1900. The colours were dark on the shades of green, orange and yellow and the majority of the elements like stairs, floors and walls were of light brown marble. I remember that in this setting I had another dream maybe a few nights before, but the colours were in a very brighter scale. It seemed like the place was abandoned after the first dream.

I was there to marry and only after the ceremony had started I realized that the groom wasn’t my partner but one colleague of mine, nice guy and all but still a part of my brain (for some reason wide awake)  was complaining about the fact that the men wasn’t my partner.

The other problem were the guests, there weren’t that many, like they decided they couldn’t come over for a reason or the other.

It was scary because it really looked like a ghost wedding in an abandoned place.


The second one was even weirder. I think I was working in a kind of zoo, I’m still unsure if in the role of animal attendant or waitress. (Not that it would make much difference sometimes!)

There were two tables in some kind of wooden construction and I was cleaning the big metallic bowls off the tables. It was very confusing because the tables looked like normal wooden pic-nic stalls but the bowls were shaped like the one you use for your own dog, but they were huge instead.

Outside the window there was a lion walking by and looking lazily at me.

Abruptly the scene changes, I was in a room I already seen in another dream of mine, but this time I cannot recall the previous one. I just know that I’ve been there already in a different situation!

This time the room was very dark and I was with someone, although I cannot remember who the man with me was.  What I remember is that he was urging me to put on some transparent nail polish.

“Fast or they’re control you!” he said more than once. But the nail polish was stinging my fingers and it was so painful. I didn’t want to do that anymore and I stop spreading it, but when I raised my chin I saw the ceiling changing and turning into a stained glass window. It was more or less what you can see in the picture I borrowed from the website.

I do not own the image!

The whole ceiling was changing and I heard weird noises. So I hurried with the nail polish again until I saw the window disappearing and I fainted for the pain and I woke up…


Here you go! What do you think?

Have you ever dreamed two different dreams happening in the same setting?

Tell me in the comments below!

Most of all, tell me I’m not the only one!

Dreaming of Camelot and sushi

Finally, after many days I had a dream and I managed to remember it and also I was fast enough to get the pencil on the bedside table and scribble down what I remembered.

It’s yesterday’s dream, to tell the truth, but I’m in the hard relaxing phase now, since we left Maya in Italy with grandma, so don’t hate me if I’m not very precise with posts!


The good news is, actually, that it’s not only one but two dreams I’m talking about, hence the title of the post.


The first dream was set in a countryside house or something like that. Something that concerned Merlin and Arthur, but at the same time it was very modern. Merlin was actually Leonardo Di Caprio, dressed like he was dressed in Django(I love Tarantino and his movies!), and he was drinking like a sponge and telling me something for sure I cannot recall.


There was Guinevere watching the TV and I was thinking “I’m not watching this film anymore; they don’t have the TV in medieval times!”

Arthur was having a picnic in the enormous garden outside his house. One of his daughters robbed a bottle of beer from his bag while he was asleep.

Of course then I woke up….


Then the second dream was totally different and, if possible, even more fragmentary…

I was staying in a house where there were flies and strange butterflies on the bedside table, which looked exactly like the one my mum has at home.

I was exchanging insults with someone but I don’t recall much of that.

At some point I saw all my books piled up in row and then I was eating sushi, but I couldn’t swallow it, not even drinking water. I even tried to stick my tongue out in front of the mirror and I saw it becoming part of the rice.

There was a fire then and my partner decided to save a book for me but he saved “The Lizard” and not the “Genji Monogatari”, one of my favourites of all times.

I was sad and I was still eating sushi!


As you can well see neither of them it’s very normal as dream but still that’s what I have and frankly I’m happy I was able to remember them once again!

As usual all comments are most welcome!