Writing and Reading log – May 2017



I cannot say loud I’ve done a darn good job, but at least I can admit that I’ve done better than last month.

As I did in my previous months, I’ll update you on my situation, writing and reading wise!

Hopefully you won’t get too bored by the account. For sure, it’s useful for my own records and to give me a pat on the back for the small progresses.

Considering the amount of time I have at my disposal, I guess every step forward is a win!

Writing is still hard. I have written and published this post in between my coffee breaks and the commuting time.

I haven’t written daily my 300 words in the past few weeks, simply because I had to admit that the breaks and spare niches of time aren’t enough for blogging, writing the WIP and my fairy tales!

It took me a huge deal of convincing myself that writing is writing anyway, but I’ll still try to organize better!

There is always room for improvement, right?

And here we go with the numbers:

Word written for the WIP: 25567 words but there is a big chunk copied from the notebook. In order to see progresses I’ll have to finish that task!

Fairy tales written: 4 + I started number 5.

Blog post written this month: 4 on 4, well 5 if we count this too!

Researching: N/A

Plotting: N/A

As for the reading, I’m still concentrating to narrow down the number of the books I’ve started a while ago.

Mea culpa, I’ve started again a new one but I couldn’t resist. To the short list of books, well the one that was supposed to be the short list of books, I’m bringing on right now, I added American Gods by Neil Gaiman

So just to summarize:

There is no news for Irish ghost stories,

Wizards first rule, Memorie del sottosuolo, The wisdom of the dead man, A Song of Ice and Fire, Enciclopedia. Tutta la seconda Guerra Mondiale-volume 1, Irish Ghost Stories and Madame Bovary.

However, there is bit of improvement for the other titles:

Delitto e castigo – I’m at page 234 on 677.

The book thief – I’m at page 448 on 554.

Outlander – I’m at page 408 on 684.

Hunger – I’m at page 246 on 684.

Diary of Anne Frank – I’m at page 65 on 351

American Gods – I’m at page 123 on 640 (plus extras)

So, this is it for this month.

I always try to improve and increase the numbers. I suspect that I’ll have an easier life when I’ll give up to the fact that I have my limits.

Everybody can go over his own limits, of course, but it’s not an easy task.

As usual, my dear readers, I ask you to help me, in case you have some wise tips to give me!

Have a lovely weekend and bank holiday and I’ll see you soon on these pages!!!

Thoughts about gratitude.


Me and Maya! 


One of the things I hear more often lately and I come across on social media, is how important gratitude is. Even on health perspective, it seems that being grateful would make you feel physically better.

I have to admit, instead, that since the beginning of last year, I’ve become increasingly pessimist. I wasn’t like it when I was younger, but getting repeatedly hit by the reality and hate of surrounding people, left next to zero room for much more.

However,  in the past couple of months I also realized that being pessimist and keeping to regret everything and to moan and wine about what the hell have I done to deserve such a horrible future, put me in deeper and deeper crap!

Suddenly my brain underwent for an unexpected change in the way of thinking!

I don’t know exactly what made me change the way of seeing things or at least is pushing me in the right direction, but I can see this is the right way of doing it and hopefully managing it.

The truth is that our world is full of sadness and injustice. There are far too many violent people to my taste. Women are still treated like dirt in an unbelievable number of countries in this century.

Religion brainwash people and is excuse enough to kill, being violent, use strength when the basic commandment is to love each other. 

Greed has become the new god; people cheat, betray and kill for more money, more fame, for boredom. Are we seriously freaking kidding?

Where is the love, respect, trust, humanity? Are they still alive? It’s because of these thoughts and because of this disgust I feel that that I started to modify the way I’m thinking.

True, there are many people who have more, for whom things are easier. On the other hand, however, there are an infinity more sick, poor, in awful condition, victim of injustice or abuse. Who think to those?

My boiler is gone Ok, no drama, I have an emergency electric system. And luckily I have the money at least to afford heaters and the high bill that will follow.

We feel sick? It’s nothing, I always touch wood for the health but, as far as this time around was concerned I was lucky to afford the doctor and the medicines. 

And that’s it, that is how simple it becomes to concentrate on what you have and not what you’re missing compared to the others.

I’m so grateful I have a job, a roof on my head, a loving partner, a gorgeous daughter, a caring mum, a trustworthy brother, a sweet sister in law and a big dream.

I believe that until I’ll have the strength to dream everything will be sweeter and, to some extent, easier to face.

This is to begin with and, compared to several hundreds of people who struggle to find something to put on the table every day, this is more than enough.

I was given an advice: fill a jar with piece of paper, on each piece of paper write what made you happy that day or week or month. At the end of the year, I’m to open the jar and read what I’ve been happy for and this should change my point of view and perception on my life. It’s unbelievable the number of things we forgot we should be grateful for. I started my jar and I realized that even my attitude is different, because now not only I notice nice things happening to me, but I’ll try to see the nice perspective in order to fill the jar.

My advice is to try.

On some extent, it’s understandable being negative, it’s easier to complain about what we don’t have rather than analyze and be content with what we have already.

It’s not a nice way of behaving but it’s the common way of reacting. We’re used to have what we want and the most of the time we have it. Or at least a big chunk of population has.

We don’t realize that everything we have is a gift and it might be as just easy as losing everything suddenly and find ourselves in the street in a blink.

What do you think about it?

How do you stay positive?

Write to me in the comments below!

Dear 2017

Hello everybody, how are you?

I’m finally back! I missed these pages.

I’ve managed to put aside a few post drafts while rattling sick at home in the past couple of weeks.

Apologies in advance if the timing frame of the next posts will seem confused.

But let’s start with this!

2016 hasn’t been easy as it set for us several trials. I really hope against hope that 2017 will be easier and nicer to me and my family and friends, hence this brief message to it:

Dear 2017,

It’s me, Franny. Welcome!

You’re a new year, so you might not be interested in me, but let me introduce myself.

I’m 37, Leo and I have a nice family.

Please, leave all this as it is for another 365 days, I like my family as it is with pros and cons.

It’d be nice to have another little one, but it could be next year, I’m not that fussy!

I have a nice job, I love my workplace and the majority of people who work there, so please, be good, let me stay there!

And I have a big dream and I’d love this dream to become a reality.

I’m aware I’ll have to work some more to even try to make it real, but please assist me with some strength and spare time to make this reality a tad closer.

Dear 2017, I’ve just been through a very nasty year, I don’t really want much from you and I promise I’ll be very, very good, but, please, be nice and more understanding than your last counterpart.

I promise that I will not only be good but I’ll try to take more care of myself, so please give me a hand, will you?

I don’t think that asking for health, loving family and some spare time is a big request, but if it is, I’ll do with just the health and loving family.

I’ll be good, dear 2017, very good and I’ll do my best, that’s a promise.

With love,


Well, reading it sounds really like I’m pleading, but I’m seriously sick and tired of being sick and tired and unlucky. I’m taking some actions, but at the same time I need external help, for example a year that doesn’t squash me under its foot!

How about you? How’s the 2106 been for you, readers?

What do you want from your 2017?

Let me know in the comments below!

Holiday break!

It’s the right thing to do at this stage!

Since I’m still playing hide and seek with my stress, and stress is winning, it always finds me in the end, I think it’s right to cut off something else.

What I’m saying is that I’ll temporarily have to cut off with the commitment to write here on this blog.

This doesn’t mean that I’ll stop writing. I’ll keep going on, of course, not only because I love doing so, but also because I’ve promised to a dear friend of mine.

However, I’ll have to find a system that might work for me, and won’t stress me out too much. I know, I know, I’m damn funny, you might think!

I’m actually doing it already! I haven’t update this blog for ages, almost a month.

It’s not like I’m trying to repairing with this post, I’m rather taking consciousness of the problem and trying to sort it at my best.

I don’t even know if this break is going to help, but I’ll try to brace myself and prepare a few posts in advance, so I won’t have much stress on me when I’ll come back.

To be honest with you I have some snippets of posts already made, I had weird dreams and I keep jotting down the ideas about what I’d love to write about. This let me hope I’ll manage once again to make it.

So, no worries, I’ll have my holiday break and I’ll come back in January as fresh as ever!

For the time being I wish you all the best for the holidays to come!

Love this! I didn't do it, of course! It's a google search!

Love this! I didn’t do it, of course! It’s a google search!

Thank you, thanks a lot!

Google search!

Google search!

I was writing a totally different post this week, but something happened two days ago that made me change my mind.

I wrote the draft of this post on the train back home because I didn’t want to let go the nice feeling. This explains the timing!

A few days ago, during a meeting, I had a brief chat with one colleague in work. She’s from another department so that was the longest chat I’ve had with her since I’ve started to work here. Honestly we’re so many in the office that is hard to know everybody.

During the chat I mentioned the fact I write in this little blog of mine and she asked me the link.

To be brutally honest I thought it was the usual “send me the link I’ll have a look at it!” I’m usually told when I’m asked the address of my blog.

I know that I can be very needy of a feedback once I give the address to someone, but I learned that seldom people really read my pages with attention.

You can imagine my big surprise when I met her that evening and she told me that not only she had read the blog but she also liked it! I was so surprised and happy!

I’m still not good in accepting compliments from people and I still felt a tad embarrassed but it was pleasant to hear such comments.

I could really tell that he spent some time on my blog and I’m so grateful for that.

Seldom I felt this way, only after a few feedbacks, but it was useful! Useful because it reminds me why I’m writing and how I would like my readers would react reading my words.

It’s true what they say: even if it’s only one person reading your stuff, you should write for that one person. And it is damn true!

I should well remember it in a period like the present one, when I often feel a bit tired and disheartened for the lack of time.

In conclusion, I want to say that I made this big explosion of words in order to tell her: thanks Kate! Thanks a lot!

And you, my dear readers, I guess you should thank her too…she saved you for a much creepier post! I might save it for Halloween week!

Prompt post – Zombie Apocalypse

Google search but totally agreed!

Google search but totally agreed!

I have to admit I might spend on social networks more than I should, but when I do it’s just to look at the pictures and to watch videos, the most of the times even without audio. Basically, it seems that, from time to time during the day, I need to put my brain at rest.

Following many pages about writing, I frequently come across prompts for silly answers, writing challenges or reading challenges.

So let me introduce on these pages my prompt posts. Sometimes it’s nice to have easy and trivial blogs as this one.

So the question for this time was:

The protagonist of the last three things you’ve read or watched or played are the members of your zombie apocalypse team.  Who is it? Are you OK?

The last three fictional people are Claire Randall Fraser from the Outlander series, Thomas from the Maze Runner series and finally Dean and Sam Winchester from Supernatural.

Let’s face the truth, if I found myself in a zombie’s apocalypse alone, I might be one of the first people to kick the bucket.

Being honest, I’m a scare cat, I’m clumsy, I have the 50% curse on me (which is: if I have to choose between two things I always pick the wrong one), I’m not fit and I have problems in adapting in extreme environments.

Now, it’s still possible I might activate a kind of emergency setting, but we’ll never know until it happens. And I hope I’ll have never to find out!

This brings me to the second if. It’s in fact still possible I might survive if I had the right companions.

Hence the reply to the question.

If I had Claire, Thomas, Dean and Sam with me, I cannot be 100% sure I’ll survive but I can rise drastically my chances!

I mean one is a healer, the other one can run fast and adapts to new environments with next to zero problems and the other two…well the other two are hunters, so it’s like their every day’s bread and butter saving people, hunting things, family business… ahem, no, stop Franny, stop!

So the reply will be I’d be grand folks, I’d see you on the other side!!!

How about you? Who is your companion? And how are you?

Let’s play! Write it down in the comment below or link me your blog post!

Four years…

As it seems very clear that any attempt to put down in words how I feel at the moment will be unsuccessful, then I’ll keep expressing with music.

I wonder whether is going to be easier in the future…

This year I’ll go with Mike Oldfield – Moonlight Shadow ft. Maggie Reilly.

Taste in music had always been different, usually the conversation would end up in a hissed “Leave it! You don’t understand anything about music!”

This song is particular though, as it was probably the very first one we found both great.

Here you go: