School bbq and pizza night out!

Hello my dear readers, how are you?

I’m sorry I could update my blog only now, but the past two weeks and weekends have been a bit hectic.

Weekends are usually dedicated to my family, to do errands, to our karate lesson, to the grocery shopping and to all those things that couldn’t be squeezed during the week.

Weeks are packed with work, school, basic vital activities like cooking and food prepping. On the top of it, I was also unable to sleep properly lately!

As per usual, when something needs to be cut, my personal time for writing is the first to go, but cannot complain as the karate lesson is sacred and it stays. You cannot have everything anyway, but far from me to give up!

Last weekend we went to one event Maya was waiting with excitement: the school barbecue. To be honest with you I was waiting for it myself too!

Being our first year in this school, every event and initiative is new, exciting and full of surprise. In Maya’s old school there were a couple of celebration like the sports day and the international day, but it wasn’t organised in such a nice way and, most of all, the international day in particular, was the fair of hypocrisy since the target of the school bullies were foreign kids!

Anyhow, this barbecue was amazing, also because gave us the opportunity to live some of the school life. I loved the happy murals on the main buildings, the big garden around the school, the tiny secret forest where often the kids have lessons in the open air.

Also, there was a face painting stand, a finger paint station, a stand run by parents with hamburgers and hot dogs and another one with sweets run by the kids.

Scattered on the grass there were many games kids were enjoying and with the breeze the soap bubble were making the atmosphere magical.

It was heart warming seeing my daughter getting along with basically the whole class, and I can only wish she will keep getting along with the other kids and enjoy the new school for the two years left before the secondary school!

This weekend, instead, we had a very full Sunday. In the morning we went to the dojo where we had the entire lesson dedicated to kata, something I deeply love!

Although it didn’t feel heavy as lesson at the moment, my legs gave way right before the shower…I still loved it!

In the evening we went for a dinner with friends, old and new. We went for a pizza, so also Maya was happy as she’s still pretty picky.

It was nice meeting them after so long, I missed a good night out.

Pizza followed by a walk in the slightly cold Irish breeze, amazing break for a busy mind. And loads of good talk, that’s the most important thing!

And this is me for the past two weeks, I’ll try to be more present going forward! Never give up!

How was your week?

Tell me something in the comments below!

See you next time

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