Thanks to my child, to le me use her Lego set!

Hello my dear readers, I hope you had a nice week!

Before I continue with my news, let me take a break and share with you some thoughts about human interaction.

So, the other day I was having a look at my social media pages and I came across a few posts that made me think. It seemed they wanted to help me to write a new post, hence today I want to talk about something I call e-arguing.

Nowadays the majority of people’s lives are fully on social media.

Children are put online from when they’re conceived until they open an account on their own. People put out there the most important event sof their lives, their milestones, what they eat, what they drink, what they wear and even more. We could see the family, friends, coworkers, neighbours or pets of people we haven’t talked to in all our lives and whom we’d probably never meet. Uh, yeah, also pets have their own account.

I’m not here to judge, no worries, I’m here to brainstorm really.

Personally speaking, although I understand the importance of a social media and using it daily to keep in touch with other human beings, I limit my output to blog posts and pictures associated with it. Private events and happenings, like my anniversary or my daughter birth or whatever my partner tells me or present me with are staying private.

The same goes with the fight I had with someone, the death of loving ones and other unpleasant events. Everything that is private stays private, unless I decide to share a portion of it in the net.

But I’m one of the few black sheep out there, I realize this with a bit of sadness.

What I don’t understand it’s the daily, almost hourly, display of your own private lives and feelings to the content and the judgment of other people, who are often too unhappy with their lives to leave a nice or even neutral comment!

Hence we get to my point.

Every day I see and witness discussions, arguments and even plain fights happening online. From the almost harmless rant post directed to nobody in particular – but that particular person will manage to get it for sure, and in the worst case scenario will reply with the same style…they can actually go back and forward for days like this – to the severe attacks where they go to mean downright shaming, bullying and doxxing.

My question is: is this really necessary? Wouldn’t be better to get a cup of coffee and speak straightforwardly to the counterpart?

Why do we have to display our feeling out there, do we want to be told we’re right? Comforted? Who does it really care if an unknown person passing by on our post and living in the smallest and most remote place on Earth tell us “hey bro, I agree, your friend/partner/name a family member is a real joke!”….is that only me?

What do you think?

Let me know in the comments below!

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