Karate – 2nd part!

This was supposed to be the following post about karate I meant to write after my introduction!

Since time has passed you might want to go and have a quick read of the old blog!

This post might not be needed, but considering that Karate is the only thing keeping me sane in this mad year/ long lockdown period, I really wanted to.

As mentioned at the end of last post, I’ve recently decided to go back to my adored sport. 

Many things have contributed to the decision. 

First and foremost: when I was still working, since my shift changed and we didn’t have our mummy and Maya’s Mondays afternoon anymore, I wanted to find something new to do with my daughter

Second: Maya started struggling with some bullies in her class and I believed that some kind of burst to her self confidence, to begin with, was needed

Third: remembering my childhood and how good it felt having a safe spot where to be yourself, I thought I could check whether a similar situation might suit to Maya too.

I admit I played a tad dirty this time, as I was convinced this was the right solution. 

I usually give Maya decisional power on whatever she can already decide for herself. The first time I suggested Karate she said it was just a boy’s sport and didn’t want to try it. 

So, last time she went to Italy on holiday, I asked my mum to bring her to my old dojo and my old sensei. It was love at first sight, with the teacher and with the sport, but I was sure of this! 

When she came back to Ireland she asked me to continue and I started looking for a dojo. 

Unfortunately, all the dojo around my house, for a reason I still cannot understand, wouldn’t accept kids below 10 or 12 years of age.
But I didn’t give up. I kept looking for one and eventually found the Hombu Dojo!

I still cannot believe the luck I had and I am very grateful to the universe I was put on this path! I soon realised I ended up in a very nice, professional and welcoming dojo! But the best surprise was that the good vibes coming from this place were very similar to those I left in my old one. The nostalgia I felt! 

In the Hombu Dojo there are four main sensei and they are all very nice and unique.

The sensei who founded the dojo, guess what? studied karate in Japan for a long time.

You all well know my obsession with Japan, so you can easily understand how thrilled I was when I realised this dojo’s atmosphere was also hugely Japan-like!

The way we behave there, the acceptance, the kindness, the ability to listen and to communicate are fantastic.

I am in the right place and I love it! I promised to myself that this time I’ll never leave the sport again!

Also, in order to encourage Maya, I decided to start once more from the white belt, the very beginning.

All considered, I believe that was the right choice for myself as my body is still messed up and in pain due to the past 25 years of inactivity and the many kilos overweight.

I am, however, proud of myself for being so much consistent, for a solid year.

At the moment my body doesn’t shake anymore after classes for exhaustion and we’ve just turned yellow belt! Yeah!

Stay tuned as you’ll hear more of this in the future!

Are there other karate lovers out there?

If so, let me know in the comments below.

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