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Writing and Reading log – June 2017


One of my doodles!

Welcome once again, my dear readers on these pages!

And welcome to my personal reading and writing account I share once a month with you!

I have to admit that lately I haven’t been very consistent. I haven’t written new words for my WIP. Loads of useless thinking and no practice to be honest.

I think I’m tired, as simple as that.

Hence this will be the last post for now. I’ll take a break in order to give myself as less things to do as possible so I can come back stronger.

From time to time I might publish my doodles, like the one you see in this post, but that’s the best I can promise at the moment.

I really have to stop the blog writing at times like this, hopefully it’s just a matter of organization. If it is, I’ll figure out a way to improve!

And here we go with the numbers:

Word written for the WIP: 27191 words but there is a big chunk copied from the notebook. In order to see progresses I’ll have to finish that task!

Fairy tales written: 5 + ideas already for the last two. For number 6 the head sentence with the character’s name is already on paper.

Blog post written this month: 4on4, out the skin of my teeth really, but who complains.

Researching: N/A

Plotting: N/A

As for the reading, I’m still concentrating to narrow down the number of the books I’ve started a while ago.

Being sick at home I manager to give a good push to the Diary of Anne Frank and to finish the book thief.

Still the list is too long and I’ll have to reduce it. Although I have so many titles active at the same time, I end up in reading one by one anyway. So why should I have to complicate my life so much!

Just to summarize:

There is no news for Irish ghost stories,

Wizards first rule, Memorie del sottosuolo, The wisdom of the dead man, A Song of Ice and Fire, Enciclopedia. Tutta la seconda Guerra Mondiale-volume 1, Irish Ghost Stories and Madame Bovary.

However, there is bit of improvement for the other titles:

Delitto e castigo – I’m at page 236 on 677.

The book thief – Finished!!! So sad, sad finale…almost cried!

Outlander – I’m at page 408 on 684.

Hunger – I’m at page 246 on 684.

Diary of Anne Frank – I’m at page 155 on 351

American Gods – I’m at page 189on 640 (plus extras)

So, this is it for this month.

As usual, my dear readers, I ask you to help me, in case you have some wise tips to give me!

Have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you as soon as possible on these pages!!!

As I said, it’s time once again for my break!


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