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Christmas holiday’s family misfortunes!



Didn’t know what insert, but this is mocking enough and Maya likes it! Of course Google search!


Here again another post related to my annual leave!

I was so looking forward to my holiday, so looking forward to sleep, to relax and enjoy life that what happened gave me the most powerful slap in the face the 2016 could think of!

Immediately before my annual leave I started to feel sick, developing high temperature and so did Maya. Because I was worried she would miss her play in school and, most importantly, her birthday party, I decided to bring her to the Dub Doc – here in Dublin so it’s called that place where doctors are available after office hours or festive days – so to be given something. The diagnosis was tonsillitis…for the both of us!  

While there, in fact, I was visited as well, learning that I got the same problem and also that my temperature at the moment was higher than Maya’s. This brought me to spend what was supposed to be my last day in work at home sick.

After over a week I wasn’t feeling very well.

At the moment, while writing this post, the situation hadn’t changed and I was supposed to go back in work in one day…I was so freaking afraid, really.

Maya feels better but the temperature comes and goes and meanwhile, my partner was sick with 39 degrees’ temperature.

On the top of that the boiler, started to make a weird sound on the 22nd.

It sounded like an airplane taking off.

I promised to myself that I would call someone to have a look at it asap. That day, in fact, was the last day of school and Maya’s birthday so I didn’t mind much, in particular because the noise was much less by the evening.

Since it become very quiet, I didn’t worry…until my mum communicated that there was no hot water…

Oh, no…

We went to check the boiler and a happy orange light kept flashing at us! I started immediately to call number after number. Unfortunately, those who picked up the phone couldn’t help and those who could help were closed until next year.

Only one guy tried his best to help us via phone but then he went to check the user manual of this particular boiler and it was clear that we couldn’t win. The emissions were involved.

Eventually even my plumber came over but he told me it was too dangerous to go near it.

We had to give up and wait the supplier, who’s in co. Kerry, the only one in Ireland, to return from holiday.

We went immediately to buy a couple of small heaters and we did with those until the first week of January.  

2016 was an awful, horrible, mean year and I’m glad is over and I hope against hope that everything will go as smooth as possible in 2017.

But considering how’s started, I wouldn’t bet on it either!

How about you?

How did your holiday go?

Anybody with last minute surprises?


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