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Dear 2017

Hello everybody, how are you?

I’m finally back! I missed these pages.

I’ve managed to put aside a few post drafts while rattling sick at home in the past couple of weeks.

Apologies in advance if the timing frame of the next posts will seem confused.

But let’s start with this!

2016 hasn’t been easy as it set for us several trials. I really hope against hope that 2017 will be easier and nicer to me and my family and friends, hence this brief message to it:

Dear 2017,

It’s me, Franny. Welcome!

You’re a new year, so you might not be interested in me, but let me introduce myself.

I’m 37, Leo and I have a nice family.

Please, leave all this as it is for another 365 days, I like my family as it is with pros and cons.

It’d be nice to have another little one, but it could be next year, I’m not that fussy!

I have a nice job, I love my workplace and the majority of people who work there, so please, be good, let me stay there!

And I have a big dream and I’d love this dream to become a reality.

I’m aware I’ll have to work some more to even try to make it real, but please assist me with some strength and spare time to make this reality a tad closer.

Dear 2017, I’ve just been through a very nasty year, I don’t really want much from you and I promise I’ll be very, very good, but, please, be nice and more understanding than your last counterpart.

I promise that I will not only be good but I’ll try to take more care of myself, so please give me a hand, will you?

I don’t think that asking for health, loving family and some spare time is a big request, but if it is, I’ll do with just the health and loving family.

I’ll be good, dear 2017, very good and I’ll do my best, that’s a promise.

With love,


Well, reading it sounds really like I’m pleading, but I’m seriously sick and tired of being sick and tired and unlucky. I’m taking some actions, but at the same time I need external help, for example a year that doesn’t squash me under its foot!

How about you? How’s the 2106 been for you, readers?

What do you want from your 2017?

Let me know in the comments below!


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