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Congratulations, bro!

Congrats to Giuseppe too! The other guy in the pic! Same kudos!


 Last week I went back to Italy in order to attend my brother’s graduation.

Finally, he got his Master Degree in ophthalmic surgery.


I know that, once again, I haven’t update the blog for a while and that this post won’t be long, but I have to publish at least a few words just to let my readers know how much proud I am of my little brother.

We were born only three and half years apart and, unfortunately, we’ve never been very close.

However, I have to say, with my great delight, that a few years ago we cleared our issues and problems, that alas! sometimes weren’t created by ourselves, and we’re getting closer and closer as the time goes by and as it should be, despite sometimes not much help is given from around us!

Said that, I have to grant him something, which is the reason why I’m so very proud of him: he’s a self-made doctor!

It has been a very long and tough route the one he decided for his future, in a country where usually only those who know people manage to go onward and ahead!

Instead, although he didn’t manage to pass the first year’s test to get into the medicine faculty, he refused any help to be “pushed forward” from everyone who offered it.

He decided from the beginning that the only way he was going to make it, was with his own strength!

He tried again the next year and managed to get in! Big wow and kudos!

Then there was a huge, gigantic, massive quantity of difficult exams to pass before he could access to the first graduation after 6 years.

After this first goal, there was the Master Degree! He picked ophthalmic surgery and finally, on the 15th of July, he gave it a closure.

I’m so happy and proud of him!

Now the world is his to explore and I wish my lil’ bro all the best!

Actually, considering that he started to work immediately the day after his graduation, it seems the world as well has noticed his ability and potential!

A special thanks goes to my sweet sister in law, who’s dedicating her life to make my brother’s easier.

It’s not easy, I guess, to live with a doctor and I think she’s showing incredible sweetness and selflessness. In other words, she’s doing a damn good job! Kudos to her too!

So best of luck to my awesome brother and his sweet partner in crime!

Love you guys!



2 thoughts on “Congratulations, bro!

  1. An apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! You’re a blessed family.

    You are a great person (one of the purest and honest and with principles that I’ve met), and your brother is the same!

    I hope you’re doing well, (or at least managing to do well in this crazy world!). Lots of love!!!

    • Awww Shaine…thanks. You made me cry…
      As always you’re too kind to me! I’m doing my best, as always. It’s difficult, but now that Maya is on holiday with my mum at lease my shoulders feel lighter. Love you loads!

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